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Pick Me Up || pt 2

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part 1

REQUESTED:  university JB comes by and picks you up by the library late at night… and one thing leads to another…

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1304

Warnings: SMUT (very sinful rip)

note: the part 2 requested by most people! hope you guys like this one. now to bathe myself in holy water and start actually doing my english project that i haven’t started on yay… happy reading and take care -admin

The soft illuminated street lights shone on Jaebum’s face, giving you a good view of his body. The lust in his eyes as he skillfully unbuttoned your jeans, pulling it down and throwing it somewhere in the car. With the slow beat in the background, you sat up slightly to take off your shirt, moving with the rhythm of the song to tease Jaebum. You could hear Jaebum growl in return of your actions as he lifted you up with his arms and reattached his lips on the bruise he made earlier. His fingers crawled their way up your back to unhook your bra, exposing your upper half of your body. Sending light kisses down your collarbone, Jaebum filled with the hem of your panties as you laid down, giving Jaebum a good view of your beautiful body.  

“You are already so wet for me, baby girl.” Jaebum murmured as his two fingers began sliding up and down your clothed, wet slit, making you moan out of pleasure. His raspy voice along with the movements of his fingers made you even wetter and more turned on than you were before. Jaebum moved your panties to the side to feel your wetness against his fingers. The pad of his middle finger found your pearl as he began circling it in a slow, hard manner that made you gasp.

“Fuck, Jaebum.” You moaned as he continued circling the bud while dipping the tip of fingers inside your entrance, teasing you.

You gasped when he moved his fingers up and down your wetness at a brisk pace, making you close your eyes as curses escaped your lips. Jaebum stopped all his movements before pulling your panties down to your ankles and throwing it to the front. Jaebum grabbed both of your legs and placed it on top of his shoulders, bending his body down to meet your wet core. His hot breath against your sensitive core was making your mind swirl as you let out a sinful moan when Jaebum’s tongue licked your slit roughly in one, long strip. before diving into your pussy.  He didn’t spare any mercy as he licks, sucks, and nips on your clit at a crazy rhythm, making your head fall back in extreme pleasure. When he placed his mouth on your clit and giving it a hard suck, you screamed his name out loud and grabbed Jaebum’s hair, pulling it slightly.

“I-I’m close, Jae.” You gasped as Jaebum inserted his tongue in your core, finding your sweet spot as he rams that spot over and over. His fingers found your clit again and began circling it the fastest way possible, pushing his in out as you felt a familiar pit in your stomach starting to build up. You grabbed Jaebum’s hair and pulled him closer to your pussy as you came undone, letting out multiple sinful moans that filled up the car. You grind your hips against his mouth as he continued to lap on your pussy until you were a squirming mess. Your head fell back onto the side of the windowsill as Jaebum pulled a away from you, putting your legs down from his shoulders.

“We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Jaebum’s hoarse voice said as he fiddled with his pants,  taking it off along with his boxers, revealing his huge member. You bit your lips as your insides curled at the sight of his cock. He kissed your lips before rubbing the head of his cock against your wetness. When he pressed his throbbing head on your sensitive clit, you moaned and he immediately swallowed it with his lips.

“Tell me what you want, baby girl, and I’ll give it to you.”  He growled as he brought his lips to your ear. He grind his cock against your clit once more, making you cry out.

“Please Jaebum, fuck me.” You whined as Jaebum teased his cock at your entrance. With Jaebum being completely satisfied with your answer, you felt his huge cock inside your entrance as you bit your lip. He slammed into you in one go, filling your tight walls to the hilt.  Your arousal made it easy for him to slide in.  He took a few seconds to recuperate the feeling of your walls swallowing his cock and he presses his forehead against yours. You wrapped your legs around his hips as he began to move in and out of you at a brisk pace.

“You’re so fucking tight, baby girl.” Jaebum groaned against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he buried his face against the crook of your neck, his hands settling at the windowsill of the car. With each thrust, he pushes harder and faster, making you see stars.  You would tighten against him from time to time, making him grip the side of the car tighter. He began ramming his cock in and out of you, making your breasts jiggle against his hard chest and the car shake. You bucked your hips harder against his fast thrusts until you were in the verge of your release. Your fingers slowly making their way down to your clit as you circle it to heighten your climax.  

“I’m cumming.” You moaned as you arched your back on the seat and continue circling that bundle of nerves between your legs.  

“Come for me, baby.”  Jaebum groaned and that was your undoing. Your orgasm hit your hard, making your mind blank, and your sight blurry. And just when you thought this was the end, Jaebum took his cock out and sat back on the seat, admiring your mess state he had put you in.

“Turn around, babe.” Jaebum demanded, “Grip the side of the car with your ass in the air.”

Knowing Jaebum, you had to obey his demands otherwise he could get angry. Complying with his needs, you moved from your position and obeyed what Jaebum said. Gripping the side of the car, you raised your bum in the air, giving Jaebum great access to your oversensitive pussy. You felt Jaebum grip your waist as He aligned his throbbing and hard dick against your hole making you moaned out loud. Your whole body trembled when he slammed into you and resumed fucking you harder than before. He set an unfathomable pace, sending you over the edge as you mumbled incoherent words out loud when Jaebum continued to hit that one spot in you with the head of his hard dick, his thick girth filling and stretching your still contracting walls.

“Fuck!” The gasp that just left your mouth is inhumane; making Jaebum’s dick throb inside you. He lifted your ass higher than earlier before pushing you against his dick, delivering, deep, short thrusts and your mind went blank, your mouth agape as you hit another mind-numbing peak. You clenched around his cock when you hit your second orgasm, your loud screams filling up the car. Jaebum finally stopped thrusting and pulled out of you with a loud grunt as he came all of over your ass.

“Holy shit.” He softly cursed as he laid back on the seat, trying to catch his breath. You, on the other hand, laid there on the the back seat, breathing heavily and tried to comprehend what had just happened between you and Jaebum. Who knew that this day would come when the hottest guy on campus fucked you in the car.

“Shall we continue this at my place?” Jaebum smirked as he began picking up the clothes.

“No, I have class tomorrow.” You sighed, finally catching your breath.

“At least stay with me tonight, please.” Jaebum begged as he leaned forwards to wipe the bead of sweat that fell from your forehead. You flashed him a smile before giving Jaebum a quick peck on the lips.




ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-13: favorite cousin dynamic

(Jane Cobalt & Maximoff Hale)

Even though he’ll never have siblings, he’ll have her. And I bet he’ll look after her too. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll want to keep Jane safe.


Victor Nikiforov + 😉

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Prompt HS proposes to WS, because she always said no before.

(Modern AU) 

So had come back from a hwaeshik and had consumed more alcohol than he could handle. He’d always been a lightweight, but every time he was handed a drink, he couldn’t seem to say no. When he stumbled into the apartment, his face was flushed red and he carelessly kicked off his shoes before running over to Soo.

She had been sitting on the couch, immersed in her favorite sageuk drama. He jumped into the seat beside her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Mmm, you’re so warm,” he muttered, resting his head on her lap. 

Her nose scrunched up when she smelled the alcohol oozing out of him. She smoothed down his ruffled hair and focused her attention back to the television screen. 

“Shh,” she whispered. “The King’s about to find out his lover is a court maid.” 

Soo felt him rub his face against her stomach and he tightened his arms around her. “Shouldn’t you be taking care of your drunken hubby instead of focusing on some fictional king?” 

“Oh so we’re married now?” she asked, smiling down at him. 

“Yeah,” he said, his eyes meeting hers. “Let’s get married! Do you want to go right now? Let’s go!” 

So made to get off the couch, but his sudden movements caused him to fall onto the floor instead. He groaned as he tried to right himself, and Soo grabbed his arms to steady him. 

“If this is your way of proposing, then I’m going to have to pass,” Soo said, finally turning of the TV. She’d catch up tomorrow. “It’s late. Let’s go to bed.” 

Soo took off his coat before pulling him towards the bedroom. She noticed he was unusually quiet, and when she finally turned to face him, she noticed that his lips were turned down into a large pout. 

“You always say no,” he muttered. “Every time I say we should get married, you reject me! Do you not want to get married? We already live together. The only thing separating us from being married is some stupid certificate, but I want that stupid certificate. No. I need it. I need for you to be my wife!” 

He pulled his hand away from hers and crossed his arms. So had a tendency of becoming a bit childish when he was drunk, and if it weren’t almost two in the morning, Soo would’ve found this to be quite entertaining. 

“The first time you asked me, we had been dating for a month,” she reminded him. “And the second time was during Eun and Soon Deok’s wedding. And now, you’re drunk. So sorry if I wanted something more romantic and not something you decide at the spur of the moment.” 

She gently grabbed his arm and pulled him into the bedroom. 

“Now, let’s get you to bed, and if you really want to get married, then you can propose to me again tomorrow. When you’re sober. Alright?” 

So wordlessly crawled into bed, and although she knew he had more to say, his drunken state quickly pulled him into a deep sleep. 

His head hurt. 

It felt like someone ran over him with a large truck.

His throat felt like it was on fire. 

So slowly sat up from the bed, grabbing onto his head as his vision began to spin. The last thing he remembered from last night was accepting his fifth glass of soju from his supervisor. The rest of the night was a complete blur. 

The door slowly opened and Soo peeked her head inside, a ladle in one hand. “Ah, you’re awake. Hurry up, I made some soup to help with your hangover.” 

The smell wafted into their bedroom and So managed to walked out into the kitchen. The table was set up with a variety of banchan and a hearty bowl of haejangguk. Soo waved him over to take a seat and placed his chopsticks down on the table. 

“How are you feeling?” she asked. “You slept like a baby last night.” 

He took a long sip of his water and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I don’t remember much. I didn’t do anything stupid last night, did I?”

Soo took a bite of rice and shook her head. “No, not at all,” she said. “But you did propose.” 

So choked on his soup and took a sip of his water as he tried to control his coughing. He looked over at Soo who continued to act as if what she had told him was completely normal. 

“I-I did what?” he finally asked. 

“You proposed,” she repeated. “But I said no.” 

“You did?”

She nodded her head. “You couldn’t expect me to say yes to that. You didn’t even remember proposing at all.” 


“Do you want to get married?” she asked, gently placing her spoon on the table. 


“Do you. Want. To get. Married?” 

“I mean, this is so sudden,” he said, placing his own spoon down on the table. “I just woke up and…It’s not even noon yet and I just-”

“See!” Soo yelled out. “This is exactly what I’ve been going through! You just throw the idea of marriage around during the most random times and expect me to say yes! Can you see how frustrating it is now?” 

“I do,” he said quietly. “But I want to, Soo. I want to get married with you. I always have. I know that whenever I asked, it wasn’t…romantic or special, but I meant it every time.” 

A soft smile formed on her face as she grabbed his hand. They sat in silence for a while before she finally pulled a small box out from under her. She pushed it towards him, urging him to open it. 

He grabbed the box and carefully opened it. Inside sat two simple rings, one for a man and the other clearly for a woman. He pulled one out and examined it. “Is this-”

“Let’s get married,” she said, pulling out the other ring and slipping it onto her finger. “I bought these a couple weeks ago.” 

I was supposed to ask you…” he muttered. “I was supposed to buy the rings.” 

Soo rolled her eyes. “So is that a no then?” 

So quickly shook his head and slipped the ring onto his own finger. “No. I mean, yes. I mean…” he took in a shaky breath. “Yes, let’s get married. I want to get married.” 

A wide grin spread across her face and she grabbed his hand. “Alright then.” 

She gave his hand a tight squeeze before grabbing her spoon and resuming her breakfast. Throughout the rest of the meal, his eyes periodically glanced over at the thin silver band wrapped around her finger. 

Note: literally wrote this in 30 minutes. Wow. Sorry for any mistakes! I miss SoSoo :( 

Ah another sidenote! 

- Hwaeshik = late night dinners/drinks with work colleagues 

- Haejangguk = popular Korean hangover soup 

- Banchan = Korean side dishes 


└ Merry Christmas everyone~~ 🎄🎄🎄

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I'm currently bed bound at the moment in hospital and oh so utterly bored! Can you suggest your favourite olicity fanfics? :) x

Oh no! I hope you’re okay, Anon. Hospitals are awful places. 

Happy to recommend some of my favourite fics, although full disclosure: a) I don’t read that many because b) I’m very particular about what I like or want from my Olicity fics. This isn’t to say that other fics aren’t good or great, just that my rec list is built primarily for me and my tastes :) Also, you may have already read some of these – I came to fic late, so I tend to play catch-up a lot. 

I can’t begin this list with anything other than chronicolicity‘s The Legacies We Leave. This is….a masterpiece of a fic, and one that deserves so much love it’s unreal. There’s a companion piece, You’re His Hope, which is equally excellent. You don’t have to read You’re His Hope (which came first) to understand Legacies (in fact, I started reading Legacies before I even knew there was a “prequel” fic), but there are some references to events that occur in You’re His Hope within Legacies, and, ultimately, why wouldn’t you read this amazing piece of work? Don’t feel intimidated by the length of either fic, Anon; they are so well written, so addictive and feature some of the best characterisations of Oliver and Felicity that I have ever read in this fandom. Her Oliver and Felicity are….holy hell. 

You’re His Hope and Legacies will make you forget all about that hospital bed and get you through your stay in no time. Don’t miss these! 

I’m loving susannahmccormick‘s Find My Way Back To You – it’s AU but it’s so cute I want to cry. She’s posting the final chapter (sobs) tomorrow, so you could well catch up in time for that (it’s twelve chapters). 

fiacresgirl‘s A Week Off The Grid is really interesting because it focuses on Oliver and Felicity away from Starling City. Yes, it’s a fic set during the Summer of Love and Roadtrips, but it’s not about the roadtrip, if that makes sense. Oliver and Felicity land somewhere for a short while and get caught up in a little bit of a mystery. It’s a very descriptive and well-written fic. 

Anything that Bre dust2dust34 writes is excellent, so you should definitely check out her AO3 page if you haven’t already. My current obsession is Four Walls (Of Law Firms and Honey) which is a HOLY CRAP HOT AS HELL AU. Currently there are only two chapters (*coughs loudly*) so this is a WIP, but it’s well worth checking out. Chapter 1 is adorable as heck, all smouldering UST and mentions of height difference (seriously Bre, I still haven’t forgiven you for that!) and Chapter 2? Chapter 2 is…..well, you should read it. ;) The thing I love about this fic is that it’s written “out of order”, i.e. the chapters aren’t depicting events chronologically, but weaving in and out of Oliver and Felicity’s story at different times in their journey. It’s such a interesting and original way of writing a story, and I’m excited to see where she’s going to take it next.

That’s pretty much it for WIPs – I don’t read too many of those, to be honest. One, because I have the patience of a gnat (although, to be fair, I don’t actually know how patient gnats are or aren’t…never really researched that…) and two, because too many WIPs on-the-go can tend to blur the stories into one gigantic ball of Olicity (which doesn’t sound all that bad, tbh). 

I do read a lot of drabbles and ficlets and shorter pieces that come across my dash, and to name just a few of the writers would be a disservice to all of the wonderful people whose work I see. I don’t want to miss anyone out, but I will open up this post for others’ comments and recs for you. 

Guys, any suggestions for must-read fics for my Anon?

Again, I hope you feel better soon. :)


Cameron Dallas Imagine:

I sat in the backyard of my new house strumming my guitar. My love for this thing was insane. I began learning how to play when I was 6 years old. As soon as I heard one, I knew I had to learn how to play it. Now I was sitting on a log bench playing Riptide by Vance Joy and singing the words to myself. I had just moved to California from Miami and I was terrified to say the least. It was a HUGE change for me. I was never good at making friends and now I’d have to in the middle of high school. I heard a door open and close and see four teenage boys around my age come out onto their backyard. Well, one of them’s backyard. “Chris! Pass it over here!” I heard one yell. The boy who is apparently Chris kicked a soccer ball to the one who yelled for it but it got knocked away by another boy and then came rolling into my backyard. The ball stopped rolling at my feet. I placed my guitar beside me on the bench and picked it up, careful not to fall in my heels. I walked across the sideline of my pool as long as I could because it’s really hard to walk in heels through grass. I then tossed the ball to one of the boys to see they were all staring at me, mouthed slightly open. “Here you go.” I said and then walked back to my guitar and went inside. A few hours later I heard the doorbell being rung. My parents were away for the night, going on a date so that left me home alone with my little sister, Sophia and my dog, Toby. Toby was barking at the door and I ordered him to go lie down. I opened the door to be met with a brunette with brown eyes holding a trey of brownies. A smile quickly grew across his face when he saw me. “Hi” he said. I smiled and greeted him back. “Sorry about earlier. We weren’t really paying attention… We should have introduced ourselves. I’m Cameron Dallas by the way.” He said extending his hand. So he must be my neighbor. “I’m Y/F/N. It’s nice to meet you, Cameron.” I said, smiling at him. “Yeah you too.” He said. “Oh umm… Do you wanna come in?” I asked, moving to the side. Cameron smiled at me and walked into my house. “Y/N who is it?” Sophia asked as she ran around the corner. “Soph, this is our neighbor, Cameron.” I said. Cameron crouched down to Sophia’s height. “Hey, Sophia. Me and my sister made you guys some brownies!” He said, smiling at her. “My mommy says to never take food from strangers!” Sophia says, crossing her arms across her chest. “Soph, these brownies are safe.” I said smiling at her. A smile the grew across her face as she snatched the brownies from Cameron’s hands and ran into the kitchen. Cameron and I both giggled before he stood up to face me again. “You should come by tomorrow. You can bring your friends and your sister if you want… I just don’t really have any friends and…” I said trailing off at the end. I knew he got the picture. He smiled at me and nodded. I was then that I realized that damn, this boy was REALLY attractive. It was the first time I really looked at him. “Well Sierra he work and the boys are busy, so it will probably just be me if that’s okay.” He said, smiling at me. I quickly nodded before he left. I then sprinted up my stairs to pick out the perfect outfit. I chose a black dress, black heals and a white pearl necklace (outfit Camila’s wearing in picture. Yes I know. Once again, I’m obsessed with her, okay?😂).

-The Next Day-

I was finally ready for Cameron to come over. I wasn’t really anymore dressed up than I was yesterday which was good. I didn’t want him to think I was trying to impress him. Even though I was, but he didn’t need to know that. I began setting some snacks out for him in case he was hungry. By the time I had everything set up, the doorbell rang. My parents were at work and Sophia was with some family friends that lived in the area have a play date with their kid. Which let me have some alone time with Cameron. I walked to the door, opening it to see a smiling Cameron. “Hey, Y/N.” He said. “Hey, Cam! Come in!” I said. Cameron walked into the house. “So what are we gonna do?” He asks. Shit. I forgot to plan what we could do! “Well um, I thought we could just kinda get to know each other.” I said. I nodded his head and began walking through my house. He passed my guitar leaning against the door to the backyard. “You any good?” He asked, play with my guitar strings. “Umm… Yeah, kinda.” I said, shyly. He smiled at me before he picked it up and walked into my backyard. I followed him out to see he was sitting on the same log bench I was on yesterday. I sat next to him and he placed the guitar in my lap. “Play me something.” He said. I nodded and began to strum the guitar. “My lover’s got humor, she’s the giggle at a funeral, knows everybody’s disapproval, I should’ve worshipped her sooner, if the heavens ever did speak, she’s last last true mouthpiece, every Sunday’s getting more bleak, a fresh poison each week, we were born sick, you heard them say it, my church offers no absolutes, she’s tells me worship on the bedroom, the only heaven I’ll be sent to, is when I’m alone with you, I was born sick, but I love it, commend me to well, amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife, offer me that deathless death good god let me give you my life…” I sang. I looked up to see Cameron’s mouth hanging open. “You didn’t tell me you could sing, too!” He said. I shrugged. “ I usually don’t sing. At least never in from of people… I have no idea how I just did that…” I said, realization coming over me that he had heard me sing. “You’re an AMAZING singer, Y/N!” Cameron said to me. I placed my guitar against the log and stood up. I began walking around the pool with Cameron right on my heels. He grabbed arm and turned me around, causing me to crash into his muscular chest. “Y/N…” He whispered. “Y-Yeah?” I stuttered back. I was really nervous being that close to him. I had never really been the type of girl guys paid attention to. Which is why I was even more shocked when Cameron’s lips touched mine. He slid his arms around my waist, pulling me into him as I ran my fingers through his hair, deepening the kiss. We finally pulled away to catch our breath. “Tomorrow night, I’m taking you out. 6 o'clock. Be ready.” He said, and then he made he way back to his house.

Okay, so here’s a thought. I’m rewatching the first 9 eps of this season to catch up for the mid-season finale tomorrow and I noticed something.

I’d rambled before about how I found it a bit strange that the Sheriff and Kira shared the exact same line. In 5x05 at the library, when talking about the Dread Doctors, Kira asks “Are we really calling them that?” and the Sheriff asks the exact same thing in 5x06 at the Station. It’s one occurrence so I let it slide.

BUT it happens again and I knew Lydia’s line reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. When they’re looking for the Nemeton in 5x09 and she says she’s leaving to find Parrish, Lydia tells Stiles “It’s always better when they know”, and that exact same line had been told before by Stiles himself in 5x02, that time to Liam when they were talking about Mason in the woods at night. That’s two.

The third isn’t an exact line but as soon as I heard it I was reminded of 3B. In 5x01 during the fight in the rain, Belasko asks “True Alpha? Where’s your power, Scott?”. I can’t help but to be reminded of a similar line in 3x20, that time from Kincaid, “You have the eyes of an Alpha, but where’s the strenght?

I’m still rewatching but I’ll add to this if I come upon something else. It’s not necessarily something important but it is interesting. Any thoughts on this?

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Please write about them meeting at the Brits and how he convinced her to go on a date again!!


“Tay! Are you coming to the after party?” Ellie asked when the show ended. They were sitting together at a table, with a few other friends.

She was in the UK for the Brits, where she won her first Brit award and performed her new single, Black Space. To say it’s already an amazing night for her was an understatement.

“Of course! I just need to go to the press room before I leave so I’ll see you guys there” Taylor smiled at her friends and hugged them goodbye before following her publicist.

She was wearing a long sleeveless black gown, with a red pattern that looked like a dragon on her back. Her hair was tied up in a fancy updo.

After talking to the press, Taylor changed out of the long gown into a mini black dress with a cut out at the sides for a lace pattern and a zipper at the ring with a pair of black heels. After fixing her hair and make up, she got into the awaiting car that took her to where the after party was taking place.

As soon as she got there, she was swarmed by her friends and people from the music industry. She was congratulated for her win and performance and talked to everyone she saw there.

“Taylor, I want to introduce you to someone. Come with me” Ellie called next to her ear and quickly grabbed her hand, dragging her away from her friends.

Ellie led her to a tall guy, much taller than she is. He was wearing a black suit, his short blond hair was slicked back. He looked like he felt a little out of place at this party, like he didn’t want to be there.

“Calvin, this is Taylor. Taylor, Calvin.” Ellie quickly introduced them.

“Nice to meet you. I love your song Feel So Close. It’s one of my favorites right now.” Taylor shook his hand.

“Thank you! It’s nice to meet you, too. Congratulations on your win tonight. Also, your performance was amazing, I loved the song”

“Thank you for saying that” Taylor said as she mover her bangs from her eyes and looked down blushing.

As the night went on, Taylor and Calvin never stopped talking. People joined and left the conversation during the night, but they never stopped talking.

It amazed Taylor how easy it was talking to him. It felt like talking to an old friend, not someone she just met. He was nice and kept the conversation going.

“Taylor, we need to go. You have a plane to catch tomorrow morning” Taylor’s publicist, Tree, told her when she finally found Taylor and Calvin sitting at one of the tables at the back of the room, away from the dance floor and all the noise.

“Okay, five minutes” Taylor smiled at her and got up. “It was nice meeting you Calvin. I guess I’ll see you around”

“Oh please, call me Adam. It was nice to meet you” he smiled at her and scratched the back of his neck

“Ok then, Adam. Thank you for tonight. I had fun” Taylor smiled up at him and gave him a quick hug.

Just as she was about to walk away, he called out to her, making her turn around.

“I know you have this whole no dating policy, but do you think that maybe you could make an exception? I would really like to take you out. Or stay in, whatever you prefer”

“That’s really nice of you, but like I said, I don’t date. We can hang out or whatever, but that’s it” Taylor tried turning his offer down gently.

“Please? I know about the shit you’ve been through, but I would really like to try. I like you, and you seem like an amazing girl. Just give it a try, we don’t have to leave the house if that’s what you’ll like. If you don’t like it, then I won’t try to push you into it. Just give it a shot, I promise I won’t let you down” Calvin said, practically begging her.

Taylor knew that she should just say no and walk away, but something told her she wouldn’t regret it, that something amazing will come put of it.

“One chance. You have one chance, that’s it. Don’t screw it up” Taylor told him sternly.

“I won’t, I promise. Thank you” Calvin smiled and lulled out his phone just as Tree called Taylor again. “Can I have your number?”

Taylor took his phone and quickly put her number in before returning it to Calvin. She gave him one last hug, whispering goodbye in his ear. Just as she was pulling away, he kissed her cheek and said his last goodbye. Her cheeks turned bright red at the contact and she prayed to god it was dark enough for him to not notice it.

“Thank you for tonight. I’ll see soon” Taylor said quietly and walked away to Tree.

“What was that all about?” Tree asked her when she was close enough to her

“I have a date” Taylor said as her cheeks reddened

“Are you kidding me?! That’s amazing!” Tree said excitedly.

They had aways been close, ever since Tree started working for her. She became her second mother. She knew Tree cared for her more than just as publicist and she loved it. She loved always having someone with her to talk to. She loved that she had someone to be there for her when she was oceans away from her mother and she needed someone to talk to, or tell her all about this boy and act like a school girl all over again when her own mother couldn’t be there.

“Yeah, I hope it goes well. He’s really nice, I really like him” Taylor said as they got into the car and drove away.

A few minutes later, she heard her phone ring, singling she got a text.

From: Unknown
It was nice meeting you, Taylor. Hope to see you again soon.
Adam xx