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fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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ino one time tries asking choji 4 relationship advice n choji just says stuff like “it just happens when it happens……. if you love each other and know each other everything works out… support comes easily when ur in love…… if its right u will know :) i knew shikamaru n i would be together forever since we were kids :)” n inos just like “U KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND CHOJI”

anonymous asked:

Asuma sensei?

Please no one hate me lol

I hate asuma sensei

He was a horrible sensei he didn’t know how to do his job correctly and the only person he focused on was shikamaru and shikamaru was a “genius” so wouldn’t he need the least amount of asuma’s time?

Then choji he kept telling choji to lose weight and all of that but choji needs to keep his weight so he can do his clan techniques? And asuma being the team leader of ino-shika-cho the closest team the team that’s supposedly the best teamwork oriented team he should know why choji needs to keep up the weight in my opinion choji would be the one to benefit the most with one on one time with asuma

Also instead of focusing more time on his team he goes out and helps naruto use wind style like no you got 2/3 of your team you’ve been neglecting use that extra free time you have on them

And asuma basically ignores ino didn’t he say she could be an excellent shinobi one day? But didn’t help her at all! didn’t they say she had a knack for genjutsu? Wasn’t his girlfriend or lover a genjutsu master she could’ve helped ino! Like he doesn’t think about his students strengths and how they can be more formidable ninjas

And then when he died he he gave shikamaru a great and sweet farewell “take care of Konoha’s king” and he basically tell ino “don’t let sakura get a man before you"and choji “lose weight fat ass”

I wanted to like him but I couldn’t the only thing I like about him is that he would take them to go eat barbecue lol but other then that he sucks

Thanks for the ask 📦