and cas is just so appalled

Okay, so, most of the anti-Cas fans I have encountered are actually anti-Destiel fans who hate Cas for taking attention away from the brothers, and are people who claim that all casual viewers want Cas gone so they can focus on Sam and Dean. And I just have something to say in response to that.

My mother’s friend is staying with us. She watches Supernatural - she owns all the seasons. She considers herself to be a big fan. But I always have to remind her which one is Sam, and which one is Dean. Because to her, they are interchangeable. (As a Sam fan, I am appalled, but that is not the point.)

But Cas? Castiel, well, she knows him on sight.

She has said that she would rather Sam die, or Dean die, than Cas die.

She does not ship Destiel. Frankly, she is a bit homophobic - no WAY is she gonna ship Destiel. Why? Well, maybe because CASTIEL IS A FUCKING AWESOME CHARACTER IN HIS OWN RIGHT. DO I PERSONALLY SHIP HIM WITH DEAN? YES. DO I THINK THEY ARE IN LOVE? YES.


Suck my metaphysical dick, haters.

They say that casual fans don’t care about Cas, only rabid Destiel fans want him around. Well, this homophobic SPN fan who can’t remember the boys’ names wants him to stick around. So, sure, casual fans don’t care. Uh-huuuuh, sure.