and clyde loves it a lot

Craig got quiet then, too. Good quiet.

You know what i miss? Big ensemble fics with interweaving plot lines about conflict and relationships that make me feel like I’m watching a 10-part mini series from a channel i haven’t paid for


Stranger Things kids reminds me of Craig’s gang A LOT + i love these two series so why not make a crossover >u< and tweek wearing eleven’s clothes is cute af

CLYDE: This just in: The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour has arrived.

JIMMY: Hey guys, are you ready to get this party s-ss-st…

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this p-party st–

JIMMY: Are you ready to get this party st-started?

TIMMY: Timmy!

CLYDE: Hell motherfucking yeah, let’s DO this.

CLYDE: Well actually we need to wait for Token.

CLYDE: …Where are you, you sneaky son of a tater-tot…


so hi my name is clyde and i draw a lot of bnha comics but here’s the kicker i love drawing good, family fun comics but also angsty as fuck comics

based on a rp w me n me bnha discord rp server where stain came back (played by the lovely thisbee @thisbeed ) and challenges iida again. so I told our deku mun @belrevn hey what if iida loses an arm this time around which we’re not gonna do but can u imagINE 

My kid and my main squad. I made my kid a girl because I wanted to hear the new girl-centric lines. Otherwise I usually play as a male. Kept them the same looking as in Stick of Truth.

Mosquito because gross out and self heal, Capt.Diabetes because OP, knockback [is great] and protection and Prof.Chaos often interchanged with ToolShed [Butters is my fave so I just wanted him around]. Oddly enough I haven’t used Timmy once. I’m a typical ‘whatever is strong, don’t care about strategy’ type person.

things learned from s21e02:

  • creek is real and it’s 100% canon
  • cartman as per usual never learns shit
  • south park’s animation is improving with every episode (that scene with the kid being hit by a car, fuck)
  • you just never know what’ll happen (heiman got back together? who would’ve thought!)
  • tweek can come into craig’s room at night and yell in anxiety
  • tweek can play piano and sing AND make cupcakes
  • president garrison is a shithead
  • tweek needs to vent A LOT, but those around him only try to shut him up (i’m looking at you mr. and mrs. tweak)
  • craig is a good boyfriend
  • cartman isn’t
  • heidi needs to see through cartman’s bullshit and dump him asap
  • fidget spinners don’t work; love does
  • stan had dialogue ;_;
  • kenny died lol
True crime ask game: send me a name!
  • Ted Bundy: Do you prefer to wear socks or to not wear socks?
  • Jeffrey Dahmer: What's the last thing you ate?
  • Richard Ramirez: Do you believe in God/Satan?
  • Eric Harris: Do you lose your temper a lot?
  • Dylan Klebold: Would you say you're a lonely person?
  • Charles Manson: Are you musical?
  • Edmund Kemper: How tall are you?
  • Ed Gein: Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  • Aileen Wuornos: What's your opinion on society?
  • David Berkowitz: Ever fired a gun? Do you want to?
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Do you believe in "true love"?
  • TJ Lane: Do you think you've ever got to a point where you've hit "rock bottom"?

And just like that June has zoomed past us! Although my schedule is quite packed for the next few months, that definitely hasn’t stopped me from reading fanfics. I’m always looking for more Bangtan fics to read - so if you guys have any to recommend, don’t be shy to let me know! 

None are written by me. Credits to the amazing writers!

(M) - Mature Content

♣ - Recommended
















As usual, make sure you check out all these works and give all authors lots of love and support!

The Loud House (Younger Sibling and Clyde) colors + polka dots

This is an idea if they were like in a catalog of clothing for polka dots! XD 

Next: Ronnie Anne Dream part two, Lucy and a crossover (won’t say yet), Loud House Project, request, and whatever else comes to mind (which there’s a lot). 

Thank for the 150+ followers. I know I keep saying thank you, but it means a lot to me. Your support is loved! <3

Also I want you to help one of my followers and also someone who I follow on Youtube name @mann-of-a-thousand-thoughts​. He is an awesome Youtuber who talks about cartoons in a very interesting way. I never expected him to follow me of all people, but he needs your help and support. Please support him! ; _ ;



* = personal favorite
⋆⋆⋆ = fan fav
¡ = new


It’s Okay to Cry  - Your friendship with Kylo Ren is at a breaking point, will it last?

Burgundy - In which Kylo Ren tries on makeup for the first time

⋆⋆⋆ Cold - Your good friend Ben Solo never ceases to make you feel warm

Some Trees or Temporary, Some Everlasting - The aftermath of a battle, picking up the ashes. This time you win. Slightly angsty, comfort, sappier than normal. 

Seasons Greetings NSFW- Kylo Ren your long time friend plans a surprise for you, things quickly escalate. 

*Grateful - Ben and yours first Thanksgiving, Ben wonders if he will be able to ask you to marry him

Under the Mistletoe - You finally learn the name of the handsome stranger who you see all the time, Kylo Ren. 

In the Heat of the Moment: I, II (smut)

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Ben Solo, ever the tease, has confused you for years. After one encounter you finally learn the truth behind all of his flirting.

Santa Baby: The first time you meet Kylo is under some pretty strange circumstances, somehow that man can even make a Santa costume attractive.

Dark Days NSFW: At the end of the world, you’re just trying to survive. You’re used to being alone in this cold world, and the only life you encounter is the food that you hunt and the other more dangerous wild life that always seems to lurk behind the corner. You’re alone until you encounter a new creature, a man who goes by the name of Kylo Ren. Warning! Smut at the end!

Flying Solo: Ben Solo, it’s in his last name, doomed to be perpetually single. He didn’t even know where to begin to change that, but with the help of his friends, he finds his match.

Make a Move: Modern!Kylo, NSFW

Pretty: You find a poem that Kylo drops, turns out that it’s about you!

Birthday Girl: Modern!Kylo gives you a great Birthday gift.

Ben the Baker: Baker AU where Ben Solo is just as sweet, if not sweeter than what he makes.

⋆⋆⋆ The Noisy Neighbor: You finally confront your loud neighbor, Kylo Ren

*Ke Kali Nei Au: Kylo and Reader on their Honeymoon in Hawaii

Matt Protection Squad: Reader is Matt’s number one defender from all of the First Order jerks

Feel Better Sweet Pea: Modern Kylo accompanying his girlfriend to therapy  and encouraging her 

⋆⋆⋆ Fame is a Lonely Road: Kylo Ren is the lead singer of the Knight’s of Ren, one of the most well known bands of late. Despite his success in career he still feels lonely, cold, and afraid. That changes when he spots you. 

Kylo Ren Comforting You 

⋆⋆⋆ Spoil Her Rotten: Warning: NSFW, daddy kink

Summary: Kylo is the CEO of First Order Industries, entirely capable of running a company but incompetent when it came to dating. At least, he always told himself he just hadn’t found the right person yet. It turns out that he was right, even if costed him years of loneliness just one date would prove that you were worth the wait. 


Graveyard Girl (NSFW): Part I, Part II Part III  Complete- A story about a girl, a graveyard, and a mysterious man known as Kylo Ren 

*Dream On, Senator (Complete): Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part XI (nsfw), Part X, Part XI, Part XII, Epilogue (nsfw)

Summary: Ben Amidala is the up and coming senator in the New Republic; women and men alike love him by the media and. He has created the perfect life for himself, however this becomes disrupted by you, his assigned bodyguard to protect him from the First Order. 

⋆⋆⋆ Little Red: I, II 

Summary: Werewolf!AU with Kylo Ren, you meet him in the woods one day and ignore his warnings, which leads to some unexpected, perhaps even desirable consequences. 

⋆⋆⋆ King of Pain (Complete) : I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII

Summary: Kylo Ren had usurped the Old King, conquered lands, and built up an insurmountable defense. He had everything, except for a Queen. Even though he inspired fear in most, there where still many who would give anything for a place by his side, you weren’t one of them.   

Howlin’ for You (hiatus): A fresh start, it was just what you needed. You decided to move to Rosedale, a town which boasted the eerie slogan “Rosedale, You’ll never want to leave”. Quickly you realized that there was something off about this town, which seemed to be tidally locked between two rivaling gangs, the First Order and the Resistance. Before you get the chance, you’re sucked into the conflict, made ever more complicated by Kylo Ren. Werewolf AU

⋆⋆⋆ ¡ Light of Mine (Complete): I, II III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, XI

Summary: The Nightshade Witch of Ren, a name that brings fear. Harbinger of revenge and corrupt justice, he’s the number one target of The Church. You are an average young woman of the village, trying to escape your strict parents and The Church. Fate has it that your paths are intrinsically linked, to the disdain of well…everyone. A Kylo Ren Witch AU

Kiss it Better (complete): Masterlist 

A collaboration between myself and kyloholic 

Summary: Everybody loves him, he’s the most up and coming Jedi Knight, and Ben Solo reigns supreme. But he has many vices, and with you as his new competition they will begin to show. Quickly, you become a threat to his reputation, and you will not back down. Eventually, something’s got to give.


Kylo Ren

1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” 4. “Walk out that door and we’re through” NSFW
22. “Choose me”, 39. “Please come home, I miss you”
15. “Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.”,16. “Just talk to me”, 46. “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”
25. “You’re mine. I don’t share”, 8. “Why are you so jealous?”NSFW
⋆⋆⋆ Waking up in Kylo’s arms
Concerned Kylo watches over a Badly Injured RC from a mission
⋆⋆⋆ Sweet and Scary Emperor Kylo
24. “So you’re my soulmate.”,18. “What did you just say?”
Goth Kylo and his Girlfriend
Kylo Ren comforting you after being stood up
16. “Why won’t you let me steal your flannels?”, 23. “Do you know how good you look?”, 33. “Baby, please.”
11. You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…
What if you manage to save Kylo if he got captured?
Kylo helping his crush, a drunk reader get home safe, Pt 2
Kylo tries your cake for the first time, is overcome with love for you
Kylo tries to make you dinner, super fuffy
Kylo trying to get you to warm up to him in an arranged marriage
Bad boy Kylo
“I love you, you asshole.” with Kylo Ren 
41. “Please, take me instead!”
20. “I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her/him.”
“I don’t want to have a baby.”
102.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”
 * Boxer AU
“H-How long have you been standing there?”
“Come over here and make me.”
“Why do you keep pushing me away?”
Eid Mubarak
“I have a crush on the hot new teacher and I’m talking to you about it but your the teachers son and have a crush on me.“
Flirting with the enemy
Cute morning cuddles
Messages from Kylo Ren, Night/Morning
Kylo helping you pull an all nighter
Kylo as an alto hc’s
comforting reader in a lot of pain
Unstable Apprentice
Kylo trying to learn your native language
Hearing your child giggle for the first time


14. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”
Tell that to Kanjiklub: Smuggler Ben rescues his favorite princess


Body Positivity
Comforting a sad reader
NSFW Reader confronts Matt about being reluctant to be intimate

Clyde Logan (all tagged as clyde logan x reader)

Sleepy HC’s 
Highschool Crush AU
Reacting to Clyde taking off his arm
Talk to me about Clyde PLEASE

Tag because I’m too lazy to list all of them

Monsta X as best friends

Shownu:  the friend who’s always keeping you in line, yet knowing he’s always there to turn up with you and party whenever you’re stressed. He keeps you grounded and self assured so you’ll never feel bad or insecure about yourself, and he’s into deep conversations, bc that’s probably how you became best friends in the first place.

Wonho:  he’s got such an intriguing aura that you couldn’t help but introduce yourself when you first noticed him, and it’s crazy weird how you two got along so quickly and so well. You’re never surprised when people think you’re dating, since your closeness and skinship would be considered being more than friends to some people.

Minhyuk:  your crazy matched his crazy, and he knew from day one that you were meant to know each other and become besties. He’s the one who’s always waking you up at early hours in the morning to go do something fun, and always puts the blame on himself if yall ever got in trouble. This kid always has your back no matter what, and over time he’ll show a side to himself that not a lot of people see.

Kihyun:  the flirty best friend!! Doesn’t even see you like that tbh, it’s just fun making other people jealous when he likes them, and asks to use you as bait when trying to get to know them. You’re like Bonnie and Clyde, always getting yourself into some new hobby that involves a lot of parties and getting in trouble- but you’re inseparable.

Hyungwon:  the type of best friend who doesn’t need to be talking to you 24/7 to know that he’s still your best friend. Shows up out of the blue sometimes and decides to nap on your couch, and sometimes lives at your place as you two binge watch shows and movies together and talk nonstop without ever being bored.

Jooheon:  the best friend goals, everyone loves seeing you two together- or run away bc they know something always happens when yall are involved. It’s always party time with Joo, and he makes the best out of every bad situation. Probably shows his sensitive side only to you, and that’s saying a lot bc it’d take a while for him to open up.

I.M:  being best friends with him means never knowing what’s going to happen, and everything is always spontaneous. He’s a free thinker and likes to do things unexpectedly, and you two have the craziest bets on the silliest things. There’s like a 90% chance of this friendship turning into something more, bc he doesn’t put himself out there with just anyone, and would probably develop deep feelings over time.

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[continued from this post]

CLYDE: OKAY here’s the follow up to my last post.

CLYDE: So yeah, Craig looked devastated, almost like he couldn’t decide what he was more angry about– his clothes or Eric for some reason??? even though Eric had nothing to do with the coffee??????? idk, man.

CLYDE: And like, Craig went all “Oh my god you buttface Tweek, ugh.” only it was more like “Holy shit! What did you do that for?!”

CLYDE: And so of course, Tweek immediately started to freak out for a number of reasons that don’t even really need to be listed.

CLYDE: At this point, everyone who was watching started to walk away because things were getting a little awkward, and they didn’t want to sit around for things to get any worse. I would have, too, but it was too good.

CLYDE: So but yeah, Tweek was like “What did I do that for?! I should be asking you the same question!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!”

CLYDE: Then Craig just said “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.” but he was obviously still angry.

CLYDE: Eric, just like the last five minutes of this exchange, was dying in the background.

CLYDE: This was the point where I tried taking a close up picture of Craig, which…

CLYDE: Y’know.

CLYDE: And then he threw my phone over the brick fence near by, like an asshole.

CLYDE: Anyways…

CLYDE: Craig started taking off his jacket cause the coffee was gonna soak through. 

CLYDE: Have I mentioned that Craig tucks his shirt into his pants? Because that’s hilarious. He’s like an old man.

CLYDE: So anyways, he started complaining and shit (like an old man) and said something like “Now my clothes are covered in your coffee and spit, dude!” then he took off his jacket and threw it onto the ground.

CLYDE: Then Eric started bursting with laughter even more. I think Kyle was getting angry at him. He looked like he was, anyways.

CLYDE: But then Eric just shouted, and I quote (perfectly, may I say) because it was pretty funny, “This can’t be the first time you’ve been covered in Tweek’s coffee and spit, Craig! Get it!!! Did you– did you get it, Craig? That’s a dick joke! Because– because your dick is probably covered
in spit and coffee, because you see, Tweek–”

CLYDE: He only got that far before Craig started stomping up towards Eric, and I was 100% sure that THIS time he’d beat Eric’s ass, but then Tweek stood in front of them both and said like (watch my perfect quoting again)

CLYDE: “Agggh, calm down! I don’t even understand what’s going on here! I can’t handle this, I dropped the rest of my coffee and now I have nothing to calm me down you two are going nuts what’s wrong I'm going to explode from pressure– oh my god, exploding is bad, I can’t explode, that shit’s dangerous!!–”

CLYDE: Hahahahaha, Tweek’s reasoning for everything is so insane, I love it.

CLYDE: But honestly, I could relate. Cause I was so confused, too. There was so much going on that I didn’t understand…

CLYDE: But yeah, then Craig was trying to calm Tweek down and was all like “Tweek, calm down! You’re not going to explode!”

CLYDE: I wish you guys could hear my voice, because I’m doing voices for these guys right now. People say Craig and I sound a lot a like, but that’s not true. I’m giving him a Macho Man Randy Savage voice.

CLYDE: Okay, so yeah, anyways…

CLYDE: After Craig said that, Tweek was just like “Tell me what’s going on!” but all Craig said in response was “This is all lard-butt’s fault!” and then freaking LAUNCHED himself at Eric. He kept avoiding answering what was going on, which was suspicious.

CLYDE: I was just a bystander, though! I can’t complain. The only question I should have been asking then was if anybody had any popcorn cause hahaha, oh man…

CLYDE: Nobody else was around, actually. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny all left after Kyle started getting mad. And everyone else left right after Tweek spat coffee all over everybody, like I said.

CLYDE: So I guess asking that question, while being extremely hilarious and awesome because I am both of those things, would have probably proved ineffective because nobody would be around to hear it.

CLYDE: Except for Tweek, Eric, and Craig, but asking them was kind of out of the question.

CLYDE: Man, was I hungry, though.


CLYDE: …Where was I…


CLYDE: Craig lunged at Eric!

CLYDE: …Or he tried to, and then Tweek started freaking out and held him back. Eric didn’t look like he was pleased about the fact that Craig was trying to beat him up.

CLYDE: Which is funny because Eric gets beat up a lot, I thought he’d be used to it by now.

CLYDE: But then the most insane thing happened! And by insane, I mean something totally awful and I’m glad I wasn’t involved because… well…

CLYDE: What was happening and what it looked like they were doing probably wasn’t the best thing to have the principal walk up on. 

CLYDE: Did I mention the principal is really tall? Like, taller than our old principle. Man, I miss Principal Victoria. Kind of.

CLYDE: I mean, she beat PC Principal, anyways.

CLYDE: But uh… yeah.

CLYDE: All three of them were shitting their pants in front of him. I think almost literally for Tweek.

CLYDE: And– and then


CLYDE: Okay I actually maybe shouldn’t share that part. Like, all of that just then, Craig and Tweek are already gonna have my ass about it when they find out I told you guys. 

CLYDE: Maybe you should ask Eric. He might even tell you what was actually happening, since he seemed to be the problem. But uh… yeah. To avoid getting my ass whooped even harder than it’s already going to be, I’m going to leave the principal part out. 

CLYDE: …To sum it up, though, the principal said some things, Eric said some things, Craig got in trouble, and then shortly after Craig and Tweek started to beat each other up, and then Tweek got in trouble too.

CLYDE: Man, it was awesome.

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’: Caity Lotz Wants More ‘Captain Canary’

Caity Lotz wants to continue the shortlived romance between her character Sara Lance and Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart in Season 3 of “Legends of Tomorrow.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lotz said that she likes to see Sara have a more a serious romantic relationship next season.

“There have been a lot of flings for Sara this Season [2], which have been fun,” Lotz said. “[Although] it’s hard to have a relationship when you live on a time ship, I would love for her to be able to find another deeper relationship like her and Nyssa (Katrina Law) had [in ‘Arrow’], [or] maybe even explore the ‘Captain Canary’ thing.”

READ: Will Arthur Darvill return as Rip Hunter for “Legends of Tomorrow” Season 3?

“Captain Canary” is the ship name created by fans for Captain Cold (Leonard) and White Canary (Sara). The romance between the two started in Season 1, but abruptly ended when Leonard sacrificed his life for the team towards the end of the show’s freshman run. Although Leonard returned in the latter part of Season 2, the kiss that happened between him and Sara in Season 1 was not addressed, much to Lotz’s disappointment.

“It’s a bummer,” Lotz told Entertainment Weekly in March after it was revealed that Leonard’s return to the series would not explore his past romance with Sara. “I really wanted to [play that with Wentworth], but hopefully they’re saving it for another time.”

“The focus of Leonard’s [Season 2 return is] his relationship with Mick (Dominic Purcell), the original bromance,” Lotz said. “[So] I was really bummed … because I wanted to, in the alternative reality [‘Doomworld’], for Sara and Snart to be dating like a little Bonnie and Clyde. But the Rory-Snart relationship is really important, and they had a lot of story left to do with that, so we don’t get to see any of that in this one, but hopefully later; hopefully we’re saving it for later.”

At the of end of Season 2 finale, Mick (Dominic Purcell) erased Leonard’s memory and brought him back to Central City 2014 where Eobard (Matt Letscher) scooped him out to be part of the Legion of Doom.  So it’s unclear whether the show will bring back Leonard for Season 3 and explore his seemingly unfinished love story with Sara.

Would you like the series to continue Sara and Leonard’s romantic storyline in Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

“Legends of Tomorrow” star Caity Lotz is interested in exploring Sara and Leonard’s (Wentworth Miller) romantic relationship in Season 3. Photo: The CW

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anonymous asked:

AAAA YOU LIKE THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES?? I love that series!! What were your favourite parts?

Oh man SJA is SO GOOD, I adore Sarah Jane and Clyde and Rani (and their families!) and pretty much everyone?? I have a real soft spot for Clyde and stories that centre a lot on him (“The Mark of the Berserker” and “The Curse of Clyde Langer” are two of my favourite episodes) but there are so many good stories and characters that I love in the show. I didn’t watch SJA until a few years after I’d watched/caught up with the new episodes of DW available at the time (while Matt was still the Doctor I believe) and seeing Ten turn up in “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith” and having them reunited again with Sarah Jane — and meeting companions of her own! — gave me such a nice, warm feeling.


HC: You and Clyde were once lovers, that is until he left you claiming it was best for when he left to war. After dealing with a heartbreak, you find out you’re pregnant and seven years later, you run right into the father of your daughter-Clyde. | I dedicate this one to @witchyemmy bc she loved the idea! If you got hc’s you got that you want for Clyde, send them in!

  • It was the worst heartbreak you had ever dealt with; in your eyes, Clyde was your soulmate and you had loved him. Before he had left to fight in Iraq, the two of you had been together for a few years, practically highschool sweethearts. So, of course, you suffered once he had left you.
  • What didn’t make the situation better was the fact that you had become pregnant and had only found out after the breakup. You had dealt with the pregnancy on your own, your family wanting to help but you begged to differ. As much as you appreciated their help, you wanted to do it on your own. It was enough that you were suffering, you wanted to put all your focus on your future that was growing within you. She was all that mattered.
  • It was tough raising your daughter all on your own, the nine months felt like hell and you found yourself constantly waking up in tears; you had truly missed Clyde. Although you were beyond upset about the situation, you could never hate him. In the end, you loved him and you knew why he did it.
  • Years had passed with you raising your daughter on your own, she had become the smartest person you had ever met; she was respectful, intelligent and downright snarky. You couldn’t help but enjoy whenever she spoke, it was like a little genius speaking to you. She had become your world, your everything. Even if she looked so much like Clyde.
  • One day, when you went to the grocery store, your daughter had rushed off to find something before you could catch up to her. With her small size, as she turned a corner, she rammed right into someone and fell back. “Since when was there a wall?” She said, sitting on the floor and frowning.
  • Realizing what he had done, Clyde was quick enough to crouch down and help the little girl up, only to freeze. She looked too familiar. Those eyes he was now looking into hit home-they looked like your own pair. “My apologies, little lady.” He said, staring at the little girl. He had hoped he didn’t scare her.

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In their first musical collaboration, Hov and B would put their own spin on 2Pac’s classic “Me And My Girlfriend,” but with a twist: while Pac was referring to his gun, they were revealing their relationship to the world. The track reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became Beyoncé’s highest charting single as a solo artist.

Recorded in August 2002, Hov had implored producer Kanye West to create “the best beat you ever made” for a monumental collaboration with his new girlfriend. While listening to The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory West realized how perfect the Pac sample would be, so he “went home and called my dog, E Base, who plays a lot of instruments up at Baseline for me and Just Blaze. I programmed the drums in 10 minutes, and then he played all the different parts. This version is all live bass, live guitars, live chords on it. I brought it to Hov that night, he heard it, and he just knew it was gonna be the one.” The issues with the Pac sample were revealed by Def Jam A&R Tina Davis in 2003: “We only had one day to clear the [2Pac] sample that was used. We were back and forth with Afeni Shakur all day until we got the clearance. [Luckily] it was a hit.”

According to Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke, it was upon hearing this track that he and Dame Dash realized Hov was in love with Bey: “When Jay first met Beyoncé, Dame was like ‘You should wife her, she’s the one.’ There was a time in Paris when they sent us ‘Bonnie & Clyde.’ Dame and I were at the Plaza Athénée and they sent us that song. It was the final cut and when we heard that song Dame looked at me and said ‘Yo, he’s in love.’ So if y'all know Jay, a lot of times everything comes out in music. When he does interviews he’s a little more reluctant to speak about certain things. But it always comes out in his albums; so at that time when ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ came out we knew he was in love with Beyoncé.”

The video was filmed in Tijuana, Mexico in October 2002. The clip was inspired by the 1993 romance crime film True Romance, which is one of Jay’s favorite films. According to Kanye West, Hov had planned the track’s video treatment before he had even recorded his verses. 

Upon reflection in 2010, this is what Hov had to say about the track: “I remember this record on multiple levels. First, Tupac Shakur because it uses his 1996 ‘Me and My Girlfriend,’ and the beef he had with Big. I don’t remember ever meeting Pac. We never had an encounter. He dissed me too, but for me it wasn’t a personal thing. When he passed, those things are gone. Plus the song was so perfect with the timing. This was when everyone was first talking about B and I. As a songwriter, you can’t help but express your life through your music. I was definitely playing with the controversy of it all.”