and cas loves sam


This is beautiful. Honestly, watch it.

now, I don’t understand. Supernatural set Castiel up to be a father figure for Claire, right? That was the whole point of Claire’s storyline, to give Cas a sense of his own family etc etc

But then, supernatural also set up Dean as Claire’s father figure? But they didn’t do the same with Sam.

Like, that is something spn did ON PURPOSE.

they literally made Cas and Dean Claire’s dads.


12x03 vs. 12x12.  That time Castiel got resolution on where he belonged.  

Dean sees them on his way out of the store.

Fucking bee socks.

He almost misses them but damn it they don’t catch his eye and make him smile.

He stops.

Rolls his eyes at himself.

He shouldn’t be smiling at bee socks in a damn department store.

Shouldn’t picture blue eyes and tousled chocolate hair every time he sees streaks of black and yellow.

This is ridiculous.

He buys them.

Puts then on Cas’s bed because thinking of handing them to the angel makes his chest tight and his face red.

His chest is still tight and his face is red when Cas wears them to breakfast the next morning.

and then they like kiss and cuddle all morning and Sam rolls his eyes a lot and goes on a jog or something idk I’m drunk and I’m sorry for making you sad @wander pls be my friend again