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He’s talking about the tango scene, hehe.

N7 Day is approaching!! Which means there will be a slight increase of silly Mass Effect doodles in my art blog woooo~~~

When a blind woman was named Inquisitor, none of her inner circle expected the task before her to be easy. Neither did any of them expect her to face it alone. Each of them has their own task, a duty they have assigned themselves to make Elera Lavellan’s life just a little easier, a role they carry out with stubborn dedication. None of them say it, but they all know that every one of them would rather die than see someone else take their place.

Solas walks with her in the Fade, drawing her into his memories, conjuring up images of the places they’ve been. Only her body is blind, and in the Fade, she can see the echoes he creates for her. They stroll the ramparts of Skyhold together, a smile flickering around her mouth as she looks out on the rolling mountains, and he helps her memorise every staircase and passageway so that she might navigate them more easily in her sightless waking world. He shows her the Emerald Graves, so that she can stand beneath the trees and gaze at the million different shades of green the sunlight creates as it falls through the leaves. He shows her, despite his scorn, the Dalish camp they visited in the Exalted Plains, so that she can remember her own clan and feel, for a time, at home. They walk the paths of his memories together, he her hahren, and she, a student and friend he is proud to teach.

Varric does what an author does best - he puts the world around them into words. When they reach the top of a slope and let out gasps of awe at a view that Elera can’t see, he steps up to describe it to her, painting every detail with the best words he can think of until she smiles and whispers, I can picture it. He does the same with the people they meet, telling her everything from the colour of their hair to how high she has to look to meet their eyes. Leave it to the others to do the basics, helping her to make it through the world. Varric’s duty is to make that world beautiful.

Sera is the one who climbs. Up the piles of rocks, balancing on beams and narrow ledges, clambering onto rooftops and jumping between gaps. She hates those creepy shards, but Elera says they’re important, and Sera’s damned if she’s letting a blind woman go hauling herself up those frigging rock piles to reach them. Elera would do it if someone else didn’t, stupid stubborn woman, and Sera doesn’t want to see her fall and get herself killed. Because even though she’s an elf, an elfy elf, a really elfy elf who wants those pissing elfy shards to open that elfy temple… somehow, they ended up as friends. Real good friends. And Sera was never one to let her friends get hurt.

Vivienne picks out her wardrobe, not only for all those soirees and balls that the Inquisitor is obliged to make an appearance at, but for day to day wear. Just because practicality is Elera’s greatest concern - finding something with few buttons she needs to fumble at and few fastenings to struggle with - doesn’t mean she should be forced to sacrifice fashion. Vivienne seeks out fine silk and velvet for her, fabrics that a Dalish elf could never have heard of or touched before. She finds tunics in rich turquoise to match her vallaslin, and, for special occasions, a ballgown in pale silvery-blue, so unearthly against her pale skin that she almost seems to be wearing moonlight.

Dorian reads to her. It starts with him making some remark about a book on spirit magic he’s been browsing through. That sounds interesting, she says, could you read that passage to me? And before long it’s a tradition. She comes to the library, he finds a book, they sit in chairs facing each other and Dorian reads. At first it’s mostly tomes on magical theory, but soon, he’s narrating a new chapter of Hard In Hightown every evening, and a little circle gathers around them to listen, all of them catching their breath in unison over the dramatic parts and groaning whenever Varric ends things with yet another cliffhanger.

Cassandra has always been at home on the battlefield, and right from the start, she appoints herself the task of making sure that Elera can feel at home there too. Two rage demons, approaching from the right, and three wraiths, she roars, as the rift splits open and pours the Fade’s denizens forward.  One Red Templar in heavy armour, one archer. Just the simplest things, the things that tell Elera where to stand and what spell to use. There’s nothing she can do to make the bellowing of demons and the clashing of weapons less chaotic - but she can try to bring some kind of order out of the chaos. That’s what she does best, after all.

Bull takes it upon himself to make sure she can indulge in all the things the others won’t let her. Honestly, they treat her like she’s made of glass sometimes, and he knows it infuriates her, knows that she doesn’t want to be coddled. She’s blind, not a child. So he’s the one who makes sure she drops into the Herald’s Rest like all the others, the one who buys her a drink and lets her vent. She rarely has more than one or two, but all the same, he walks with her back to her room afterwards. Leaders have as much right to let themselves go as anyone from time to time. The fact that this leader can’t see doesn’t make the damnedest bit of difference to that.

Cole helps. He appears from thin air to guide her up staircases and through passageways when she needs it - but only when she needs it, because he knows she wants to stand alone as much as she can. And since she can’t see the curl of another man’s lip or the twitch of his brow while she speaks to him, Cole reads people for her, telling her the things she can’t pick up from their words and their tone. To him, her lack of eyesight means nothing. She’s a person, like all the others, and her thoughts are the same as everyone else’s. 

And Blackwall stands beside her. Where he’s meant to be. He’s the shield between her and everything that could ever possibly hurt her, the hand that flashes out to catch her when she stumbles and the weapon that cuts down the enemy who dared to get close. He’s the arm she rests her hand on as they go about their travels, the voice that tells her the path’s getting steeper or take it slow, there’s a sharp drop to the right. At first it’s an obligation, the duty of a soldier who’s seen men suffer a thousand different wounds from war, losing eyesight and limbs and sanity and Maker knows what else. He knows how to help someone whose body isn’t quite whole. 

But it becomes more than that, so much more. She is so strong, so capable, so determined to face all the trials thrown at her by a world she can’t see - but she can’t protect herself from everything. Just as he has needed her, needed her calm kindness and her dauntless faith in him, so she needs him to be her first and last line of defence. He knows, as the rest don’t (all right, Cole probably does, but all the normal rest don’t) that the one thing Elera Lavellan fears is oblivion. Being lost and alone with nothing to guide her.

She won’t have to face oblivion while he’s still breathing. She will always be able to reach out for him and find him there, to hear him tell her, I’m here, my lady. To which she responds with a smile and a murmur - I know, vhenan. Thank you.

She is his fortress, he is her shield, and nothing in the world can touch them.

He is… he’s canonically afraid of feelings. I wonder what it would take for him to be more raw?

Potentially Shiro abandoning him. When he thinks Shiro is doing that in The Blade of Marmora it seems like he quickly loses his resolve.

We can’t be sure if Keith was willing to stop the trial at this point, but it seems like the visual of Shiro leaving him was too much to bear. Shiro isn’t even far away and Keith straight up runs desperately towards him.

What if this Shiro had been real, what was Keith about to do? I can’t see him doing anything other than attempting physical contact - grabbing Shiro, maybe even hugging him from behind, clinging to him in some way. Then what? Cry and beg for Shiro not to leave him?

It’s hard to imagine Keith doing something like that because of how reserved he tries to be with his emotions, but we have clear evidence of it here when he’s at one of his lowest points in the series.

So it seems like we’ll only see Keith stop holding back so much emotionally if he feels like he’s losing his bond with Shiro. I’m interested to see how he’ll react to them clashing in s4… Less than two weeks now guys.


Finally got around to updating this to a less clashing colour scheme! 
I absolutely adore what the wavecrest saturnalia is spitting out so far though oh man. It’s such a hugely variable theme compared to other months, I love seeing different interpretations even if their skill level in skins isn’t very high yet! Points for enthusiasm
This is Taonga Moana! Ocean Treasure, based on paua/abalone shells. 

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Hello :) May I ask you - do you prefer bookJon or tv-seriesJon more? Or both of them? I must admit that I had a hard time adjusting myself to Kit even though I respect his portrayal of the character. Would appreciate to hear what you think. Thank you (Sorry if this question was asked a lot of times - if so don't answer it ^^)

Book!Jon, always. While Kit pulls off the angsty-broody kid to tired-broody man thing really well, show!Jon, like many of his show counterparts, is missing a lot.

What the show neglected after season 2 was the presence of characters’ internal conflicts. Most of the battles fought in ASOIAF take place inside a character’s mind. While Jon is often thrust into martial situations throughout the course of the books, this isn’t where his conflict lies. His problems are all very personal.

The first season did a decent job establishing Jon’s grapple with his bastard identity in Winterfell, then displaying just how out of touch Jon is with true hardship at the Wall. Sadly, Jon’s conflicts after the first season become much less personal.

A Clash of Kings takes place almost entirely in Jon’s mind. Yes, he’s at the Wall and learning and adapting and interacting with others, but most of all he’s thinking, and worrying, and wondering, and calculating. In A Storm of Swords, we’re thrown into a whirlwind of Jon’s emotions. The show neglects Jon’s conflicting feelings on Ygritte, on how he was forced into sleeping with her, on how he’s caught between love and vows, pleasure and honor. The majority of the third book is all about Jon’s feelings and reactions. The show does not reflect that.

Things grow even more personal in A Dance with Dragons. Jon is disillusioned, and ashamed, and growing tired, but he’s thrust into leadership and now he must prove himself to everyone. He makes difficult decisions, refers to his morals and values, tries to to be hard and unemotional on the outside despite the fact that he’s being torn apart on the inside. This is exacerbated when Jon hears about “Arya” marrying Ramsay and when Stannis offers Winterfell to Jon. Jon fights his personal desires and impulses to do what’s right and what’s expected of him as a leader. He pushes away Winterfell even though he’s wanted it more than anything in the world. He stays at the Wall even though all he wants to do is run to Arya.

The show doesn’t reflect any of Jon’s personal battles. He’s very much their action boy– they stick him in a lot of fight scenes, and that’s where his character is meant to shine. His feelings and his conflicts are barely developed subplots while leading and fighting become the most important parts of his journey.

In short, book!Jon is an infinitely more interesting Jon. Show!Jon has really been reduced to a broody warrior who doesn’t have time to work out those pesky feelings of his. It’s all about the next fight.

COMEBACK KID - a Mello playlist

that boy's a holy horror. 
songs for the outlaw orphan with a loaded inferiority complex
and idol/mentor/daddy issues coming out of his leather-clad ass.

Art credit goes to the kickass Cparris

Comeback Kid || Sleigh Bells // White Palms || Black Rebel Motorcycle Club // Ride Or Die || HeartsRevolution // Unstoppable || Santigold // 2 1 2 || Azealia Banks // Cobrastyle || Robyn // Battling Go Go Yubari In Downtown L.A. || EdiT // Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood || The Animals // Chocolate || Dwntwn (The 1975 Cover) // Bravado || Lorde // The Prayer || Bloc Party // Turn Blue || The Black Keys // Falling || Haim // Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want || Muse // Carry on Wayward Son || Kansas // Captain I’m Fine And Thank You For Everything || Right Away, Great Captain! // Won’t Go Quietly || Company Of Thieves


Several thousand Native Americans and their supporters continued to camp out near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota on Thanksgiving Day. 

Citizens of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation set up the Sacred Stone Camp in April to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, which they say would threaten nearby burial sites and the Sioux water supply.

Thousands of people have passed through the camp and more have pledged support. Numbers swell in the camp on weekends; some estimate that the population has doubled with the holiday.

After a violent clash with police less than a week ago, in which dozens were injured, rumors of police raids traveled through the camp on Thursday, but none actually occurred.

Protesters Mark A Solemn Thanksgiving Day At Standing Rock

Photos: Cassi Alexandra for NPR

Editor’s note: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers notified the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Friday that the public will not be allowed in areas being used to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Okay, first things first, you're blog is amazing. All the characters seem so real and so worked on, that it is a pleasure to read! Anyways, I really wanted to ask for your opinion on Beauxbatons. I've always been fascinated with this school (I live in France), and I have been wondering if you had any thoughts about it, as you put Dom there. How many students go there? What rules, lessons, sports, lifestyle, etc,would these students have? What would be different to Hogwarts? Any thoughts please!

Aw omg thank you so much, this was so lovely to hear c: I’ve always wanted to live in France; bienvenue!

I’ve never thought about some of these bullet points before, so if any of them sound muddled I’m really sorry!

  • Hogwarts has like 1000 or so students, and I think Beauxbatons might be of the same proportion; i.e. there’s the same amount of students to each year, about 120 ish. There’s a bit on the HP wiki about Gabrielle attending Beauxbatons at age 8, so idk whether I consider this canon or not but I definitely do think they’d start earlier than normal, since Fleur talks about how they sit their exams after more years of study than Hogwarts. Either that, or they just finish later – if they do OWLs after 6 years of study, they may do 8 or 9 total years of school, but then that’s quite a lot so I’m not sure. I think they’d have one year “early” (so they’d start at age 10 and do an introduction year), do their OWLs in 6th year and then do their NEWTs at a really advanced pace, either 2 years for normal students or 1 year for really smart kids. There’d be the option to carry on studying at Beauxbatons, too. Unlike Hogwarts, where you graduate after 7 years, I think Beauxbatons would have an integrated “postgraduate” course for people who wanted to teach or specialise in a specific subject. Not university, it wouldn’t be that advanced, but it would be something more for people who wanted it.
  • At Hogwarts it was considered alien to stand up as your headmistress entered the room, so I think Beauxbatons would definitely differ in that respect. Hogwarts can be quite rowdy and lax with rules, but I feel like Beauxbatons would be much more proper and, well, civilised. There’d be pranks and games, but during school hours the students would use proper etiquette, such as the right cutlery during mealtimes, and holding doors open, that sort of thing. No one really runs in the hallways or hangs around lazily in the corridors; there are lounge areas for that.
  • Ok I have this major headcanon about Beauxbatons sports so please bear with as I do a lame introduction. In the Quidditch Through the Ages book that you can buy irl, it says about how there are different sports played all over the world. I do think they’d play Quidditch at Beauxbatons, but there wouldn’t be as heavy a focus on it and they’d play different sports, too. In Muggle schools you do PE and you have a hockey team, a football team, a netball team, … , and in Beauxbatons there’d be a Quidditch team, but also teams for games like Shuntbumps or Quodpot, so everyone is encouraged to play a sport and to get involved somehow. There are inter-house championships, but at the end of each year over a couple of days, where each game is played like in a tournament. The winning house gets a trophy, which gets put in the corridor designated to prizes and trophies.
  • As for houses, I don’t have any names, but they’re named after previous headmasters/mistresses from times gone by. There’s six of them, with house colours navy/light green/yellow/white/lilac/red. The house colours of Hogwarts are splashed everywhere, but Beauxbatons is much more subtle. The house colours only tend to come out during the House Championship or training for sports, but students will sometimes buy notebooks or pyjamas in their house colours. Students aren’t segregated by house, either; kids are randomly assigned to dormitories in their first year, so there’s less clashing between students of different houses. There’s less bitter rivalry and more fun rivalry.
  • There isn’t a massive curfew: students have to be in their dormitories by 10pm, unless it’s exam season when you can be in the library until midnight and then retire to bed. Lounges are open 24/7 normally, so if you really can’t sleep you can be excused and go and sit in there for a bit. Students have to wake up at 7am pronto in order to have breakfast and get ready in time for school, which is why they have a curfew, so they can actually get enough sleep. You don’t have to wake up at 7am during exam season, unless, of course, you have a morning exam; if you have an afternoon exam you’re allowed to sleep in until 9am.
  • There are two dormitories for each gender and each year, so 4 for each year and about 32 in total. The palace itself has a separate wing for dorms; boys are on one side and girls on the other. Lounges are mixed gender and accommodate all years; there are 3 dotted around and they contain things like a bookshelf with textbooks from ex-students (e.g. a fourth-year who doesn’t need his Charms textbook can donate it to a lounge bookshelf in case a younger student needs one but can’t afford it), couches and chairs, and things students have brought themselves, like a chess board. Students only go in the lounges during lunch, evenings or weekends.
  • The curriculum follows the one of Hogwarts, but there are also subjects in Domestic Magic and Foreign Languages, which are compulsory OWLs along with Charms, Transfiguration, etc. Hogwarts has the option to do things like Alchemy or Advanced Arithmancy Studies in NEWT year, but Beauxbatons doesn’t have extra NEWT subjects, per se. If you want to do something extra, you have to do it as an extra-curricular (e.g. in Alchemy club), but you can’t get an official OWL/NEWT in it, just certificates. Which is good, of course, because employers would naturally look at extra-curriculars as well as exam scores. Domestic Magic is what it sounds, really, and Foreign Languages covers almost every language, and you can pick two to study from first year to sixth. During NEWT year(s), you can either carry on with one of your languages at a super advanced level, both at a normal advanced level, or start a new one from scratch so you do three in total.  English does NOT count as a foreign language – every year there’s some smart arse who thinks they can get away with studying some combination of English, American English or “Australian”. No matter what you choose to do, it gets taught by a qualified native speaker, as Beauxbatons has amazing connections with wizarding academics all across the world.
    Classes are taught in French, so native English speaking students (such as Dominique Weasley) are strongly encouraged to be fluent in French before they apply to study at Beauxbatons. If there’s a word you’re stuck on and can’t understand, there’s a handy spell all first year students are taught with which you can translate anything, any time. A group of “postgraduate” students are working on a spell that would make you hear the language you’re most comfortable with – so if the teacher is speaking in French, the spell will make it sound like she’s speaking in English just for you, and another student can hear it in, say, Norwegian, etc.
  • All exam results, school letters, trophies, what have you are written in French.
  • The school day is from 9am to 6pm, and 9am to 12.30pm on Saturdays. Lunch is from 12.30pm to 1.30pm, evening time is 6-10pm. Training sessions for sports and extra-curricular clubs are normally held on weekends: sports take up a whole block of morning or afternoon, but clubs can be held in the evening if a lot of their members play sport so can’t be available during the day. Classes are 50 minutes long, and there’s a 10 minute break between them so you can theoretically swap books in this time, but there’s not really much point since classes are usually on the other end of the school to dorms, so by the time you got to your trunk to collect your next book you’d be late for class. At weekends you can visit the market nearby; it’s entirely wizarding and sells both school supplies and odd little things, but if you want an actual village with bookshops and the like in, you have to wait until the holidays.
  • The general atmosphere is one of etiquette and success – students are pushed to be focused on their work, whether it takes the form of academics or sports; sometimes there’s too much pressure, though. If you’re under-performing in lessons it can be hard to catch up, so you’ll often have to quit clubs and sports for a term until your grades get back on track.
    Rudeness is not tolerated under any circumstances; students can say what they like in lounge areas or dormitories, but if you swear in the corridors or get in a fight you get in trouble. Detentions either involve the usual stuff like writing lines, or you have to help the gardeners tend to the massive gardens outside and prune trees, for example.
The Durin Brothers’ Dating Service

Based on:

You sat at the edge of camp as usual, you had always been a bit of a loner. You had only come on the quest because Balin had very heavily suggested it. He had played on your pride in order to make you agree to it. He had always treated you so much like a daughter and he had always seen you as better than you really were. One of his points had been that you were one of the most gifted fighters he had ever encountered.

You couldn’t fathom how you had believed him. Thorin and Dwalin were great and they didn’t need some she-dwarf with her short swords in their company. They had more than enough talent already there. It seemed that Balin had fed just as many fanciful arguments to Thorin in getting you on the quest. The king had seemed less than pleased when he first saw you and he never said much. Even Dwalin had been friendlier, he had even told you that you weren’t too bad with your toy swords.

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Stream’s over! And progress has been made!

There’s still a lot of stuff to figure out – wtf arms? legs? BACKGROUND?! – but I wanted to share before and after shots with those who couldn’t make the stream (cough @kinsdura cough)

So everyone knows, the composition is based on this painting.

Excuse my no-wig-wearing self - I’m quite happy with this cosplay so far.

I’m thinking I need over the knee/thigh high boots. The ones I’m wearing I just threw on, so I’m trying to decide.
Either way, I’m stuck on what color boots to wear, I’m leaning towards burgundy because it’s so Mephisto, but I know this outfit it looks like he’s wearing black shoes. I just feel like black boots really clashes with the outfit, eep!
Maybe they’d clash less when I’m wearing the black/purple/pink wig..?
Ahhh idk!

Suggestions my loves? 😘

a short klance thing i wrote that probably wont make it into a longer fic

Lance kisses like he’s never kissed anyone before, and Keith thinks maybe he hasn’t. If that were months ago, he would preen slightly with pride, knowing that that wasn’t something Lance could dangle over his head, the way Keith knows he would if he were given the chance. But it’s not months ago, and Keith is just glad that he isn’t the only one floundering here.

Lance tilts his head in the wrong direction and almost smashes their noses together. Their teeth clank together painfully and he smells like sweat and Keith can’t quite tell what to do with his hands, hovering in the air awkwardly, and he’s thinking about that and not about kissing. They pull away, and Lance is laughing before they’re even fully apart.

“That was so bad,” he says, still smiling, his cheeks pink. Keith is nervous for a second, scared that Lance is going to say that they should never try that again or that it was Keith’s fault for being inexperienced, but Lance only shakes his head, still grinning, and says, “Second time?”

Keith nods quickly. Their teeth clash again, but there’s less spit this time.

* To everyone who asked for advice on sibling issues

* I’ve gotten a few questions recently, which were less about fun and more about someone seeking advice.

* I don’t think I can properly speak for the skelebros on this, but I hate to leave such questions hanging, so what I can do is speak for myself.

* The thing with these questions is, that I would have to know a lot more about the situation if I was to give a proper advice. So, below the cut I wrote up a general advice on sibling relationships, speaking from my own experience.

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Send 🎲 and I will generate an AU off this list

  • 10. Revolutionist x Monarch’s Guards AU. 

Ruby Rose was likely the youngest girl ever to become a royal guard. She was very talented. So talented in fact, that she got to be the personal guard of the Heiress to the throne, Weiss Schnee…..Alas, Ruby was needed. Weiss Schnee and the rest of her family were targeted by the White Fang, a faunus revolutionary group that sought to overthrow the king for his discriminatory ways against the faunus people. Ruby honestly supported Faunus, and knew never to judge them like the royals did. But she didn’t support the hanging and killing of royals either, so she still had a good enough mindset to be a palace guard. She had a lot to think about, really. What she didn’t think about was meeting her first love during an attack on the castle…..Much less clashing swords with her.