and casually walk around

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Pay no attention to the apparent human just casually walking around on this alien planet. Sora you stick out like a sore thumb like this.

But, he stayed in human form, on account of whenever he was in Galra form people seemed scared of him. He wasn’t sure why, but he decided human form was better than Galra.

Now if only he didn’t stick out so much.

  • Hajime:"No one likes me."
  • Chiaki:"I like you."
  • Hajime:"I just want to have a talent."
  • Chiaki:"Talent isn't everything."
  • Hajime:"I'm a failure."
  • Chiaki:"No, you're not!"
  • Hajime:"I just want to be special!"
  • Chiaki:*grabs the sides of Hajime's face* *puffs up cheeks in anger* "You're special to me!"
  • Hajime:"...." "...I want to be someone that I can be proud of when I'm around you, Nanami."
  • Chiaki:"Hinata-kun..."
  • Nagito:*casually walks by* "Hey guys, don't mind me. I'm gonna blow up the school and be gone for a couple of months."
  • Hajime and Chiaki:"...."

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Meditation must work cause Christen was chill af when that player tried to swing for her. She just casually turned around and walked away lolol.

Christen is better than me cause I would’ve swung back and it would’ve been a full blown fight.

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Sit down, and listen to my tale of woe: I was playing turf wars today. On the other team, there was a girl with a krak-on roller, not covering any turf, just walking around all casually. They looked like they didn't want to fight, they just wanted to be friends. I tried to approach them, but they kept getting splat before I could get there. Finally, in the last few seconds of the match, me and a teammate finally found the krak-on and tried to party with her.... AND SHE SPLAT US. I feel betrayed.

OH NO!!!! That’s the worst QAQ

If you’re gonna give up anyway at least let people chill with you squiddos!! Not all of us are trying to get an absolute destructive win! I can deal with not pinning people to the base!

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Okay but: Barry and Iris walking around together casually holding hands, and him just bringing her hand up and kissing it I am going THROW a CHAIR (also him kissing the ring once they get engaged/married ahhh)



A Sudden Arrival |Closed|



{✘} - It was about mid-day in Tokyo and as usual the city was bustling with many people of all ages, though mostly middle aged people walked around this part of the city. Eventually as the rest of the day went on night soon came and the city streets were clearing up since it was getting rather late. Not much people roamed around this hour except for Wolverine, walking by at a casual pace Logan looked around the seemingly dead streets, earlier in the day he had received a phone call from Professor Xavier saying that there was something that had to be discussed with him and also told him that the X-Jet would be coming by later on. 

Was there some kind of trouble? A few weeks ago Logan was at the X-Mansion but explained he would be going to Japan to take care of some business and to see how his love Mariko, as usual Charles was understanding and let him leave,it had been two months since he was in Japan and the last time he had spoken to Charles everything seemed fine so what was happening now? Wolverine assumed it may have something to do with either Weapon X or just something they needed his help with. Arriving at the designated meeting point given he waited for about fifteen minutes before the light of the jet could be seen in the distance. Once it landed down came the ramp and out came Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops a valued member of the X-men and leader. Face to face with his old rival and friend he approached him casually dawning his red jacket.

[{✘]} - “Didn’t think I’d see ya again so soon Shades, so is trouble brewin’?Asked the feral Canadian.  

Story okay famioli

Okay, so earlier today around 11:30 or so I was in Marshall’s with my cousin. She walks off and I’m just casually walking around the store. Then I see this hot ass kid from school right? He is like a 9 and I accidentally make eye contact


As soon as I do, the musical I’m listening to with my headphones goes.

“I’ve decided I must ride you til I break you”

Cue me diverting my gaze, getting intense images for like an hour, and then being happy he didn’t know what was going through my head.

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Maybe it was odd to see a teenager walking around, casually tossing a knife up in the air and catching it as if it wasn’t usually used as some deadly weapon. As a member of the E-Class, it was easy for Karma to forget that normal people got scared when they saw someone carrying a weapon.

He put on a mostly-sympathetic smile as a woman quickly pulled her son away from him and ran off. As fun as scaring people was, it’d be a problem if someone decided to call the police, so Karma was just considering putting the knife away - when he noticed there was someone watching him. Someone who didn’t look scared. How interesting.

“Hey there!” Karma called out, waving the hand holding the knife in the air. He had no plans to hurt the other, but he didn’t appreciate being watched. Maybe it would be fun to give them a little scare. 

i got an alarm at the front desk saying one of the rooms called 911 and i was like….”OH SHIT WHAT DO I DO?” because there’s literally nothing i can do if it’s medical and if it’s someone getting out of hand i am very smol and there’s not much i can do but wait for cops to do what they do

so i ended up just hanging around and the paramedics just kind of casually walked into the hotel asking for one of the rooms and when i go to let them i hear someone saying her husband had passed out