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Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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I know it’s only been like 3 days since I last posted some of my own fic but man it feels like aaaaaages… I’ve been working on a short (ish) Simmorse multichap that I don’t want to start posting until I’ve finished; it’s mapped out and there’s about 2 chaps to go though so hopefully that will be on its way soon. Then there’s a FitzSimmons fic that at least 3 people have requested…. and somewhere in there, my Fic Net Exchange prompt I have been neglecting…

Valentine request result for @themadwomanwithabluebox
I hope I got your request right & you like it :))

P.S : Consider this one also for @colepaldi-in-the-tardis​ since she somewhat requested Whouffaldi too (Don’t worry, your Randall x Clara is coming soon, tho (。•̀ᴗ-)✧)

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Once the Doctor stepped into the bathroom he realized that the shower was taken. With a sigh he bent down and picked up the large, white Maine Coon from out of the shower.

“Hey Yoko, do you want to shower with me?” the Doctor asked gently as he stroked the cat’s fur. She meowed at him in response, “Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

He carried her into his bedroom and sat her down on the bed where the cat immediately curled into a ball to continue her nap. In the past six years Yoko had been the Doctor’s only companion – at least until his college friend Joe had showed up in front of his doorstep about half a year ago.

… for a professor/student AU in which Clara goes back to university, the Doctor has a white Maine Coon called Yoko and a friend living with him who just can’t seem to keep his hands off the female students. And then there is the problem that he’s falling for a student as well…

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thegirlatopbigben  asked:

Clara held Noelle close as she sat in the rocking chair in the baby's room, humming softly. Alec comes in, running over to his mum. "When Lulu coming?" Clara smiles. "She'll be here soon, love."

Alec grinned and sat on the floor by his mother’s feet.

Ignacio came in and smiled, “Hello, little family.”

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Thank you so much for the Rose makeup tutorial!!! Thank you thank you <3

No problem!

If you’re interested, I also made an Amy Pond makeup tutorial and a Karen Gillan tutorial too, among others on my YouTube channel!

(Clara is coming soon, I actually did record one, but the footage got all corrupted when I switched to a new computer, so I’ve gotta redo it :( )

RTD-Moffat-Appreciation: Your Song Must End Soon

As most of my followers will know by now, the music metaphor is my all-time favourite thing in Doctor Who. I just love it so much. But allow me to write about it one more time to celebrate a decade of incredible RTD and Moffat collaboration!

In short, music in Doctor Who represents love. Or, more precisely, telepathy, which apparently is one and the same thing in Doctor Who.

The theme was introduced by RTD in The End Of The World through Cassandra. Do you remember that brilliant “traditional earth ballad“ joke?

There was no way to understand this at the time, but Britney Spears’ “Toxic” was actually the beginning of something beautiful that would re-occur all over RTD’s era and would be picked up again in the most brilliant ways by Moffat, making this a metaphor that spans over more than a decade. Only in Doctor Who will you find anything like it.

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