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Epic Korra Fanfic Plug Time!

I can’t believe i didn’t know about this story till now!! first chapter and i’m already hooked :D

I suppose it’s time to plug my Korrasami fic—but this time, with reader quotes!

Now… as for that last scene… I must admit that I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands, of korrasami fics, and by far, yours is the one with the most fidelity to each character’s personality. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing when writers write characters OOC, but it’s a wonderful thing to read the characters in their element, especially since we still don’t have comics… ugh, the wait is killing me! So this is a very nice breath of fresh air.

I love these characters! My fundamental goal is to continue the characters and world we love from the show as smoothly as possible, while getting to explore them deeply. I don’t have a 13 episode time-limit, so I can dwell and linger and explore all those many, many open threads the show left us!

And wow. That Korrasami ending was just wow. It was raw, touching and moving. Exactly what I look for in Korrasami fics. You’ve got yourself a fan.

Have to admit, I enjoy the gushing. Here’s more!

Ahhhhh! I love this! It has what I want from a Legend of Korra story! Korra/Asami, Korra *and* Asami being awesome together and apart, with their own storylines.

Our two leading gals are front and center, and they deserve nothing less! Their relationship hits the ground running—they have a lot of emotional baggage to catch each other up on. Still, they are very in love and very dorky and that’s just wonderful.

Admittedly, I read this chapter a few times. Or at least the korrasami parts, because I’m a huge sap. I know. Sue me. It’s your fault for writing fluff so damn well.

And apparently others agree! Not that it’s a fluff-centric fic… far from it.

Ugh. Why don’t you rip my heart out and throw it in a shredder, why don'cha?! All whining aside, one of the things I love the most about this story is that you’re taking the time to ask all the hard questions that were left open-ended when the show ended. In a way, that was good because–aaah ma guudness, look at all the lovely fanfics! But on the other hand, they were NAGGING questions, and not every fanfic has covered them! Jeesh! But we’re so lucky you decided to write this!

I’ve been writing for years, but never ventured into fanfic before. Korra is something special to me—in my personal life, certainly. But also, so few shows end so openly—the series resolved well, but there’s still so many questions up in the air!

(Plus, more than a few nagging little plot holes that are easily fixed by filling them with angst.)

Wow (as the little Asami’s would say) this is one of the best fanfics I’ve read in a while; I really like the way you are handling all of the arcs and base part of the story on plot holes left by te series. Something tells that the Avatarvetse is going through the a series of revolutions similar to those of the end of the 19th century + some more modern movements, I really like the parallels, specially with what is going on with the red lotus and fire nation.
I generally don’t like OCs in fanfics, but yours are really interesting, I specially like Nuktik. He has so many things to deal with! Can’t wait till Korra gets to the fire nation to Deal With everything, give the poor kid a break (and some more loving!). I’ll be waiting for the update, I bet it’s gonna be great (but take your time!)

Revolutions? Isn’t this a Korrasami fic? Well, yes, it very much is, but the scope is way broader than our two favorite gals. They’re both major world leaders and the world is still in flux. The decisions Asami and Korra make will impact how all that turns out. No pressure!

As for original characters—there’s a few. Just as every season introduced a few new faces to the cast, to compliment the plot and expand the world. But if there’s anybody in the show you’re looking for, odds are that they’re in here. I think right now Tahno and Gommu are the only characters ‘of note’ that haven’t been included to some degree? Did you even remember who Gommu was?

I have to compliment to you, because you’re expanding this fiction to a lot of Avatar’s world we didn’t see, at least in Korra’s days. It seems kinda difficult to manage all this mess, but you’re doing it extremely well.

I’m honestly surprised myself how well I’m pulling some of it off! Come for the Korrasami fluff—and there’s a LOT of fluff, especially early—stay to watch me juggle.

As you can tell, I’m rather well… invested in your fic. It’s been a great ride so far and your writing is superb! Especially considering the many threads you are weaving. Yours is a thoroughly engaging tale and I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

Luckily, they didn’t have to wait for long—other than a brief hiatus during winter break, I’ve been updating this fic consistently every two weeks. I’ve got chapters pre-written nearly through the finale, and I know how this all ends… it is gonna be great. Also, lengthy.

The writing is so smooth and nearly flawless that it’s not a hard read, which is always a plus especially when reading fics. The characters behave so closely to canon that it just feels natural. Basically, things that are normally hard for fic writers to accomplish seem so effortless here, which is one of the main reasons I’ll keep reading. Also, the concept of guns in the avatar universe is a really interesting idea and I really want to see how that plays out and how Korra and Asami’s views will clash. I feel it’s a very good conflict to bring up and in some ways it might even end up as a commentary on how guns are treated in our world, I’ll just have to keep reading and see. Lovely chapter!

Of course I point out compliments to my writing, but… guns?

They’re not the central focus of the story—that’s the characters, and Korrasami in particular—but they are the aspect that sets it apart from other fics. It’s not exactly a spoiler—they get brought up in chapter 1—but I was way more interested in how the various characters react to them than the guns themselves. I love this world and I love it’s characters… but as a writer, I’m interested in action, and consequence. There’s not much more direct a metaphor for that than pulling a trigger.

The story is not pro-gun. The story is not anti-gun. The story is one in which guns exist… and the world has to figure out what that means.

Alright, let me just say that I am very upset right now. I have now caught up with this amazing, intense, well written, and complex story, and Korra STILL has not found out about the guns!!! Like seriously yo! I don’t even know why I want the drama that’s gonna happen as much as I do but I NEED IT! It probably has something to do with the fact that you write fluff so well that I’m positive the angst and drama that’s about to be unleashed is gonna be ASTOUNDING!!

Somebody gets it.

Oh. My. God.

Yaaasss!!! This chapter was amazing in every way. I’ve been waiting too long for the 'shit hits the fan’ chapter but it was definitely worth it.

The worst part there is… the shit had only begun to hit the fan.

I’m so madddddddd.
You’re so awesome though, why you do this?
Anyway, very much good luck to you in grad school (yikes!) And specially kudos to you for taking on this beast of a story as eloquently as you have in the midst of that (I myself barely hang).
But yeah. Update soon! (End this perpetually familiar agony!)

But as bad as things get in this story—and they do wind up getting pretty bad—that’s all a down-payment on the triumph I have planned for the end. How well can Asami and Korra weather this storm? Spoilers: I love them and would never leave them unhappy. But getting there…

That’s where the fun is.

You want mad? I’m mad!!

Not really. This is one of the best expansive fics around and I’m super stoked you keep updating it. All the different plot lines are well thought out even as they twist around each other and meet up.
Can’t wait for more!

So maybe give the fic a shot, guys! I promise, there’s so many threads being explored, at least a few will speak to you. All you have to do is click on these words right here, I even made it easy for you!

(Completely perfect cover picture courtesy of drakyx. Visit her tumblr for more excellent art!)

Fic: A Sudden Interruption

The last little fic of the month, based on this prompt! Thanks everyone for your kind words and I hope you enjoyed these! There’s more to come soon :)

Title: A Sudden Interruption

Fandom: Attack on Titan (Modern AU)

Pairing: Reibert

Word count: 360

Warnings: None

Summary: It’s hard to cuddle when someone needs a snack.

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UGH writing your own fics is haAARD especially when you just want to get to the whump part and pass all of the build-up. Like I can see it all perfectly in my head but I have to WAIT for my FINGERS to CATCH UP and it’s ANNOYING!!!

anonymous asked:

Can you reccomend any good stories that you've read lately? Thanks ☺

I… really need to catch up on my reading. I’m gonna recommend some of the fics that are popping out in my head right now. Apologies to those of you who tag me in things and don’t hear from me - I promise I’m gonna try to get better at that! 

Friends After All - @angelkurenai - this was the first fanfic I ever read, and I swear it was one of the most twisty and amazing things… Ugh. I just love it. Definitely read that one. 

She’s Leaving Dean - @crowleysplaythings - I’m not even halfway through this series and I am hooked like a friggin’ fish. Also their series My Son, Bringer of Storms. Amazing.

I’m Yours and I’m Still Yours - @impala-dreamer - Again, not caught up because I’m a shit friend, but what I have read of this series is unnnnbelievable. Go read it. Seriously. 

I Know Your Wife - @teamfreewill-imagine - holy hell talk about a roller coaster. Read this if you’re into angst and okay with pregnancy. It’s… awesome. 

Fragments and With All My Heart - @torn-and-frayed - Both series have me on the edge of my seat all the time, because Steph knows how to fluff it up and then rip your heart out. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out her entire masterlist.

My Kind Of Crazy - @iwantthedean - Yeah, I’m biased because she wrote this for one of my challenges, but this had me so *heart eyes* the entire time, and now I can’t listen to this song without thinking of this story and just smiling. 

Writing Is Hard - @ilostmyshoe-79 - if you’re looking for smut, Kim is the blog to hit. This series in particular is a favorite of mine because it pokes fun at fanfiction in the best possible way, and it involves lots of naked Dean, which is always a plus.

anonymous asked:

I want my guy to fuck me on my period and he WILL NOT. Ugh. I'm usually so sensitive and I need lots of cuddles and I just want him to take me in the shower and slam me up against the wall and he won't even hug me during it cause he's afraid he'll catch it or something. He's totally grossed out but I beg him every month. There's a Niall fic about it and I just have that to get by with.

PERIOD SEX IS NOT WEIRD, LOVE. I’d probs do it. But it would have to be like the last days and in the shower, like you said.

FUN FACT: The guys are usually more interested in period sex than the girls! Soo.. nothing is holding you back haha xx


I wasn’t planning to post anything yet, but then I remembered that Wednesday is kinda my day of posting fics soo.. have this prompt! it’s Tony and Natasha friendship fic, pre-stony. roughly proofread because I still feel kinda sick, but I know that BG would be the one really happy about this fic and she was okay with me not proofreading c: and hopefully, BF!anon would be also okay. and read it. and talk to me. because she dumped me and talks only to BG. not that I’m jealous. I’M NOT JEALOUS, SHUT UP. ugh.. enjoy the fic :D!! also, I realized that halfway I changed the rules of the game, so whoops.



aka why Tony hates team bonding 

Tony was running down the hall, a huge, huge smile plastered across his face. When he decided that he was far enough, he stopped, bending in half, trying to catch his breath.

Dammit, he hated running.

But he was winning!

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My Top ColdFlash fics

Pretty new ship for me and I dunno how it started, but they are really hot together and I loved this fics, so here ya go for ya’ll go need some guidance or whatever.

1. Seventy Three Seconds by RedHead

Set after S01 E16 (Rogue Time).

With a meta-human on his tail, Leonard Snart turns to the Flash for some information on how to stop them, and gets more than he bargained for along the way.

2. To Catch a Thief by Error401

“Ugh, hi,” Barry said, staring up at the man in the parka.

“Hi…” the man said slowly, staring at Barry in turn.

“You’re not Garcia from the bank robbery task force, are you,” Barry said. It wasn’t a question.

The man in the parka smirked and leveled a gun at Barry’s chest. “Stay cool, kid, and I’ll be on my way in no time.”

*Ficlet originally posted on my tumblr

3. Out Cold by Crimson1

Captain Cold’s plan for a bit of fun with his nemesis results in more than he bargained for when a head wound from dashing to Flash’s rescue leaves him without any memories of who he or The Flash is. As Barry nurses Len back to health, both of them quickly start to hope that he never remembers being Captain Cold as the attraction they feel for each other turns into something more without the pitfalls of being enemies to stand in their way.

AU with everything having happened up to the Season 1 finale, except Eddie shot Eobard instead of himself, killing him, and the singularity didn’t happen.

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jen’s barry allen/leonard snart fic recs

barry allen/leonard snart

  • Saints and Sinners by bealeciphers [Leonard Snart is a very simple man who wants one, easy thing from Barry Allen. It’s Barry, surprisingly, who takes it a step further.]
  • The Heist by Glare [Lenny had always loved puzzles.]
  • To Catch a Thief by Error401 [“Ugh, hi,” Barry said, staring up at the man in the parka.“Hi…” the man said slowly, staring at Barry in turn.“You’re not Garcia from the bank robbery task force, are you,” Barry said. It wasn’t a question.The man in the parka smirked and leveled a gun at Barry’s chest. “Stay cool, kid, and I’ll be on my way in no time.”]
  • Little Sisters Don’t Make Wingwomen by bealeciphers [where Len & Barry are getting heavy and Lisa cockblocks Len as payback for when he interrupted her and Cisco.]
  • Perks by bealeciphers [Captain Cold picks Barry up from the station for a date]
  • Four times Len was possessive/protective and one time Barry was by bealeciphers [4+1]
  • i’m flirting with you by kimmi-watch [It started with the ice sculptures.]
  • What Starts Today by prettypurpleflower [When Barry is confronted with the reality of Leonard Snart being more than a cardboard cut-out of a criminal, he makes a rash decision that has unpredictable consequences for him. Like drinks and this smirk that just won’t leave Snart’s face all of a sudden.]
  • ditched at the heist by Honora [In which Barry Allen outsources his heroic activities (and interpersonal commitments) and feelings get hurt dignities are offended.]
  • Third Time’s a Charm by RedHead [After a week trapped in one another’s bodies, Len is getting tense and Barry educates him about how his body best releases tension.]
  • Incredibly Well Designed Filtering Device by michael_was_filled_with_self_loathing [christ i dunno there;s an improbably powered meta-human who whammies barry and cold into a sexual frenzy of sorts ok jsut be cool]
  • Nothing Like a Secret So Well Kept by Regann [Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, it’s obvious (to just about everyone) that Len has a crush on the Flash. (Or, Five people who are amused by Leonard’s crush on Barry and one who finds it to be very serious business.)]
  • Lights Off by Crimson1 [“What if our feet touch?”A pause. Barry felt his face heat up, beet red in the blackness, expecting Snart to laugh at him, and pulled the covers up to his neck so he could hide his entire face if need be.He felt Snart settle more comfortably into the bed. “If our feet touch, we fuck. Obviously.”]
  • headed straight for your heart like a bullet in the dark by Swing Set in December [This fake relationship escalated faster than Barry anticipated. For Len, the execution couldn’t have been better if he planned it himself.]
  • So your Soulmate’s a Jerk by The_Dancing_Walrus [It was like an acid burn, for a moment everything felt normal and then it was like Barry’s whole body was on fire. It was like the biggest shot of adrenaline, like he was suddenly way too aware of everything from the pain in his ribs to the smell of the front offices. He gasped at the same time Snart did, hand going up to his cheek which was still too hot and-He turned, it felt like it took a lifetime, and Snart was on the floor staring up at him-His whole hand had turned a red so dark it was almost black. A Lichtenberg figure, the analytical part of Barry’s brain supplied, Leonard’s Mark looked like a lightning burn.]
  • Unexpected Deviations by Regann [Rip Hunter wants to preserve the timelines of heroes such as The Flash, but he comes to realize that his actions result in one major deviation.]
  • Unexpected Feelings by kipsi [Len finds out that talking to the A.I. makes things more interesting and fun on the Waverider.]
  • Seven Days of Falling by Crimson1 & kashinoha [When Barry loses the speed force altogether and his body returns to the way it was before the lightning strike, he believes his worth to his friends to have come to an end. But, with help from those who love him most, and a little from someone unexpected, he comes to realize that Barry Allen is just as good as the Flash.]
  • What Comforts We Should Find by punk_rock_yuppie [Barry Allen has been dating Leonard Snart for nearly six months. Barry Allen knows Leonard Snart is also renowned thief, Captain Cold. Leonard Snart does not know his own Barry Allen is The Flash. It’s complicated.]
  • Tokens of Affection by Regann [Barry’s glad that Len is helping Rip Hunter; he just wishes he wasn’t using it as an excuse to steal him things from across the span of space and time. (A tale of separation, reunions and dubiously acquired items of varying historical significance.)]
  • Budget Cuts by scarsgirl [There had to be a better way to meet the city’s needs than cutting his budget. He’d talk to Mayor Snart about this!]
  • Gray’s Anatomy by arainymonday [Dr. Barry Allen is a third year surgical resident specializing in pediatric surgery at Central City General Hospital. Dr. Leonard Snart is an attending and chief of pediatric surgery nicknamed Captain Cold for his chilly demeanor with residents and interns. What begins as mutual dislike becomes friendship and romance as they work side-by-side to save lives.]

[ I know Jensen is married, but for this imagine, let’s just pretend he is single ok? I know he has a family. Trust Me, I love Danneel and JJ so much. But this is just for fun. Thank you]


Your friend nudged your side, catching your attention.

“Dude, he’s staring right at you!” She squealed.

“No. He’s probably looking at someone behind us.” You chuckled, shaking your head.

There was no way he looking at you. Especially since there were hundreds of other beautiful girls in the room.

Both you and your friend snapped your heads back to see who he was staring at. But no one was behind you.

“See. I told you, he was looking at you!” She stammered, squeezing your arm.

Your rolled your eyes and bit the inside of your cheek. Your eyes met his and for a moment, you felt as if the world had stopped and your breath escaped to the back of your throat.

Here you were, standing before the man you loved for so many years. Watching him on your favorite show. So it was hard for you to believe that of all people, he noticed you.

He flashed you a wink, and you couldn’t help but bite your lower lip. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he returned his gaze back to the ground in front of him.

Your heart was pounding, hard like a hammer. Clutching on to your friend, you felt light headed from the adrenaline pulsing through you.

Jensen turned back to you, smiling like a child on Christmas morning. He watched as you giggled and blushed not knowing what to do.

He took one last look at you, then turned to the mic and began to sing.

Finally able to breathe, you stood, listening to every note he hit.

“This is the best night ever.” You whispered.

(After the show)

Everyone scattered into the lobby, talking amongst each other. Taking pictures. You and Y/F/N, met some new people and shared stories of the weekend.

“You have to see the pictures we took of Misha!” Y/F/N stated. “Show them your pictures.” She nudged your side.

You looked through your bag for your phone, but there was no luck.

“Shit! Where’s my phone!” You croaked, feeling your pockets.

“Maybe you dropped it inside?” Y/F/N muttered. She pulled her phone out and dialed your number.

The phone rang twice, but someone answered the other line.

“Hello?” You exhaled.

“Hi!” The familiar voice muttered.

You immediately knew who it was and you felt your stomach flutter.

“Um h-hi. I believe y-you have my phone?” You stuttered. “Well of course you do since you answered it.”

You heard him chuckle making you laugh along with him.

“Yea, I found it on your seat.” He stated. “Let’s meet up somewhere, and I can give you your phone.”

You locked your gaze with Y/F/N and gripped onto her arm.

“What?!” She muttered, furrowing her brows.

“S-Sure. Where would you like to m-meet?”

There was a long pause, and for a moment you thought the connection had disconnected.

“There’s a bar that the guys and I are going to right now, just down the block. Meet me outside in about 15 minutes?” He asked.

Your mind was spinning and you couldn’t focus on anything.

“Y-yeah! Sure, yes.” You hesitated.

“Ok well see you soon.” He chuckled.

“See you.”

The line went dead and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Your friend snapped her fingers in your face, catching your attention.

“Y/N!” She yelled.

Your eyes were wide and your lips curved up into a smile. “We have to go outside. Now!”

(There are more parts to this imagine! Fic is called BREATHLESS)


seokjin hates his history class and has a habit of bemoaning his woes and making fun of his teacher on scrap paper during class. one day he accidentally leaves the paper in the desk and is like ugh that sucks whatever but then he doesn’t expect to check the next day and have an intricate doodle illustration on his paper with a “yeah this class sucks :(” scrawled beside it. him and mysterious artist set up a correspondence through doodles and seokjin ends up getting emotionally invested whoops meanwhile he keeps catching that cute underclassman kid jungkook staring at him weirdly what’s with that

Be Careful What You Wish For

Summary: When Phil wishes for his and Dan’s Sim child, Dil, to be real, chaos floods their home. Will Dan and Phil both find a way to get rid of Dil in the real world, or will their lives be ruined forever?

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

Prompt Cred: here

A/N: This is my first ever fic so please be nice. I’ve been trying to write a fanfic for ages, but I either got too bored and gave up or never had an interesting story. But anyways, it was really fun to write, so I hope you enjoy!


Dan’s eyes widen as he catches a shooting star in sight. “Phil!” He calls and Phil dashes to the lounge. “Make a wish,” Dan says and Phil walks over to the open window.

“There’s really nothing to wish for,” Phil states, “I’ve already gotten what I wished for.”

“Ugh, Phil, stop being so cringingly cute,” Dan chides playfully.

“Actually, you know what I wish for?”

“What?” Dan asks curiously.

Phil grins, “For Dil to be real.”

Phil’s grin turns into a laugh. Then Dan starts to laugh. “Oh my God, that would be horrible.”

After laughing in the lounge, Dan went to his room and browsed the Internet for hours until he finally fell asleep.


A sound of glass breaking wakes Dan up.

“Phil, what the hell?” He mumbles as he gets out of bed.

Dan makes his way to the kitchen slowly, following the noise of running water. The sound of glass breaking rings in his ears again.

“DAN!” Phil cries out, but his voice comes from his bedroom. A loud thump follows after.

Phil stumbles out of his room, hitting the side of his doorframe with his shoulder.

If Phil’s here, Dan thinks, who’s in there?

“Dan?” Phil says, pushing his glasses up. “If-”

“Yeah,” Dan interrupts.

The two of them creep behind the corner. Their eyes shift quickly to the sink. Black shirt. Black jeans. A Sim symbol afloat on his head.

“Is that-”

“PHIL! What the fuck is Dil doing in our kitchen?” Dan scolds in a whisper.

“I don’t know!” Phil responds frantically.

“Well he’s breaking our dishes!”

“I see that.”

The sound of breaking dishes fills the apartment a third time.

“What do we do?” Phil whispers.

“You think I know?”

The sound of running water stops.

“He turned off the sink,” Dan notes.

They watch as Dil opens the fridge.

 ”Not our food!” Phil frowns. “Dan, come on, we have to do something.”

Dil grabs a slice of pizza out of the fridge and places it on a plate. He walks to the microwave and shoves it in, but doesn’t set a timer. After waiting about ten seconds, Dil takes the pizza out of the microwave and takes a seat on the couch, in front of the blank television.

“He doesn’t seem harmful,” Phil says, “He’s acting like he does in the game.”

“Yeah, maybe we should just come out.”

Phil giggles.

“Shut up.”

Dan starts walking to Dil, and Phil follows, taking small baby steps.

Dil finishes his plate of pizza when they arrive by the lounge. Dil gets up from the couch and walks past them, plate in hand.

“He didn’t see us,” Phil says, amazed.

 ”Yeah, but I think I know where he’s going now.”

They both follow Dil, passing the sink, to a desk in the middle of the lounge, where he sets his plate. Then Dil walks to the bathroom.

Phil is about to follow, but Dan pulls him back. Dan takes the plate and walks to the sink, washing it himself.

“Reckon he can hear anything?” Dan asks. Before Phil can speak, they both hear the sound of water rushing down from the shower.

“Are you kidding?” Dan mutters under his breath, putting the plate back in the cupboard after washing it.

“He’s probably going to break it,” Phil says.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Dan holds up a piece of broken glass from the plates Dil smashed earlier. “How are we going to get rid of him?”

Dan takes a deep breath, “The same way he came here.”


Dil didn’t break the shower, thank God, but he did take Dan’s bed.

At two in the morning, Dan was going to lay down in his bed, but he found Dil in his clown suit already there, tucked in his sheets. Dan decided not to intervene and went to Phil’s room.

Phil was still up, reading the book he bought in the festive day in the life video. His room light was still on.

“Mind if I sleep here with you tonight? Dil sort of…took my bed,” Dan says, leaning on the door frame.

Phil scoots over to the left side of his bed, then pats the right side for Dan to lay. Dan gladly takes the spot and lay down underneath Phil’s warm covers.

“Is the book any good so far?” Dan asks as he settles.

“You asked that already.”

Dan remembers the time he caught Phil reading in his room, asking him the same question.

“Oh, yeah.”

“So,” Phil puts his book down on his nightstand, “what are we going to do with Dil?”

“I was thinking you could wish for Dil to get back to the game, but I don’t know when the next shooting star is. Probably not gonna be one for a long time,” Dan says sadly.

“But what if we keep him?” Phil suggests.

“No,” Dan rejects, “the last thing I need is to take care-”

“Come on,” Phil interrupts, “It might be fun.”

Dan sighs, “All right, I guess we could give it a try.”


The next morning is horrendous. Trash piled on the floor, even more broken dishes, sink water running, three plates left on the desk, the television left on. And somehow Dil had managed to find their stereo and turned it on.

“We’re going to have an expensive electricity bill,” Dan comments after seeing the mess their apartment had become.

“Okay, forget everything I said last night,” Phil says with wide eyes.

And there in the corner was Dil Howlter, on his Sim phone, playing the Sim version of Tetris, grunting and moving around like he’s possessed.

“We have to clean this up,” Dan says, and he dashes to the sink, turning the water off, while Phil turns the stereo and television off. All the broken plates and scraps from the floor are tossed into the trash.

Once the two of them are done cleaning, Phil asks, “What do you want for breakfast…or lunch, I guess, now?”

“What’s there?” Dan says, crossing his arms.

“Um….” Phil opens the fridge and stares at the inside. “There’s no food left.”

“Jesus Christ,” Dan mutters.

“We can go to Tesco,” Phil advises.

I can go to Tesco. You stay here and make sure Dil doesn’t mess any up again,” Dan commands.

“All right,” Phil agrees.

Dan leaves the apartment to buy groceries while Phil stays with Dil, who had now made his way to the stereo and was weirdly dancing to a tune Phil hadn’t heard before.

Phil thinks he could calm Dil down, so he takes a board game from the shelf and sets it down on the floor.

“Dil,” Phil calls, and Dil turns surprisingly. Phil points to the spot in front of him, across from the board game, and Dil complies, sitting where Phil pointed at.

Dil actually plays the board game correctly with Phil and Phil had to admit it was fun. Even though he had no idea what Dil said one hundred percent of the time, Phil felt like they had bonded just because of a board game.

Dan arrives home about forty minutes later, holding five grocery bags on each arm, and sees Phil playing a game with Dil, who seems to be enjoying it.

“Phil? What?” Dan says, confused, as he places the ten grocery bags on the counter.

“See, there was a way,” Phil smiles.

Dan joins them and watches as Phil and Dil play the board game.


“Want to play? I’m pretty tired,” Phil says to Dan through a yawn. He and Dil had played the board game for about six hours, playing eight rounds.

“I think we should put the board game away,” Dan encourages. “Yeah,” Phil approves, and puts the board game pieces back into its box. Dil gets up and walks to the kitchen, pulling out a pan from the cupboard. “Dil!” Phil scolds, taking the pan away from him. The last thing he wants is the apartment to burn down.

Dan glances out the window, and as if on cue, a shooting star forms in the distance.

“Phil, get over here right now!” Dan beckons and Phil dashes over to him, leaving Dil alone in the kitchen.

“Shooting star,” Dan points out, “Should we wish him away?”

“I don’t know,” Phil frowns, “I mean, it was bad the first time, but now we can connect-”

Dil grunts in pain, as he’s burned by the pan on the stove. Whatever he was cooking turned black and burnt.

“I think it’s time we say goodbye,” Dan says after witnessing Dil’s experience with the pan. Phil nods his head in agreement.

Dan stares at the stars and says, “I wish Dil went back to the Sims game.”


It’s quiet the next morning. Dan wakes up next to Phil, his arm around him. Phil awakes the same time as Dan.

“Is he gone?” Phil asks, shifting over so that he and Dan are face-to-face. “I believe so,” Dan says, “Let’s go check.”

They enter the lounge.

No Dil Howlter.

But the apartment is clean and tidy, just as they left it a couple days ago. Dan walks to his bedroom, messy like always.

It is like Dil had never even been there.

Dan isn’t sure if he missed Dil, but his thoughts are completely cut off when the apartment suddenly shakes and a voice echoes through the halls.

“Dan, wake up!”

It’s the voice of Phil.

Dan’s eyes flutter open to the sight of Phil shaking him awake.

“Dan, it’s one in the afternoon! You’ve been sleeping for so long, I was starting to worry!” Phil exclaims apprehensively.

“Calm your tits, I’m alive,” Dan says, getting up, “But I had this weird dream that I need to tell you about.”

“Okay, what was it?” Phil asks, eager to hear about Dan’s dream. Dan rewinds back to the beginning and sighs, “Well it started with a shooting star…”

anonymous asked:

1. “Oh my God. You’re in love with her.” With Sansa and Jon? Please?

“Oh my gods, you’re in love with her!”

Jon wasn’t sure how it was possible for a person’s face to display that much sheer disgust, but somehow Arya pulled it off. He found himself bouncing between irritated and ashamed, the presence of the shame only making his irritation grow. Arya was his little sister in everything but blood, and he hated little more than to disappoint her, but it rankled him that someone who claimed to care for him the same way would look so disdainful of something that made him so happy.


“I caught you doing the walk of shame last week…I congratulated you on getting over Ygritte!”

“Wha…?” His irritation and hurt faded into bewilderment, and then a mix of embarrassment and amusement as understanding began to ever so slowly set in, along with the memory of Arya catching him coming back to his own apartment just after dawn.

“Ugh, you even smelled like sex!! Gross.” She began making gagging sounds.

Jon barely supressed the urge to roll his eyes. “Arya…”

Arya held up her hand, continuing to pantomine gagging with a cacophony of other disgusted noises.

“Very mature.”


Chapters 1 - 9

 +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     + 

The UK’s version of the Food Network drones on in front of me, the volume at a level definitely not suitable for the time of morning it is, but I didn’t really give a shit. If I was going to be up suffering, the whole hotel was going to be up suffering. Saliva slowly builds up in my mouth, not from the savory images being displayed in front of me, but from my stubborn reluctance to swallow. The simple, instinctive act feels like a hundred knives trying to squeeze through a small hole, stabbing every inch of me as it penetrates its way through, leaving a metallic taste in my mouth, and fire breathing from my throat.

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anonymous asked:

on your fanfic recs page, you have a lot of drarry fics (which is just what im looking for!) but since there are so many I was wondering which ones are your favourites? maybe, top 3 favourites?

Oh gosh. Picking my favourite was easy. Narrowing down the others, not so much. Though the list on my fic recs page is not entirely in any particular order, I will order these for you. (ps I basically only read mature or NC-17 stories but I usually only like smut with plot so??? I hope that’s ok)

1. Secrets by Vorabiza is probably my favourite Drarry fic of all time, ever written, ever. It is 62 chapters long (yikes) and is better, in my opinion, than the Deathly Hallows. It’s is fantastically written and I have reread it probably about 5 times. It usually takes me a day or two to finish it since I can never seem to drag my eyes away from the screen long enough to realize i should be doing things like eating or sleeping. It is rated NC-17, there is smuttiness in later chapters. Severus/Remus is also a side pairing so if you’re totally against that then you might not want to read it. Though honestly, you should anyway cause it’s that good. Brief summary, Draco shows up on Harry’s doorstep only a couple weeks after Dumbledore’s death with a baby. It’s a horcrux hunting fic and it’s amazing. Go read it now, you will not regret it.

2. Burning Day by ConstantComment is a very long one shot and a story that I read once, about three years ago and then had to go on a mad search for through the archives because I hadn’t forgotten about it. It literally plagued me for years because all I could remember about it was Unicorns, a treehouse and an obliviated Draco. And how very, very good it was. It’s literally heart wrenching. It’s NC-17. I cry about this fic a lot, honestly. Brief summary, Harry goes on a vacation in the middle of winter to get away from it all, three years after the war and stays in a treehouse in the middle of the forest only to be interrupted in the middle of the night by Draco and a Unicorn. Except Draco has no memory. It is very well written and you will never forget it.

3. Safe House by Professor McKitten. There seems to be a trend in my favourites, that they are stories that I could not seem to forget. This is another story that I forgot to bookmark when I read it three years ago. I also had to go searching for this one. Luckily, I remembered the name and didn’t have as hard a time finding it as I did with my second favourite. It’s 9 chapters long and very well rounded. Again, NC-17 (I read a lot of smut ok) and again, it will likely make you cry. At least it made me cry. Brief Summary, Draco and Harry get locked in a safe house for a couple months for their own protection and ~interesting things happen~ If you have a major love for Ginny, I have to warn you that she’s a little bit of a nasty bitch in this fic. I didn’t really care since I’m not super fond of her anyways, but if you are, just a little heads up. It is very, very sad. Fred and George are a blessing, though. 

3 ½. Catch 22 by JaD. Okay, okay, so I couldn’t quite narrow it down to 3, but I got close, right? This fic is adorable and hilarious and it makes me sad, as most Drarry does because angsty boys ugh. You might not cry at all when you read any of these, honestly, but I certainly did. It’s 9 Chapters and NC-17. Brief summary, Dumbledore makes a new rule that the students basically have to have pen palls with other students in other houses and guess who’s Harry’s is? They have no idea who these people are unless they are told specifically by the person they are writing to. It gets a little out of hand when Harry starts to fall in love a bit. Freaking amazing. A really great fic idea too, very creative and very cute. Stupid boys are stupid.

So those are my favourite Drarry fics and I doubt they’ll change. And if I happen upon a magnificent fic it might knock one of these out of their place but I doubt any fic will ever touch Secrets.

this is really long, sorry, but I hope it helps!


“You’re not terrible to live with,” Stiles says rolling his eyes.

“I am, but you put up with it and, thanks.”

“Huh,” Stiles says again, scratching at his chin. “You think your roommate’s gonna forgive you?”

“I don’t know,” Derek says carefully.

“He seems like a kinda cool guy, you know, what do you think?”

“He’s alright,” Derek grinds out, seeing the twinkle in Stiles’ eyes.

“Yeah? What’s his best quality?”


“Nope, come on, fucking work for it, man.”

“He’s good at lacrosse,” Derek says finally.

“Sports? You’re giving me sports?”

“And you’re polite when you want to be. You drive Finstock up the wall which is fun for me to watch. You’re kind, even to Jackson when he’s not looking. You’re very awesome,” he says finally, wincing at the words even as he says them.

Stiles laughs gleefully and leaps up, half dives at Derek to give him a hug. Derek stumbles backwards and they hit the bed, Stiles a tangle of limbs around his. “You’re alright, too I guess,” Stiles says breathlessly as he leans over Derek.

Derek feels his lips part, gratefully surprised at Stiles’ easy acceptance of his awkwardness, shocked at their closeness, the way Stiles feels stretched over him. Stiles blinks down at him, his eyes darkening as he licks his lips unconsciously, Derek tracks the movement before looking back up at him. The afternoon sun’s filtering through the window making the room hazy and warm, Derek lets his hands trail up Stiles’ arms, going to catch his jaw, and Stiles is letting him, leaning down—

The door snaps open and Derek is literally banning people from entering his room.

Losers by stilinskisparkles

Hunter’s Moon Mate

Again, this is for Sterek Week, but I’m kind of late in posting this, so shhhh just pretend it’s still the right day. Also this title is awful and I’m sorry. It’s 1:30am and I am tired. That’s my excuse. Enjoy.

It’s dark save for the light of the full moon, and there’s a sharp chill in the air that makes it a little hard to breathe the faster Stiles runs. He doesn’t stop though, even though there’s a burning in his chest and legs. The wolf howl that echoes in the trees behind him only serves as motivation for him to keep running, ignoring the soreness of his calves, the stings of branches and leaves that hit and scratch him as he passes by.

He asked for this; heck, he wanted to do this, and there was no way he was giving up now.

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Title: i could write it better than you ever felt it [Chapter 1: just off the key of reason]


Award-winning novelist Levi Ackerman has big writer’s block and big characterization issues on his newest novel. Good thing his protagonist Eren Yeager has quite literally jumped from the page to real life.

Well, they always did say, “write what you know”.

Notes: New fic! Read it also on: | | AO3

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charismaticabyss  asked:

mini-prompt; Eliza taking care of her boys after they got into yet another fight and actually pretty scraped up

Eliza takes a sharp intake of breath when she first sees them. Sitting on the couch looking like a bloody mess, Alexander and John offer apologetic grins. They look worse off than they’ve ever been, and Eliza knows it’s a bit more than bruised knuckles and a busted lip to take care of.

She knows they’re not really sorry, and she just sighs and kneels before them with her first aid kit. “You two really are something, you know that?” Eliza tuts, scowling up at them.

“Let me see.” She directs, bringing a hand up to brush lightly against Alex’s cheek, the makings of a bruise already showing. He has a bloody gash on the other cheek, and she dabs at it with a peroxide-soaked cotton ball, making Alex wince. 

She turns to Laurens, frowning over his black eye and still bleeding cut above his eyebrow. Eliza, with warm eyes and gentle fingers, wipes off the blood and sweat from the two, wipes away all traces of violence, of fighting for what you believe in.

Her lips brush against John’s forehead, then against Alexander’s cheek, “My brave boys, always standing up for a difference.” She smiles, heart bursting with pride. “Always getting into some shit they shouldn’t, and needing me to clean up the mess they make of themselves. Where would you two be without me, hm?”

“Bloody and Hello Kitty bandaid-less.” John laughs easily, his eyes shining beneath the dark purple of bruise.

“And a lot worse off,” Alexander finishes, catching Eliza’s fingers in his own and giving a small squeeze. 

Eliza meets their eyes, looks over their beaten forms, and knows she’ll be waiting with a first aid kit and get-better-kisses the next time her boys get into a scrap.