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Your child AU inspired this request :) Please do all brothers reaction to seeing seeing someone who was kind to them and actually cared about them when they were children? But they were sent away by their mothers? Like a distant relative or are connected to their family in some way? Thanks so much!

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-Anything related to his childhood has been almost blocked from his memory. It’s all too close to a certain incident, and pushing everything painful out of his mind is easier than living with the memories. He hardly remembers the person, just a vague idea of how kind they used to be. 


-He treats the person with the same politeness as anyone, but brings up nothing about their past Anyone remembering how pitiful he used to be is an unpleasant thought, and avoiding any mention of what they might remember is the best way to stay away from the topic. 


-While they don’t seem to have done anything horrible, they’re tied to his childhood, and thus, the memory of the old hag. No matter how nice the person once was, he finds it difficult to interact with them, as it brings up far too many memories of his mother and her cruelty. 


-Kind as they may have seemed, he knows now how little others can be trusted. This person is surely just as horrible as everyone else, and despite the instinct to trust them, him and Teddy know much better than to listen. He’ll ignore them altogether, rather than give them a chance to hurt him. 


-He acts completely at ease with the person, as friendly and excited as if they’d never been away. While he’s more than willing to make conversation and share stories about his brothers, anything related to his own past is quickly pushed away, his careful facade cracking for just a moment. 


-It’s just plain uncomfortable to have to deal with someone who remembers him from when he was a kid. If they make any comments about how sweet he used to be, he’s going to break something, and if they try to treat him as nicely as they used to, he’ll almost have to avoid them. 


-Someone from his time before the orphanage turns his stomach to even look at. If they were a servant, someone who saw or experienced the kind of horrible person he used to be, it would be like a nightmare come to life. He can’t stand being around anyone so close to his past. 


-Despite acting as friendly as can be, he really has no feeling for the person beyond a vague fondness. They were nice and that’s it, it’s not like they were the person to save him. It doesn’t really matter who they are, the past is the past and he no longer wants to care. 


-Depending on how far back in his past they’re from, there’s a good chance he won’t even remember them. A person who knows about his life before memories is a valuable thing, though, and he might finally find out something about the kind of person he used to be. 


-Since his idea of a nice person is someone who hurts him, it might be a bit difficult to process someone who was truly kind. They’re still very important, though, as they have to be considered something like family by now, thanks to how long they’ve known him. 


-Whether he appreciates someone with those kinds of memories or not, he must treat such a guest with respect. They’ve done nothing to earn the ire of the First Bloods, and pushing them away for personal reasons would be horribly unbecoming of a king. 


-He doesn’t like thinking about things so far back, especially if they remember his worship of his brother or certain past traumas within the family. It’s a little nice to have some more company, though, and if Carla decides to accept them, he’ll force himself to at least be civil. 


happy birthday, Harry

there’s one bit in the original Beauty and the Beast that’s bugged me ever since I saw it as a kid? It’s when Mrs Potts is sending Chip to bed and she says “hop into the cupboard with your brothers and sisters” and there are? lots of other Chip-like cups in there?

possible conclusions to be drawn from this:

  • mrs potts has over 20 children but only actually cares about one of them
  • there were tons of children in the castle when it was cursed and none of them bar Chip had parents or guardians
  • the cursed servants, going mad with the isolation, have taken to drawing faces on the actually inanimate objects and treating them like children

none of these possibilities are good


The 10 Things Dally has never told anyone… 

1. He wishes that his parent’s loved him like parents were supposed to love their children.
2. His mother cared about drugs more than she ever cared about him. 
3. Dally knows that if there is a Hell, he has a first class ticket there… and he is okay with that. 
4. When Dally met the gang, Mrs Curtis would treat him like her own son, it was the first time he had felt what love was truly like. The night she died he cried, he sobbed his heart out until he fell asleep. He still hasn’t gotten over her loss.
5. He doesn’t “make love” he fucks until he cannot feel a thing… he doesn’t know how to love someone, and his not quite sure that he ever will. 
6.The only person he has ever truly cared about is Johnny, but God, he just didn’t know how to love the kid. 
7. He prays every single night before he goes to bed, hoping that God hasn’t lost faith in him yet. His prayers always go unanswered.
8. He was in his first real gang at the age of 10, at age 12 he watched his best friend get shot in the stomach, he held his friend in his arms until the police arrived. He was carted away to juvenile detention. 
9. His first night in Juvie was the hardest. He cried the whole time. 
10. It turns out he loved Johnny. And he couldn’t stand to live in a world where an innocence like that was stolen. So he decided to die too.

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 

Euros Holmes

She said that Euros is Greek and that it means East Wind.
Mycroft told Sherlock at the end of HLV that the ‘East Wind is coming to get you.’ They told us she was coming. Mycroft had to have known that she was coming back. And obviously he knows what her name means. Which also means Mycroft knew she was dangerous from the time they were all children. So Mycroft told Sherlock a story about the East Wind, how it was dangerous and in the end it would take us all. The East Wind was always going to show up in the end, they wouldn’t have mentioned it so much other wise. ((Moftiss knew they were going to bring in a sister and kept it quiet for three damn years. Damn good secret.))

One thing I know is that she is dangerous. And if we are to take the East Wind story at face value, then we know this next episode is going to be one hell of an episode. Even more shocking than this one. Even more questions that they are going to leave us with.

Euros puts John in that well. It can only be that especially after the way it ended. She won’t shoot him, just knock him out. Tranquillisers maybe, who knows. Culverton is gone, Magnussen is gone, Moriarty is gone. (If Mary was alive, she wouldn’t do this.) This Sherrinford is a maybe - after all Mycroft says he gets regular updates and that he is secure, question is secure where?

It all goes back to what happened between them.

Fated, a Modern Royals AU.
Part One of a new series, we’re bigger than we ever dreamed.

It should have been Brandon. Charming, witty, intelligent, quick tempered and rash Brandon. Brandon was who received all the training, sitting in on their father’s meetings and learning to rule directly from the King in the North, Rickard VII. 

A single car crash changed all of that. The driver had a heart attack at the wheel, barreling into a barricade and crash landing into a ravine.

Can we talk about how autistic children (who were born autistic, mind you) are now catching whooping cough despite being vaccinated because enough unvaccinated people caught and spread it that it has become vaccine resistant?

Or are we going to conveniently ignore that toddlers are dangerously I’ll because anti-vaxxers can’t wrap their heads around their choices literally putting autistic (and allistic) children at risk of life-long disability and death?

Because if it is he latter, I have an autistic parent of an autistic toddler that has a middle finger that is REALLY awesome to look at, and I’m sure they would just LOVE to show it to you.

Unless your kid is medically incapable of getting a vaccine, give your kid their vaccines. You are literally killing someone else’s kids because of your imagined conspiracy theories. We - that is, autistics - are not your fucking shield. And we shure as shit are not your anti-vaxx bullshit rhetoric Gotcha.

you can hate arthur poe all you like and that’s great, but honestly, he’s too singled out from all of the useless adults.

  • josephine anwhistle was too cowardly to do jack shit when her adopted children’s lives were in danger.
  • charles didn’t do anything about his abusive boyfriend/husband/partner/whatever when sir forced children (including a LITERAL INFANT, CANONICALLY UNDER ONE YEAR OLD) to work in a life-threatening lumbermill.
  • like? everybody? did nothing about an academy (presumably registered to the state, so plenty of people would be aware of that) forcing children to sleep in a dirty SHACK just because they were orphans
  • jerome squalor just sat back and didn’t stand up to his abusive wife for? plotting? to? get? five? children? kidnapped? and? all? eventually? killed?
  • hector kept his ugly ass mouth shut because oh!! wouldn’t want to draw attention to me when, i dunno, my adopted children are about to get wrongfully convicted of MURDER!

like the entire series is just a commentary on how society ignores children because they’re children. maybe these characters didn’t individually do as shit as mr poe, but, added up, they’re just as bad.

obviously you can still like the characters, and it’s nothing against them personally, it’s just all showing how the system brushes off what children say because they’re just kids, you know? and the system isn’t arthur poe’s fault just as it isn’t jerome’s fault. they were both taught their willful ignorance.

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Humans are always smaller or weaker than aliens in fiction, but imagine if that was reversed. What if there was only a handful of races able to go into space and they were all about the size of human toddlers/small children. Even the Big Strong Tough ones the others were scared of. What if WE were the stereotypical weirdly tall aliens with the creepy lanky limbs?

Imagine a super tiny alien meeting a NBA player tho.

“We have tales of Humans, vast beasts that tower into the sky, they’re geasping digits longer than our legs!” Little baby aliens oo and ahh, one passes out. They’re small, with soft, golden hair that served as armour; that is, when they were facing ordinary enemies. But against a human? They Humans loved the feeling of their hair! Their armour, which warded off enemies for millenia, was nothing more than pleasent to a human.

“ we thought we’d seen them all, but then…we met….” a shadow loomed above them, taller than any human had a right to be. “michael!”

Michael peered down at them with a friendly “smile” on his face. The younglings screamed and bolted down the hall as Michael opened his giant mouth and uttered a single word.


If i could draw i would draw this


the baudelaire children//colors 

For although Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were about to experience events that would be both exciting and memorable, they would not be exciting and memorable like having your fortune told or going to a rodeo. Their adventure would be exciting and memorable like being chased by a werewolf through a field of thorny bushes at midnight with nobody around to help you.

Please Watch Shin Sekai Yori

a plea by me, tumblr user findingschmomo

Shin Sekai Yori (Also known as From the New World) is a fantastic anime that little people know about and it deserves to be more popular. So hopefully by the end of this post I’ll have convinced a few of you to go check it out. 

First of all, whats this anime even about?

Shin Sekai Yori takes place 1000 years in the future, in a world where everyone can use telepathy. Their society is the product of this new ability. The story follows the lives of a group of children as they grow up and learn about the world they were born into and the dark secrets it holds. In fact, we follow their lives and progression from the age of 12 to their late twenties. 

The artwork is also fantastic. The animation is usually superb. 

The greatest part of Shin Sekai Yori though is the world that it has developed, and the puzzle that the children and viewer piece together at the same time as they discover the darkness within this new society. Plus, there is no wrong in Shin Sekai Yori in a traditional sense. No one is right. No one is wrong. It’s the kind of story that is conflicting for the viewer. It does not put you at easy. It does not offer easy answers but provides difficult questions. It’s the kind of show that spawns discussion on what humanity even means.  

Also of note: Canon Bisexuality. The characters in this show explore their sexuality, and it’s not looked down upon. It’s integral to the relationships they build with each other. But its portrayed as something normal and that is honestly refreshing.

I don’t really want to talk about all the things that I adore about this show because that would ruin it. The best thing is to go in blind and immerse yourself into the world this show creates. And to figure it out yourself.

One last thing though, unlike most shows, the ending to this anime is honestly the best part of the series. It sticks with you. It fucks you up in more ways than one. It leaves an impact. It makes everything worth it. When I finished it, I couldn’t think about anything else for weeks. Nor could I rid myself of the pain in my heart. 

To be completely honest, this is the kind of series to marathon. The pacing will keep you wanting more, to know more. And you should let it take you on this journey. 

Idk. This series is really good and you guys should watch it. I’m done my rant. 

If you’re interested you can find the whole series available to watch on crunchyroll here for free. It’s only 25 episodes and it’s completely worth your time. 

Thanks for reading this post.
Children as young as three have body image issues while four years olds know how to lose weight, study finds
Children as young as three have body image issues and some four-year-olds know how to go on a diet, a survey by childcare professionals has found.

Dr Harding said there was “mounting concern” about why children were forming the views. “More research is needed in this area but contributing factors are likely to include: images on TV; images in story books and animations and the general chat by adults about their bodies, dieting and cosmetic surgery,“ she added.

The research, which had a limited sample size of 361 people, also found that nearly a quarter of healthcare professionals surveyed had "seen signs” children aged between three and five were “unhappy with their appearance or bodies”. This figure almost doubled to nearly half of six- to 10-year-olds.

Around one in five children has also rejected food because “it will make them fat”, according to the study.

The bolded, I see this as a teacher quite frequently. Student’s, who lack a general understanding of nutrition and how calories, exercise and weight gain actually works, still generally believe that they must do certain things to avoid becoming fat or make themselves skinny. 

As a teacher, it baffles me the misconceptions students have about food. Some will look at their snacks, see that there are calories involved and ask me if it’s bad for them. It could have 5 calories but the presence of the word “calories” is enough to convince them that it is bad for them.

 Unhealthy and irresponsible weight loss discussions are so pervasive in our country that young children internalize them before they develop the ability to think through them. 

This is how these harmful beliefs are perpetuated and thrive. We learn weigh loss language while we are still learning phonics. It’s an invisible curriculum that sets the foundation of our body image years and decades later.

And I wonder why it takes it takes so long to unlearn messed up relationships with fitness, food and eating.

everyone is going on and on about how horrific or how great the beauty and the beast “explicitly gay moment” is but it’s literally just le fou dancing with another dude?? like?? how is that explicitly gay?? apparently straight dudes dont dance (not that le fou isn’t gay, this just isn’t undeniable proof that he is) 

(and honestly some disney villains (jafar, scar, dr. facilier, even ursula, etc.) are more obviously gay-coded than le fou is??)

and if my mother, the adamant Everything Must Be Straight and Wholesome helicopter parent, didn’t notice it, then it’s really not a huge deal

||Ordinary|| Joker x Reader

Joker x Reader

((A/N: request for @chrisxsebastian
I hope you like it!))

daddy kink

Everyone has their bad days, right? The problem with those days is no one wants to be receiving the backlash. Let me tell you something, kid, you do not want to be at the end of the Joker’s ‘bad day’. The Joker is like getting coal on Christmas morning, it’s what the parents warn the children about.

No one warned you about him.

You were a completely ordinary girl, ordinary life, ordinary grades and ordinary everything. Pale (s/c) from being inside a few days too many. Gorgeous but dull (e/c) eyes, lacking any emotions. Plain (h/c), (hair style) just the way you liked it. A solid black t-shirt underneath your army green bomber jacket, blue jeans and black doc martins to go with it. You normally didn’t wear makeup but today you put on mascara and added a little gloss to your lips. A small smile on your lips as you held the warm (fav coffee) in your hands. The sudden burst of confidence today had you in the best of moods! All the while, a certain someone was on the opposite end of the mood spectrum.
You couldn’t hear the footsteps behind you due to the earbuds blasting (fav song). A little dance in your step, you mouthed the words as you made your way home. You didn’t notice the sun went down until the streets were cleared. The warmth of the coffee was stripped from you as your (h/c) locks were yanked into an alley way by three goons all wearing the same outfit.
“We got one!” One shouted into an earpiece. Hands covered your mouth from screaming, you were too petrified to squirm but more hands held you still anyways.
“You get their ass back here RIGHT NOW!” a voice shouted back, loud enough to break the man’s eardrums. The man holding the walkie talkie glared at you, grabbing your hair once again and slamming the side of your head into the brick wall.

You woke up with a gasp, gasping again in pain while holding your head. Immediately you knew you didn’t have to see your hand to know your fingertips were covered in blood. You were laying on the concrete floor, torture devices all around you. Your (e/c) eyes welled up with tears as the fear settled in. You backed into the corner of the room and held yourself for a form of comfort. A lot of footsteps could be heard echoing the hallway outside your room so you weren’t scared of the sounds. That is until they stopped in front of your door. You started to hyperventilate as hot tears poured down your cheeks.

This was it.

You were going to die.

The door was unlocked and you heard the song “I Started A Joke” was playing on repeat as the door opened. You ducked your face into the crook between your knees and chest. Footsteps slowly walked the long ways around the table, towards you.
“Well, well, well!” An uncomfortably soothing voice started to laugh.
“What have we here?” Your hair was gripped and you were yanked to your feet, a cry escaping your lips. Your head was pulled back, making you face the most terrified villain in Gotham history. Your (e/c) eyes were wide in shock as you came face to face with The Joker. Tears continued to fall as you realized you were about to die in a more painful way then you had hoped for. His red lips curling into a smile, revealing his grill suddenly disappeared. He dropped you immediately, turning to whoever came in the room with him. You cowered back into your corner, rubbing your head where it hurt. “What the hell is this?!” Mister J growled, stomping one foot like a child not getting their way.
“Sir?” The voice was calm and monotone.
“Why would you bring her to me?! She’s so.. so.. boring!” J growled, lacking the word to describe you. You frowned at the word. You didn’t think you were boring. Maybe according to him and his tastes but you were normal! You lived a normal life! His lifestyle wasn’t exactly your forte.
“You said anyone, sir.” The voice sounded shaken.
“Did I?” The Joker immediately picked up on this change, “Anyone? In that case..”
You heard a gun cock and whimpered, thinking this would be your last breath.
You heard The Joker chuckle and pull the trigger. You flinched at the sound of the gun firing. Yet. The pain never came. You slowly lifted your head just in time to see the man talking to the criminal fall, blood pouring out of the wound directly where his heart is.
You flinched again at the feeling of someone gently patting your head. This earned you another chuckle.
“I won’t hurt you…” Joker quickly dropped to kneel in front of you, becoming eye level. Your (e/c) eyes filled with tears and fear.
“W-what?” You tilted your head
“Your name.” He gripped a fistful of your hair but a smile on his lips as he looked at you.
“(Name).” You whispered. The Joker began to stroke your head again, almost like he was rewarding you.
“(Name)…” He repeated, “You can call me J, babydoll.”
“Let’s have a little fun, babydoll.” The crazed look in his eyes returned. Your lip quivered as he pulled you by your (h/c) locks to your feet again. Before you knew it you were strapped on the table in the middle of the torture room.
“Now, (Name), this isn’t anything personal,” J purred, holding your chin gently and making a pouty face, “I’m just bored of boring! If we’re going to play, I need you to not be so ordinary! So. This may sting a little.”
You couldn’t see anything, with your head strapped to the metal table and whatnot, but before you knew it, you were being electrocuted. Your body seized and your eyes rolled up to the ceiling. The pain was excruciating and it seemed like it would never end. At last, J made it stop.
You unclenched your teeth and gasped for air. Your body felt as if you had just run a marathon, you were stripped of any energy you might have had. Then the shocking feeling returned. This continued for an hour.



Catch your breath.



Catch your breath.

J released you from the straps and stared at you for a while. You realized he was shirtless and started to giggle, pointing a shaken finger at him.
“What’s so funny?” J growled, not liking that he didn’t know the joke.
“You’re cute.” You said as if it was obvious. J smirked and fixed his hair, happy he was complimented. You were hoisted into his strong arms, eyes threatening to shut at any moment. You were brought to a room similar to the one you were just in but all torture objects were removed. This room also came with a bed and bathroom.

Every day at 3pm J would come into your room, talk to you as you confided in each other for years, then would take you to the other room and electrocute you. He would bring your limp body back in here, lay you on the bed and listen to your mumbled thoughts. This continued for weeks. You think anyways, you can’t really remember.
Today you found yourself singing a song you thought was familiar. Whenever you messed up, you would start to giggle. You didn’t hear the door opening as you continued to try and remember the words. J walked in with a grin on his face as you lied there singing with your eyes closed.
“Oh, (Name)~” The green haired criminal sang, interrupting you. You stopped singing and looked at the man puzzled. J was in the middle of talking when you started laughing like a mad man.
“Who are you!” You asked, unable to stop laughing. J took a step back, thinking maybe he had gone too far.

You woke up holding your head. It throbbed and ached like a hangover but you don’t remember drinking. You rolled into your stomach, hiding your face in the pillow to avoid the light when you realized these sheets were much nicer then you remembered. Satin red sheets? You sat up and tilted your head. You looked around and gaped at your surroundings, the room you were in was beyond extravagant! You smiled but it turned to a frown as you looked in a mirror. You crawled off the glorious bed, stumbling towards the long mirror hanging on the wall. You sat in front of it and touched your now pale (s/c) skin, untouched from the time without sunlight. You had certainly lost a few pounds. Your (length), (h/c) hair unkept and greasy. You began to tear up, frustrated with this person you were looking at.

This can’t be what you look like.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. The green haired man entered the room, his white shirt covered in blood. He walked right past you, growling. Suddenly he stopped and put on a smile just for you,
“Babydoll! I’m so glad you’re awake!” He knelt down and held his arms out. You jumped back and J flinched at your action. He sighed deeply and smoothed his hair back after he did.
“Baby, come here, Daddy ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He cooed. You smiled at his words, slightly remembering him. Feeling safe, you slowly crawled into his lap. J sat on the floor and crossed his legs, wrapping his arms around you. He purred and you nuzzled into his chest, loving the sound. J lifted you in his arms with ease, standing up and heading towards the bathroom. You looked around, giggling which made J laugh as well.
“How about a bath with Daddy, baby?” he purred, a seductive smile on his lips. You blushed and swayed your body, innocently at the thought.
“Ok.” You said, biting your lip as you smiled.
“No, baby. It’s 'ok, Daddy’.” J poked your nose, making you giggle more.
“Ok, Daddy~” You purred.
J moaned and pulled you into a rough, yet sweet kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, hesitantly kissing back. You silently hoped he was enjoying the kiss as much as you. Finally, J pulled away, giving a quick nip at your bottom lip before he did.
“Oh, babydoll, were going to have so much fun together” He smirked.

  • APH Denmark: *is sobbing*
  • APH Norway: ...
  • APH Norway: Why the hell is he crying?
  • APH Finland: Well, the children were a little bit curious and...
  • APH Sealand: Pappa was telling about that one time he kick Uncle Denmark's ass.
  • APH Ladonia: I could have done it better though.
  • APH Norway: Sve, why?
  • APH Sweden: Because the children wanted to know...
  • APH Sweden: Also it was fun to remember.
  • APH Norway: I hate you, Sve.
Refugees carry their mother tongue like a tool in their tool box,
I carry mine like a gun that I do not know how to shoot.
My grandfather speaks the language of the country that he has immigrated to with a deep accent and holes that remind him everyday of the flight he had to make.
He twists the words and speaks softly incase he makes mistakes.
He sighs deeply when he hears me throw in words of a foreign language into sentences of my mother tongue.
If all we have left is our language,
should we let them occupy that too?
But I still speak my homelanguage with a slight tone of a foreign country,
with words and grammar that don’t make sense.
But I still attend all my mother tongue classes.
For my grandparents, for the people that fought so that I could have a language to speak and to call my own.
For my father and mother who were war children.
Who went through puberty having to worry about if their parents were going to be alive tomorrow instead of worrying if their crush likes them back.
For my family who still have hints of PTSD.
For my grandpa who has nightmares every night.
For my mother who cannot go to basements without getting flashbacks of having to hide in them from the war crimes comitted against her.
I attend my homelanguage classes, and I fight my own tongue because it is one of the only things that binds me to my ancestors.
They cannot occupy or kill something that is alive forever.
Books and songs and language and language and language.
—  //My grandpa, my mother tongue and I.