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You aren’t fooling anyone, Erik. After Charles refused your offer to stay together, you literally stared at him for more or less 10 endless seconds, with the gaze of a man who’s going through hell. No need to read your mind, no need to keep that stupid helmet: the pain is carved on your face. Your teary eyes betray your emotions. Who are you trying to fool, Erik? Maybe yourself.


Pretty Little Liars - Alternative final - Wren is Charles - Cece is A

…He can’t remember much about what happens next, so blinded was he by grief and fury, but it was a long stretch of heavy darkness and cuts and blood and screaming and suffocating sadness, and when he finally comes to, the Corrupted is dead, an ugly mirthless sneer still twisted upon his austere features.

Charles himself isn’t going to last very long either; he’s beyond tired, he’s nearly drained of blood, and he wants to go to where Erik is, wherever he is, but he’s completely alone now, waiting for whatever is going to happen next. The tears still flow for his dear lover, guilt bleeding through his being like ink through paper. 

- The Other Candidate


My biggest problem with the finale wasn’t that Cece was transgender, it wasn’t even that she was A. My biggest problem was that there were major plot holes. Even looking back now, something still don’t make sense. And the thing that bothered me the most was Sara Irrelevant Harvey being not only Red Coat but Black Widow. Like please try and tell me that wasn’t a last minute thing. What reason would Shower Harvey have to torture these girl?

And when during that entire crazy filled monologue was I supposed to feel sorry for Cece? Yeah okay, I’ll give it to you Marlene, it was sad when she had to go Radley. And sure, I felt for her that her father hated her and never knew about Cece being Charles. But no enough to make me feel sorry for her. Like it did not excuse everything she did. It doesn’t even begin to.

So the finally sucked! It was a major disappointment. And I’m in too deep to turn away now so you know I’m going to be back for the remaining seasons. But understand, it was a gigantic led down.

Spencer’s Dream

I see post after post about Spencer’s dream; the one with Maddie Ziegler dancing all creepily in 6x05.

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I’ve read a lot of people asking what it means, if it means Spencer was in Radley as a child, if Maddie was portraying Spencer etc, but I think the answer is right in front of us…

Her subconscious took her back to that room because she had seen Charles’ name in there before. She is not the girl dancing. The dancing girl was just the vehicle that brought her back to that room and, therefore, her first experience with Charles.

Maddie’s face is literally shown to be in the same room; she is the poster child for nutrition. Spencer had seen the girls’ face in the room when she was in Radley in season 3. She had also seen Charles’ slippers, yet did not pay attention to them.

My thoughts are that her subconscious picked up the C.D slippers, and when they were introduced to Charles DiLaurentis, her memory of the name (seeing the slippers) manifested itself in her dream. As the dancing girl can be found in the same room as the slippers, she was the one to bring Spencer back to the room. 

She isn’t Spencer, she was just the anchor that brought Spencer back to where she had first come across Charles.

In this case, it literally is interpretative memory!

"That was before I realised where your loyalties were"

I may be in the minority here, but I never interpreted this scene between Mona and Wren to be about the A team. To me, Wren is challenging her confession to killing Wilden and she finds that threatening. She needs things to go her way and Wren could stop that.
I see it that, when she was in Radley before, Wren was Mona’s ally; in her eyes she had someone there on her side. But now he’s being less personal and challenging everything she says, basically accusing her of lying- maybe Mona feels betrayed by someone she used to trust when she was completely alone?
Wren’s ‘loyalties’ used to be with Mona; now they are with Radley and his duties as a doctor. She almost acts like a child who has been hurt and therefore refuses to cooperate with the person who hurt them- it’s a personal betrayal rather than one concerning the A team. It’s a matter of a patient feeling abandoned by a doctor who they once identified with, and they now realise is no different to any other doctor.

What do I care though you be wise?
Be sad, be beautiful; your tears
But add one more charm to your eyes,
As streams to valleys where they rise;
And fairer every flower appears

After the storm. I love you most
When joy has fled your brow downcast;
When your heart is in horror lost,
And o'er your present like a ghost
Floats the dark shadow of the past.

~Charles Baudelaire, “A Madrigal Of Sorrow”


Characters: Tucker, Palomo
Ship: Tucklomo
Genre: Smut
Warnings: nsfw, somewhat unhealthy relationship mentioned. face-riding and multiple orgasms. kind of like a smut companion to The Scientist series

“C’mon, Palomo, I wanna make you feel good. Take control, you deserve it.”

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Twoo Wuv

It’s a Princess Bride AU, written for this amazing prompt! I took one of my favorite scenes from the movie.

Charles heaved himself over the top of the cliff. He took a minute to catch his breath, bent over with his hands on his knees. Then he straightened and started running.

After a while he crested a hill through some trees and slowed when he spotted Wyngarde seated and smirking at a table with bread, cheese, and wine on it. He had Erik next to him, heavily blindfolded and with his hands and feet tied in front of him, held still with a sinister-looking knife angled under the sharp, lovely line of his jaw, denting his skin slightly.

“So now it is you and I,” said Wyngarde. “Don’t come any closer.”

Charles slowed further but continued approaching.

“It will be hard for us to converse from such a distance,” he said, drawing nearer. He watched Erik out of the corner of his eye, eagerly hoping the sound of his voice would send some sign of recognition over the part of Erik’s beautiful face that Charles could see. But there was nothing.

His heart hurt. Had he forgotten Charles so easily, when Charles’s thoughts every morning, every afternoon, every night had been of Erik? Had what they’d had meant to little to him that he’d completely discarded Charles in his haste to marry King Shaw? Well, Charles had been the first to fall in love; it was only fitting he would be the last to fall out as well.

“From a distance is how I like to keep my enemies,” said Wyngarde.

“Not very sporting to call me such, when we haven’t even been formally introduced,” said Charles lightly, gaining a few more steps.

“And here’s a further slight,” said Wyngarde, “I know as much about you as I want and you’re killing him.”

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I find it amazing the amount of things you notice when u rewatch ur fave tv show/movie that u didn’t notice the first time. I’ve been rewatching Band of Brothers non stop and besides noticing my precious cinnamon roll faves (*cough* Babe and Gene) in the background/crowds it’s shit like this…?

What are you even doing with your mouth, Buck?

Or stuff that’s not even in the background just things happening at the same time, example: 

I shit u not it took me 5 rewatches to actually notice what Liebgott was saying. Also I love Webster’s little head tilt like “srsly Liebgott?” and the responding smirk. This scene is gold.


LOOK AT GRANT. Look at that shit eating grin. Grant and Liebgott look like high school bullies picking on Webster and I love it.

Honestly, this post is just an excuse for some random BoB moments and a PSA about Charles Grant’s face.