and clearly what he feels comfortable with

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hi! so i saw you reblogged that post about the coup in Turkey and I was wondering if you could explain the basics of the situation to me. i feel bad that i don't know much about what's going on but i want to learn. if you don't feel comfortable doing it though, that's okay too

Um ok so I’m going to try to explain it but I’ll leave some articles too.

So the president of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. And he’s really a not cool guy. He has clung to power. Things have happened such as on election day “a cat” took out the power for a large area. He clearly isn’t very democratic. He is also very much a religious conservative. This goes against many of the principles of the Turkish government, established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Turkey was founded as a secular democracy and Erdoğan has been shifting away from this.

In response to this, the Turkish military tried to take over Turkey. Traditionally, we think of coups as the end of democracy. In Turkey, historically, it has been the opposite. The military stages a coup to end the reign of a leader who has overstepped their constitutional power. Here we would guess that is what the military was attempting to do. Ultimately, they failed. Erdoğan is still in power. At least 161 people died. Most of these were police, as the police were the ones fighting against the coup.

I have heard that this was a self-coup but I cannot find any sources on this. But it is believable that Erdoğan would stage this coup against himself because of what I will explain in the next paragraph.

Now the big question is, what does this mean? This is a win for stability, but a loss for democracy. Secular democracy in Turkey has lost to Erdoğan who overall opposes it. The country will probably become more conservative and less democratic. At this point, Erdoğan should be in complete control of the military. They lost and he will be able to reshuffle the military and pull more loyal lower ranking officers up to the top.

If I got anything wrong, just send me a message and I’ll be happy to correct it in this post. If you have a source for the self-coup, please send it to me so I can add it in. If you have any more questions, just send an ask and I’ll try my best to answer :)


Dr. Brenner: “Then it’s pretty clear he is unsure of what to do. How to act with you now. Waiting for you talk to him. Do you see why I insist you speak with him about everything? This will bleed into other areas of your relationship if you let it.”

Vivienne: “I can see that. But what is the answer? Throw myself at my boyfriend so he knows that I’m okay?”

Dr. Brenner: “This isn’t about being ‘okay’. You have a lot of work to do to get to that point. But you have clearly put enough distance between yourself and the incident to feel comfortable enough to engage in sexual activity with your boyfriend. It’s a vital step. And also something that is important for him to know.”

Vivienne: *nods* “That makes sense.”

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hello~ interesting question for you – what part of jungkook's aura / personality makes it easy to write angst about him ? (this question also applies to yoongi)

OHH this one is so interesting! thinking about it, I think what both yoongi and jungkook share is that they don’t seem to show much of their true feelings to the camera. It’s not that they’re lying or pretending, but they clearly seem very reserved and are comfortable with it. Jungkook clearly likes to have time for himself (which we could see when he had a walk by himself around Hongdae) and he has already admitted he’s an introvert. Being one myself, I know how it makes your thoughts way louder than your actual voice. In Yoongi’s case, we all know he enjoys the quietness and to reflect on his actions. He undergoes a lot of retrospective thinking (like we see on his tweets sometimes) and I believe it shows how much there’s probably going on inside his mind, lots of things he hasn’t shown us yet. This leads me to believe their thoughts and personality in general go way deeper than we will ever know, how much they probably like to dwell on things quietly without anyone ever knowing about it.

This kind of personality can unfortunately lead to many inner turmoils, and think anyone who is an introvert / reserved can identify with this trait. I’m not saying they’re sad or anything like that, since I’m not inside their heads and I will never know how they actually think, just that they probably have a lot going on inside their minds. It’s easy to mold this kind of personality when it comes to writing angst, since I find it natural to portray them as emotional and perceptive beings. Sensitive characters are great to work with when it comes to writing angsty or melancholic situations. :)

(I’m sorry, I could have easily explained it with the last few lines but I went on a rant again)

i love this page because it makes you think he’s an insufferable, insensitive asshole but then a few pages later, BAM you’re crying

i like that one of the cuckoos (god knows which one she is) even reaches out to place her hand on his as a form of comfort and keeps looking at him throughour bc she can see this emotionally constipated old man is clearly in pain

( and it supports my theory on how he rarely lets himself grieve. he’ll avoid the topic and do all the rites and traditions alone (like with dorma and marrina), and lets all that sadness and rage bottle up until it explodes (like with nita), but he’d rather get a limb severed off before he lets himself Feel Things™ in front of people )

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Ok so there's this guy that I've been talking to for a while, and he now wants to have sex. I am a virgin and I'm super nervous and idk if I want to have sex with a guy who wants friends with benefits I want it to be more meaningful. Am I a prude for telling him I don't really want to?

1. You’ll know when you are ready, clearly you aren’t ready to do what he wants! 2. Never ever feel like you are a prude or anything like that for not feeling comfortable doing something, everyone moves at their own pace so it’s completely ok for you to say no to him 3. Sounds like you should stop talking to this guy bc you aren’t on the same page with what yku both want