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The best award show ever was hands down the one where Harry blatantly serenaded Louis on national television. So blatant that it resulted in an influx of everyone knows stories flooding our inboxes with my personal fav being “does the little one with the cheekbones realize that the prince is in love with him?”

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Ok wait I was just hit with this idea the other day idk?? that like when describing a man that is conventionally attractive holtz is just, "high cheekbones. ideal face structure. defined pectorals" but when describing an attractive woman she's all misty-eyed and can barely vocalize her ideas?? And she's all poetic ?

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! 

  • and patty asks her seriously one day like “holtz no really what is ur ideal woman???” holtz just nods and folds her arms all seriously as she starts to BLUSH
  • “uh button nose, perfect hip to shoulder ratio, melted chocolate eyes, tall but not TOO tall, can dance, shiny soft hair-” “holtz u just described erin. erin gilbert. you. just. described. erin” “um?? no I didn’t”
  • abby’s just: “yeah, erin can’t dance” 
  • but we all know its fuckng erin I’m ahduhdgqas

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Feyrhys fic where Rhysand flirting with Feyre for a dare from cassias/ariel turns into him genuinely asking her out

Feyre knew the man was walking towards her, and she did her best to ignore him. She tried to continue her conversation with the golden-haired woman in front of her, but the second the man reached her, their conversation dropped off and she made herself scarce. The man, still standing behind her, leaned in and whispered in her ear. 

“Hello.” His voice sounded like a purr and sent unwanted shivers down Feyre’s spine. She spun around and cocked an eyebrow at the man. He had dark hair and was devilishly handsome, delicate cheekbones and a strong jawline set to compliment his eyes of the deepest blue. 

“Hello,” she said flatly. His smirk only grew. 

“I saw you from across the room and I just had to come talk to you.” In anyone else’s voice, it would have sounded dumb, but from him it sounded downright erotic. 

“Oh, really?” She said, “I didn’t notice you.” That was a lie. She’d definitely noticed him, from the minute she walked in to the gala, actually. He’d been lounging in the corner with two other men. All of them were inhumanly gorgeous, actually, but all three in very different ways. 

“I’m Rhys,” he purred again. 


“What’s your name?” 

“Wouldn’t you like to know. I’ve got to get going.” She spun around but his voice stopped her. 

“Have a drink with me?” 

“What’s in it for me?” 

“A drink, and my ever-pleasant company.” She shrugged and let him lead her to the bar. He really was quite handsome. 

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what is your current makeup your face looks so flawless😍

Hold on~ I’ll grab the items I used yesterday!


Urban Decay Primer Potion, Original

Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer


Hera UV Mist Cushion, N23

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Coverage Concealer, Light Neutral

Urban Decay Naked Skin UD Powder Foundation, Fair Neutral [honestly, I need a new translucent powder to set my under eye,I don’t like how cakey it gets after a few hours with this powder]

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder, Medium

Eternal Basic Jelly Cheek Make, 01 coral pink [it’s hot so I want dewy blush rn]

Instead of highlight I’ve been dabbing a thick consistency SPF on my cheekbones to look more dewy…  I really want something like benefit’s highbeam, for a subtle and controled sheen rn… I’m kinda over the whole highlighting to the gods trend imho..


MSH Love Liner Liquid Eyebrow, Ash Brown

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, Caramel

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, Amaze+Sequin

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette, Nooner

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, Girly

Viseart Palette. 01 Neutral Matte~ neutral taupe shade on bottom right

K-Palette 1 Day Real Lasting Eyeliner , Bulgarian Rosewater Eyeliner, Black

Benefit BADgal Liner Waterproof, Black

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara [ don’t like it, I want to switch to Benefit’s down the road]

Dollywink Lashes, #2 and #13


Lip tutorial [I’m still using the same products and technique]

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If you don't mind me asking how is your skin so nice? Do you use any foundation when you take selfies, filters, or you an all natural type of guy?

hah…hah… my face is not perfectly clear, but not very bad. kinda in the middle?

I use foundation and occasionally anti-red concealer, and regular concealer if there are any particular bad spots (which has been recently uncommon!) not to mention contour on cheekbones/jaw line, but it doesn’t really show in pictures :T

filter wise, I use a Chinese camera app called BeautyCam with the filter ‘Moon’.

i need cosmetics and camera advancements to be attractive yay *throws confetti*

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fluffy cloud, if you and i were not in this form but just glimmering stars in the night skies, how would you describe me to be? what would you be like? what color would you be? and what color would i be? and what would our friendship feel like 🌸 what song would it remind you of? (im sorry this is so out of the blue, but looking through your blog these are just some thoughts that came up) ❤️ i adore ur blog, its really sweet like the moonlight shimmering on a lake! it made me feel like love! 🌸

hello and thank you to the moon n’ back honeycomb

♡ you, my love, would be a pool of liquid clay pouring through fingertips; an eyelash littered on the cheekbone; a heavy perfumed rose in a garden of thorns.

♡ I would be the cool snowflakes melting on winter’s lashes; the illuminated nightly white jasmine; the golden wind of autumn.

♡ I would be the colors of sea foam and ballet slippers and you would be the colors of golden temples and 2am skies.

♡ we would dance barefoot in moonlit river banks, blanketed by starlight. lilac fingers entwined; jasmine hair long, uncut.

and lullabies would echo in our ears.

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Perfo + bishop?

Perfo (To suffer)

Originally posted by donnaisms

Ellie had done a good job convincing her team that she was fine after Jake. Shrugging off their concerns and changing the subject.

But one night, after the team had gone home and you came up from Abby’s lab to gather your things, you saw Bishop at her desk. At first, you just thought she was behind on her work. But then her hand came up and wiped along her cheekbone. You could only assume she was wiping away a tear.

So quietly, you padded up to Ellie’s desk. When she noticed you were there, she looked up, then away to hide her now-reddened eyes. “Hey, Y/N. What’re you doing here?”

Her voice was a little hoarse. Your heart ached for your friend. “I was helping Abby. What are you doing here?”

Ellie was silent for a moment before sighing and looking down into her lap. “I kinda don’t want to go home. It’ll be quiet, ya know?”

She looked up at you, recognizing the pity in your eyes before shaking her head. “But I’m okay. Want to get some food? I’m starving.”


So I know we all wanna talk about Gabriel’s mom, but have you considered Gabriel’s hot single dad???

Some things about Miguel:

  • Father’s name was Raphael and he wanted to keep up the archangel names with Gabriel
  • Originally from Mexico but served in the army to gain citizenship
  • Gabriel was born when he was nineteen (He was a young dad)
  • Gabriel can’t remember one moment when his father wasn’t smiling
  • He loves the idea of grandkids and is constantly hinting at it but drops it when Gabriel gets visibly upset and backs off.
  • If an instrument has strings he can play it (Piano, violin, ukulele, ect)
  • He is the kindest old man you’ll ever meet
  • you do not leave his house without eating (If you try he will literally cry)
  • He has the Reyes Cheekbones ™

This was fun, but eyeshadow is a very imprecise drawing tool.

[Image description: one close-up photo of a young woman (me) with very short brown hair.  I am wearing a green-brown vest.  My head is turned so that my left cheek is facing the camera.  My eyebrows are medium-heavily filled with dark brown eyeshadow.  My eyelids are covered in shadow that’s basically the same color as my skin–so, light beige.  I have on black mascara.  There is a green vine drawn along the underside of my left cheekbone; it has a bunch of blue dots drawn around it, and three purple flowers.  I’m wearing orange lip tint under pink-gold lipstick.]

fun fact, because i’ve been reminded of this twice in the past few days: the only time i’ve ever purposefully injured someone was when i was a senior in high school at an end-of-the-year party. i was Completely Fucked Up, as i was liable to [embarassingly] be at all get-togethers in those days, and i have a distinct memory of falling on my ass on my friend’s kitchen floor, and laughing for about ten minutes because i literally could not figure out how to stand up again. and then the memory strobes over to the basement, where i’m laying on the couch, and this boy, a complete stranger(!! someone my friend knew at the time!!) is tickling me. and he won’t stop. and i’m fucking pissed off about that, obv, because no one touches me. and, i don’t remember this part but, apparently, according to my friends, i fucking DECKED HIM–punched him right on the cheekbone hard enough that it made noise on impact–and then i stood up, walked calmly to the other couch while everyone looked on in shocked silence, and fell fast asleep.