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Inquisition Companions (and advisers if it's not too much) reacting to seeing people flirting with an oblivious teen Inquisitor

(All of these were written assuming the Inquisitor was being flirted with by another teenager).

Cassandra: Part of her wants to laugh. The other part just cringes at their obliviousness, and she facepalms in the background. She pulls them aside later on and asks if they were aware they were being flirted with.

Iron Bull: He tries to subtly key them into the fact they’re being flirted with. If they don’t catch on, later in private he bluntly tells them they were being flirted with and asks if they need advice.

Blackwall: He has no idea what to do, so he stays out of it and tries not to cringe himself to death. 

Sera: She walks right up and bluntly tells the Herald what’s going on, flustering both teenagers. She then winks as she walks off and tells them to have fun.

Cole: “They like you.” he cuts in the middle of their conversation. “But a different than normal like, the sort of like that Blackwall has for Josephine and Dorian and Bull have for each other.” Both teens are mortified; Cole was just trying to help.

Varric: He watches and doesn’t interject, and after it’s over, he gently pulls the Herald aside and clarifies they were being blatantly flirted with. He has to restrain himself from laughing as they suddenly go red in the face.

Dorian: It’s actually paining him to watch. The Inquisitor is just so oblivious it hurts. He eventually can’t watch anymore without having a stiff drink, and later on politely informs them as to what was going on. He asks if they’d like any advice regarding flirting, “To avoid that cringe-worthy spectacular.”

Solas: Fenedhis lasa.” he groans in the background, hissing the curse under his breath. If he’s present, he narrowly stops Cole from embarrassing both of the kids. Instead of talking to them, he just leaves a book on flirting in their room for them to discover on their own.

Vivienne: She watches for awhile to see how they carry themselves– at first, she thinks it’s polite deflection borne of disinterest, but she realizes that they have no idea at all they’re being flirted with. She slips away, and decides to not bring it up.

Josephine: She has a tendency to be a bit oblivious, herself, but even she can figure out what’s going on faster than the Herald. She waits until the other person leaves and then gently pulls the Herald aside to have a talk with them.

Leliana: The spymaster just thinks it’s hilarious. She has to force herself not to laugh, and helpfully informs the Herald later that they were being flirted with. They get embarassed, but she reassures them that it’s not a big deal.

Cullen: He cringes so hard he has to slip away because he can’t deal with the obliviousness. Leliana finds his reaction almost as funny as the Herald, and she reassures him that she’ll handle the matter. Cullen has no idea what to do, so he says nothing and lets someone else deal with it.

Confession:  The first time I played through Cole’s personal quest I was highly upset at how different he was when he remained a spirit that I restarted to my last save and changed him to be more human in spite the dialog leading to it not being in line with what my Inquisitor would say. Recently I started to play DA:O for the first time and I keep making more “mistakes” and it’s taught me, like real life, you can have good intentions and still not come out the way you want. So I’m trying now not to reset my files to previous saves and living with what choices I make in game.