and casually walk around

He blocked me before I even got to touch on his transphobia.

Like yeah, calling a woman who was assigned male at birth “crazy” for transitioning is transphobic.

Calling a white woman who casually walks around in black face while co-opting the experiences and struggles of black women and people crazy is fucking true because she’s crazy and disgusting.


“Maybe you don’t have to leave that. Maybe we stick around here for a while. They come back, we’ll just make it work.”

The signs talking to their crush

Aries:My parents won’t be home today *wink*

Taurus:So uh… you really want that chicken leg?

Gemini:I may like you,I may not.Lets find out

Cancer:*silently watches crush most of the time*

Leo:I know you like me too

Virgo:This month I highly recommend you the book about philosophy of life

Libra:Hey I like your hat

Scorpio:Undress me

Saggitarius:Just admit it,I’m slightly funny

Capricorn:Hahahahahaha,I’m very uncomfortable around you

Aquarius:*casually walks around naked*

Pisces:I’m not sure how to tell you this.*awkward silence* I wrote a story about us.

i love how the undertaker is accompanied by the lights flickering off and a trail of smoke even when he’s casually walking around backstage

like a blackout happens and the staff would just be like ‘’yeah man it’s fine taker’s heading to the bathroom it’s cool’’

Probably one of the best things about Hobbitcon ZWEI was a rollerblading Nazgûl.