and charles is such a sweetheart

jane austen: this character is going to be the purest, sweetest, prettiest, kindest character i have ever written
jane austen: everybody will love her
jane austen: she is her mother’s favourite
jane austen: a rich, kind, handsome bachelor falls instantly in love with her
jane austen: the heroine looks up to her
jane austen: she has never done anything wrong in her entire life
jane austen: if she has any character flaws at all its that she is TOO much of an absolute sweetheart
jane austen: and i will call her…..
jane austen: jane :-)

run sweetheart run|| old man logan

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So, I’m hoping to finish the requests that I’ve been sent and then maybe post the Mark Sloan oneshot that I came up with last night! But please, considering I’m one of the few blogs that strictly does Old Man Logan, my requests are open for him and Young!Charles Xavier. If you haven’t seen yours yet, PLEASE inform me! They get lost very easily, especially if they’re on Anon!

Requested by Anon: You’ve been on the run from the government since the beginning of mutant extinction, which somehow puts you in the paths of none other then the Wolverine and his 11 year old daughter. Because of his cautiousness and lack of trust in people, Logan immediately assumes that you’ve come as a trap to get to him and Laura, but you prove him wrong. How? You may or may not have your own set of his adamantium claws.

Song lyrics come from Run Boy Run 

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Charles Xavier Request: I’ll always love you… even if you are a little daft sometimes

Request: Could I possibly get a Charles x Reader fic? After his accident, he avoids all physical contact and touching with his gf, the reader (like she reaches for his hand and he pulls away, etc). He’s insecure now that he’s lost the use of his legs and thinks she deserves better. So, he tries to break up with her, but she reassures him that she loves him and doesn’t care and it ends in a super cute makeout?? I know you guys have a lot of stuff in your inbox so take all the time you need. Thanks!!

Hello love! You are a sweetheart for that last bit of your request. Like, everyone who requests to us is a sweetheart and lovely and everyone asks so politely so thank you all! Seriously! And anyone who takes time to reblog and like and whatnot… you’re ALLL amazing! Seriously, you guys are awesome! Anyway, I’ll shh and get on, so Happy Reading!

It had happened again today. You’d reached out to grab Charles’ hand, just to hold it. He’d pulled away. He’d been doing that a lot lately… he’d pull away whenever you went to touch him, to hold him…. he’d pull away. You shook your head. This was getting ridiculous. You’d have to confront him… you understood, yeah, some people don’t like being touched and they want their space but if you two brushed hands he would flinch. This was getting beyond the realms of norm and you just wanted your Charles back…. You’d have to confront him.
You walked to the training room in the manor where Charles was. He was wheeling around the desk slowly, carefully, being sure not to knock anything over with his chair.
“Charles… we… we need to talk.” You said cautiously. Charles looked up at you and nodded.
“It’s been coming for some time now…” He acknowledged and wheeled over to a table that was currently there (Charles was trying to teach someone how to chop it in half with their super hand power-things…. so far it wasn’t working, so it currently resided in one piece, thankfully for you two).
“Charles… I just…” you tried to start, but he cut you off.
“No, look…. y/n…. let me…. you don’t have to stay in a relationship with me. It’s ok, we’re through, we’re done. I’m fine, really, and you’ll be fine too, and it’ll be ok. You don’t have to stay, i know that’s why you have been, ‘cause you think you need to for me…. but it’s alright… You’re alright. I’ll be fine.” Charles face didn’t look like he was fine.
“Really Charles… and who’s mind did you get that out of? Mine or yours?” You asked, raising your eyebrows at him.
“I don’t read your mind, I told you I wouldn’t.” He replied.
“So how do you know I feel like that? ‘Cause I’ll tell you now, I really don’t feel like that at all!” You huffed,
“No, what I wanted to talk about, Charles, is the fact that if I go to hold your hand, you pull away! I go to hug you and you flinch… am I really that bad? What… what’s the matter?” You asked him, all the feelings of hurt slowly flooding back.
“No! It’s not you, y/n… it’s me…”
“Don’t give me that bull crap, the it’s not you, it’s me speech, Charles! If you want to break up with me, do it because you don’t want me, not because you think I won’t want you!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air in exasperation.
“No… I… y/n….” he tried, but you launched in again.
“Charles, I still love you, and I don’t know why you think I wouldn’t. I’ll always love you.”
“It’s… y/n…. how can you love me?! I’m not like I was before! I… I can’t walk, y/n! I can’t dance with you, I can’t go out to the garden with you without a lot of fuss about my chair… things aren’t the same… and I’ll be damned before I trap you in a relationship with only half a man!” You stared at him in shock, mouth slowly opening out of confusion.
“Half a man… is that honestly what you think of yourself?” You asked him. He just looked away.
“You’re more than half a man, Charles. If anything, with your mutation and your smarts and hey, even your good looks, you’re double most men. You’re kind and compassionate… you’ve never been half a man, Charles. You never will be… and I’ll always love you… even if you are a little daft sometimes.” You smiled at him, his gaze turned to meet your eyes and slowly, he started smiling back, he started laughing.
“What?” You asked in delighted confusion. He was laughing? This was a turn around!
“I just… sometimes you amaze me. I should’ve given you more credit.” His smile was infectious as suddenly your own cheeks were squished in a smile so wide it overtook your whole face.
“Yeah. You should give me more credit. I’m awesome!” You laughed and moved over to him, Charles wheeled his chair so that he as facing you, so you ended up sitting on his lap because you figured… well, why not! You kissed him and he kissed back and suddenly you were entangled in a lot of kissing and cuddling… it was a most entertaining afternoon after all, full of nothing but contact and loved-up-loving.


Tommy x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Elizabeth?” You called to your daughter who was playing in the garden, her little dress ruffling around her legs as she ran to you.


“Yes Mummy?” She asked and smiled as you took her hand.


“You’re going to get soaked through if you keep playing in the rain.” You scolded softly and hurried her into the kitchen where one of the maids gathered towels for her.


“But Daddy took Charles outside.” She whined.

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Triceratops horridus 

Everyone knows Triceratops—discovered by the crews of Othniel Marsh in 1889, it was instant American sweetheart. Since then, Triceratops has shown up just about everywhere— its bones in museum displays, its likeness in toys, its mug on mugs, and a Demille-style closeup of its crusty snot 1993′s hit Jurassic Park. With dozens and dozens of specimens found, you would think by now we would know just about everything about Triceratops. However, new discoveries continue to reveal secrets about our favorite three-horned ornithischian. Recent evidence suggests Triceratops may have sported an array of quills on its tail. If true, this would be a trait inherited from its ancestors, the bipedal, parrot-faced psittacosaurs.

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27. “I’m with you okay? Always” with Trip? <3 <3

“I don’t know, Trip. I don’t think I can do this.” You mumbled out, pointedly looking away from the engineer. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough.”

You heard Trip give a soft snort of disbelief. “Not strong enough?” He echoed, trying to lean forward and catch your eye. “Sweetheart, you’re one o’ the strongest people I know. If anybody can do this, it’s you.”

Despite his words, the sense of fear was still there. Trip was wrong; you can’t do this. It was too much. You’ll fail. Captain Archer would be disappointed in you. You’ll let the whole crew down…

The thoughts were interrupted when you felt Trip’s hand on your arm. And upon looking up, you found it calming to stare into those steady blue eyes. “It’s not like you’re goin’ in blind.” He said firmly. “I’m with you, okay? Always. Even when you think you’re alone, I’ll be there to prove your ass wrong.”

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Erik : “(Y/N) it’s that you ?”

You look the man who goes to you. Tears began to slide down your little rosy cheeks. It was not possible, it could not be him

[Y/N] : “Erik ?”

Erik : “What are you doing here ?”

[Y/N] : “Charles and me looking for some mutants here..”

You run to him, you could not restrain yourself. When you arrive in front of him you stop, you smiled and you put your arms around his neck.

[Y/N] : “I miss you Erik”

Erik : “I miss you too sweetheart”

You put an end to your embrace, tears in his eyes

[Y/N] : “I’m sorry but I have to go, Charles waiting for me. Goodbye again Erik”

You start to leave when suddenly, his voice stops you

Erik : “(Y/N) please wait”

[Y/N] : “Yes ?”

You turn around to face him when suddenly a pair of lips crashed against yours. The kiss was soft but at the same time wild, the weight of absence, the weight of lack is being felt. He broke the kiss when the air was beginning to miss you

Erik : “I still love you (Y/N)”

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So, I started watching Black Sails bc of your posts. And I'm totally head over heels for Captain Charles Vane?! I'm on ep six and just? Why?! He seems like such a sweetheart but he's not. He's a bloodthirsty pirate? But I also think he's a sweet boy?! HALP!

Hahaha welcome to Black Sails. Where our ships have actual ships.

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Thoughts on the Elsa dress

Elsa’s castle is this sparse, uncluttered art deco creation, which is mostly interesting through the geometry and the way the light filters though it.

But Elsa’s dress has tons of different textures, full of sequins and sparkles and details. Also the over the top makeup. It’s all very broadway diva.

They are nice individually, but they don’t look like they came from the same designer 100%. The whole point of the dress is that Elsa is sort of an extension of the castle she has decided to seclude herself in, but they only match via colour scheme and some smaller things like the shoes and maybe the skirt fabric, so that’s weakened. I think this is why the dress looks better in 2d.

As well, the fact they kept the sweetheart neckline clashes a bit with the angular shape language the rest of it has. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but is an odd choice.

Something which stuck to a limited amount of textures would have fit better. Like this Charles James dress.

Also, her dress isn’t made out of ice. The texture artists clearly didn’t make it out of ice, so I don’t know why the creators are saying it is.

Sequinned stretch mesh with seams. Seams on a dress made of ice?

Dark blue silk lining, ironed, with seams, from nowhere. It’s not even repurposed from the original dress- that had a lighter blue lining and differently placed seam.

Elsa can literally make fabric. That is canon. (I don’t see why not, she can make sentient life)

More evidence for Elsa being a fabricmancer: her coronation dress doesn’t seem to have a back lacing(as 1840s dresses had) or any other way to put it on. Presumably she sewed herself into it.

Lets get married
Let’s stay up all night
My chest will get hairy
And you can hold me tight
I’ll sing you songs
You’ll make me tea
I’ll walk the dog
And you’ll sing with me

I want my knees
behind your knees
I want my feet
playing with your toes
I need my nose
to the left or right
of your

—  Charles just found this in his phone’s notes from 2012. What a cute little sweetheart and how amazing that all the above is a reality.

The Black Brunswicker (1860) by John Everett Millais.

The painting depicts a Brunswicker about to depart for battle. His sweetheart, wearing a ballgown, restrains him, trying to push the door closed, while he pulls it open.  Kate Perugini, the daughter of Charles Dickens, was used as a model for the woman seen in the picture. The male model was an anonymous soldier who died shortly afterwards.

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“ Do I? “ Charles blushed. “ I don’t know this doesn’t seem to be me… I know it’s just trying something different to wear but I’m so used to my regular clothes.” He looked over at the mirror fixing his glasses.” I’m not sure leather is for me.”

“That’s a big part of taking risks sweetheart.” Magnus cooed as he eyed the other shamelessly. “Don’t you trust my opinion?” He asked softly as he reached out to straighten the leather jacket, fingers smoothing it down. “You don’t even look like one of those creepy biker dudes.”

Highschool Sweethearts (Closed RP)

Charles Lee, standing tall and clad in his red and blue letterman jacket, found his way out of chemistry class; and when he returned to his locker he was greeted by something that–that…who *was* that?

Lee narrowed his eyes, seeing somebody he’s never seen before shoving…roses into his locker. And, with that the insane sight all started making sense. A couple of days prior little notes had started appearing on his locker. In it were sweet things like wishing him luck on his games, calling him pet names, and other things like that. Of course, Charles immediately assumed he had a lady lover, a new crush perhaps? But what he didn’t expect was to see some– some *guy* shoving roses in the slits of his locker.

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?” He barked, stomping over to his locker. His fists were clenched in slight disappointment, but mostly anger. It’s not like he was *gay* or anything… The boy jumped, and before he could get an explanation Lee watched as he scrambled down the hall.


You know people complain about AC III a lot, but it’s not a bad game. None of the Assassin’s Creed games are bad. III does however, I think, have the best example of the main lesson of the whole series. Perspective perspective perspective. Each and every game tries to teach these lesson and III does a wonderful job with one man in particular: Charles Lee. Think about it. When you’re playing as Haytham he is so kind hearted and childishly eager to help in any way. He’s a freaking sweetheart. But then when you’re playing as Connor he’s suddenly a different man. He becomes cruel, violent, and deceptive. Through Haytham’s eyes he’s an angel, but through Connor’s he’s the devil incarnate.