and childman

Darn, now that I talked about my fave animes, I’m now noticing how many similarities the two of them really have:

- All Might / Koro-sensei having two forms to them, one of them being dorky and caring and loud and bright, the other more subdued and serious.

- Nagisa / Izuku being the protagonist, both of them cinnamon rolls that are quite easily flustered, but dangerously strong and determined when the situation calls for it

- Bakugou / Karma being childhood friends of the protagonist, both of them being strong and smart, but also quite… devilish (?) when they feel like it. Even though Karma is way more relaxed and friendlier in comparison.

- Uraraka / Kaede, the female friend of the protagonist, cheery and supportive, but with a “hidden” side to them, being stronger and more serious than the first glance would make you think

- All for One / Shiro, the antagonist that seeks revenge on the former hero / assassin-now-teacher and manipulates a child into helping him for that

- Which would probably lead to Shigaraki / Itona, the child or childman with great powers being manipulated into dealing with the teacher and trying to destroy them, even though they don’t even have something to settle with them.

- With a stretch, I guess you could think of Nana and Aguri being similar, since they were both teachers that greatly influenced the believes and teachings of the current teacher (namely Toshinori and Koro-sensei) and whose cheery and gentle personality is what was taken from the teachers somewhere before the series started.

Good lord, no wonder I love both of those animes, they have so much in common - mainly things that I love, so…. don’t blame me on loving them. XD

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Hi can you help me stan Nu'est? Please and thank you

let’s start with their profiles!


  • jr aka junior royal aka kim jonghyun
  • the cutest leader also known as the national leader 
  • the first ever male pledis trainee
  • a gemini born on 18.06.1995 
  • is clumsy and has a bublly persoanlity (watch this!)


  • the eldest in the group (with the softest heart)
  • cried like a baby when received first win with nuest
  • he can speak english (born and raised in LA)
  • got accepted to NYU but gave it up to be an idol
  • also a gemini born on 21.05.1993


  • pd101 fans called him ‘sexy bandit’… but he is also an adorable child
  • man full of talents… vocal king, writes lyrics, produces music
  • has like 115 tattoos (jk they are only 4 i think)
  • his punch can land you on the moon… im not joking
  • cancer born on 21.07.1995


  • got into top 11 in pd101 and is currently in wanna one (cried a lot in the final episode)
  • a visual!!!!!!!! the nation’s boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!
  • not to start drama but im sure he misses his members a lot :/
  • thinks only about cleaning…..whats wrong with him
  • a leo born on 09.08.1995 


  • the maknae and the mood maker
  • lady gaga’s biggest fan (one time cried while watching her performance)
  • king of looking good in long hairstyles and breaking gender roles
  • i guess this group is full of crybabies (he is one of them)
  • a scorpio born on 03.11.1995

music videos from debut to the last comeback

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Omg I'm obsessed with your nessian head canons!! Seriously I die every time , I have a head canon that one time when nesta is taking a luxurious bath it is invaded by a sweaty cassian , and although she try's to shoo him away , she eventually just massages the whiny baby bat .... Lol these two are ruining my life

I imagine nesta taking this nice relaxing bath, humming to herself and with not a care in the world WHEN HER BULKY AS SHIT LITTLE CHILDMAN OF A BAT CHIMES IN and half the water of the bath goes on the ground and he can barely fit in the bath but he is smiling like an idiot and she just stares at this 500+ dork and he’s sweaty and dirty from sparring and she takes the oil in her hands and growls at him to turn around because she’s going to wash that mess on his hea that once where his hair and he IS SO SURPRISED BECAUSE IT’S THE FIRST TIME SOMEONE DOES THAT FOR HIM AND SHE’S SO SWEET AND GENTLE AND IF HE WERE A CAT HE WOULD BE PURRING but he is kinda emotional because no one ever did something like that for him and she washes his back while  blabbering about “illyrian idiots” BUT REALLY HE FEELS SO HAPPY AND CARED FOR MY BIG ILLYRIAN BBY BAT it will eventually end up in filthy stuff, but very lovely and gentle and loving filthy stuff

any <thing>-man term (wolf-man, fish-man, etc.) is infinitely funnier if you switch the words around and put the “man” at the beginning.  thus the inherent humor in the term “manchild”.  although I guess “childman” is pretty funny too.  it’s three in the morning.