and cheekbones

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BBC Sherlock

I hate this whole fucking show because it is ruining my life and my god I hate it and hate everyone in it especially two fucking trash of them wearing a weird long ass coat 

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and fucking curly hair which I hate .

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and donning two cheekbones so sharp it cuts my cornea 

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and eyes so deep I can drown and ohh god I hate that. 

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With his soft jumpers.

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And the softest face

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And the rage sniff

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how do ut, uf, and us bros react to being BOOPED ON THE NOSE-BONE

((When I first read this, I honestly thought it said BONE-ZONE so I’m just like, ‘BOI DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED-’))

Undertale Sans: He sits there for a moment, a lazy smile on his face and light blush on his cheekbones. Then he leans forward and kisses your nose, his eye-sockets closed in contentment as makes a bunch of puns and jokes about noses. 

Undertale Papyrus: He chuckles, his cheekbones blushing slightly as he boops your nose back!! He starts getting really cuddly, which is how he always gets when you do cute little touches like that!!

Underfell Sans: He’s a little confused by the notion, though he doesn’t necessarily hate it. It felt kind of nice to have a soft, warm finger poking your nose bone. He might just take your hand and place your palm against his nasal bone, enjoying the feeling. He knows it’s kind of weird, but he doesn’t care. It feels nice.

Underfell Papyrus: He gets this grumpy look on his face and grumbles about how dumb that was. He won’t admit it, but he actually kind of liked it. It was so gentle and rather sweet… His cheekbones blush very slightly, though you could still just barely notice it. When you point it out to him though, he gets really snappy and snarly and tells you he isn’t blushing.

Underswap Sans: His eyes light up brighter than they normally do as he looks up at you. That was so!!! Cute!!! He suddenly leaps onto you, clinging onto you like a little koala bear as he nuzzles and kisses your nose back.

Underswap Papyrus: He gets a lazy smile on his face and wraps you up in his arms, chuckling. He plants a bunch of smooches all over you face and snuggles with you for a moment before letting you go.

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navi i told my sister im trans so she gave me her cutest hijab and put some highlighter on my cheekbones and took a pic to send to my mom and my mom said i looked like a tranny and said it was haram & ive never been so happy my sister is really supportive and loving

LMAO bitch that’s cute

Things You Said - 09.

Recommended Listening: I Was Never Going To Go To Africa - Abel Korzeniowski

things you said when I was crying

“You did this to me,” Hawke accuses, hissing at him through clenched teeth. Her head rocks back, leans against the headboard as she groans with another burst of pain, her nails biting into the palm of his hand.

“As I recall,” Fenris says, “this was a mutual decision.” That small bit of snark earns him a burning glare. Fenris chuckles, brushes back sweat soaked locks from her forehead before he plants a kiss. He keeps her gaze focused on him as she shakes through another contraction. Her other hand bites into his shoulder as he brushes a thumb across her cheekbone.

“Almost there Hawke,” Anders tells her. The only one they could trust after Kirkwall, the only one they would want helping with this.

“Fuck you,” Hawke instantly snaps back. And then, “I’m sorry, Anders, Maker’s breath.” Laughter from the bottom of the bed, Anders’s head appearing over the blanket.

“Nothing I haven’t heard before,” he says. Fenris leans forward, cups her face in his hands. He smiles as he holds her as much as he can. She wraps her arms around him, breathes into the crook of his neck. Her hands fist into his tunic, shudders out a scream. That scream is replaced by the squalling of a baby, Hawke moving into panting breaths of relief.

Anders moves away from the bed, cleaning the babe with a warm cloth. Hawke’s hand lingers in Fenris’s as he stands, moves to the side of the mage. “Congratulations, you’re a father,” Anders says as he passes the small bundle to Fenris. Tiny hands bunched together, pressing against red cheeks, eyes blinking wide. Hawke’s eyes, bright and blue. Ears that end in points.

Fenris can scarcely believe it. He forces himself to breathe, let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He leans his head close to this small fragile thing, makes a halo out of white hair. He reaches forward, and those small hands reach out to take his finger. His heart hammers wildly in his chest, as if it were beating for the first time.

“Let me see,” Hawke says, “let me see our baby.” She reaches out her arms as Fenris takes his place back beside her. He shifts the baby carefully, from his arms to Hawke’s. His legs join hers on the bed as he settles in beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, a kiss to her temple.

“Our daughter,” Fenris says quietly. Hawke touches healthy skin, pops a bubble of spit, and marvels at the wisps of black hair on her head. She looks at Fenris, wide-eyed and unbelieving. His arm is shaking around her, the smile plastered to his face. His daughter’s dimples mirror his.

“She has your ears,” Hawke says as she begins to cry. She had rebuilt her family from nothing, found it in him. Finds it in her.

“The best of both of us,” Fenris says. Hawke laughs through her tears, turns her face towards his for a kiss. “My Hawkes.”

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Nora and Solas + Gingerbread... GO!

Nora and Solas for @dadrunkwriting !

“Why are we doing this, vhenan?”

Solas sounds put out, but Nora still smiles at his words.

“It’s a tradition, fenor. Just do this for me.” She looks up at him, the little smile still on her face, and he can’t help but return the expression when he sees a dusting of powdered sugar across her cheekbone.

He reaches out with one hand and brushes it off before leaning in to brush a kiss across the same spot. She giggles, the sound high and girlish, wiping at the same spot and smudging more sugar there.

Solas shakes his head and leaves it, turning his attention back to the little gingerbread men they were decorating.

“What kind of Dalish tradition is baking cookies?” he demands, questioning her even as he leans in and to perfect the cookie he’s been working on.

She shrugs. “We always celebrated the beginning of winter by baking them in the camp. They were easy to make and sweeter than our rolls.”

She puts the finishing touch on one and turns it around so he can see. She’s added a splotch of green icing on its left hand. He smiles at it and looks up at her before turning his cookie around as well.

He’s taken his time, delicately placing thing rows of icing in swirls and lines, covering nearly the entire cookie with an intricate pattern.

She frowns at him. “If this is your first time, why is yours better than mine?”

His laugh makes goosebumps break out on her skin. “I’m an artist, vhenan. I thought that’s why you asked me to help.”

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Confession: I feel butch, but I'm round with soft features instead of athletic with sharp cheekbones and an intense jaw, and I feel like short hair will make my face look even fatter. I feel like people just look at me and see a fatty in men's clothes rather than an attractive butch

As a butch i used to feel the same way. You always see all these skinny butches with sharp features and it’ can make you feel horrible. Being butch is about how you feel and how you identify, having a round face doesn’t stop you from being a butch. Be whoever you want to be, don’t let others harsh expectations change or affect you, remember you’re amazing no matter what. ❤️❤️❤️

-Mod Syd

Today’s #motd is understated but as us femmes know, the so-called “natural look” takes a lot of work! I used #urbandecay Naked 3 Palette for my eyes; Dust as my lid colour, blended with Trick and Liar and Mugshot on my outer v. I’m wearing the Matte Liquid Liner by #nyx and the Voluptuous mascara, also by #nyx. I’ve got #MAC ’s Fluidline Brow Gelcreme on my brows. Highlight and contour is the Sculpt & Define Face Duo by #nyx with a ✨ top-up in the form of the #sleeksolstice highlighting palette. I also used #bodyshop Honey Bronze powder to define my cheekbone contour a little more. My base is #bodyshop Fresh Nude foundation (which is way sheerer than it’s advertised, I’m wearing like three layers) over #goshcosmetics Velvet Touch primer. Blush is #illamasqua ’s powder blush in the shade Tremble and I’ve got #nyx ’s Liquid Suede Lipstick in Tea and Cookies on my lips 💋

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I love your icon and the way you draw alex 😍 most of all quiffed alex! His jawline and cheekbones and big eyes are so on point 💕

aah thank you! quiffed Alex is my second favorite after slicked back Alex <3


there    was    a    BEAUTY    in    her    darkness.    it    dripped    from    her    lips    with    each    word;    was    carved    into    her    cheekbones    and    was    left    in    the    trace    of    her    delicate    touch.    her    allure    covered    the    horrors    walking    in    her    footsteps.    behind    the    pale    beauty    was    the    sign    of    a     WILTING    FLOWER
                                                 beautiful,  yet  slowly  dying.