and clyde loves it a lot


Stranger Things kids reminds me of Craig’s gang A LOT + i love these two series so why not make a crossover >u< and tweek wearing eleven’s clothes is cute af

She’s not defined by The Joker anymore even though they have a relationship. Which I really love. In the comics there’s been a lot of different versions of where it’s antagonistic. It’s not a healthy relationship often and this is like Harley and Joker are like Bonnie and Clyde of the DC Universe.
—  Geoff Johns on Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship (x)
True crime ask game: send me a name!
  • Ted Bundy: Do you prefer to wear socks or to not wear socks?
  • Jeffrey Dahmer: What's the last thing you ate?
  • Richard Ramirez: Do you believe in God/Satan?
  • Eric Harris: Do you lose your temper a lot?
  • Dylan Klebold: Would you say you're a lonely person?
  • Charles Manson: Are you musical?
  • Edmund Kemper: How tall are you?
  • Ed Gein: Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  • Aileen Wuornos: What's your opinion on society?
  • David Berkowitz: Ever fired a gun? Do you want to?
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Do you believe in "true love"?
  • TJ Lane: Do you think you've ever got to a point where you've hit "rock bottom"?

CLYDE: This just in: The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour has arrived.

JIMMY: Hey guys, are you ready to get this party s-ss-st…

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this p-party st–

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this party st-started?

TIMMY: Timmy!

CLYDE: Hell motherfucking yeah, let’s DO this.

CLYDE: Well actually we need to wait for Token.

CLYDE: …Where are you, you sneaky son of a tater-tot…

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dating joe sugg would include …

  • he would constantly be pranking you and visa versa.
  • constantly asking if you love him, and saying that he loves you. though, at this point, you’re like, “joe shut the hell up i’m beginning to fucking doubt it” every time he asks
  • lately you two have been going out a lot more, so that means tons of hangovers. you’re the one that takes care of him more though.
  • you guys are like bonnie and clyde, except without the killing, just partners in crime and in love.
  • if he is ever going to pull a prank on a friend, you’re usually helping him.
  • doing stupid things to see you smile, upset or not.
  • always cute hugs always.
  • you are sometimes ( most of the time ) the man in the relationship. only because joe is so whipped.
  • his friends remind him of that, and are always like, “joe she bosses you around a lot” but he doesn’t care because he’s in love and happy.
  • “that may be. but all i have to do is wink and she’ll be down for sex, how long does it take you guys?” and they go quiet because they know they can’t have sex whenever and wherever they want.
  • okay but you guys have sex a lot, i’m not going to lie. joe is still a guy and because you boss him around you let him have sex whenever he feels like it.
  • literally everywhere.
  • but you guys are the cutest couple and everyone is jealous because they’re so alone.
  • you’re better than zalfie.
When Jay first met Beyoncé, Dame was like ‘You should wife her, she’s the one.’ There was a time in Paris when they sent us 'Bonnie & Clyde.’ Dame and I were at the Plaza Athénée and they sent us that song. It was the final [cut] and when we heard that song Dame looked at me and said 'Yo, he’s in love.’ So if y'all know Jay, a lot of times everything comes out in music. When he does interviews he’s a little more reluctant to speak about certain things. But it always comes out in his albums; so at that time when 'Bonnie & Clyde’ came out we knew he was in love with Beyoncé.

Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke during a BET interview, when asked by a fan “When Jay started dating Beyoncé did you see significant change in him, or did he keep it gangsta around his boy?”

“’03 Bonnie & Clyde” was recorded in August 2002.

modern day bonnie and clyde.. me and my love didn’t do our 10 day overdue essays we keep taking selfies in class so professor guns us down in parking lot because he is jealous since his selfie only got 1 note

craig and those guys

you guessed it, more hcs

-ok so ive seen a lot of posts where craigs gang is mostly tweek, craig, and clyde but im here to tell you that jimmy, token, and occasionally kevin is part of the group too

-token throws the best parties ever! theyre not ridiculous and crazy but theyre still fun and relatively small and everyone has fun

-clyde and jimmy write jokes together!! craig always calls the jokes lame but he actually thinks some of them are pretty good

-token being the mom friend is so fake,, hes probably made clyde cry more than anyone else (not that its that hard to do)

-one time token had them all watch a madea movie, he couldnt stop laughing. everyone else was either sleeping or on their phones

-at one of their sleepovers, token and craig dared clyde to shave his legs and ever since he did the dare, clyde regularly shaves

-every halloween, jimmy clyde and craig always plan their costumes to match

-they have a movie night every friday and alternate whos house its at

-jimmy and token like comedies, clyde likes rom coms and action movies, craig likes sci-fi and often invites kevin over when they watch anything sci-fi, and tweek likes documentaries and musicals

-token and tweek are theater hoes.. craig and clyde try their hardest to get tickets to different plays

-token and tweek are in the drama club!! token does work behind the scenes and tweek loves to be on stage! jimmy also usually helps out the drama club with scripts and ideas! clyde, craig, and kevin are always there supporting their friends and the club!

-everyone makes sure to jimmy’s open mic night performances! they love seeing how happy he gets with he gets a good reaction from the crowd!

-token and jimmy are the band kids. they have band camp stories and everything. clyde and craig are also in band but not as into it as the other two are

-tweek always manages to get the drama club to work with the band so he can hang out with his friends more

-the boys all help tweek with his cramps in different ways! token probably has an older sister and always has ibuprofen ready, knowing just how bad cramps can get. craig keeps a heating pad at his house for when the cramps get too bad! he also makes sure the snuggle with his bf. clyde and jimmy usually gets tweek chocolates! they also just hang out with him to distract him from possible dysphoria 

-basically theyre a bunch of nerds who support each other and also love to do stupid stuff together

guera!! bratterrs!! glubs!! hope its ok to tag u guys!!


my only excuse is i love this song a fucking lot, i love fem!tweek more than i should, and i really like twyde but my otp is creek

i wont spam you with this shitty cliche au but basically they three are childhood friends (token came later) and both clyde and claire (craig) fell in love for tweek but claire hides it. also shes the reason clyde and tweek started dating oops

hey all! so I have a lot of les mis and aaron tveit on my blog/dash and while i love both of them i’d like a bit more variety so please reblog if you post


  • heathers
  • legally blonde
  • newsies
  • bonnie and clyde
  • dogfight
  • gentleman’s guide to love and murder
  • phantom of the opera (preferably 25th annivesary)


  • sierra boggess
  • laura osnes
  • bryce pinkham
  • jeremy jordan
  • ben fankhauser
  • kara lindsay
  • andrew keenan-bolger
  • basically anyone whos in any of the shows above tbh

if you could bold which shows/people you post or put them in the tags or something that’d be great! thanks guys!

BEBE: Um, do we have to get along?
CLYDE: Well, he’s my best friend. And you’re my girlfriend.
BEBE: No, Clyde, he’s your ex.
BEBE: He’s also a giant asshole who always puts you down.
BEBE: You have better friends than him, honey.
CLYDE: He’s just got a lot of stuff going on!
BEBE: He was an asshole before that, sweetie.
BEBE: And for YOUR information, I would love to see him try and whoop my ass.
BEBE: I will snap his scrawny neck if he dares to lay a finger on me.

DISCLAIMER: this fic was written when Gene and Clyde just had their first canon kiss, buy it goes a few weeks into the future. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, so if you’re reading this later then I’m sorry if its inaccurate to the plot.

All the characters belong to @rockandriotextras​ (I don’t know your main blog sorry) from the amazing comic @rockandriotcomic​ !!!!!

I had to write something short after the new page.

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how do you become that mutual everyone just knows by their id or something. i love it when people tag me in lance posts it makes me so happy!! but i’m sure there’s a lot of lance kin on the site so that may be an impossible goal…. how do i become the clyde mutual that’s my goal 

CLYDE: Alright, now. I know I said and did some mean stuff in the past.
CLYDE: But I think this should make up for it.
CRAIG: I told you, you didn’t have to get me anything.
CRAIG: We weren’t going to get each other stuff. Remember.
CLYDE: It’s okay, just open it!

CRAIG: This is. This is the camera I wanted.
CLYDE: Yeah! Do you like it?
CRAIG: You don’t understand. This is the D7100.
CRAIG: This must have cost you over two grand.
CLYDE: Remember when I said Bebe knew how to get things online?
CLYDE: I wasn’t exaggerating.

CRAIG: You dick, oh my God. This is amazing.
CRAIG: I didn’t even get you anything. You can’t expect me to just take this.
CLYDE: It’s alright, dude! You’ve been through a lot this year, you deserve it.
CRAIG: Fuck you, Clyde. You’re the worst ex boyfriend I’ve ever had.
CLYDE: Love you too, buddy.

Happy Holidays from AskMarshandBroflovski!

Hello Person!

I’m Kyli. I’m 14 and I live in Washington state. I love to read, write, and sing.

I listen to all kinds of music, from broadway to punk. My favourite broadway shows are Hamilton, Newsies, Kinky Boots, RENT, Sweeney Todd, Bonnie and Clyde, and Wicked. On the other side of the scale, I listen to way too many bands. That includes Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Set It Off, Against The Current, and Bring Me The Horizon.

I watch a lot of tv shows. That includes Supernatural, Supergirl, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, and (now starting) The Flash.

I would like my friend to be between the ages of 13-16. I don’t care about what race, sexual orientation, gender, or anything. Hope to hear from you, bye!! 😊😊meap95588