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dad and i watch captain america: the winter soldier
  • dad: oh god it's starting shut up i've been waiting for this for months
  • (movie starts)
  • dad: i don't know what's happening but the french guy fighting cap looks like french macklemore
  • me: how do you even know who macklemore is?
  • dad: i'm hip. i'm cool
  • me: don't you do it
  • dad: i'm gonna pop some tags, only got 20 baguettes in my pocket
  • (five minutes later)
  • dad: is that the Falcon? that's totally the Falcon
  • me: how do you know?
  • dad: i used to read the comic books trust me on this i'm an expert. his superpower was that he could talk to birds
  • me: birds?
  • dad: i mean in hindsight it probably wasn't the most useful thing ever
  • dad: if this winter soldier is supposedly a ghost in the machine that nobody's ever seen, and nobody will ever catch, you would think showing up in broad daylight and blowing up cars would not be his modus operandi
  • dad: how the heck did he laser through concrete??
  • me: idk dad it's nick fury he can probably do whatever he wants
  • dad: i'm sorry attractive nurse who just so happens to live next door, my heart belongs to a seventy year russian dude with a bionic arm
  • me: what
  • dad:
  • dad: nick fury isn't dead. justice never dies. he probably has a billion clones in some top secret storage facility, just waiting for their organ harvest.
  • me: ew dad gross no
  • dad: i really relate to that apple store employee
  • me: we all do dad
  • dad: oh that's that guy from the first movie! i remember him! he was my favorite, his eyes were so blue, and he loved steve so much. i wanted them to get together
  • me: dad good god
  • dad: he was a little less marilyn manson at that point though
  • dad: not that guyliner isn't a good look for this guy
  • dad: when a deadly russian assassin wears eyeliner, it's 'he's so dreamy' and 'wow what a badass'
  • dad: but when i do it it's 'you're too old' and 'bald guys can't pull off make-up'
  • me: dad it was halloween and it was one time you need to let this go
  • dad: so bucky barnes, aka cute cocky guy who died in the first movie, aka steve roger's best friend/boyfriend, is a top secret super scary brainwashed hydra agent?
  • me: mmm-hm
  • dad: called it
  • dad: do you think single handedly destroying jets is just a common, everyday thing for cap? punch a few tanks, feed a few pigeons, take out a plane, help old ladies cross the street...
  • dad: captain america is like your grandad minus the booze and the cussing
  • dad: in all honesty that was a little anti-climactic
  • dad: i was 100% sure nick fury was gonna descend majestically from the heavens, 'All I do is Win' blaring in the background, and single-handedly save everyone's ass
  • dad: scarjo and chris evans are two of the most beautiful people in the world and they are both in this movie and i don't know how to feel about it i have butterflies in my stomach i'm a schoolboy again
  • me: you know on second thought we should have brought mom
  • dad: where's hawkeye? where's bruce? where's tony? where's thor? WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER AVENGERS AS THE ENTIRETY OF SHIELD IS COMPROMISED AND NICK FURY DIES
  • me: maybe they figured steve could handle it
  • dad: maybe they're all lazy assholes
Ten things I learned about writing from Stephen King
The novelist James Smythe, who has been analysing the work of Stephen King for the Guardian since 2012, on the lessons he has drawn from the master of horror fiction
By James Smythe

Stephen King is an All-Time Great, arguably one of the most popular novelists the world has ever seen. And there’s a good chance that he’s inspired more people to start writing than any other living writer. So, as the Guardian and King’s UK publisher Hodder launch a short story competition – to be judged by the master himself – here are the ten most important lessons to learn from his work.

1. Write whatever the hell you like

King might be best known – or, rather, best regarded – as a writer of horror novels, but really, his back catalogue is crammed with every genre you can think of. There are thrillers (Misery, Gerald’s Game), literary novels (Bag Of Bones, Different Seasons), crime procedurals (Mr Mercedes), apocalypse narratives (The Stand), fantasy (Eyes Of The Dragon, The Dark Tower series) … He’s even written what I think of as being one of the greatest Young Adult novels of all time: The Long Walk. Perhaps the only genre or audience he hasn’t really touched so far is comedy, but most of his work features moments that show his deft touch with humour. It’s clear that King does what he wants, when he wants, and his constant readers – the term he calls his, well, constant readers – will follow him wherever he goes.

2. The scariest thing isn’t necessarily what’s underneath the bed

Horror is a curious thing. What scares one person won’t necessarily scare another. And while there might be moments in his horror novels that tread towards the more conventional ideas of what some find terrifying, for the most part, the truly scary aspects are those that deal with humanity itself. Ghosts drive people to madness, telekinetic girls destroy whole towns with their powers, clowns … well, clowns are just bloody terrifying full stop. But the true crux of King’s ability to scare is finding the thing that his readers are actually worried about, and bringing that to the fore. If you’re writing horror, don’t just think about what goes bump in the night; think about what that bump might drive people to do afterwards.

3. Don’t be scared of transparency

One of my favourite things about King’s short story collections are the little notes about each tale that he puts into the text. The history of them, the context for the idea, how the writing process actually worked. They’re not only invaluable material for aspiring writers – because exactly how many drafts does it take to reach a decent story? King knows! – but they’re also brilliant nuggets of insight into King himself. Some people might think that it’s better off knowing nothing about authors when they read their work, but for King, his heart is on his sleeve. In his latest collection, The Bazaar of Broken Dreams, King gets more in-depth than ever, talking about what inspired the stories in such an honest way that it couldn’t have come from another writer’s pen. Which brings us to …

4. Write what you know. Sort of. Sometimes

Write what you know is the most common writing tip you’ll find anywhere. It’s nonsense, really, because if we all did that we’d end up with terribly boring novels about writers staring out of windows waiting for inspiration to hit. (If you like those, incidentally, head straight for the literary fiction section of your nearest bookshop.) But King understands that experience is something which can be channelled into your work, and should be at every opportunity. Aspects of his life – addiction, teaching, his near-fatal car accident, rock and roll, ageing – have cropped up in his work over and over, in ways that aren’t always obvious, but often help to drive the story. That’s something every writer can use, because it’s through these truths that real emotions can be writ large on the page.

5. Aim big. Or small

King’s written some mammoth books, and they’re often about mammoth things. The Stand takes readers into an apocalypse, with every stage of it laid out on the page until the final fantastical showdown. It deals with a horror that hits a group of characters twice in their lives, showing us how years and years of experience can change people. And The Dark Tower is a seven (or eight, or more, if you count the short stories set in its world) part series that takes in so many different genres of writing it’s dizzying. When he needs to, King aims really big, and sometimes that’s what you have to do to tell a story. At the other end of the spectrum, some of King’s most enduring stories – Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption, The Mist – have come from his shorter works. He traps small groups of characters in single locations and lets the story play out how it will. The length of the story you’re telling should dictate the size of the book. Doesn’t matter if it’s forty thousand words or two hundred, King doesn’t waste a word.

6. Write all the time. And write a lot

King’s published – wait for it – 55 novels, 11 collections of stories, 5 non-fiction works, 7 novellas and 9 assorted other pieces (including illustrated works and comic books). That’s over a period of 41 years. That’s an average of two books a year. Which is, I must admit, a pretty giddying amount. That’s years of reading (or rereading, if you’re as foolishly in awe of him as I am). But he’s barely stopped for breath. This year has seen three books published by him, which makes me feel a little ashamed. Still, at my current rate of writing, I might catch up with him sometime next century. And while not every book has found the same critical and commercial success, they’ve all got their fans.

7. Voice is just as important as content

King’s a writer who understands that a story needs to begin before it’s actually told. It begins in the voice of the novel: is it first person, or third? Is it past or present tense? Is it told through multiple narrators, or just the one? He’s a master at understanding exactly why each story is told the way it’s told. Sure, he might dress it up as something simple – the story finding the voice it needs, or vice versa – but through his books you can see that he’s tried pretty much everything, and can see why each voice worked with the story he was telling.

8. And Form is just as important as voice

King isn’t really thought of as an experimental novelist, which is grossly unfair. Some of King’s more daring novels have taken on really interesting forms. Be it The Green Mile’s fragmented, serialised narrative; or the dual publication of The Regulators and Desperation – novels which featured the same characters in very different situations, with unsettling parallels between the stories that unfolded for them; or even Carrie’s mixed-media narrative, with sections of the story told as interview or newspaper extract. All of these novels have played with the way they’re presented on the page to find the perfect medium for telling those stories. Really, the lesson here from King is to not be afraid to play.

9. You don’t have to be yourself

Some of King’s greatest works in the early years of his career weren’t published by King himself. They were in the name of Richard Bachman, his slightly grislier pseudonym. The Long Walk, Thinner, The Running Man – these are books that dealt with a nastier side of things than King did in his properly attributed work. Because, maybe it’s good to have a voice that allows us to let the real darkness out, with no judgments. (And then maybe, as King eventually did in The Dark Half, it’s good to kill that voice on the page … )

10. Read On Writing. Now

This is the most important tip in the list. In 2000, King published On Writing, a book that sits in the halfway space between autobiography and writing manual. It’s full of details about his process, about how he wrote his books, channelled his demons and overcame his challenges. It’s one of the few books about writing that are actually worth their salt, mainly because it understands that it’s about a personal experience, and readers might find that useful. There’s no universal truths when it comes to writing. One person’s process would be a nightmare for somebody else. Some people spend years labouring on nearly perfect first drafts; some people get a first draft written in six weeks, and then spend the next year destroying it and rebuilding it. On Writing tells you how King does it, to help you to find your own. Even if you’re not a fan of his books, it’s invaluable to the in-development writer. Heck, it’s invaluable to all writers.


wk. 1, 2017:  last week of vacation before second sem starts. trying to catch up on comics and to finish one last book before acads take over. mantra of the week comes from the song “siberia” by ang bandang shirley: pinili ang sarili / sumaya (chose oneself / found happiness). 💛  instagram: sadgirstudying💛  

unfaithful  [m|one-shot]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: ANGST!, smut, drama.

Plot: The moment when you realize that everything that was ❛ oh so perfect ❜ in your mind was nothing but fabricated with lies and betrayal. You fell for Jungkook. And it hit you hard; you got played.

A/N- yoooo I didn’t proof read lol sorryyy


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So, I'm not totally sure the timelines match up, but do you think that Rachel's sisters (especially Sarah who is younger and more naive) could have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and decided that Rachel is the Slayer? Goes out at night, all hours, secret boyfriend who only visits her at night, can't tell their single mom, etc.

[First of all: the timelines do actually match up quite well.  In #20 there’s a brief mention of David’s dad (of all people) watching Buffy on TV, and although Animorphs started and ended first most of its run overlaps with Buffy.  Second, I LOVE this idea so much.  Rachel and Buffy are two of the people who were massively influential in teaching me and my friends that it was possible to be girly and tough at the same time.  Third… Voila.]

It starts as a way to distract her sisters, on the nights when their mom can’t make it home and their dad is too busy to call—Rachel will put on whichever Buffy episode she’s got saved in the DVR and all three of them will watch it together.  However, all three of them fall in love with the show over time, until they’re catching each episode live: Sarah laughs at all the puns and hums along with the theme song while Jordan waxes poetical about how dreamy Spike and Angel are.  

Rachel just loves Buffy herself, because there aren’t enough girls on TV that can look that fabulous and kick butt at the same time.  It becomes a weekly ritual, one that Rachel sometimes has to miss if Cassie or Jake calls with urgent news, but she’ll put aside anything short of the alien invasion to catch it with her sisters.


Jordan meets Rachel at the door, which is a bad sign because their mom and Sarah are both asleep and Rachel herself went to bed six hours ago.  The mission was long, nasty, and exhausting, the way they always are, and Rachel’s too keyed-up from the adrenaline rush to think of a proper excuse for why she’s sneaking in.  

She and Jordan stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, Rachel leaning on the door frame, Jordan holding a comic book in both hands as she sits on the end table in the foyer.  Jordan becomes the first one to speak.  “Sarah and I were talking,” she says.  “And I think we figured it out.”  

Rachel feels her stomach churn.  She’s not as careful with her sisters as her mom.  She never has been.  “Figured what out?”

“It’s okay.”  Jordan clutches her comic book a little more closely, expression solemn.  “We won’t tell Mom.”

Rachel crosses her arms.  “Won’t tell her what, exactly?”

Jordan thrusts the comic book at Rachel.  The cover shows a girl—Buffy Summers, judging by the title—holding a wooden stake in one hand and a sword in the other, her blond hair whirling around her as she thrusts the sword at a spike-covered greyish creature in the corner of the frame.  

Rachel takes a step back from the comic, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.  

“It explains everything.  Where you sneak out to almost every night.  Why you’ve got blood under your fingernails half the time when you get home.  Why you’ve got a secret boyfriend who only comes out at night—”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Rachel says reflexively.

Jordan nods, eyes wide.  “Uh-huh.  So you definitely weren’t seen by half the school at last week’s dance with a mysterious guy who has blond hair and is never seen around town.  You don’t have a boyfriend, even though I’ve heard people talking in your room in the middle of the night.  And you always leave your window open, even—especially—when it rains.  Almost like you’re waiting for a secret vampire boy—”

Rachel snorts a laugh.  “Tobias isn’t a vampire.”

Which has exactly the opposite effect than the one she intended.  “Oh my god,” Jordan whispers.  “Tobias as in that guy who disappeared last year? Everyone thought he died—” She gasps.  “Unless he did die.  And now he’s back!”

Much as Rachel wants to laugh and keep laughing until she falls over, she understands that this conversation actually has serious implications.  With effort she sobers herself.  “Look,” she says at last.  “There are things… Things I can’t tell you.  You wouldn’t be safe if I did.”  

She looks Jordan in the eye.  Jordan is taking this conversation seriously—probably more seriously than Rachel herself, for that matter.  “I understand,” Jordan says.  

“As soon as…”  As soon as the war’s over.  “As soon as it’s safe.  I’ll tell you everything.  Right now, there are things I can’t talk to you, or to Mom, about.  But someday I will.  I promise.”  Rachel can’t be more honest than that.  

“Okay.”  Jordan bites her lip.  “I just wanted you to know your secret’s safe with me.  And if you ever need help, like, hiding a body…”

Rachel smiles, overwhelmed with fondness.  “Thanks.”  She yawns.  “Now, if it’s all right with you, Dawn…”

Jordan makes a face.  

“I’m wiped, so I’m going to bed.”  She walks past Jordan and up the stairs to her room.  


She turns around.  Jordan is standing at the bottom of the stairs, hugging her comic book against her chest with both hands.  

“On the show,” she says haltingly.  “They say a lot about how slaying’s a dangerous job.  About how most slayers don’t live to be twenty.”  There’s real fear in her eyes, as she looks up at her sister.  

Rachel grins, tossing her hair over her shoulder.  “Really, Jordan, you should learn not to believe everything you see on TV.  After all, it’s just a show.  No vampire’s gonna take me down.”  


“You know, my sister thinks you’re William the Bloody.”

«Who’s that, a spokesman for Kotex?»


She doesn’t get much input on the actual headstone; she’s too young for that.  She does, however, manage to put in a special request for the plaque on the statue they erect outside of Washington D.C., a proud grizzly bear rearing up to defend the Capitol.  

Rachel Daniella Berenson, the plaque reads.  She saved the world.  A lot.  

Honestly tho let me switch to Proper Typing for a moment just to say how much I love the way BNHA’s narrative is building the world around it. 

I mean, we start with a really simple and a relatively innocent premise of a world where most people have superpowers! Some people even become heroes! Just like in the comic books! 

But even though Izuku states right from the beginning that he learns from an early age that world isn’t fair, the darker and more mature elements are introduced so gradually that you don’t really notice them until right about the time Hero Killer shows up in the story: that’s about the point we begin to realize that there must be something wrong, because holy shit, why does a guy like this exist. But like, there are clues early on! We have a televised high school sports festival where teenagers pummel each other to catch the eye of celebrities who might hire them one day; we have Aizawa, a teacher whose Quirk is extremely powerful but who chose to remain in the sidelines of the media due to his principles; we have Hitoshi whose Quirk isn’t media-friendly so he’s spent his whole life being treated like someone who’s naturally corrupt; a ton of heroes who do other television and commercial work on the side; not to mention Endeavor, a man so obsessed with the concept of glory that he essentially bred himself a winner. 

Like, BNHA begins with a boy being able to realize his childhood dream and slowly expands into a story about a society that creates its own villains through strict regulation and the worship of those lucky and strong enough to be allowed to use their powers in public. But none of it is overt! Everything is explained through the actions of the characters, and the conclusions the reader/watcher comes to as the story progresses: and like with Izuku in the story itself, your point of view shifts from the whimsical one-dimensional world of superpowers and golden age comics to something much more complex and darker. 

Hey, Baby I'm Not Your Superhuman (Except That I Am)

Prompt: “i accidentally fell asleep in the bookstore you work in cause i read so much au” More like Peter spends too much time trying to figure out a new formula for web fluid and falls asleep in the bookstore where y/n works

Warnings: Robbery, Mild Violence, Guns

Word Count: 3,250

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: tfw when a tiny fic turns into 7 pages lol

Bookstores are quiet and calm, easy going, no one ever yells or fights or steals, it’s a great place to work. Which is why you’re working at Homecoming Books to put yourself through nursing school, it’s easy and pays a good amount-mainly because you work long hours and you’re the only one who will actually show up on weekends. Of course there are the few oddball customers who make you question if all those things about bookstores are true; like that guy who comes in and hits on you while buying those awkward ‘steamy romance’ novels, or that group of kids who come in and move books around and talk too loudly and then leave their empty starbucks cups when they leave. However their are the best customers too, like that girl who comes in and discusses medicine with you late on Saturdays, or that really cute boy who reads almost three books every time he comes in and sits in the back area with the beanbags and leaves at closing. You don’t know why he spends sunday nights in the back of a bookstore when he could be home but you appreciate the company, even if you’ve never spoken more than three words.

It’s Sunday evening and there are a few people milling about-the family of three looking at picture books, the teenagers in the mystery section, and the seniors book club that meets in the reading area by the romance novels. And of course the cute boy, he’s slouched in a green beanbag with his nose in a book about science, he looks like he’s taking notes. You ring up a costumer and then make your way over to where he sits and he is taking notes, scribbling in a little notepad diagrams and equations, it looks like he’s doodling something about webs and spiders but he flips the page before you can get a good look. You make yourself look busy rearranging the section of expensive science textbooks that were donated by Stark Industries last month. You glance over and catch the cute boy looking at you, his eyes get wide and he shoves his face down into his book, you giggle and smile and see his face heat up.

You want to talk to him, ask his name at least, but your throat feels dry just looking at him so you keep your mouth shut. You steal glances though, of his gentle brown waves and his expressive eyes, how quickly he writes out equations, the way he bites at his lip when he messes up or is thinking hard. You want to ask what he’s working on, he looks about your age he could be going to school for a science field, maybe he’s a nerd with a job with someone like Tony Stark, maybe he’s just a guy who works at a coffee shop but loves math and science. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe…you want to know him. But you can’t pretend to have a reason to hang around him forever so you leave reluctantly and return to the front desk to find a tired looking girl with dark hair asking to buy an old classic book you remember reading in school. You ring her up and send her on her way after a little chit chat that she didn’t seem to care about at all.

You catch sight of the boy sometimes as you help other people and restock shelves, he doesn’t move and after awhile you get worried about how still he is. The store closes in an hour when you finally get up the nerve to check up on him and your heart flutters when you find him sleeping soundly. He’s curled up still holding his notes, book fallen to the floor beside him, his face is so soft and beautiful as he breathes evenly. You wonder if he’s dreaming and you almost reach out to brush away his hair when you realize just how fucking weird that would be. You can feel your face heating up at the way he shifts and a sleepy mumble falls from his lips, how he curls a little tighter, trying to get comfortable on the beanbag. You should wake him, people aren’t allowed to sleep in the store after the age of 6, it’s actually part of your training to wake people up quietly, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. You smile softly and turn around, leaving him to catch up on his sleep.

People leave slowly as the time ticks to closing until it’s just you ringing up a mom and her 12 year old who’s bouncing up and down and babbling about the comic books she picked out. They’re good ones, Batman and Wonder Woman ones that you remember sharing with your siblings after finding them in your dad’s old stuff.

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Hey Tim. *wink* *blows kiss* Hai.

Tim: “… H-hi”

Dick: “Awww! Timmy has a fan!”

Tim: *flustered* “S-shut up…”

(I was only able to draw a quick one. I hope that’s okay. I am a bit behind on my comic book readings but I’ll catch up soon. It will help me get more motivated to draw. I wish they would bring Tim back or at least mention him again. I need something. Thank you all so much for sticking with me. I’m horrible for neglecting this blog for so long. I need to practice drawing Tim more. I’m never satisfied with how he turns out when I draw him. -Adaminaart)

HCs for thought

-Lucy and George get bored while waiting for a Visitor to appear on a case, so in the middle of their chain circle they’re seeing how many ponytails they can fit in Lockwood’s hair (answer is 27, by the way)

-Either George is an amazing cook or his cereal catches fire while pouring milk depends on the day

-Lockwood is the definition of sass and class

-While waiting around during cases, Lucy sketches out Lockwood in various poses while he’s walking around, checking the surroundings, reading the latest gossip magazine, etc.. He’s unaware of Lucy’s drawings

-You can catch George taking naps on the couch with a comic book sprawled over his face if you come at the right time

-Lucy helps Holly out during rapier practices

-Lucy opens the basement door to find Lockwood crouched underneath the stairs. He whispers, “George and I are playing hide and seek. Mind bringing me my gossip magazine? He takes an awfully long time.”

-Holly actually loves gardening and cleans up 35 Portland Row’s backyard with new flowers and lavender

-Kipps randomly likes to invite himself into 35 Portland Row and sit around but no one really does anything about it  

BTS Reacts to Their Friend Wondering About Love Pt. 1


“You’re joking right?” Yoongi says, never looking up from his phone.

“I’m not! That has to be the reason no one likes me!”

He rolls his eyes. “Y/N, you’re gorgeous,” he says nonchalantly.

“Yoongi~~~” you shove him playfully, pretending to be annoyed to hide your embarrassment.

“What?” He shrugs. He always made it seem like he was never fully invested in anything, but here he is giving you such a sweet compliment.

“Well…I just wonder what that’s like, you know? Having someone like you…Having them love you regardless of all your flaws,”

There is a silence….

He stares at you in disgust. “…That’s so cheesy,” he gives you a side glance and you roll your eyes at him this time. The pen in your hand begins to tap uncontrollably as your thoughts deepen. Your eyes stare blankly as your lips frown. He notices and decides to take a picture of you, unable to control his dry chuckles. You stare at him, pouting and it only makes him laugh harder. “Cute,” he says between laughs to himself, looking at the picture he had just taken. At this point you begin ignoring him, still pouting to yourself.

“Oh please, you don’t need anyone. You have me.”


It had been the third time you painted your nails and removed the undesired color. The outer edges of your fingers were stained by the remanence of fresh polish and the tips felt dried by the overuse of acetone. You stare at your fingers, frustrated. Nothing worked…You heart stammered a bit as the self-consciousness began to grow in your chest. Who could ever like someone like you?

You breathed in, cutting your self-loathing thoughts midway, and began to pack your polishes and used cotton balls. You often chose to sit in the park to paint your nails, since they would dry faster and the scent from the acetone wouldn’t concentrate near your nose. The issue with this is that you are not in the privacy of your home, where no one can bother you while you — in your depressed state. Instead, it being a weekend and all, sitting the park subjugated you to the company of many young people. One of them being Park Jimin, a neighborhood guy you grew up with.

He sees you in the distance. “Y/N!” he yells as he makes his way closer to you. “What’s up?” He looks down at you and the first thing his eyes notice are the state of your fingers.

“Nothing really…” you say, your voice beginning to leave you. The world could not have hated you more. Here you are, in such an ugly state, feeling sorry for yourself in front of Jimin. You hide your hands in your sweater sleeves, feeling embarrassed for yourself. He turns his head slightly.

“You okay?” he asks honestly.

“…No…I…” you look at your sleeves where your hands are hiding before your sight becomes blurred by the tears filling them. Today wasn’t a good day for you. You suddenly pick up your bags in an attempt to leave when Jimin grabs your arms.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

“…I…I feel so stupid,” you say quietly. “Why do I even try? I mean…who would ever like someone like me?” There was a moment of silence with you looking at the ground and Jimin looking at you, unsure how to respond. Then you finally begin again, “I wonder what that feels like… Loving someone and having them, well, having them actually love you back?”

Jimin shakes his head and slowly looks for your hidden hands. He holds them in his, rubbing the tips of your fingers gently. “You don’t have to do this…Don’t do this to yourself. You’re fine the way you are, Y/N” he looks up from your hands. “I promise, you are the prettiest already.”


You were eating lunch at a nearby café catching up on some comic book reading when your close friend Taehyung suddenly sits in the chair across from yours. He pushes your book down onto the table with a smile that is full of excitement. You stare at him hoping for an explanation but are only disappointed with his simple “Hi!”

“Hey Tae. Sorry, now isn’t a good time…” you say, picking up your book again.

“What~? Why?” he whines, pushing your book down once again.

“Uh, I’m just…doing some thinking.” You explain. Your gaze falls onto your book.

Taehyung reads the title of your book, realizing that you were reading a romantic comic again. He sighs loudly and you look up at him, wide eyed and surprised at his reaction.

“What? Are you dreaming about a guy like him?” He points at the character’s face. His face deepens into a pout. “I think I’d be way cooler than him,”


“You want to see? I can show you what it feels like to be loved by a real man, Y/N.” He says boldly, his eyes locked on yours. You find yourself so shocked that no words come into mind for a decent response…Is he…Is he serious? Little do you know that Tae is completely serious, he just uses this playfulness to boost his ego and make his attraction to you less tense.

“Y/N,” He says, his voice deep and steady, as he extends his hand waiting for yours.

You stare at him and ask, “What is this?” but his only response is his raised eyebrows and that infamous stare of his. He doesn’t move his hand as he patiently waits for you to accept it. You sigh, unsure why you decide to play along, and give him your hand. He quickly raises it to his lips and kisses the back of it gently, before erupting into a bubbly giggle.

This turned into a post slightly about insecurities~ It just came out that way. Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Ps. Other members will be up soon ♡

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imagine hiro and tadashi as hilarious youtubers though

like if tadashi survived the fire and came back after the events of the movie and all their videos are like hot sauce and robot-building competitions

  • “Hey everyone its hiro!” “And tadashi!” “and we finally got our shit together and made a video for you guys!”
  • a video of them that consists of them trying to bake separate cakes and failing miserably
  • the video cuts every time hiro screams and tadashi yells “hiRO NO donT TOUCH THAT!”
  • tadashi burns himself placing the cake in the oven, hiro makes a joke about it and then cries
  • both of the cakes end up actually pretty decent until hiro trips and lands face first into his gummybear chocolate sponge
  • tadashi laughs so hard he ends up on the floor next to hiro
  • just for cuteness hiro totally has to use a stool to reach the counter because his mixing bowl is too big
  • their youtube name would be something like “thehamadabros”or “HamadaBrothers” trying to look original
  • all of their intros/outros are on tadashi’s bed, and hiro always has to sit on a cushion so the camera doesn’t only see his chest and head
  • daily vlogs of them at SFIT
  • their most popular video is titled “Robot Building Disaster” in which they both have two piles of the exact same parts and tools, and whoever can build the coolest/most useful robot in under ten minutes wins
  • tragedy strikes
  • hiros bot is none other than a battle bot, with sharp scissors for hands and rollers for feet, and this infuriates the older hamada to no end
  • tadashi builds a tiny cute companion that stores small things from a first aid kit, like plasters, bandages, medicine etc (those weren’t in the pile they began with, he totally cheated) 
  • hiros robot spirals out of control and proceeds to break tadashi’s, and then spinning in circles so fast no one can catch it. Hilarity continues from there as hiro desperately attempts to stop his malfunctioning robot from shredding his bedsheets
  • the video holds itself at an impressive 7 million views
  • Baymax is always in the bloopers at the end of their videos, which are usually them just messing up or saying the wrong line, or actually hurting themselves so bad that baymax has to help
  • collabs with honey/fred who both also have pretty popular channels (fred is also a funny youtuber that gives comic book reviews and does stupid challenges) (honey definitely has a cooking channel)
  • the hamada brothers taking a dance lesson for their viewers
  • an object that is always in their videos in the intro/outro is the swear jar, which gradually grows more full with each video, & their subscribers like to bet on whos going to get it to overflow (everyone thinks its hiro, but a few think it might be tadashi)
  • they have a few videos of them playing horror games (TWD, Until Dawn, FFAF, Outlast) and hiro literally always has the controller
  • “hiro hold on dont go in there -” “tadashi its fine theres probably no one there -  FUC K RUN FUUUCK SHIT SHIT GOGOGOGO”
  • hiros more into horror and gore, but i think he’d be a little on edge after playing outlast (i love that game, but hell is it scary as shit)
  • i think both would enjoy TWD, or Until Dawn (the jumpscares holy shit) but their screams are so loud the members in the cafe think someones dying
  • they’re not wrong, hiros soul has left his body
  • their most popular videos however, are their prankwars
  • one week tadashi will upload a video of pranking hiro (something really funny to watch, like him pranking hiro that hes moving out or that he got honey lemon pregnant) (that one was fucking hilarious)
  • the next week will be hiros revenge, something annoying like filling the bathroom with balloons, and then having wasabi dress up in a scary mask to scare the shit out of tadashi at the end
  • hiro will do something else really annoying like buying a shit load of alarm clocks and setting them all to separate times during the night, and hijacking them so that tadashi cant turn them off unless he sings a really ridiculous japanese song)
  • Q&A’s with hiro and tadashi. imagine.
  • “Who’s the better looking one?” “me obviously” “hiro ur like 12″ “suck my ass nerd”
  • gogo and honey coming in for a video to do hiro and tadashi’s makeup. everyone is surprised as shit when hiro can seriously pull it off
  • the whisper challenge with the nerd gang omg
  • hiro and tadashi doing the chubby bunny challenge, i think they’d both actually piss with laughter
  • aunt cass, mochi, baymax, and all of the nerd gang have made an appearance at least once in their videos and theyre all golden
  • vlogs of their everyday lives as superheroes because these nerds obviously cant keep a secret and tadashi obviously joined them because hes alive haha
  • all of these nerds making videos in the weirdest public places doing dares and being the most retarded family ever
  • the hamada brothers going down in history as world famous genius’s, superheroes, and youtubers


Don’t Wanna Fall In Love

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Oh my god you have no idea how happy I am that requests are open! You’re like my favorite writer on here. Okay so could you do one with punk Gerard and like everyone hates him and so does Y/N but then one day they get paired to do a project for school and so they have to meet up at Gerard’s house and Y/N is not happy about it but then it turns out Gerard’s actually a total sweetheart and then lots of fluff thanks 😊”

Word Count: 1,814

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: omg you’re so sweet! <3

You know those kids at school that everyone hates, usually without reason? Everyone has always just hated them, well, Gerard Way is that kid. Of course he has friends, some idiot named Frank, but the majority of the school hates him and honestly you don’t know why. But you hate him too. You like to tell yourself that you hate him for good reason because you’re not the kind of person to go around hating people without thought as to why, so your mind supplies you with the little things he does that drive you nuts. Like how he always starts debates in class so the teacher will forget to assign homework, or how he never seems to change his clothes, or the way he looks better in makeup than you do. They’re stupid reasons to hate a person, especially when he’s never even spoken a word to you, but he’s Gerard Way and you’re supposed to hate him.  

“Is he assigning partners today?” Your best friend asks you as you file into your Spanish class. You have been talking about your midterm project for a few days but you can’t get started until partners are assigned and you’ve been hopeful every day all week.

“I hope so,” You reply, taking your seats beside one another.

The teacher is too tall for his pants, he always is, and his socks are scrunched down around his shoes. He looks like a dorky grandpa who dances to quiet music at the family party. His eyes are a faded out grey but when he starts talking and Spanish tongue fills the room he lights up and his eyes dance across the class like everything is filling with colour and life in front of his very eyes. It’s the main reason you like him so much, his passion for what he’s teaching.

“So let’s talk about your project,” He starts and a few kids groan. He starts pairing kids off and you get more and more worried the more names he says, losing friends left and right until finally he calls out your name and…Gerard fucking Way, of course.

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anonymous asked:

1. When Henry is seven years old, he is woken up one summer’s night by a gentle yet insistent shake on his shoulder. ‘Mama?’ he asks sleepily, rubbing at his eyes as her smiling face swims into view. She pulls the duvet off his legs, tickling his feet lightly until he giggles and scrunches up his toes. ‘Do you want to go on an adventure?’ she whispers, already helping him put a pair of socks on. He nods enthusiastically, and she scoops him up into her arms.

2. Mama drives them away from any shining lights, until she parks up high on a hill Henry’s never visited before. ‘You should never normally do this,’ she tells him sternly. ‘But this is a special occasion.’ She sets him on top of the car’s bonnet, clambering up to sit behind him. He leans against her chest, as her arms wrap warmly around him. ‘Look,’ she points, and he can see twinkling lights darting across the sky. ‘They’re called the Perseids.’ He falls asleep watching shooting stars.

3. When Henry is eight, Mom buys him a large science set, complete with its very own microscope. He spends the entire day running around the house, trying to find everything and anything that will fit on a slide. The kitchen and bathroom end up looking as if a tornado has struck, although when Mom sees, she just laughs at his enthusiasm. ‘C’mon, Mooooom,’ he whines, tugging at her sleeve. ‘Let’s go outside and hunt for more stuff!’

4. Mom peers over her glasses at his face, hesitating a moment. ‘Alright, I guess paperwork can wait,’ she relents, and he gives a loud whoop, punching the air in excitement. The evening is crisp, but the sun has not yet completely disappeared, so he simply throws on his coat and scarf before grabbing Mom’s hand and dragging her out. They explore the forest together, picking up as many different-shaped leaves as they can find. Henry is amazed to find Mom knows the name of almost every tree type.

5. When Henry is nine, Mom finally allows him to buy comic books. ‘That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop reading actual books,’ she says sternly, pointing a finger at his innocent-looking face. He rolls his eyes in response, but nods anyway, giving her a kiss on the cheek. ‘Thanks, Mom!’ he calls over his shoulder, already racing up the stairs with his hands full of Marvel comics. It is not until a week later that he catches her reading them herself, tucked away in her study.

6. ‘Not wanting to read proper books?’ he teases, climbing up beside her on the couch and grabbing one himself. Her cheeks colour slightly, but she just smirks at him. ‘Had to make sure they weren’t too violent,’ she announces primly. They sit and read for a while in silence. ‘So, you think the Avengers are cool?’ he can’t resist asking, breaking the moment. Mom shrugs, and turns a page nonchalantly. ‘I prefer the X-Men,’ she admits. ‘More nuance to their stories.’

7. When Henry is ten, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mom. No, make that his adoptive guardian – she isn’t even his real mother. That fact has left a burning pain in his chest ever since he found out. Mom still buys him comic books, but he ignores them in favour of re-reading the book of fairy tales that Miss Blanchard has given him. When Mom (not Mom) asks him if he wants to do their annual trip to see the Perseid shower that evening, he sneers at her.

8. ‘Why?’ he demands. ‘They’re the same very year. Not exactly exciting.’ She bites her lip, but says nothing, and dinner continues in silence. He is lying, of course – space is endlessly fascinating. But he doesn’t want to give the Evil Queen the satisfaction of pretending everything is still the same. It isn’t until a month later, when he’s hunting for proof of her being an evil villain, that he discovers the new telescope boxed up under her bed. He doesn’t mention it, and neither does she.

9. When the curse breaks, life as he knows it changes forever. This is not necessarily a bad thing – the people of Storybrooke are now free. But along with magic comes endless villains and fighting and dangers. Henry loses Emma and Snow through a portal for a while, then almost loses Mom when HER mom returns, and then he gets dragged off to face down Peter Pan in Neverland. There is an awful year (not that he knows it at the time) where he doesn’t remember Mom or the rest of the family.

10. At last though, another curse is broken, and Henry can finally – FINALLY – go home and sleep in his own bed. Mom keeps eying him as if he’ll disappear again. So one night, Henry wakes quietly, and sneaks into her room. ‘Hey Mom,’ he whispers, gently shaking her shoulder with one hand while he bends to grab at the telescope under the bed. ‘Henry?’ Mom murmurs, sitting up in confusion. He waves the telescope at her, as if that is all the explanation needed. ‘Want to go on an adventure?’

(RegalBelieverAW Day One: Mom/Son Moments. Let’s ignore the fact I’m already playing catch-up! - ABFA)

OMG that’s so cute!  And i”m so honored to publish your RBAW story.  Part 8 just broke my heart a little bit!

some tobes n jim things

part two

  • someone: breaks a glass object
    -both of them simultaneously: “same” 
  • hyping each other for battle 
    -“you got this tobes!! knock em dead!!”
    “you know it~” 
  • 4am texting
    -tobes: jim only ten percent of the ocean has been explored what if trolls lived there
    jim: it’s 4am but i’m listening 
  • • call each other nicknames like ‘troll bros’ ‘my man’ ‘my dork’ 
  • • the ‘hamilton phase’
    “yeah jimbo”
    “i guess you could say, ever since we found out about the trolls, the world turned upside down
    -taking turns making the beats vs rapping the lyrics
    -both found near bawling after binge listening to ‘burn’ and ‘stay alive reprise’ for a good half hour
    -both alternating between watching and pretending to be eliza
    -when someone says ‘who do you think you are??’ they almost explode into 'hERCULES MULLIGAN’ 
  • sleep deprivation makes for the weirdest descisions
    -“bye jim imma go n find a lady friend for the gnome”
    “k bye”
    -“tobes watch this imma deck this guy”
    “wait jim that’s a coatrAC- oops” 
  • helping each other out when they have anxiety/panic attacks
    -jim has a ton of anxiety, stress, but he acts like he doesn’t so when it finally catches up, he’s pretty non responsive
    -“hey jimbo. want me to sit here? i have a new comic book that we can read”
    slow nod and it’s quiet and nice and calming
    -also teaching jim ways to soothe his emotions so he doesn’t randomly burst into armor
    -teaching blinky and aarrggh about said anxiety/panic attacks and how to help
  • “hey blinky don’t you just love tobes.” soft sniff “my man.” 
  • when jim gets overwhelmed by how freakin head over heels he gets, tobes will bring several playlists of falling in love songs, and candy
    -“she’s just so !!!” noms on candy “cot damn i love caramel” 
  • -during these, they get so sugared up that they eventually just become a giggling mess
    -“omg jim”
    trolls exist
    five straight minutes of laughing that causes crying 
  • jim being there for tobes after a long day with the dentist/orthodontist 
  • sleep piles after long days jim usually ends up wrapping around tobes because he long 
  • you know the blippin SECOND tobes gets a crush jim will be all over it
    -“soOOoo who’s the lucky one tobes~?”
    “i will get you later”
    “you know you love me”
    “i hate that it’s true rn” 
  • holding hands when in danger/calm down one another/ or be protective as heck
    -“this is my jim. go away”
    “omg tobes” 
  • jim likes more alternative rock/garage band and tobes more pop/ accapella
    -they both agree on electro swing tho 
  • spontaneous dancing/rap battles when things get dull or just waiting for something 
  • “bro” “bro” 
  • after battle juice boxes 
  • memes 
  • calling each other 'babe’ unironically 
  • "do you need to have a troy bolton moment” “yes” 
  • late night studies
  • “jim hold me” falls over onto jim “wait wha- wAIT CRAP TOBES”

honestly putting aside all the DC discourse about movies (because it literally leads nowhere, everybody has an opinion and everybody thinks they’re right, it’s exhausting) DC seriously has been doing the most for diversity lately and i think that reflects the universe they’ve built over the years, and fans are lapping it up

everyone claims DC is playing catch up to Marvel when it comes to diversity which no!!! okay. just because Marvel decided to introduce a handful of diverse characters that have ascended the comics doesn’t mean that DC is behind the curb. in fact, both sides are guilty of fucking up greatly both past and present when it comes to diversity and representation but i’m not going to go into that. what i really need you to know is, you all need to start supporting DC if you want to see a diversification of comic book media. you’ve been screaming for diverse superheroes/anti-heroes/super-villains, ect. from the beginning but the second it’s DC giving this to you, you sleep on it. 

so let me just repeat: 

  • Suicide Squad has six characters of color, four leading women - two of whom are women of color - in a Hollywood movie!!! which is pretty unheard of tbh!!!! of these characters/actors, there are two black men, a Latinx man, a Japanese woman and a Native-American man. so yeah, this is a big deal, because this kind of diversity is almost never seen on screen. behind the screen, Cara Delevingne cast as Enchantress is openly bisexualthis doesn’t erase the ableist elements the movie may have. i have struggled with schizophrenia my entire life, so i am aware of the importance of having to criticize the movie for ableism. the thing is, if this movie fails it isn’t going to be blamed on the ableism. it’s going to be blamed on the PoC and women of this movie, which means going back to all-white, all-male superheroes and villains, with one or two token minorities thrown in for good measure. plus the fact, ableism is already rampant in Hollywood anyway. the MCU has been ableist against their interpretation of Wanda Maximoff. condemning a single movie for ableism isn’t going to fix the problem in Hollywood, especially not condemning a movie that so many PoC and female fans are riding on.
  • Wonder Woman will be the first female-led movie from DC and the first major female superhero movie since Tank-Girl (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m sure there have been others, but they haven’t had the same impact.) obviously the major thing here is, a female-led superhero movie. and yet i have seen very little excitement surrounding this movie from those outside the dc fandom? despite the outcry for a black widow and captain marvel movie? in fairness, we don’t know much about wonder woman yet, but taking a glance at the IMDB page shows female actresses playing named roles in this movie, including Florence Kasumba, a black woman from Captain America: Civil War, playing Senator Acantha, Mayling Ng playing Orana as well as Morrocan man Said Taghmaoui playing a major role, presumably as a WW1 soldier aligned with Steve Trevor. 
  • Justice League sees two actresses playing major female characters, Wonder Woman and Mera both of whom are hugely important to the DC comics mythos. it also sees Aquaman, played by a pacific islander compared to his white counterpart in the comics. a black man is playing Cyborg, who is one of the kindest, most optimistic heroes in comics. someone kids can really look up to, and he’s not mayo-man for once!!! also, you have an openly queer actor playing the Flash. Lois Lane, another strong female character, is expected to have a large-to-significant role in the JL movie. if we compare this to the first Avengers movie where the main superheroes (excluding Nick Fury) were all white and almost all male, we begin to see the glaring changes DC is making to create something fresh, unique and most importantly, diverse.
  • While in pre-production, Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam in the Shazam movie, an immensely powerful super-villain in comics universe. 


  • We can also speculate on what we might expect in future DC movies. you have The Batman movie coming up, which could introduce heroes like Cassandra Cain (the best martial artist in the DCU) who is an asian woman, Dick Grayson who is Romani, Damian Wayne who is of Arab descent. alternatively, even batman’s rogues gallery - while being problematic if they are the only on-screen diversity in the movie - give us queer characters such as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. there is also Ra’s al Ghul, who is Arab or of Arab descent and Bane who is Latinx. aquaman may see villain Black Manta, who is a black man (Atlantean?) and aquaman’s villainous brother Ocean Master is expected to be PoC, in line with the race-switch of Arthur Curry. The Green Lantern Corps could take a slew of diverse characters, as the green lanterns in the comics have had a black man, Latinx woman, Muslim man, a man of Mexican descent and a gay man in their corps. The Flash movie could see (the nu52) Wally West, the flash’s nephew, who is black in the comics or a female speedster such as Jesse Quick. also, DC have proven very open to switching characters up for their movies and multimedia, which means more possible race-switches in the future!!

this shows a wealth of representation already, even with the speculation aside!!! please support DC movies!!!!! even if you go see one movie, it could make a drastic change to how superhero media begins to change for the better. 


LFCC 2017

So… I have the most amazing and supportive family. I’ve been dealing with a lot in recent months and needed both a break and a little joy in my life, not that I was going to angle for one because I just tend to KBO.

My sister and cousin were already planning to go to the con and I just had no time or money to do so. BUT THEN. My sister booked an apartment for all of us to go to the con on the Saturday and my parents bought me a diamond pass to see Mads and stole my spawnling for the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I met Mads last year at LFCC and let me tell you, I am so glad I had a do over this year. Last year I was in a really dark place. It was before I started binding, waaaay before I started to socially transition. My anxiety was terrible, I had three anxiety attacks that weekend and I was on the verge of a panic attack when I had my photo with him. I just… it was a really fucking bad weekend. And this weekend was the total opposite. I felt as comfortable in myself as I can get right now (roll on hormone therapy!), I even felt a smidge of the confidence I used to have. I felt good!!

Highlights Behind the Cut!

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Heeeey everybody!

First of all, Rocket Girl #10 comes out TOMORROW!

Secondly, I WILL be at New York Comic Con this weekend!!  It’s my favorite time of the year!

You can normally find me at my Artist Alley table M32.  Next to me will be Brandon Montclare!

In addition to books, prints, T-shirts, and sweet “making of” books, we’ll be selling the new Rocket Girl coloring books for $15 a pop!

If you need to catch up, we’ll have a special discount on Rocket Girl–the first trade plus issues 6-10 for only $20!

I will also be bringing Rocket Girl original pages along with a few other covers, things I’ve never before sold–NYCC attendees get the first dibs before I make the rest available online next Monday!

I will be on one panel…
FRIDAY the 6th
Image Comics: The Future of Genre
6:45-7:45pm room 1A21

Brandon will also be on a panel…
SATURDAY the 7th
Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby’s New York
4:00-5:00pm room 1A02

I believe that’s it…for those of you attending, SEE YOU THERE!! And for all of you, READ ROCKET GIRL 10!!!!!