and clyde gets kisses!


A Little Visitor 💕

@clydetherabbitgreen Beautiful Mom and Sister Came Over with Two Surprises Today. His Twin Brother and This Cutie Pie Came to Visit and See How He’s Doing! 

Meet My New Boo. My Pookie. He is Officially the Cutest Munchkin Ever. He Got Real Comfortable Real Quick 😂. He Talking My Ear Off But, I Don’t Mind. He Knows Exactly What He is Doing and it’s Working Lol. AunTei Loves to Spoil!!!

usedtobestxnleymxrsh  asked:

I want the K ((figured this was as good as anything to get the ball rollin'.))

10: Neck kiss

Clyde yawned quietly and burrowed himself further into Stan’s side, watching his movie through half lidded eyes. Him and Stan have never been partially close, though the main reason for that he supposed was because of them being in ‘rival’ groups.

Eh. Stupid reason. Stan was comfortable, like really comfortable. He fucking loved it. Stan should fucking come over every night and cuddle the ever loving fuck out of him. That’d be nice.

He wasn’t sure if it was him or the slight buzz from alcohol.

“You’re so comfy..” He mumbled against his shoulder, leaning up to press his lips to Stan’s neck.
((Throws this at you AND RUNS