and christmas lights!


Today’s Tax Payer For The 15th Day Of-

Wait A Second! Due To Recent Influx Of Holiday-Inspired Tax Crimes, We Must Break Away From Our Holly Jolly Tax Payer Advent To Resume Our Blessed Mission To Expose All Tax Evaders! Therefore…

Today’s Tax Evader For The 15th Day Of BADvent Is:

Mariah Carey! She Thought She Could Fool Us All With Those Angelic Vocal Chords, But We Here At TaxEvaderOfTheDay.Tumblr.Com Won’t Be So Easily Fooled! >:O

Thank You For Pushing Us In The Right Direction @the-thot


♡Merry Chistmas♡

For @matthew-williams-is-our-savior With the prompt’s: Christmas lights, Under the mistletoe and France dressed as Santa.
For @fruk-net Secret Santa event!!

I really hope you like it!