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Alright I was tagged by the lovelies corruptyoungminds (who started this) and saywa-llahi, I think Micky too asantisanasquashbanana (lmao I feel lame if he didn’t actually tag me)… This is meant to be like the fashion tag modest muslim thingymajig idk :/ LMAO so like I’m really cheating because one of these pictures is fairly old (3 months or so) and the other one is REALLY old lol I think it was when I was 9/10 lol… But hey I’m giving you guys a western and an eastern look. I promise when if/when I get time, I will do it properly but I always get tagged to do these things by my friends and I never do them so I feel bad :/

Anywayyssss I cropped out my sister cos she looked like a fob. I tag catastrophicallyethereal foreignexchangehijabi ziaforlan that-ankle-though adam-sharif thategyptianqueen thefreeversed sahrawia hoodjab lyrical-law franksonnetti imthegirlwiththebabyface strivingabd okay-aisha aboonoor jnsdjfnadsjglndjnvdnfrlgnldlxj (do it properly!!!!!) jahanara 7oubb (she’ll never do it :/) aphroniya afghanproverb excedos exqnari hijabihybrid hijabihana xx-ms ya3asoola yallah5deejah aisha–hussain asianmuslim s-arinja pennyroyalprincess palestinianpapi alittleheartandruh al-llayl mskhota thefadedheart para1dox queenfoisback palestinienne fufupandas pippipcheeriopeasants muva-mary I missed out my australian buddy oh no

And @ all my friends I talk to who I may have missed out :0 I really need to make a list of people I wanna tag and stuff..


me at parties lol……………im chanyeol

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is it funny to you that posey was the one who said people who only watch for sterek shouldn't watch the show and now this season that he's helping produce with no sterek is seeing the effects of just that?

It’s hilarious. I also love the fact that they’re trying so hard to focus the show on Posey, but it’s failing. The fact they’ve made him a co-producer (lol) and are trying to focus on slash ships w/ Scott only make the horrid ratings even more hysterical. 


Lol Jungkook’s face when Taehyung hit him 😂! Thank you Jin for the Vkook moment. #Vkook #Taehyung #Jungkook #bts #bangtanboys #bangtan #v


I’m so sorry 😂👏




lol, just unmute this…

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