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  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> so newt scamander has shown excellent prowess in not only using magic as shown by him using wordless spells even though he was trained in verbal magic and sure it's for saving time onscreen and all that but it says something and it's meant to show us this man knows how to use magic and he's shown apparating constantly without splinching and often with jacob so an added person plus he has an entire world in his suitcase with a shit ton of different climates and spaces and that's gotta take a lot of maintenance to stay functional and has insane knowledge on most species and herbs not to mention he literally extracted an obscurial from this girl which tbh doesn't sound simple at fucking all and he's also got to know how to use this magic correctly and efficiently so as to avoid trouble i.e. he smuggles magical creatures and traveled all over so he HAS to be able to hide his tracks so why did he not have a moment to obliviate jacob? he's asked a few times throughout the film and he never responds and i think it's because he empathised with the fact that this is a Muggle Plagued By A Completely Stale Life working in a canning factory and that that small moment of magic he witnessed could give him the strength drive and hope to lead his best life. Newt Scamander didn't obliviate Jacob Kowalski because he /wanted him to glean strength from the knowledge that magic is real because he is good at heart the way few people are. Newt has proven he toes the line between criminality and lawfulness but he wouldn't willingly expose or endanger the secrecy of magic folk so there is no explanation as to why he "neglected" obliviation if it weren't deliberate and sure there were a few times he ignored using some kind of mending or reparative charms to cover his trail like in restoring the jewellery store or the wrecked attic and others but there was no time for him to do so since he almost immediately had to apparate away or deal with some other loose creature so these are not examples of his character since he repaired the giant wreckage of Jacob's house and maybe that was because he cared about Jacob but they hadn't progressed as friends yet and what's more likely is he is BY NATURE aware of how to act cautiously with magic so nothing else makes sense other than him not obliviating on purpose to give Jacob a little bit of light and since we established he wouldn't endanger the statute of secrecy he knew that even in letting Jacob know what he knew it wasn't enough to uncover the magic community and even if Jacob spoke out he wouldn't be believed any more than most people and he could be obliviated eventually if he posed a threat but this actual angel newt scamander always sees the best in everyone so his first thought was that he had faith in Jacob not to rat out their community or at least not out of malice and to just admire this memory of this world he had with reverence and im not crying you're crying<p/></p>

On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Maybe you should have rethought that statement, David.

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Charming & Regina + PDA’s


Designs for Royal!Haikyuu Charms! I hope to get them in time for SacAnime Summer 2015. ^Q^ I have an unhealthy addiction to the HQ!! babies in royal garments but this is probably the only time I’ve drawn HQ!! merch with them wearing their uniforms lmfao. 

I always get super uncomfortable when people draw naruto as this uber manly hurly burly GRRRR masculine dude 

cause like have u seen him?

pls don’t forget about this part of him it’s literally the most important thing thank u

Lucky Mascot

So I’m working 50+ hours a week at the moment, and i’m a single parent and I’m basically a mess of stress and self-pity so I haven’t had a chance to update Mission Medic (not that anyone cares!)

But reading @iwillbeinmynest ‘s latest fic (which it won’t let me link to) put an idea in my head so I wrote this on the bus this morning (and that tells you a lot about the quality to expect! Sorry) x

Team mascot, lucky charm, that’s what they called her.  All because the first mission she went out on was such a success.  The team had no injuries, bar the odd scrape; there were no losses; and everyone was in and out, getting what they needed, in record time.  After the second mission went the same way, Clint started insisting it was definitely due to their new mascot, said that they needed her along just like he needed to always wear his lucky pants on a mission.  The team didn’t hang around together for very long after that admission but the name stuck with her, and when she managed to snag a high-level Hydra operative as a prisoner on her third mission, it was confirmed.  Even Bruce, ever the scientist, would act sceptically but liked to ensure she went along.  When Bucky decided on the third mission that he needed a hug for luck, Steve did tell him he was pushing it, and gave him a look that she didn’t quite understand, but she was happy to play along with that one too. Of course, she protested – it was down to the skill of the team, to luck, hell even to the position of the planets, not to her.  But secretly she loved it, who wouldn’t!

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J.K. Rowling teaches us of four types of child, namely: the Ravenclaw, the Slytherin, the Gryffindor, and the Hufflepuff.

The Ravenclaw, what says she? “What are all the spells, jinxes, hexes, charms, divinations, potions, and enchantments, and how do they work?” You must thus reply to her with all of the laws of Hogwarts, that one may not enroll in Advanced Thaumaturgical Theory until after completing at least a semester of first-year Transfiguration.

The Slytherin, what says he? “How will graduating from this school benefit me?” “Benefit me,” he says, and not “benefit us”, thus excluding himself from the community. Therefore you must cast a Bat-Bogey Hex upon him and say, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to leverage my social connections into a successful career.” “I don’t know about you,” because if he keeps up that attitude, he won’t have any social connections to leverage.

The Gryffindor, what says he? “When’s Quidditch?” You should tell him: “Quidditch is at the end of the day, after all of your classes.”

And as for the Hufflepuff who is just happy to be there, you must begin the conversation for her, as the text states: “I think the feast’s already started.”

Elsa! This is Prince Loki, of Asgard! He’s so funny and charming! Not power hungry or cruel like Hans at all~! What do you think??? He said he’s a big fan of winter too! Can I date him please??

Ah boy, still one of my favourite metrocon moments~! Thank you so much @flamboyantwreck I’m so glad you were up for this~! 💙

Tagged by @prongsiedraws to draw my favourite character wearing my last outfit SOO heres the cutie pie that is Hermione Granger~
I literally sat in my living room watching charmed all day so this is what you get Hermione👌🏽

Favorite color:earthy greens and mustard yellow

Favorite music artist: Dodie Clark!

- First fandom: Marvel/ Disney/ doctor who

- Favorite TV show: Doctor Who/being human
- Favorite Manga/Anime: full metal alchemist

- hobbies: singing, broadway soundtracks yo, illustration/painting, adventuring, obsessing over Spiderman

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no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is


Hellooo, guess what came in today!! All my charms have arrived today, so I’ll start mailing preorders out this weekend. I have a lot of preorders to go through, so I may not get to all of them this weekend– I’ll do my best though to get them out asap! Thanks everyone so much for your patience.

I’ve also finally finished the overwatch crossing pals as stickers ohoh, which was my ultimate goal! I’ll be selling them as a full, kiss-cut sheet with all the heroes (and a few pachimaris) on them.

Regular charm orders will be up sometime next week after all preorders are sent out, and sticker sheets will go on sale tomorrow! I’ll post another update when I do~