and casually walk around




Remus: ….. What are you doing? 

Remus: … That’s a muggle camera. 

Sirius: *grins* Lily gave it to me.

Remus: The pictures don’t move you know… 

Remus: Can you choose a moment when I’m clothed?  

Sirius: *smirks* 

Remus: *sighs* … At least let me hide the scars. 

Remus: *sits down on the bed across from Sirius* *raises an eyebrow* You do walk around topless all the time. 

Sirius: *casually* You should definitely take my advice and never wear a shirt. Ever.

Remus: *slowly grins* … Alright. 

Remus: You want to play this game? 



Remus: *laughs* Alright… you’ve had your fun. No more pictures.

Remus: I’m serious. 

Sirius: Really? What a coincidence! So am I.

Remus: No more pictures. 

Sirius: Wouldn’t dream of it.


Don't want to work today? Too bad you just made this line of customers for yourself.

So I work at a mom and pop shop where it’s just me and another guy on the weekends. He’s usually pretty courteous and friendly to customers, but today I walk in and he had his hoodie up, smacking his gum, cursing and not communicating with customers cashing out. As time went on, I was working at the register and he just seemed to be casually walking around. Customers needed help getting their products in their cars and he would just stand there doing nothing until I told him they needed help. At one point he seemed to just be hanging out in the company vehicle outside.

Well, it was about 9:30 am and I had a line out the door and my coworker was no where to be seen. I was pissed at this point and I walked in to the break room to find him literally hand writing out our inventory list.

I was so fucking pissed at this point. I understand people have their off days but you don’t throw someone under the bus by not doing your job. I said to him, “Dude. WHAT THE FUCK. What is going on with you today?”

He smirked and said, “I don’t have to tell you shit.”

I stand there for a moment, taking a look at the time and seeing it’s about quarter to 10. I was actually waiting for another coworker to take my place since I had to leave early and he hadn’t shown up yet. So I grab my bag and told my coworker, “Actually, I have to go now. There’s a line of customers waiting so now you actually have to work!”

Never felt so good watching his sorry ass head back to the register to deal with the line he created for himself.

dk as a boyfriend woohoo

Originally posted by minpoong

i’m writing this because i am self indulgent and a terrible person

  • first off, you’re going to have to be really really understanding and give off good vibes if you’re going to date him
  • i can see him with someone who’s independent yet relies on him?? like is completely their own person, but also depends on him 
  • a lot of jokes!! this boy is hilarious
  • holding hands and swinging them super super high until they do a 360 and both your arms are twisted
  • he needs someone he can goof off with!! like sing and dance to maroon 5 at like 3 in the morning
  • cue a pissed off jihoon
  • the cutest selfies!! like they’re so natural and not……… fake at all, just the both of you beaming into the camera?? LIKE WOW SO BRIGHT
  • super casual like shorts and shirts and walking around town in slippers and his arm slung around your shoulders
  • walking dates!! boundless energy and racing in parks and next to the han river and eating ramen after running up and down
  • sitting on railings and talking about everything; his fears, your fears and just opening up to each other YAY
  • would sit on your bed with you, the both of you just using your phones and chillin
  • would be so enthralled by his s/o’s candid poses and faces 
  • like just casually wearing one of his old shirts to sleep and !!!!!! LEE SEOKMIN IS DEAD HE’S GONE 
  • leans on your shoulder while using his phone and you just take a snapchat video and he looks up and EYE SMILE BOOM 
  • you’re also automatic friends with the whole of seventeen btw
  • fights would be bad. like real bad.
  • he would be so affected and sad and not even angry about it?? just so sad and droopy and it gets so bad that the whole of seventeen practically begs you two to make up
  • loves waking up and seeing your half awake face buried in blankets
  • hugging??? more like hanging himself off you every moment of the daY
  • WHEN HE GOES ON TOURS HE BUYS YOU SOUVENIRS AND THINGS AND TRINKETS and you also get all the concert merch he wore?? like the shirts and the jackets and things
  •  a lot of lame ass jokes
  • if you send him memes in the middle of the night he wouldn’t get them but he’d laugh so fucking hard everyone else wakes up

OVERALL just a super sweet, chill boyf who smiles alot and loves you to pieces!!! 

requests are open!

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I'm screaming that the one stalker has a tiny note pad and pen in her hand in the picture. Like.. just casually walking around the beach with an autograph book ready to go! Nothing suspicious about that!



Jesse McCree is not amused in the slightest. He waits a couple of minutes before walking up and slinging a casual arm around his significant other. He asks them what they are chatting about. If they continue, he’d move his serape behind him, revealing his hand resting easy on his Peacekeeper. It’s a mostly empty threat, but oh boy does it work.

He’d walk around with his significant other more, maybe even partake in some of their missions. He plays and says it’s just because he misses them, but his eyes linger on those people a second too long to be considering glancing. Nobody better fuck with them, is all he means.

Jesse would shower them with some McLovins. A lot of cuddly kisses, even during sex (if they do that kind of thing). He would compliment them more, see if they want to go out. He wants them to know that what they said was wrong. They’re a damn good soldier and a great person.

Gabriel Reyes

He would fight them. Seriously. I’m not telling a joke. I’m not making this shit up. As soon as he hears enough to confirm their assholery, he goes in arms swinging. It doesn’t matter if there’s six of them. He will fight them all. He wouldn’t kill them, but he would try to break a bone to teach them a lesson.

If the people shit-talking are subordinates, he’d make their life a living hell. He doesn’t care if people call it an abuse of power. How dare you talk to your teammate that way? How dare you talk to his significant other that way? He would report it to superiors, too, to get them in trouble for it.

Every time he thinks of them he reassures his lover and always commends them in battle. He trained them himself, goddammit, he knows firsthand how good they are. Even when they’re having a bad day, they are still doing better than most. Gabriel’s probably angrier than they are about it.


He would be the calmest when he sees it. Genji would walk up and stand with his s/o and talk. He will use his appearance to his advantage to try to scare them off. He’d make the situation feel off somehow in an attempt to get them to leave. He wouldn’t fight them unless they throw the first punch. If they continue, he’d have them removed the strike team his significant other is on. Nobody really knows how he did it.

He would try to have his significant other moved away from them. He’d try to convince them to switch teams or go on different missions from them. He would also report it to their superior often until something is done about it from that side.

Genji would train with his significant other. He’d teach them new moves, refine what they already know, and generally improve their skill. It’s not because he doesn’t know that they are already strong and capable, it’s that he doesn’t want them to take what those assholes said to heart. Also they should expect some cuddles.

Evak head canons

So imagine Even and Isak in like 2-3 years, living together. 

Even likes to casually walk around the apartment naked sometimes. Isak pretends to hate this but secretly loves it.

One time Even got a bit carried away while cooking naked in the kitchen and Isak becomes slightly worried he’ll hurt or burn himself. But Isak just keeps watching Even as he dances around chopping vegetables and throwing it in a frying pan. Suddenly Even lets out a little scared scream because he actually did manage to burn himself. Isak hurries up to his side and checks if he’s alright. He then says ”come here, let’s take you to the bathroom and give you a cold shower”. As they both walk to the bathroom Isak mutters ”you’re not the only one who needs a cold shower right now”.

Another time Isak comes home and finds Even sitting naked in the armchair reading a book. He panics for a second and stressfully tells Even that Jonas is on his way so he has to get dressed. Even just looks up from his book and gives Isak a crooked smile. He has no plans of getting up OR to get dressed for that matter. Isak therefor struggles to make Even stand up and physically pushes him into their bedroom. Even continues to refuse to cooperate and Isak ends up pulling out and throwing clothes at Even as Even just stands there amusingly watching Isak struggle and become more and more stressed. Suddenly it knocks at their door and Isak’s eyes enlarges. He lifts a finger, points at Even and says ”Get dressed or you’re not coming out of this room!”. Even just keeps on smirking and Isak hurries out the door and closes it after him. Isak opens the front door and Jonas emerges. They hug and start to small talk as Even comes out from the bedroom, only wearing a pair of loose fitted jeans that very obviously shows that Even is not wearing any underwear. Jonas notices but ignores it and approaches to greet Even. Isak however, blushes, looks flustered and a bit embarrassed, but the smile on his face says it all, even with all the quirkiness and sometimes stupid and annoying things Even come up with, Isak loves him, with all his heart.

got7′s jackson as your bf

so let me start by saying I think Jackson is a lot like a puppy:
Cute and excited/excitable but also super dependable and loveable and kind

  • he would be cutesy but serious when you need him to be
  • if you two lived together so much of him casually walking around with no shirt on and when u say something he would either “like what you see” or laugh
  • speaking of his laugh
  • you two would laugh a lot - laughter would be his solution to a lot of things
  • someone said something shitty? Cuddle up on the couch and watch bad romcoms till your sides hurt
    • Jealous? He’ll do aegyo to make you giggle (but only for you)
    • But also he would be down to sit down with your head in his lap while you cry or whatever you need to feel better if laughter doesn’t work

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at the farmers market today i saw a guy walking around in a fancy blazer and casual gray sweatpants with a neatly-trimmed beard and a porcelain mug of coffee. if that ain’t my transition goals right there

Imagine: Mouse meets the team

More parent Junkers trash sorry. (Also someone called the Roadrat baby Mouse and I like it)

Imagine Junkrat carries Mouse in an old fashioned baby backpack, but it looks like a straw basket (decorated to his taste) upon meeting OW recruiters (Probably Tracer, Lucio..maybe Reinhardt (the nice ones on the team)) they just assume his bag is filled with bombs and junk, and go through the recruitment phase.

They start getting settled and Junkrat casually walks around with a well kept lookin little baby (cleaner then Junkrat for sure) and the teams like “oh shit.. he stole a baby. He stole someone’s fucking baby what the shit he’s gonna blow it up”

So to avoid putting the baby in danger they try to get a hold of it the easy way. “What an adorable baby, may I hold it?”

But Junkrats suspicious (due to where he grew up. He doesn’t trust easy, especially not with his prescious treasure) so he holds her away from them like “No! She’s mine! What ya want with er?” And their all just trying to reason with him to put the baby down

So finally Genji just zips by and snatchs her. Junkrat gets super pissed and chases him. He passes her to Tracer and Reinhardt and Zarya hold him back, he starts tearing up cause he thought he could trust OW (at least a little) but it was all a ploy to steal his treasure.

And the tanks holding him are like (thought: wow he really grew attached) “it’s ok, were going o find her real parents, where she will be safe and happy”

“I am her real parent!” He makes a big fuss until Tracer returns moments later, chained up by Roadhog who’s holding mouse.

“So apparently the baby is.. theirs” she says nervously, sweating as the chains only get tighter until Junkrat is released and he runs up to hug Hog and Mouse.

(To be sure Mercy preforms a DNA test in secret and confirms it)

Junkrat takes a while to regain his comfort around the team, avoiding bringing Mouse out of their room until he feels better. And they see that despite what they assumed, he and Hog are taking care of her well. She’s always clean, well fed, dressed in the best clothing and spoiled rotten, even when the Junkers don’t seem to take care of themselves as well they do at least take care of her.

Nasa wants to design an in-suit waste management system now I’ve watched those videos of astronauts doing interviews back on earth and casually dropping things on the floor because they forgot gravity is a thing here now and all i can think about is astronauts accidentally casually shitting their pants walking around the house

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This is going to sound like a really complicated question! Looking at all the blocking from the final. What would your dream final lair look like. Like, different parts from different actors and singers, and different little touches.

Oh, it’s not that complicated of a question; the complicated part is that I’ve loved so many different little touches that actors have brought that there’s no way I could cram them all into one scene. Half of them probably wouldn’t make sense with the other either. Buuuttt… a small sampling of things I would like to see:

  • I prefer it when a Phantom literally tosses Christine into the lair. Some just walk casually in, but naaahh, I want actual hurling around from the get-go.
  • I really liked how Samantha Hill would shrink back from the Phantom when he yells at her, but at the same time, I also loved Ali Ewoldt’s prim refusal to even look at the Phantom.
  • When the Phantom goes on his angst-fest, it is nice if a Christine attempts to reach out to him (e.g. Elizabeth Southard), or at least looks sorry for him; that way the line “Pity comes too late!” seems to reference that.
  • But if not, then the Phantom should try to act or inflect the words so that it sounds like he’s referring to self-pity.
  • Kaley Ann Voorhees’s little fighter stance wouldn’t make sense for all Christines, but that, or Samantha Hill shoving her bouquet back, really gives a sense of spirited refusal.
  • For the Phantom: really fling that doll! Think Ethan Freeman or Ramin Karimloo body slamming it.
  • I love it when a Christine and Raoul try to physically lift the portcullis (Tamara Kotova and Evgeny Zaycev) or otherwise appear to care for each other (Julie Hanson and John Cudia holding hands through the grating).
  • After Raoul is captured, I liked how Mary Michael Patterson would hold her hands out to the Phantom in an attempt to appeal to him, though it makes more sense for a more sympathetic Christine.
  • If not, I prefer it when a Phantom gets sort of rough with Christine - not enough to make us lose sympathy for him (and for heaven’s sake, no running hands all over her body), but enough that we can believe he’s a bit unhinged. I kind of liked Ernst-Dieter Suttheimer (helped by Colleen Besett’s shrieking), and John Cudia’s Phantom, though lowering himself right onto Christine’s body was taking it a bit too far.
  • According to another phan, Gina Beck used to sing the “tears of hate” slightly higher than normal, making it sound really dissonant with the score in an eerie sort of way. I find that very cool. (Cooler than belting it, to be honest.)
  • The Phantom should react to that; most of the ones I’ve liked (such as Hugh Panaro) do so by covering their ears or collapsing briefly over their organ.
  • Also, for Christine: really hurl that wedding veil! I’ve seen the Madrid Christines fling it halfway across the stage.
  • Speaking of Madrid Christines, I loved it when Julia Moller tried to support Raoul so he doesn’t strangle, not just try and comfort him.
  • I prefer the London blocking where the Phantom grabs Christine instead of just yelling at her, then tosses her against the grating. Think John Owen-Jones shaking and yelling at Rachel Barrell, or Ramin Karimloo grabbing Leila Benn Harris (or Gina Beck) by the hair (or chin).
  • Also, kudos to a Raoul who visibly struggles or fights back, like Simon Bailey shouting “You monster!” at the Phantom, or ones who yell “Christine!” whenever the Phantom tries to drag her around.
  • And of course, this means a Phantom has to react to that, e.g. Ramin Karimloo trying to physically attack Raoul back.
  • Which means Christine has to react, like Leila Benn Harris shoving him off or Gina Beck pushing herself in-between them.
  • On the other hand, it’d be cool to see the Phantom attempt to do that but get intimidated by Christine staring him down, as Julia Moller, Sofia Escobar, and Harriet Jones do.
  • Or, on the other hand, have Christine reach out to him again, like Lisa Vroman, Elizabeth Southard, or Jennifer Hope Wills do, only for him to shake her off.
  • There’s a lot of ways to play the “I gave my mind, blindly” bit. I like the hopelessness some actresses bring, like Gina Beck or Sofia Escobar. But I also like it when a Christine grabs the Phantom’s arm, the way Teresia Bokor did. And I like it when they sound angry. So whatever works.
  • I don’t want the Phantom practically slapping or strangling her (Gary Mauer, Stephen R. Buntrock, Geronimo Rauch), but I do like one that comes off threatening. But in particular, I would like there to still be hints of vulnerability - Earl Carpenter looking briefly hesitant comes to mind, or Marcus Lovett collapsing to the level of Christine as well.
  • For Christine: pause before getting up for the kiss! Make it look like Christine has been brought to the brink of despair, then figures out a solution and resolves herself to do it! I think a couple even raise their eyes upward at “God give me courage to show you…” which is a nice touch.
  • The kiss can be done a variety of ways, but I do love it when we can see Christine’s shock at the kiss (Gina Beck), when Christine pulls back and looks acceptingly at the Phantom (Sandra Joseph), and when they touch and even caress the deformity (many Christines).
  • I like it when it’s the Phantom who jerks back - or even pushes Christine away - from the kiss (Earl Carpenter, Ramin Karimloo, etc.).
  • Oh, I do want reactions from Raoul. Some try not to look; others, particularly the older Raouls (Michael Ball, Simon Bowman), shout, “No, Christine!”
  • I like Christines that react in fear and shock when the Phantom is about to free Raoul, thinking he will kill him (Lisa Vroman, Jennifer Hope Wills, Lisa-Anne Wood, and others).
  • Oh, a Raoul who still tries to protect Christine even after being freed! Michael Shawn Lewis is the shining example (immediately shielding Christine when the Phantom enters, like, within five feet of her), but Jordan Donica and Andrew Ragone also try to do the “hand at the level of their eyes” thing, just in case the Phantom tries to throw his noose again.
  • It’s cool if Christine hesitates before leaving; tons do, though Alison Kelly, Anne Gorner, Tamara Kotova, etc. come to mind.
  • It is also nice if Christine cries a little, or at least looks sad, when returning the ring. Kissing the ring (Sandra Joseph) or kissing the Phantom’s hands (Sierra Boggess, Elena Bahtiyarova, Mercedesz Csampai) is optional.
  • The Phantom, on the other hand, can go all out. Try to kiss her hand (Dmitri Ermak), fall on their knees (Earl Carpenter), try to stroke her face (Ethan Freeman, David Shannon), whisper “my angel” (Hugh Panaro), whatever.
  • On the boat, please have Raoul kiss Christine’s hand.

The end!

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x04:

  • So far, so disturbing.
  • Aw yay phone call with Cas <3 
  • OMG Dean asking his mom if he shouldn’t call her mom is BREAKING MY HEART *cries for ten years*
  • Cas + Crowley = the angel/demon crime solving duo everrrrrr
  • AH yes. Back to the Dean who doesn’t deal with feelings or talk about his issues. Back to normal *side eye for dayzzzz*
  • Dean being eager to shoot people doesn’t make me happy :(
  • YAAAAASSSSSSS to the sweaters!!!!!
  • Dean climbing over the gate while Sam just casually walks around it is my new favorite scene LOL .
  • ooooo black helmet motorcyclist… mysterious! 
  • Sam is so fucking badass, I love him to pieces. You tell ‘em, Sam! 
  • Wow. Dean’s instincts are SO OFF this episode. Mary leaving really messed him up :( 
  • Yup. Humans being creepy as fuck. 
  • LOL to the background on Sam’s phone.
  • Sam needs to stop getting captured yo.
  • Ummmm… lady, no one else is eating dinner after that bullshit. ELIJAH DON’T DO IT! 
  • Oh, hey Dean. Welcome back to the show. 
  • Sam is so wise. 
  • But like why did Beth need to talk to Dean? What went down off screen between them??? HmmmMMMMMM??????

In conclusion: Sam is so very wise. And strong. And brave. And great <3 

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hc's for paladins + alteans with an s/o who just casually walks around the castle in their underwear all the time

Shiro, Hunk and Allura have a hard time getting used to it, but they dont really try and stop you. they appreciate how comfortable you must be to do that though aha. 

Coran, and Pidge both see you so casual about it, and theyll start to dress down too. at least at times when they know they dont need to be on guard all the damn time. 

Keith and Lance both think nothing of it, just another day in the castle woopdy doo. if anyone questions it theyll just be like “who caarreessssss????” 

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Thanks for doing Sin Night again and taking time to do all these prompts :) And this time I'm on time soooo Mor and Azriel are casually walking around the House of Wind when they hear loud moaning and Mor The Explorer wants to find out who's that. Of course it's Cassian fucking Nesta against the wall and Az being one very polite bat tries to excuse themselves but Mor is all like 'No, I don't think so, I've wanted to do Nesta for the longest time' so foursome ensues.

First of all, thanks for thanking me! That means a lot and I’m glad you made it.

Second of all, MOR THE EXPLORER OH. MY. GOD. But no I’m so on board with this, Azriel is begging Mor to just leave them be they’ll talk to them about it another time but she just waves him off and WALTZES INTO CASSIAN’S ROOM. Cassian turns over his shoulder from where he’s on top of Nesta and is like “what the fuck guys, GET OUT WE’RE BUSY” and Mor just goes “we know, that’s why we’re here.”

Nesta and Cassian look at each other (he’s literally still inside her omg) and he looks back at Mor and Az and is just like “yeah sure okay”