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He sees her once over the course of that winter, just over two months after she’d left. She’s coming towards him on the other side of a crowded street, bundled against the cold in a thick scarf and a hat that’s pulled low.

She does not see him.

For Lockwood, who has spent much of the past two months either numbly detached or hyper focused, the sudden reappearance of Lucy Carlyle sends a painful jolt of electricity through his heart.

Lucy, eyes downcast, is moving too fast. Before Lockwood can even comprehend what’s happening, she is past him and gone, swept away from him in the churning sea of people. Lockwood stops in the center of the road, people pushing past him on either side, his eyes following Lucy until she’s gone.

His heart is stuttering, each beat sharper than the one before as it works its way back to life. It’s angry and raw, threatening to pull away from him altogether in a desperate attempt to be reunited with her. The work of months is undone in seconds; Lockwood goes from blanket apathy to a sudden, intense rush of everything he’s forced his heart to suppress.

Go. Follow her. Get her back.

Each thought is accompanied by a step; his heart, in all its angry rebellion, has managed at last to override his head, because whatever else Lockwood may think, this is what’s most important. Lucy is. She may always be.

Please. Make this right.

Standing in the middle of the crowded street, eyes searching in vain for a girl who is long gone, Lockwood realizes two things in quick succession: first, if he tried to go after Lucy now, with no preparation and no plan, she’d send him away as readily as she had shut him down when he’d tried to stop her from leaving.

Second, no matter how long it takes him to find the right reason to ask, Lockwood is going to try. At long last, his heart is awake, and forcing him to acknowledge the very large, aching hole that was driven through it the day she walked away. The thought of suppressing it all over again, of forcing it back into its place and stifling every thought or feeling that’s even remotely connected to Lucy until he’s safely enclosed in his prison of apathy again, suddenly both repulses and exhausts him.

Maybe that’s why, after suffering at his hands for so long, his heart offers one final thought:

You love her.

It’s quiet, but it resonates through him with a certainty that he knows he will never be able to deny or forget. He loves Lucy. It doesn’t dull his pain—if anything, being so completely separated from her hurts more this way—but Lockwood lets the ache fuel his resolve. If there’s any chance that Lucy might feel the same, that she might want to come back, he’s going to find it. Until Lucy herself tells him to, he won’t give up.

Lockwood is going to get her back.

Astrology and Le Body. 🤜🏿✋🏾🖖🏼✊🏼👂🏾👣👄👅

1st house: planets that fall here will often be more of a signifier of your facial features(forehead) and scalp(hair)

2nd house: this will be indicative of your neck/throat and your voice.

3rd house: this will be indicative of your arms and hands!

4th house: this is going to be your chest for men and breast for women and upper stomach area

5th house: this is your back and heart.

6th house: this is your lower stomache just above your waist line.

7th house: this is your booty. Aha and your pelvic region.

8th house: this is your genitalia

9th house: thunder thighs and inner thighs

10th house: knee caps/bone structure.

11th house: ankles

12th house: your feet and this is actually believe it or not also rules your finger tips and toes. Not the actual hands themselves but the fingers

Okeh guise so now we’re gonna do le planets.

Sun-makes it radiant! Makes it stand out in a noticeable way. Makes it masculine in nature(not veins or anything like that but gives it a more alpha look)

Moon-makes it look fragile and soft. Plushy sort of and rounds it off. Kind of plushy and baby looking. “Ex he has baby hands”

Mercury-makes it fluctuate! In some cases it makes things longer if it’s in an earth house and makes things more petite and compact if it’s an water house. More angular and shaped if it’s an air house and more subtle if in a fire house.

Venus-makes it look pretty! Makes it soft similarly to the moon but in a beauty guru esq format. Makes it look sensual and sort of dainty.

Mars-Well. It makes it look rough. Angry. Veiny aha I’m partly kidding! But it does make it look a little more rougher around the edges or intense. Kind of in a raw and earthy way! And no not ugly just like “natural”

Jupiter-makes it big and theoretically something that expands.

Saturn-makes it smol. And a little on the boney side! Looks mature.

Neptune-makes it hard to define. Like you may see it one way and then you get another look and it looks different! Usually makes it fragile and a little translucent. In some cases it can make it hidden and ambiguous

Pluto-makes it look intense and sharp, makes it stand out and has a sort of sexy look to it.

Example time. Introducing me!

Sun in the 1st cancer

Moon in the 10th

Mercury in the 2nd

Venus in the 12th

Mars in the 12th

Jupiter in the 10th

Saturn in the 11th

Neptune in the 7th

Pluto in the 5th

Okay so

My hair is usually on the thicker side, and it’s very curly. The Sun/Leo’s influence adds to that. And my forehead is pretty prominate aha shapes my whole face pretty much. But my suns in cancer so my face is soft and round and I always look like I’m gonna cry 😭. And my hair also doesn’t get as thick as it can and is pale in color. So here moon and sun cancel each other out so I get a mix of both so it’s hard to tell the difference.

My voice changes a lot and I often fluctuate with the sound of it fairly often. My neck is long! It’s in Leo so once again I do have a masculine neck and it does stand out aha. But the cups is in Leo and my voice does stand and can be pretty loud. But it’s also quiet and you can’t here me(sun in cancer)

Nothings in my third house but Leo once again and I do have pretty manly hands bro. 😂😂 same for my arms but once again since it’s cancers influence with it being my suns ruler it’s manly but also soft looking

My 4th house is empty for the most part but has Juno and Lilith there. So like once again where canceling out. It’s Lilith in libra and Juno in libra. So my chest is pretty nice looking but it’s very boney because I’m so skinny and it can look very intense at times.(yes I eat guys I eat a lot but yeah aha)

My Pluto in my libra 5th house.

My back does look intense and it’s pretty sharp cause the bones lmao. But it’s also pretty soft and what not.

My 6th house is empty but I have sag here and my stomache can get sooooo like I could eat a house. It’s like the only part of me that gets big high key.

My 7th house has Neptune and my bum does look smol but like I wear baggy clothes a lot and even if I’m wearing tight stuff it looks smol aha but like it’s a nice size to me but clothes kinda make it look non exsistant 🙃 and it’s also in Capricorn 7th house cups so like yeah mini booty team

My eighth house is aqua and urnaus is also there and yeah my groin has seen some shit. 🙃 so as far as looking unique I would def say yes. But I don’t see Saturn here! Nothings smol! Looking different yeah but everything’s about normal size.

My 9th house is empty as well but also in aqua and yes I have weird thighs like sometimes there present and other times lol? Plus co ruled by Saturn so there like smol.

My 10th house has moon and Jupiter Aries/Pisces and the 10th house cusp is Pisces/Scorpio decan and my knees are pretty smol like they’re a little dainty and what not. They don’t really “expand” but they can get inflamed pretty easy and get larger. There very sharp looking and intense. People always see what they want to see in my bone structure and I’m the only one in the family with no high cheek bones! My face is just round af. And my bones are super plushy and sensitive.

My 11th house is in Aries and i have Saturn In Taurus there. And yes my ankles be looking rough sis. But they still look decent with Taurus there and they’re very smol as well.

◼️side note: LOOL I didn’t know Saturn is everywhere in my damn chart!? Like wow sis let me grow.

My 12th house is another cancel because mars and Venus fall there and like my feet and fingers are like cute to me but they’re also kinda intense looking and like veiny :/ and my mars is in cancer and my Gemini Venus in the aqua decan so my fingers look a little unique and they change shape soooooo often sometimes there bricks other time they look like model hands :/ my feet are like getting flat now so idk but I actually like them!

Aha this isn’t meant to be taken to seriously and feel free to comment whatever you like I was just trying to see if any of this rang true or not as I did see it somewhere that this could be applied this way. I personally don’t think astrology alone can depict genetics which would more so be the ic if anything but just thought this was interesting. Ello!

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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ninoir week day 2: studying

Congrats on 17 million subscribers w o o o o o o o o !! ^-^

Shading’s kinda eeeeh, and now the gif optimizing kinda messed it up a small bit eeeeeeeh >_<. but at least it’s done ^-^

about 13 million subscribers after I first found the channel, and i still really appreciate being a part of this community. Here’s to the next milestone! ^-^ <3.


Congratulations on 5 16 million subscribers Jack and the entire jacksepticeye community! Sam hopped out of his tank with cake and balloons just to celebrate!

that was the caption on the very first fanart i made for jack back on june 11, 2015. and that 11 million subscriber fanart was the first one i did with my new drawing tablet.

Jack reblogging that 5 million subscriber fanart was one of the reasons i started to draw again. and his constant interaction and support in this loving community is what encouraged me to keep going with it. I’m so thankful to be a part of this community, whose creativity always motivates me to keep trying new things. 

Thanks for everything, you guys


                                Oh! Suketora!!! Yuri!!! on ICE

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