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wk. 1, 2017:  last week of vacation before second sem starts. trying to catch up on comics and to finish one last book before acads take over. mantra of the week comes from the song “siberia” by ang bandang shirley: pinili ang sarili / sumaya (chose oneself / found happiness). 💛  ig: nag_aaral 💛  

Jason and Tim: Nobody messes with my little brother

Bully: *knocks down Tim’s books* watch where you’re going, nerd!

Jason: *Comes out of know where and punches the bully* if i ever catch you messing brother again, I’ll break your knee caps

Bully: *gets up and runs*

Jason: *Helps him with his books* You okay, Timmy?

Tim: Yeah, I’m fine thank-

Jason: *Knocks down his books* love you, bro! 😁 *walks away*

If you catch the dude you love sending sexy messages to your friend, it’s your right as an American to spend the money you saved up for his birthday on iridescent lip gloss and comic books. Pretty sure it’s in the constitution.

Don’t you tease me Mr. Butcher, I’m very weak to this type of hints

but honestly if it somehow became a short on Netflix (like 2-3 episodes of one book for example) i can see that working out well b/c i firmly believe a book turned into a series (esp. as detailed as the Dresden Files) needs like at least 2 episodes dedicated to that book (A Series of Unfortunate Events is going two episodes for each book and that is working out smoothly *i need to catch up lol*)

but like i hope something turns out from this b/c any more Dresden files content on top of the games and comics is welcomed b/c i can’t get enough~

sorry for the ramble but i got so excited~

(Happy Ending AU) Real talk, though, when Eleven inevitably gets sick for the first time living outside the lab, Mike would pull every excuse in the book to make him mom let him stay home from school. She doesn’t relent, telling him that Joyce is more than capable of nursing a sick child and that he doesn’t need to catch what El has, anyway. As soon as they get about a block away from the house, Nancy puts her hand on her brother’s shoulder and tells him with a smirk that she’ll cover for him at school. It turns out that Joyce had to go to work, anyway, leaving Jonathan to look after El (and ultimately turn a blind eye to the little Wheeler kid snuggled up in bed with a pile of picture books, comics, and hot chocolate on the nightstand and a certain sniffling girl at his side). Jonathan is in the kitchen making stacks of Eggos to help El’s medicine go down easy 

Mission accomplished.

All the orders are sent! Toutes les commandes sont postées. \0/

Today I posted the last 25 ones I have recieved during the preorders.
Thank you so much for ordering everyone, for your patience and all the kind messages I got, I cross all my fingers hoping everybody will be happy with the books.

m(_ _)m

Now my program:
- sleep.
- catch up with all the TV shows I missed (I havent even started to watch The Path S2… T_T)
- doing crafty useless things
- redo my store to set up the next sales.
- buy more supplies
- sleep.


“Lucie catches up on posting stuff she did” part 4 !

Some diary comics !

Update on those: since then, my banana plant died, I finished the book I was working on, I stopped crocheting because I got bored, Ink Master is over, and I totally bought the comic (but for a present, so it doesn’t really count).

Simon nestles further into the golden couch. He had been spending a lout more time at the Hotel Dumort latel. He is reading one of the latest issues of Justice League: Origins. As he turns the page Simon looks up and notices Raphael’s eyes dart away. Thinking nothing of it he continues to read.

About ten minutes later, Simon finishes the comic book and tosses it onto the coffee table infront of him. He catches Raphael’s eyes darting away again and smile tugs at Simon’s lips realizing what was going on.

“Like the view?” Raphael’s attention snaps to Simon who broke the silence. His eyebrows knit together.

“What are you talking about Simon?”

“I caught you staring,” Simon’s smile widens as he watches Raphael squirm.

“I was not!”

“Whatever you say…” Simon motions between his eyes and Raphael with two fingers to say he’ll be watching.

Dios!” Raphael stands and roles his eyes then storms off flustered.

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I go to Comic Con every year that I can. I went this year with my little brother. I went for the show (Reign), but I had an extra day to wander the floor. Me and a girlfriend of mine wandered the floor, bought comics, and I got a sketch from of my favorite artists who illustrates the comic book Sable. That was really exciting. It’s now framed and on my wall. 

honestly putting aside all the DC discourse about movies (because it literally leads nowhere, everybody has an opinion and everybody thinks they’re right, it’s exhausting) DC seriously has been doing the most for diversity lately and i think that reflects the universe they’ve built over the years, and fans are lapping it up

everyone claims DC is playing catch up to Marvel when it comes to diversity which no!!! okay. just because Marvel decided to introduce a handful of diverse characters that have ascended the comics doesn’t mean that DC is behind the curb. in fact, both sides are guilty of fucking up greatly both past and present when it comes to diversity and representation but i’m not going to go into that. what i really need you to know is, you all need to start supporting DC if you want to see a diversification of comic book media. you’ve been screaming for diverse superheroes/anti-heroes/super-villains, ect. from the beginning but the second it’s DC giving this to you, you sleep on it. 

so let me just repeat: 

  • Suicide Squad has six characters of color, four leading women - two of whom are women of color - in a Hollywood movie!!! which is pretty unheard of tbh!!!! of these characters/actors, there are two black men, a Latinx man, a Japanese woman and a Native-American man. so yeah, this is a big deal, because this kind of diversity is almost never seen on screen. behind the screen, Cara Delevingne cast as Enchantress is openly bisexualthis doesn’t erase the ableist elements the movie may have. i have struggled with schizophrenia my entire life, so i am aware of the importance of having to criticize the movie for ableism. the thing is, if this movie fails it isn’t going to be blamed on the ableism. it’s going to be blamed on the PoC and women of this movie, which means going back to all-white, all-male superheroes and villains, with one or two token minorities thrown in for good measure. plus the fact, ableism is already rampant in Hollywood anyway. the MCU has been ableist against their interpretation of Wanda Maximoff. condemning a single movie for ableism isn’t going to fix the problem in Hollywood, especially not condemning a movie that so many PoC and female fans are riding on.
  • Wonder Woman will be the first female-led movie from DC and the first major female superhero movie since Tank-Girl (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m sure there have been others, but they haven’t had the same impact.) obviously the major thing here is, a female-led superhero movie. and yet i have seen very little excitement surrounding this movie from those outside the dc fandom? despite the outcry for a black widow and captain marvel movie? in fairness, we don’t know much about wonder woman yet, but taking a glance at the IMDB page shows female actresses playing named roles in this movie, including Florence Kasumba, a black woman from Captain America: Civil War, playing Senator Acantha, Mayling Ng playing Orana as well as Morrocan man Said Taghmaoui playing a major role, presumably as a WW1 soldier aligned with Steve Trevor. 
  • Justice League sees two actresses playing major female characters, Wonder Woman and Mera both of whom are hugely important to the DC comics mythos. it also sees Aquaman, played by a pacific islander compared to his white counterpart in the comics. a black man is playing Cyborg, who is one of the kindest, most optimistic heroes in comics. someone kids can really look up to, and he’s not mayo-man for once!!! also, you have an openly queer actor playing the Flash. Lois Lane, another strong female character, is expected to have a large-to-significant role in the JL movie. if we compare this to the first Avengers movie where the main superheroes (excluding Nick Fury) were all white and almost all male, we begin to see the glaring changes DC is making to create something fresh, unique and most importantly, diverse.
  • While in pre-production, Dwayne Johnson has been cast as Black Adam in the Shazam movie, an immensely powerful super-villain in comics universe. 


  • We can also speculate on what we might expect in future DC movies. you have The Batman movie coming up, which could introduce heroes like Cassandra Cain (the best martial artist in the DCU) who is an asian woman, Dick Grayson who is Romani, Damian Wayne who is of Arab descent. alternatively, even batman’s rogues gallery - while being problematic if they are the only on-screen diversity in the movie - give us queer characters such as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. there is also Ra’s al Ghul, who is Arab or of Arab descent and Bane who is Latinx. aquaman may see villain Black Manta, who is a black man (Atlantean?) and aquaman’s villainous brother Ocean Master is expected to be PoC, in line with the race-switch of Arthur Curry. The Green Lantern Corps could take a slew of diverse characters, as the green lanterns in the comics have had a black man, Latinx woman, Muslim man, a man of Mexican descent and a gay man in their corps. The Flash movie could see (the nu52) Wally West, the flash’s nephew, who is black in the comics or a female speedster such as Jesse Quick. also, DC have proven very open to switching characters up for their movies and multimedia, which means more possible race-switches in the future!!

this shows a wealth of representation already, even with the speculation aside!!! please support DC movies!!!!! even if you go see one movie, it could make a drastic change to how superhero media begins to change for the better. 


More speedy Daily Challenge Prompts, I’m trying to catch up >__<

Day 9 Prompt: “The Perfect Chair”–I dunno bout you but I’d love a Baymax beanbag chair with a heater inside :) :) :) <3

Day 10 Prompt: “A Really Cool Person”–Bboys have major cool cred in my book :)

Day 11 Prompt: “A Weird Shopping List”–Didn’t know what to do for this one, so have some Mugiwaras. :) Sanji must have a really hard time keeping the rest of the crew healthy XD


As a means of catching ZIM fans up to speed in terms of the series’ highly complicated (everyone throws fits and stuff explodes) plot, and to inform those who have never watched the show (you can tell who they are because they still have their hearing), I hired Recap Kid. He (or she? I never specified and aaronalexovich‘s art keeps it mysterious) is an expert on all things ZIM so you’re in good hands there. 


iris in every episode 
1.01: city of heroes

There is nothing that I want more than for you to meet the right person that totally loves and adores you for the amazing guy that you are.

Looking for new blogs to follow

As I start getting into new fandoms and being active into old ones, my dash feels like fandoms disappear with the arrival of the new ones. So I’m looking for new blogs, please like if you want me to take a look at your blog. I’m looking for:

-Marvel (MCU, Fox, movies, tv shows, comics, everything except AOS that I still need to catch up with)
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-Game of Thrones (not the books since I haven’t finished to read them)
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-I don’t mind multi-fandoms blogs

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Last movie I watched: Kungfu Yoga! This is my favourite movie of the year so far, the directing is breathtaking, the plot is wholesome and the characters are lovable! Plus Yixing is in it and he does such a great job~


Last show I watched: Agents of Shield, I’ve been trying to catch up on it~ But if we’re talking K dramas it’s The K2 which is really amazing but underrated :(

Last book I read: Um I read 3 pages of The Great Gatsby the other day and decided that I do not have the intelligence to comprehend nor understand anything about it, so I went to read Marvel comics instead :3

Last thing I ate: Expired cookie 

If I could be anywhere right now: Anywhere? S P A C E

When would I time travel to: Any time? S P A C E T I M E

First thing I’d do with lottery money: I’d use it to buy basic supplies and give them to those who need it, and also pay for their medical bills~ And if there’s money remaining I’ll use it to go to S P A C E

Character I would hang out with for a day: Omg I agree with you K2SO would be such a great companion to be around! We would have so much fun in S P A C E

Time right now: 1:45………am…………i sleep after this

I tag @dingdonghyucksgf @jaehynu @nctgiri @taeyongfireeyes @jtae @bubblegumjisung @cafemara 
Sorry if you’ve already done this, I love you all and hope you have a great day~


So… I finally had some time to catch up on The Walking Dead which finally introduced my two favorite characters from the comic books: Negan and Lucille ;)

jamezonthenet  asked:

So I got behind in all my comics stuff. I was wondering if you could give me a literally summary of what Inhuman books are running and what's coming? I'm good on Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel, and I know that All New ended (sad face). What are you stoked about coming up?

Okay, so you’re up to date on Moon Girl and Ms. Marvel (which means you’ve been reading some of the best comics on the stands :3).  What you’re missing out on is Uncanny Inhumans, Mosaic and Karnak (all definitely, highly recommended).

  • Mosaic is just four issues in, so catching up on it should be pretty easy.  I’d check out an issue and see if it’s something you like.  In my opinion it is just amazingly well done. 
  • Karnak is a wild book that just concluded and should soon be available in trade form.  It’s a thrilling albeit somewhat disturbing tale that is essentially an existential character of Karnak and what an incredibly &%$ed up guy he is. This book is not for everyone, but I loved it.
  • Uncanny Inhumans has had several major arcs since its inception. The first, Time Crunch is just exceptional with fantastic art by Steve McNiven.  It centers on Black Bolt, Medusa and a team of Inhumans in their efforts to save Ahura (BB and Medusa’s son) from the clutches of Kang The Conquer.  
  • The next arc is The Quiet Room, which is kind of a three part story all collected in the same trade paperback under the name ‘The Quiet Room.’  The art fluctuates, but it’s a cool story with lots of intrigue, action and romance.  
  • Next is the Civil War II tie-ins, collected in the TPB title ‘Uncanny Inhumans: Civil War II’  Whereas the main CWII event was a touch lackluster, the Inhumans tie-in is terrific.  Some great art from Pacheco and Janice and very neat story with rather interesting socio-political undertones.  Iron Man sends a legions of his war suits to lay siege to New Attilan and it’s a showstopper.  The tpb also includes the stand alone story from Uncanny Inhumans Annual #1 which is a really well done tale that takes place in Mumbai.
  • The next collection has yet to finish and won’t be available in trade form until late winter.  It’s include a neat story centering on the resurrection of an Inhuman called Auran, as well as the tie-in issues to IvX (which is currently happening and focuses a super amusing tale of Maximus being nutty and scheming).  
  • There is also the whole Inhumans versus X-Men or IvX cross over event.  It’s been a pretty fun tale, the biggest problem of which is that The Inhumans are kind of the bad guys in it.  Ms. Marvel shows up in the third issues and it appears as though she, Moon Girl and the other NuHumans are going to end up the main heroes who bring about an end to the Inhuman/Mutant war.  The individual issues are all prestige format and rather expensive, by the event itself will likely prove worth picking up in trade format.  
  • Uncanny Inhumans will end with it’s twentieth issue.  With the conclusion of IvX, three brand new Inhuman books will be launched.  This includes The Royals (by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers), Secret Warriors (By Mathew Rosenberg and Javier Garrón) and a Black Bolt solo series (by Saladam Ahmed and Christian Ward).  
  • The Royals will see the Royal Family venturing off into space in search of the origins of Terrigen; Secret Warriors will tell the adventures of a new group of Inhumans made up of Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil D, Daisy Johnson/Quake, Inferno, and Karnak (one of the best team line-ups I’ve seen just about ever :3).  Finally, the Black Bolt solo is going to be this way out cosmic adventure…  Ward has been posting preview art on his twitter and it looks like it’s going to be amazing.