and chris is just killing me oh my god

“What do you think about this pic?”

  • dance couple: Jimin and Jungkook trying to do a ballet dance couple because “kooookie please, do it for me” and the youngest didn’t want it accepted because “everything for you”. But Jungkook usually dances with power technical choreo so he always ends up to step over the short boy saying while trying to hide his  embarrassment “i told you, i’m not good at this”. Jimin just laughs thinking how cute is his Jungkookie. 
  • the famous “where do you think to go?” that happened on vlive in eat with Jin: “oh my god, where did i put it? “shit, they’re gonna kill me” “it’s late heeeelp” “please tell to hobi hyung that i will be there in a minute” “OH JESUS CHRIS WHERE DID I PUT IT?” “no wait i can’t  go out with those messy hair”. Jimin is a mess. Actually he thinks he will face the death the soon as possible and that’s because he promised to Hoseok that he would participate on his broadcast dance street with J-hope and that fucking vlive literally started and he wasn’t there yet. To not forget where the fuck did he put his denim jacket. At the other hand, Jungkook is standing on the wall, giggling at Jimin. He’s cute. “Where o you think to go?” he says grabbing Jimin’s arm who walked over him. “Jungkook, cmon you know, i’m seriously late” “No, where do you think to go without kissing me?” Jimin just rolls his eyes and giggles with him. “You’re so stupid”. At the end Jimin ended up cuddling with Jungkook watching Hoseok’s broadcast on vapp. “I can’t believe guys, Jimin ditched me for Jungkook”, Hoseok laughed looking at the camera. 
  • Jungkook just loves pick up Jiminie: “kookieee, let me go” Jimin cries while laughing. “No, I’m gonna take you to the practice room so you don’t have to walk” “But kookie, the practice room is just two steps from here.” “I don’t care” “But everybody looking at us” Jimin whispers little bit shy. “Uh, what happened to kookie, you should treat me like a prince. Look how Namjoon hyung treats Jin hyung! ?”Jungkook said and everybody laughed. Jimin became a fucking potato. “Cmoon let me go!” “nope.” 

Any others ideas? Tell me! Requests are open. 

  • Hamilton: wASHington is wATChing from the other side
  • Washington: Alexander what the fuck do you have absolutely no impulse control without me honestly first the Reynolds pamphlet and now this are you trying to get killed just turn your skinny ass around and go home to your wife this is the worst idea you have ever had oh my gOD
dilettante-debutante replied to your post: �� @ simon but mafia au 8)



like… i know that’s the point of the mafia but STILL

Okay so like, the funniest thing about this is my e-mail notification is Chris saying “STUPID IDIOT” so my phone just yelled out STUPID IDIOT at me three times consecutively and it’s just so fitting.

But YES. Mafia Simon has killed (and he endlessly regrets it. It HAUNTS him.)