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Hi! I'm a baby witch, and I've seen a lot of posts regarding Samhain and other witchy holidays. I'd really like to celebrate them, yet I don't really know much about them (how many there are, what they're called??). I was wondering if you had any lists or something that I could refer to? Just to help me out a bit :)

Hi friend! Of course! <3 Samhain is one of the eight Sabbats that are part of the Wheel of the Year. If you search for “Wheel of the Year,” you should be able to find calendars of all of the holidays and hopefully information of how to celebrate them! :) In general, the Sabbats are a good time to practice gratitude, spend time with loved ones, eat symbolic foods, and maybe even do a ritual.

But don’t feel bad if you can’t do any of those things! There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate a Sabbat - it’s all about what feels right for you. For most of my practice so far I haven’t been open about my practice, so I celebrated every Sabbat totally solo. For Mabon last year I just went for a walk in the woods and had some apple-themed foods, nothing fancy. Do what works for you - the whole point is to be in tune with nature and the changing seasons, and to me grateful for all of the wonderful things the earth has given us :) I hope that helps! 

The feeling when straight people:

- can’t acknowledge even so-called liberal allies are still low-key homophobic

- can’t trust or believe in the idea of “gaydar” or “pinging” because they, as straight people, don’t have it and only understand it as “stereotyping”

- don’t know the history of the Sewing Circle, lavender marriages, the Hayes Code, and Hollywood closeting

- broadcast loud and clear that “anyone can be gay … but my fave isn’t”

- truly believe that a marriage or an engagement in Hollywood is undeniable proof of straightness, “because no-one would go that far for a lie”

- demonstrate selective amnesia about all the times an out celebrity actively misled them before coming out, in interviews or by bearding in a pap shot / social media post (heeeyyyy, remember how Holland Roland was her gay co-star’s “girlfriend”? Remember Ellen Page cuddling up with Skarsgard in the park? Nope? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I guess!)

- assume you’re only calling out a fakelationship to criticize the people involved

- look at you in a way that makes it insultingly obvious they think you’re crazy

- talk about “conspiracy theories”, when they have zero idea what it’s like to navigate the closet. the white lies and degree of performance involved, and the way it escalates to a point where you feel you’ve come too far to take any of it back

- “devil’s advocate” or “what if they’re just bisexual” a situation they didn’t even bother to look into

- and yet … .

- cannot leave you alone about it

- actually cannot

- keep bringing it up, over and over again


That feeling.

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Can I ask you something ? Can I do the sabbats even if I'm not religious ? Or is it only for religious witches ? I feel like it's a dumb question, I'm sorry.

You totally can celebrate them if you’re not religious.

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I’m a non-Wiccan witch who is interested in the sabbats (Samhain specifically.) Can I still celebrate them if I’m not pagan?

You can.

You don’t have to be religious to celebrate the sabbats. Yes, they all carry a divine significance, but you don’t have to be of a faith to celebrate the non-religious aspects of them.

Hi everyone, I had a dream that was good probably. It was pretty normal compared to how I usually dream. Anyway, I was at a club for fancy money people in the VIP section among other rich famous well-musxled celebrities. Among them was Arnold Shwarzenaergarg (sp?) whomst says to me with that stupid mouth “pepole sad yu wah fahnee luking but yowr at least a 6.5 in queer metrics” and Murdock Niccols, yes that one, chimes in and says “eat shit you old tosser” with a British accent then says some more stuff I can’t understand because I’m not fluent in Ancient English and I laugh really hard because I have become aware that my sleeping brain is making up fake words that sound English but with a British accent and calling it “Ancient English” and I laugh so hard I glitch and clip through the club and ragdoll after hitting an invisible barrier then YOU DIED shows up dark souls style. Shout out to my buddy @chibibox for inspiring this bullshit.


Ezra Miller attends London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017 collections on June 12, 2017 in London, England.