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just another tuesday

It’s shaping up to be another uneventful, forgotten birthday for Waverly Earp. Purgatory is nothing if not consistent in that regard. Because why hope for anything more after 22 years?

Except someone did remember this time. And she went out of her way to make it special for her favorite Earp.

Also on AO3. Approximately 3,357 words.

Waverly Earp angrily scrubbed the counter of Shorty’s bar, desperate to work away the pinpricks of heat lurking in her eyes. It was so frustrating. She was fine a minute ago. Just another day at work, the same lunch rush, the same familiar faces… It was fine.

Same old, same old.

She scrubbed harder, thinking of her stupid sister Wynonna and stupid Deputy Marshall Dolls off in the woods doing God Knows What with some stupid Revenants (without Waverly). They’d been gone since yesterday with barely more than a “don’t wait up” and a spin of Peacemaker. 

Just another Tuesday in Purgatory.

Except it wasn’t another stupid Tuesday in stupid Purgatory.

It was just another disappointing Tuesday in Purgatory. Because why wouldn’t it be?

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cjstormbreaker  asked:

- a few days later - Cj walks to black hats office , and opens the door , there was a mask covering her face and her eyes look lifeless , she was wearing normal clothes , and glasses ,

“Didn’t I tell you not to come back? What the hell are you doing here? Who the hell let you into the bloody house?”