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Why is it, whenever an Irish person becomes famous, the British media want to claim them? Fuck off, you have your own people. Ruth Negga is Ethiopian-born, Limerick raised to Irish and Ethiopian parents, and calls herself Irish/Irish-Ethiopian. Literally, none of this involves Britain, she moved there for work, but does not hold citizenship, nor is she married to a Brit, is is not British! 

They always do this, Katie Taylor, Michael Fassbender, Saoirse Ronan, Chris O’Dowd, Dara O’Briain, Conor Mc-Fucking-Gregor(is the Irish flag not a big enough hint for you!?!?!?!), Walking on Cars, Cillian Murphy, Hozier, Richard Harris, to name a few. I mean, I know we’re fabulous, and everyone would want to be fabulous, but you’ve been stealing our shit for 900 years, it is literally time to fuck off.  Then again, you love stealing African sports people and calling them British *cough* Chris Froom *Cough* Mo Farrah, so it’s not like it’s news. 

You’re like that clingy ex that still rings at 3am saying you love us, we know, we love us too, but we dumped your abusive ass in 1922, so fuck off. It is getting to the stage now we are going to steal your good actors and sports people as Irish.

And before anyone tries to say it, no we are not part of the United Kindom, no the term British Isles no longer includes Ireland and we are absolutely fucking not the same. We are neighbouring countries who were once oppressed and killed for our lands by the Brits, we are not them!!!! 


Let me tell you about Puffin Rock.

Puffin Rock is a gorgeous natural history program on Netflix and Nick Jr. 

But it’s not just television. Oh, no.

Puffin Rock is the single greatest weapon in my self-care arsenal.

The stories are short, gentle, funny, and tender. 

It’s made by the team that created Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells.

The main character is a curious little girl puffling.

It’s Irish, so all the little animals have little Irish accents.

The writers masterfully weave nature and science facts with engaging stories.

It’s narrated by Chris O’ Dowd.

The animation is a work of art.

And Baba, the baby, is laughing constantly. It’s on-demand baby laughter.

Puffin Rock won’t cure what ails you. But if you find yourself in a dark place, it will shine a sweet little light.


I have fallen in love with this show O_O

The art is beautiful, the voice cast really fits (my gosh Baba is so cute!), the music is nice and the content keeps me nice and calm before bed. Not to forget it’s all about animals, it’s educational (for the most part) and friggin Chris O’Dowd is the narrator! :D

I know it’s just a little kids show, but man, Puffin Rock has won me over.


(All credit for these images go to the animators of Puffin Rock)

OK, I saw these gifs and recalled that I’ve got a question. Got them here:

I got really angry with Mr. Norton after I had seen this interview for the first time. As my English teacher told me (the language isn’t my native), “handsome” is used to compliment a man and “beautiful” describes women and objects, so a male person can be offended if someone says they are beautiful. Moreover, Norton said that Chris O'Dowd was handsome and than added that Colin is beautiful, stressing the distinction, and Colin seemed a little bit hurt to me.
But reactions I can see on the web are all like “awww, he called him outstanding and perfect”.

So, IS there a reason to consider this monologue of Graham Norton kind of rude?
As Reitman wishes ... Rachel McAdams and Patrick Stewart head up cast of Princess Bride live read
Director Jason Reitman assembled a star-studded cast, that also featured original star Cary Elwes, for a special performance at the Toronto film festival
By Benjamin Lee

Oh my GOODNESS is there video of this I need it.

The on-land cast included Rachel McAdams, Donald Glover, Chris O’Dowd and Patrick Stewart. Director Rob Reiner took on the role of narrator while, to a standing ovation, original lead Cary Elwes reprised the character of Westley.

The performance began, once the audience was calmed down, and allowed for a number of surprises. Firstly, Donald Glover playing the role of Vizzini, originally brought to life by Wallace Shawn, was an unconventional yet entirely successful choice, Chris O’Dowd, with an odd David Walliams voice, stole every scene he was in (and even caused guffaws from Rob Reiner) and mid-way through, Gael Garcia Bernal’s plane landed and he joined the cast onstage.


A new clip of Leighton in Of Mice and Men with James Franco and Chris O'Dowd


If they rebooted DS9:

  • Edris Elba as Benjamin Sisko
  • Emily Blunt as Kira Nerys
  • Anne Hathaway as Jadzia Dax
  • (or Emma Stone as Ezri Dax)
  • Manish Dayal as Julian Bashir
  • Chris O'Dowd as Miles O'Brien
  • Liam Neeson as Odo
  • Peter Dinklage as Quark
  • Malcolm David Kelley as Jake Sisko
  • Naomie Harris as Kasidy Yates
  • Kevin Spacey as Garak
  • George Clooney as Dukat

(and Djimon Hounsou as Worf, from my TNG reboot cast)

The Vol.3 cover is in the can. Can’t wait to share it. Lily Bernard (co-creator of the kid’s TV show Puffin Rock!) knocked out this wicked play-doh contribution. Check out her show! It has Chris O’Dowd in it! It is for 4-year-olds!