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Always On My Mind (pt2)

Word Count: 1740
Author’s Note: Gavin is such a blank palette that I’m basically going off what Karl said about him in interviews and stuff to make him a more well-rounded guy. Not such a baddie after all, I guess.

Pt 1

You were surprisingly nervous on Sunday. You slept late, as you always did when you worked at the bar, and rolled out of bed just before noon. You puttered about the house for a while, cleaning the kitchen, ironing your laundry, making things tidier than usual. And then you realized you were doing all those things in anticipation of inviting Gavin in after your date. You nearly dropped a plate when it dawned on you. It didn’t stop you, though, and once your tiny kitchen and living room were spotless, you headed to the shower. He’d seen you in bar clothes, with your hair up, on a Friday when you hadn’t been anticipating handsome customers. Now he needed to see you looking your best, so he knew you weren’t just some girl he’d picked up at a bar, ready to knock boots on a first date. Even if that’s exactly what you were.

You kept thinking about the way his hands felt on you when he’d walked you home, and you were caught between being embarrassed that you were considering inviting him in and feeling empowered by his obvious desire. You shook your head and went back to curling your hair. You’d picked up a fashion magazine on the way to the bar on Saturday night, hoping for some tips on making your hair look a little more current, but you weren’t brave enough to cut the long waves into layers and attempt hair like Farrah’s, and there wasn’t enough spray on the planet to hold your heavy locks into some of the more fashion-forward looks. You settled on smoothing the fly-aways and adding some curl to the ends.

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anonymous asked:

i see other moms struggling with keeping their own houses clean but when i was watching your vlogs and and seeing the pictures you post your house always looks so clean.

This isn’t exactly a question so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say. 

However I will say this. 

Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to cleanliness. For example, clutter. I don’t like it. If my home is cluttered then it doesn’t feel clean. That’s not true for other people. I’m an extreme neat freak. I have OCD and it’s one of my obsessions. I can’t go to sleep at night unless my house is clean. I can’t have people over unless my house is clean. In fact, to me, my house is never clean or tidy enough. There is always something to be done. This isn’t necessarily a good thing either. I drive myself nuts with it and cause my partner to then have unrealistic expectations (aka since it’s always clean it’s expected to aways be clean so i can’t ever slack off). 

Don’t ever judge a person by what you see in the background of pictures either. If you haven’t been to their house then you really don’t know. 

I have been watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on a YouTube.

Super clean people go and clean the houses of dirty people.
If you watch it and you identify with the dirty people CLEAN YOUR NASTY HOUSE LAZY!!!!

there comes a time in every semester where you have to start skipping classes to make time to catch up on work from other classes and sometimes you skip a class with that intention but just end up sitting in your house with no pants on all day cleaning your makeup brushes and eating canned ravioli and letting guilt consume you

my mum: look at your cousin. she’s so pretty, smart, she cleans the house, she’s not interested in love, she gets A’s in every subject, she’s going to be a doctor…


Anonymous said:

Can I have fics where mccree/reaper/genji/Hanzo/soldier come home from a very long mission and their s/o just jumps on them and clings to them and showers them with kisses because they missed them so much?

((Of course you can Anon! These will be short fics so I don’t bombard the dashboard but I hope you enjoy them! - Mod Tez))


It has so far been roughly two weeks since the last time you’ve physically seen Jesse McCree. Poor guy was stuck in a mission he couldn’t persuade himself out of. He promised you he wouldn’t come back hurt. Taking his word you waited for him. Not like a dog though, because if you sat infront of the door waiting your butt would go sore.

You kept the house clean and didn’t let yourself feel blue because of the cowboy’s absence. You’d have to apologise to him once he got home because you sprayed his cologne around the house so you could get that Jesse aesthetic in the house.

One night you fell asleep on the couch while watching an old western movie, when you were awakened by a familiar metal clink of spurs. Those spurs meant that Jesse was home so you practically threw yourself over the couch and charged to the front door like Reinhardt charges on the battlefield. Quickly opening the door you tackle the brunette and start peppering his face with kisses..

Jesse laughed heartily and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you slow down with a loving kiss. He pulled back and sniffed the air, “Hun… Is that my cologne you have on?~” he asked, making you blush and hide your face to his chest, making him laugh again, “Suits ya alot (Y/N)~ I’ll get one for you too.” he purred as he kissed your head.


You thoroughly cleaned up your house. Reaper was away on a mission and you knew he liked coming back to a clean house. So far Reaper has been away for three weeks and you were unsure how much longer he’d be awake. He sent you a small calendar with pictures of the ocean for every month last week. You knew he wasn’t a very physically or vocally loving person that often. So small gestures like these felt very heartfelt.

The night he came back you  had stayed up but huddled in your bed, holding a pillow to your chest as a self comfort tool, when you felt a shift in the air and a cold hand gently brushing your hair as you felt a cold weight huddle next to you.

Shifting to face the man who was still in his work clothes you gently reached a hand out and placed it in the darkness of his hood. He chuckled a little at you sticking your hand in his hood and shifted his hand. Gently guiding your hand to his cheek as he brushed your knuckles with his thumb. You smiled at him and he shifted closer to you, obscuring your eyesight with his chest as you felt his rough lips press gently on your head. It was a silent welcome back and a silent way of saying how much you love each other.


Genji had gone away back to Nepal for a few weeks to go through a giant meditation session with Zenyatta in order to release all the stress from working with the recalled Overwatch. He had left some of his clothes in the house so you had taken the duty of wearing them constantly. They smelt like green tea and a little oil from his mechanic parts, but it smelt just like him and kept you at a peace of mind. Surprisingly to the point you sat in places silently and tried to meditate.

After every time you meditated you’d feel  so relaxed that you spent your time being productive. You got yourself to try out green tea while you read books and played video games.

The day Genji returned he was surprised the house was silent and you were meditating with a hoodie of his on the couch so he silently managed to sit next to you without disrupting you and he sat next to you. Meditating, and about thirty minutes after he came back you finally realised that the smell of green tea was stronger and you opened your eyes, turning to face the meditating man beside you.

You smiled and kissed his visor where his cheek would’ve been, but he remained unmoved so you got off the couch and made tea. Coming back with the hot drink you lied down and rested your head on his lap. “I missed you so much my sparrow.” you said as he took a deep breath in and started gently caressing your hair with a hand as the other rested on his lap.


The Japanese man had gone away on a mission. So far it had been five weeks since he had last seen you but he had sent you some small gifts. One of them was a blue scarf that you’d now wear every day.

The day Hanzo returned you had climbed up to a cherry blossom tree and just calmly watched your surroundings until you heard soft footsteps. You turned your head and looked down to see Hanzo, dressed in his normal dressing with his bow over his shoulder, next to his arrows. 

You climbed down the tree and bowed your head slightly, Hanzo did the same but didn’t bow as long as you, it was a greeting and a sign of who has the higher position. But afterwards you asked, “Can I hug you please?” since you knew he wasn’t a fan of contact that much.

He sighed and gave a small smile, “Yes you can…” he said quietly and opened his arms a little, letting you huddle up to him and hide your face on his chest as he wrapped his arms around you, rubbing circles on your back with a hand, “私は だいすき です.”* he softly said in Japanese as he rested his head on the top of yours. “I love you too Hanzo.”

*(”I love you”)

Soldier 76

Jack would often work himself near death. He had been out on a mission for five months now. Sure you were worried but at least he’d call once a week so it wasn’t as hard to pull through. You kept the houseclean and made food for yourself, because god if Jack found a single pack of packaged food he’d flip. He was always a homemade food kid.

The night he returned was as if it was the second coming of Jesus. You had been sleeping when you awoke from a loud thud. You sat up and groggily rubbed your eyes as you felt the bed shift under a foreign weight. Turning a little, you came face to face with Jack who pulled you in his arms tiredly.

You slowly gasped a little and kissed his neck and jawline as he gently petted your hair, humming in satisfaction. “You’re back!” you yawned out as he hummed again, “Yeah I’m back darling.. Sorry I woke you up.” he mumbled as he kissed your forehead and pulled back a little. He gently caressed your cheek with a calloused hand, gently rubbing out some tears from your half lidded eyes.

Jack smiled at you and pulled you in a hug as he lied down, “Let’s get some sleep now soldier. I missed hugging you like this..” he said as he closed his eyes with you hugging him tightly, your head resting on his chest as you heard his heartbeat lull you back to sleep.

Emails from the Dead - In June of 2011, 31-year-old Jack Froese suddenly died of a heart arrhythmia. Over the months following his early demise, his friends and family in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, continued to receive inexplicable emails from his account. Even more bizarre, the topics were often things that Froese and his friends had spoken about shortly before his death. One email read: “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your fucking attic!” While the emails creeped a number of people out, his mother told them to accept it as a “gift.”

50 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do
  1. Study;
  2. Read;
  3. Listen a music;
  4. Watch a film;
  5. Clean the house. Your mother will be happy;
  6. Learn a different recipe;
  7. Learn a language;
  8. Work out;
  9. Dance in your room;
  10. Make a DIY;
  11. Ride a bike;
  12. Go out with your friends;
  13. Write a book;
  14. Send / say a “I love you” to someone you love;
  15. Make new friends;
  16. Go out alone and see how good is your company;
  17. Turn the night watching something you enjoy and eating nonsense. One day will not kill anyone;
  18. Make a day of beauty for you;
  19. Do some volunteer work;
  20. Draw;
  21. Sleep;
  22. Fix something;
  23. Compose a song;
  24. Play a instrument;
  25. Sing;
  26. Stay with your boyfriend / girlfriend;
  27. Write a book;
  28. Write a letter or e-mail to someone who lives far away;
  29. Change your hair;
  30. Paint your nails;
  31. Pick flowers and decorate your home with them;
  32. Reflect on your attitudes;
  33. Go to a party;
  34. Paint a picture;
  35. Plan your next vacation;
  36. Build a puzzle;
  37. Play The Sims or other game you like;
  38. Write your feelings;
  39. Cry if you need. It’s okay to cry now and then;
  40. Smile;
  41. Be grateful for everything and do not complain;
  42. Take from your life everything that hurts you in a bad way;
  43. Eat your prefer food;
  44. Think about new projects;
  45. Plant a tree. The nature say “thanks”;
  46. Feed your spiritual life;
  47. Buy something you need;
  48. Find your hobby and practice it;
  49. Be happy;
  50. Be you.
☆ little ocd things ☆
  • hyperfixating out of boredom
  • constantly fixing makeup/brushing hair
  • wanting to kys everytime you use a public bathroom
  • having to be snapped out of a BFRB trance
  • cleaning your entire room/house/workspace out of the blue
  • wanting to touch animals but…..The Germs
  • giving inanimate objects feelings
  • safe numbers
  • being scared of yourself because of your intrusive thoughts
  • when something sad happens and you feel bad but somehow you think you dont feel bad enough and now youre an Evil Person
  • is that fucking dirt under my nails holy christ time to cut them as short as possible
  • organizing the tabs on your computer
  • having weird/uncommon/underground hyperfixations and having nobody to talk to abt them, AKA, Hell!
A Guide to Being a 17 year old:
First, you have to be indecisive. And I mean, REALLY indecisive. Think of it as trying to pick a flavor of ice cream, except your decision will determine what kind of ice cream you eat for the rest of your life, and some of the flavors could possibly kill you. You also have to be moody. And I mean, REALLY moody. But I don’t mean occasionally crabby. I mean some days you don’t want to get out of bed because the world will seem like the flattest goddamn bottle of champagne out there, and other days you will be that bottle. Once in awhile you’ll get these crazy urges, probably while you’re trying to sleep, and you’ll feel like cleaning your entire house or being the next great contemporary poet. Chances are you will remain in bed and proceed to get anxious about everything you could be doing. That’s another thing. You have to worry a lot. And I mean, REALLY worry. It’ll feel like you have an internal bees nest and just when things have settled down, the one kid from down the block you can’t get rid of bombards it with his slingshot. Most of the time you don’t even know what the hell you’re worried about. You just worry. But enough about your weird habits. You’ll figure those out eventually. The real kicker comes when you decide to venture into the unknown abyss of love. Yes, you will love. And I mean, REALLY love. But not right away. You’ll meet a girl, probably over social media because you’re too afraid to actually talk to her in person. She’s gonna intrigue you. This is how it goes. You’re going to try so hard to impress her with your witty, flirtatious phrases and eloquent words. Spoiler: it works. But don’t get too excited. You’ll start to think wow! I really like this person, but I don’t know if we’re ACTUALLY compatible because we completely bypassed the friend stage, the basis of all successful relationships. Actually, scratch that last part. You won’t realize that until afterwards. Anyways. You’ll date for awhile. You’ll see a few movies. You’ll start to think about her lips on your jaw and the electricity pulsing through your nerve endings when her hand rests on your arm. You’ll call it love, for the sake of labels. Then, when you’re way too invested to have any hope of a happy ending, things will go bad. And I mean, REALLY bad. You’ll start to constantly question yourself when she doesn’t look at you the same way. You’ll try to change yourself because your whole life you’ve never known anything different. You’ll break up. A jagged split that’s anything but symmetrical. Pieces of you will be left on the other side. You tell yourself you’ll learn from it; you’ll become a better person. But the worst is not the break. The worst is having to keep yourself company afterwards. You are a recently finished party where no one was quite interested enough to stay. You sit alone in the big hollow house that is yourself. You’ll crave attention. The kind that comes with temporary longing and permanent regret. You are once again the flat champagne bottle, hanging on the rack as people talk about what you once were. But you won’t change. You won’t do a damn thing about it. Because this is what’s comfortable to you. Being stuck in a boat that’s constantly taking on water but never enough to sink. You will not be the motor that propels you to shore. But just when it looks like you’re about to go down, someone will save you. Someone unexpected. She will come like the calm sea breeze rolling in on a Tuesday afternoon. You are tentative. Your heart is like the Christmas gift you’d rather keep yourself than give to someone else. But she will take it. It won’t be like before. Your walls will be violently torn down, and you’ll realize the human body is a work of art no prodigy could capture. You’ll no longer wonder about the future; you’ll long for it. You can’t wait for the moments when you can wipe that little bit of toothpaste from the corner of her mouth or ask what you can make her for dinner. Yes, you will want to make her dinner. And while you still don’t know what flavor of ice cream you want and you still haven’t figured out what you’re worrying about and that flat champagne bottle still hangs from the depths of your mind, everything will feel okay. The swinging pendulum that is your delicate life will settle into an unfamiliar but pleasant rhythm for as long as it can. But there’s one last thing you should hear…
Good luck.
—  Submitted by @human-sound

Dad: A Real Estate agent is coming this morning to give us an idea how much our house is worth, so probs clean up your room
Me: *cleans room* k I’m done
Dad: oh there’s a mark on your vanity, maybe put a couple of intellectual books to cover the mark up
Me: Okey dokey.

Accidental Findings

*this was a requested scenario, and we hope you like sweet anon!*

request: “Hi! Would you be able to do a fluff/smut about Tae accidentally finding out you have a thing for spanking? It’d be so funny omg, thank you!” 

Originally posted by gotjimin

Summary: You learn something new everyday. And sometimes those things you learn can be exciting.

Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Type: Smut/Fluffish

Length: 1,210  words

- Admin M & R

You are cleaning your house diligently, as Taehyung walks in through the front door.

You have your headphones on, so you don’t notice him, immediately, focusing hard on the task at hand.

“Hey, Y/N! I’m back!” he calls out. No answer. Confused, Tae turns around to take another look at you and notices you’re headphones. He laughs to himself as he walks up to you, puling your headphones off and giving you a kiss. Surprised and caught off guard you reluctantly kiss him back, but then smack his arm because he knows you hate it when he pulls your headphones off.

He chuckles and gives your ass a slap as he walks away heading towards the kitchen. Neither of you were expecting the soft moan that left your mouth in response to his action, but there you two stood, both left in shock. He immediately turned around to look back at you, your face a shy pink forcefully trying not to make eye contact with Taehyung.

“Did… did you just moan?” He asked.

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