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Are you a fire, earth, air, or water autistic?

Earth autistic:
-not good at facial expressions
-only eats the same food, ever
-low empathy
-has some “gross” stims

Air autistic:
-tends to leave the room if overwhelmed
-partially/semi/fully nonverbal
-likes loose clothing
-swings arms everywhere
-bad with numbers

Fire autistic:
-big meltdowns
-lots of loud noises
-likes spicy foods and bright colours
-chews on everything
-you break their routine, they break you

Water autistic:
-prefers bland food
-monotone voice
-would rather be cold than hot
-tends to shutdown

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Things I will never get tired of in Hannigram fanfics.


And in constant evolution.

  1. Will’s curls
  2. Hannibal smells Will
  3. Will is not so sure, but then he is
  4. Versatile Hannibal
  5. Versatile Will
  6. Hannibal helps Will to suit up
  7. They have rough sex
  8. They have sweet sweet sex
  9. They cuddle
  10. They fight/call each other names/beat each other to death
  11. Dogs everywhere with Hannibal’s approval
  12. Hannibal takes dogs for Will without Will’s knowledge
  13. Hannibal cooks, draws, drinks wine, speaks twenty languages, has knowledge in everything and he is a smartass
  14. Hannibal cooks for Will/with Will or feeds Will
  15. Hannibal tries Will’s clothes on
  16. They don’t fit
  17. And it’s a good thing because his perfect body (or also not so perfect, he’s always beautiful) is enhanced by tight clothes.
  18. Blood blood blood everywhere especially on their mouths
  19. Bites
  20. More bites
  21. I love bites
  22. Kill people with Will’s approval (to thank Hannibal for the dogs)
  23. Kill people chosen by Will
GOT7 Baking Christmas Cookies 🍪

Jaebum: Thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam literally only he eats. Misread the recipe and cookies don’t turn out great but refuses to admit it. Eats five  out of spite and says the oven must be broken.

Jinyoung: Intricate boxes of truffles, drizzled in four different kinds of chocolate and wrapped with shiny, silver bows. Has a detailed list of who gets truffles and who doesn’t, based on past wrongs.

Mark: Makes chocolate chip cookies. When told those aren’t Christmas cookies, shrugs and says who cares they’re the only kind of cookie that matters.

Jackson:  His cookies are more frosting than anything else. Gets flour in his hair, on his clothes and everywhere else. Takes off shirt and runs around screaming SUGAR HIGH!!!

Bambam: Makes one giant gingerbread man and makes it trample the others. Accidentally crushes one of Jinyoung’s boxes and Jaebum has to step in to save him.

Youngjae: Makes those break and bake cookies with the Christmas trees in the middle. Gets shit for it but his cookies end up being eaten first SO THERE.

Yugyeom: Eats half the dough, burns the rest and steals some of Jinyoung’s.  

  • Freed: What did you just pour on my head?
  • Bickslow: Glitter!
  • Freed: Why?
  • Bickslow: Why not?

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Alone Together

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  • Yugyeom is a brother of Gamma Omega Tau. And, now that he’s a full-fledged brother, he was given the option to live in the house.
  • Of course, because of his relationship with the other brothers (and after much begging from BamBam, who he’d made plans to live with, anyway), the two of them moved into the house.
  • Because he’s still an underclassman and only has a year of brotherhood under his belt, he has to share a room. He doesn’t particularly mind because it’s with BamBam and the two of them get along pretty well.
  • But, honestly, things can get a little tense sometimes because of their different styles.
  • Yugyeom isn’t the neatest person ever by any means but he prefers to keep it so that he can at least see his bed.
  • Bam? Not so much. Honestly, he’d spent more time in Yugyeom’s bed than he had in his own because of the clothes piled everywhere.

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Little Thief - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Requested by Anon

Request: Hello Honey , can you do an Stiles x reader where Stiles is looking for this 24 Stilinski Jersey & can’t find it . Then a few days later he goes to his girlfriend IG & see that she is wearing it then he is like totally suspicious about her having it . Till one day she wears it to school like for Halloween or something & stiles freaks out.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 657

”Oh god, oh god oh god, no no no.” Stiles mutters as he tosses his clothes everywhere around his room, the panic of loosing his jersey a few days before the game made him turn upside down of his room.

He picked up his phone, dialing your number an waited for you to answer, as you do after just a few seconds. ”Hi darling!” you answer sweetly and Stiles smiles at the sound of your voice.

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Always (7 and 41 w/ Peter Parker)

7. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”

41. “My life is my own to ruin.”

Requested by @doodlegrunge

You were spiralling out of control and Peter knew it.

He watched helpless, as you went from being bright and happy to a shadow of your former self. He didn’t know what to do. He should have seen the signs. 

Your parents were fighting. A lot. At first it was over petty things, like leaving the odd items of clothing everywhere. Then it escalated. They were arguing 24/7, over anything and everything. They didn’t split up though. They just said that it would be a messy divorce and they didn’t want that. But their arguing had forced them to stop paying attention to you, their only child. So you started doing things to grab their attention; staying out late, partying, drinking.

You tried to act like everything was fine when you were at school and round your friends. You didn’t tell them what was happening at home. You didn’t tell Peter.

But he still found out. That’s why he was on his way to pick you up from a party that Flash was holding. He hated Flash, but he was doing this for you.

As the taxi pulled up outside Flash’s house, Peter jumped out and beckoned for the driver to wait, to which the driver nodded.

Peter pushed his way past the teenagers making out on the lawn and into the house. He spotted you straight away. You were hard to miss. He had known you his whole life and he knew you like the back of his hand. He would spot you anywhere.

Peter made his way over to you and grabbed your arm, which made you turn your head to face him, a confused look on your face.

“Peter, what are you doing here?” The smell of alcohol on your breath.

“I’ve come to take you home.” He shouted over the music. 

You pouted like a child. “Don’t wanna. I’m fine here.”

Peter sighed. “Please, Y/N? It’s getting late. What will your parents think?”

“They don’t care about me, Peter.” You stated, you were drunk, but not drunk enough to forget your problems.

“But, I do,” He smiled. “Please?”

You smiled back. “Just for you.”

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My Princess -Wonho Mafia AU (chapter 10. FINALE)

Character profiles      Chapter 1    Chapter 2  Chapter 3     Chapter 4   Chapter 5     Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9 (smut)

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Y/N’S POV [February 15. 7:09 am]

Slowly I woke up the next day, our clothes were everywhere.I looked to my side and saw Wonho still in a deep sleep. Last night things got heated quickly, he made my body crave something I’ve never had before. Although I was scared that didn’t stop my body wanting what it needed. As I lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice him waking up until I felt his warm hand on mine. A blush came to my cheeks and there was no way to hide it, I felt beyond shy about what we did last night. 


I woke up to only see y/n staring at the ceiling, a small smile appeared on my face as I remembered what happened last night. We were finally free, she’s all mine. She is my princess and I am her prince. Softly my hand reached for her, a blush began to form. She was feeling shy.. After all she did get shy with any type of affection and well last night was one big step. 

“Good morning princess,” I said in my deep yet raspy morning voice. Her plumped lips formed a smile, “good morning” she replied. She slowly moved closer to me, I wrapped my arms around her waist as held her close, softly I placed a kiss on her cheek. “How you feeling?” I asked her.

“A bit sore… But I’ll be fine.” she replied as she played with her fingers. She then turned around to face me, I felt her soft plumped lips on mine. I smiled and kissed her back, she was shy but much more confident with affection. Her hands began to run through my hair, a soft sighed left me, it felt relaxing.

After a while of laying in bed and talking we showered and got ready to go out for breakfast. There was food in fridge and we needed to eat. 



Last night when he asked me to run away with him I was unsure of what do to. I love him but I also love my father. He raised me and given me everything I could ever need so I can’t help but feel like a traitor. But he was becoming scare and demanding, he wanted to marry me with Kihyun and I could never marry anyone who I didn’t love. Wonho also mentioned about us getting married, I love Wonho but I’m not sure if I’m ready for marriage just yet. I had informed him about how he felt and he was glad I did so, he said there was no rush to do so, that made me much more relaxed.

Today all we’ve done is woken up, shower, go out for breakfast, buy groceries, and now we were currently shopping for home supplies. But I couldn’t help but feel like we were being watched and I think that Wonho feels the same because he’s keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. We were ready to check out, our cart had cooking supplies such as pans and coffee mugs, and other small things such as silverware. 

Wonho always seemed like the type to not be interested in shopping and running errands but he hasn’t complained at all. Once we paid for everything we headed back home. His house had 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, one in the main room and one seperate. It also had a lovely kitchen, a big living room, and a huge garden. I love it, it has everything a home needs. After we put everything we had bought away we cuddled up in the living room and began our movie marathon. 

KIHYUN’S POV [1:30 pm]

I couldn’t believe my ears once I heard it. Wonho had stolen MY girl. Y/N IS MY WIFE TO BE. Wonho and I have been friends for years but I couldn’t forgive him this time. He always got the girl and I was tried of it, those two were very good at acting. In public they hated each other but secretly they were in between the sheets. As soon as y/n’s dad found out he promised to kill Wonho and I wasn’t going to stop him.

I looked down at the computer as her father drove, we were tracking them down by a secret chip her dad had installed in y/n earings. Pretty sneaky ehh. When we first found out we had asked the boys if they knew where they were heading. No one knew, except Shownu. He refused to speak, and her father not being able to control himself, shot him 2 in the abdomen. According to the boys who rushed him to the hospital, said he was fine, he just needs recovery. But that was the least of my problems. I needed to know where y/n was, she can’t be with Wonho. She just simply can’t.

I’ve always been the nice guy and maybe that’s why I was always the one with a broken heart at the end, but it was over now. There is no more being Mr.Nice Guy, y/n needs to know how I really feel about her. She couldn’t say yes to being my valentine because all she cares is about Wonho, but she needs to learn that there’s other guys who are dying for her love. Guys like me, I can treat her better than Wonho does, I can love her harder that Wonho does, I can do anything better than Wonho does.

We’ve been driving for about 4 hours now, and according to this GPS we are an hour away from y/n. I wonder if she’s okay, if she’s eaten, if she knows what she’s gotten into because she’s blind. She doesn’t see that this whole situation has gotten out of hand.

[2:25 pm]

I looked around, we were 5 minutes away from y/n. My heart was beating faster than it should I needed to hold her. I looked to my side, her father’s jaw was clenched, his blood was boiling, or so he told me so. The car stopped in front of a house, outside there was a familiar car, Wonho’s. I got my gun and so did her dad, we loaded them and rushed out of the car.

Y/N’S POV [2:32 pm]

I was cuddled into Wonho’s side as we peacefully watched a movie, sudendly 3 loud bangs where heard at the door. I shot up, the loud banging caught me off guard so it did give me a fright. I looked at Wonho, he motioned for me to be quiet as he quickly turned off the TV. 

“ I KNOW YOU”RE IN THERE WONHO! OPEN THE DOOR AND GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER BACK BEFORE I END YOUR LIFE”, my father yelled through the other side of the door. Tears where starting to form in my eyes, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Wonho took my hand and quickly pulled me up, rushing me as far away from the door. 

There was a moment of silence before someone kicked the door down, that’s when I came face to face with 2 men. My father and a scary Kihyun. My father pointed his gun at Wonho.

“Let go of her.” He demanded.


“Save it young lady, you’re in big trouble” he snapped at me.

Kihyun looked over at me with mixed eyes, they were always happy but not this time. They were dark and full with anger, I watched as he took his gun out and pointed it at Wonho. 

“Give me my girl back!” He yelled at him.

Wonho’s eyes widen, he’s never seen him like this. “Kihyun…” He began to speak up.

I interrupted him, “Appa… I love him… please let me be happy.” I began to beg but he wasn’t having any of it.

“I told you to end it with him but you disobeyed me!” He boomed. “You had a chance and you screwed it over! You maybe be a princess but life isn’t a fairy tale darling… I’m going to count to 5 and you better move away from him before I shoot.”

I looked over at Wonho, my eyes covered with tears, it can’t end like this. I’m not leaving him, if he dies, I die. Kihyun walked over to me since I wasn’t moving away from him. He roughly removed me away from him, he kept a tight grip on my arm so I wouldn’t escape. He moved next to my father and pointed his gun back at Wonho. 

Wonho didn’t say anything, had he given up on us? My heart broke as I watched him. He was crying, he was crying. Never in life life had I seen him cry. It was like he was made out of stone, he always bottled up his feelings but he was finally releasing them, 


“Y/n I love you”


“Don’t ever change for anyone, you got that?”


“I’m going to be gone for a while but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other.”


“Please take care of yourself, we’ll meet again, I promise you… See you later my princess…”



I quickly turned away as I began to hear the guns go off. Kihyun and my father began to shoot him to death. A thump was heard, his body had hit the ground and the shooting had stopped. With much force I managed to look his way, his body was on the floor. It didn’t move, he was bleeding out, his chest wasn’t moving the way it should. At that moment I knew I had lost the love of my life.

Thank you all for joining me on my first ever scenario series, I am glad many of you love it but everything sadly must come to an end. Please let me know of what you guys would over all rate it, feedback is very helpful. I’m sorry I made you cry, I did shed a couple of tears as I wrote this. Thank you all once again

“At the time, I was starting to work with a lot of hip-hop artists at the channel, and Kurt would tease me about it; he’d called me ‘Rap Amy.’ So before the show, I was over his house, in his bedroom, and there was just piles of clothes everywhere, and he’s going through them, tossing clothes everywhere, and I’m asking him 'What are you looking for?’ And he was like 'I’m going to wear my Rap jeans!’ So, if you watch the performance, he’s wearing these jeans with these huge pockets in the back, because they were his 'Rap jeans,’ and he was making fun of me.” — Amy Finnerty about Kurt’s choice of clothing for Live and Loud in 1993.


Pairing : percival graves x reader
About : The morning after
Warnings : Lil nasty cause we all thirsty. No direct mention of sex tho.

The sounds of birds lazily chirping and the sun shining ever so lightly shined thro the morning sky, the presence of morning mist overshadowing buildings. This was my favourite time of the day,  the calm before the storm. The soft fabric of my blanket covered my bare body, leaving my shoulders exposed to the cold atmosphere as I sat on the bed with my legs crossed over each other, recalling the night before.

There was clothes everywhere on the floor. Our shirts didn’t even make it to the bedroom as I could see it lying in the living room.


Instead of using a key, he just waved the door open with his hand as we stumbled inside. What started out as a fun flirting session we had in between work breaks ended up with lustful looks while passing the corridor. Months of sexual tension was built up until none of us could take it anymore.

Hence, I pulled him to the storeroom in MACUSA headquarters and and pressed my lips against his. This was basically a move under the influence of frustration and impulse. The consequences of my actions started to down on me as I slowly release the fist of fabric around his collar, only to be greeted by him placing a his palm behind my neck,  gently pulling me in closer.  A smile formed against my lips and he pressed his lips hard against mine while I clumsily undid his tie.  ‘Not in the closet.’ he whispered breathless, slightly worried someone might catch us.

I’m not sure how but we ended up in his living room, clumsily taking off each other clothes as we stumbled in his bedroom. And from what I managed to catch through the walk there, his apartment was pretty damn big, it looked rich under the moonlight, a few photographs of people hung around the house.


He looked so peaceful sleeping, the usual  serious face and posture relaxed. He slept facing down, the white blanket covering him from his lower back down, his black hair falling from the perfect swept back he kept at work, strands covering his undercut. ‘Stop staring at me.’ He mumbled, half asleep. ‘I am not staring. I’m regretting ’ I joked.

And in flash of movement, I was pulled back to bed beside him as he proped himself up on his elbow, his face inches from  mine. ‘Regretting huh?’ He questioned, raising an eyebrow. 'Yup’. I agreed, popping the 'p’ on purpose.

Within seconds, I could feel his fingers snake under the blanket and started to softly trace my upper thigh. 'Did you regret this?’ He whispered, breathe hot against my neck. I bit my lip in return, unable to find words to reply. His hands crept up to my waist, 'This?’ He teased. My right  hand automatically rested itself in the crook of his neck, eyes fluttering shut. 'Pretty sure you didn’t regret anything when you sat on top of-’ 'PERCIVAL!’ I exclaimed surprised and flustered, covering his mouth with my plams. I could feel the rush of embarrassment on my face, a hint of victory present in in his eyes.

I removed by hands  and snaked my arms around his waist instead, head against his chest. 'Percival, I’m pretty sure we are breaking some type of rule.’ 'We’re not’ He confidently replied. 'I asked Madame president.’

'How and when did you ask her?’ 'Oh, well, I made a story up about how two people in the office are dating and we should take actions. She waved me off and said it’s not against any law. I brought this up last month.’

'Well, I’m glad to find out you have been thinking about me since last month. I murmured, tucking my head under his neck while his hands ran up and down my naked back lazily. 'I have been thinking about you since the first time we flirted.’ '3 months of sexual frustration? Damn, Mr Graves.’

'Calling me Mr Graves in bed might not be a very good idea.’ He announced in a warning tone and pulled me closer to his chest.

The familiar feeling of bravery and excitement came over me and with that and  little bit of extra strength, I pushed him to his back with my arms and sat on top of him in a swift moment. My hands laid flat against his chest as I leaned down and kissed his neck, a smirk playing across my face.

'Why not, Mr graves?’

A/N : My first time ever writing on tumblr. I dont know but I was just so inspired so I kinda vomitted out my nasty thoughts. Please gimme your feedback 💓💓💓💓

Michael Clifford Imagine Pockets

“Do you want to go out tomorrow night?” You looked up from your phone at your boyfriend Michael, as he asked you a question. He fidgeted nervously and you looked at him in confusion, wondering why he was nervous to ask you.

“Sure, any particular reason?” You asked and Michael shrugged.

“Maybe I just want to take you out.” Michael said, grinning and seeming to relax once you’d agreed. You smiled and pecked his lips. You wondered why he was so worried about it, but decided it must be something to do with work. 

“Michael, you need to stop leaving your clothes everywhere!” You shouted and heard him chuckle. You rolled your eyes and picked up the clothes strewn across the floor. But you could never really be annoyed with him. 

“One day, something’s going to happen that’ll make you stop doing this.” You called to him and started putting the clothes into piles.

“Do you want to wear any of these tonight?” You asked him, as he walked into the room. Michael nodded, picking out a jacket and a shirt. You nodded and started putting the others with the other dirty clothes, checking the pockets as you did so. As you checked the pockets of a pair of jeans, you felt something inside. 

“You left something in your pocket.” You told him and Michael’s eyes widened when he realised what it was. 

“No! I can do the washing.” He scrambled frantically towards you, but you had already pulled out the small box. You stared at it, as Michael took it from you. You stared at him in shock.

“Was that-”


“But it looked like-”

“It wasn’t.”

“It’s a-”

“No! Honestly it’s the box for my guitar picks.” Michael said and you raised an eyebrow, not buying his excuse. He sighed and held the box in front of you. Slowly, he knelt down and your breath caught in your throat, as you saw the ring.

“You’re proposing.” You mumbled and Michael laughed, but nodded.

“I love you and I want to spend forever with you. I was planning on doing this tonight at the restaurant, but apparently I’m dating Sherlock Holmes.” You laughed at the joke, feeling tears in your eyes.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” You smiled and nodded, as Michael grinned in relief and slid the ring onto your finger. You stared at it, not quite believing what had happened.

“I love you.”

“Good, because you have just agreed to marry me.” You grinned and kissed Michael.

“Best decision I’ve ever made.”

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