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It had been years after Jyn and Cassian settled down on a mid-rim planet when the two conceived. After Jyn decided to go through with her pregnancy she and Cassian quickly decided this child would be their first and last. They would learn that the child would be a daughter and they briefly discussed both their mothers for names. But Jyn and Cassian decided that that no ghost should be carried onto a person they would bring together in the galaxy. Conversations of names were minimal after that decision. It wasn’t until a week after their little girl was brought into the universe that they finally knew what her name should be. A name that was simple yet its own; Nura.

Older Jyn-Karen Allen

Older Cassian-Edward James Olmos

Nura Erso Andor-Christian Serratos 

Also could be a bridge for this set and this set

“Christianity’s mortal enemies are power in character, spirit, and taste, classical happiness of noble levity and skepticism, the eccentric intemperance and cool self-sufficiency of the sage, and Greek refinement in gesture, word, and form.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §195 (edited excerpt).

So I still have a hard time reconciling that Christian Bale was the voiceover for Howl, in Howl’s Moving Castle. Like, he really isn’t known for voice acting, before or since.

But hang on, maybe this makes sense in terms of his career and he had been working on some fairly light, child-friendly–

He was probably working on this at the same time as the fucking Machinist?!

Maybe he really was perfect for the role. Howl does love his drama.

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Nobody is actually gay in Tolkien, friend.

not with that attitude 

Spoilers: The Accountant

So what I liked about The Accountant was that some of the typical format for the “high functioning autistic” movie was subverted.

First off the main character. Christian Wolff is an accountant who cooks the books for criminals. The typical plot would be the brainy guy who needs to be protected, and that gets flipped right off the bat. He’s a badass who can shoot a cantaloupe from a mile off and defends others around him, rather than the other way around.

Second there’s his relationship with (SPOILERS) his brother. It wasn’t the typical patronising keeper kind of relationship, but it wasn’t ambivalent either. And in the end when (SPOILERS) they’re after the fight, you’re kind of expecting them to hug it out, because that’s how emotional reconciliation goes down in Hollywood. That doesn’t happen, because Christian doesn’t like hugs or physical contact, and Brax respects that. It’s a nice change to see the autistic person being accommodated, not the other way around.

Lastly, and honestly this one is my favorite, it portrays low functioning, high support autistics so much better than I have ever seen. In the end it is revealed (SPOILERS) that the voice is Christians high support autistic sister, who is communicating with him and masterminding most of his deals and clients through her digital communication aid from a home for autistic people. She’s a big player and a hero, despite the fact that she is nonverbal and high support. You don’t see that a lot in movies. *EDIT* turns out she wasn’t his sister, she was his friend, the kid of the therapist that runs the home. Thanks to @meowmart01 for pointing that out!

Point being, it’s a good movie. It’s surprisingly good representation, and is definitely worth a watch.