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headcanon that the russian team is just a bunch of fucking trolls  (feat. Yuuri bc they’re all rinkmates now)

So…everyone seems to be doing these so I though I’d join in (baaaa *chews on a bit of grass*) Plus, I hit 500 followers the other day! Please ignore the crappy banner. I also realised the typo but cba to fix it.

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I started and finished like 95% of this back in winter of 2014. and then I kept putting it off for whatever reason, and so this winter I told myself “okay maybe I should finish that one n picture from before and still have it be topical” BUT OOPS NOW IT’S JUNE. but you know what we had a blizzard here a few weeks ago so IT WORKS (EVEN THOUGH IT’S 80 DEGREES RIGHT NOW BUT, JUST, WHATEVER I’M TIRED OF LOOKING AT THIS SO TAKE IT)

anyway I wanna play b/w again.


MONSTA X - Litmus S/S 2016

karkat and nepeta leijon-vantas the ultimate mismatched twinsies

dissy is irish and suff is indian and they have eight kids including psii’s two groinlings and their technical sisters porrim and kanaya because Holy Shit translating trolls into human families gets weird 

but the whole fam knows sign language so meulin can get along more easily and they all know how to deal with panic attack type things to help w kks anxiety and nep and mitunas meltdowns and kanaya alters neps clothes so she can pressure stim with them and its all really nice and supportive and happy and its just swell