and caroline told them they should date

At the Dark End of the Street


“Impossible to deny or disprove.” Caroline said, promptly.

Katherine smiled her sly smile. “As in, your feelings for Klaus.” 

“Shut up, Kat.” Caroline shot back, avoiding the brunette’s gaze pointedly.

“Hey, if I’m hitting a nerve…” Katherine trailed off.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll be hitting something.” Caroline threatened, slamming her locker door closed.

“Okay, if you two are quite done, is anyone else wondering why Stefan chose to return to Mystic Falls now?” Bonnie asked, roughly.

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Family Reunion drabble

–met at a family reunion but not related to each other AU aka this is Melissa’s fault (AU/AH Klaroline)

Caroline was pretty sure that Rebekah Mikaelson had never been told the word no before. Or, well, she had probably heard it a number of times in her life and disregarded it during every instance if her roommate’s long suffering sigh as she went over all of the pros again for when Caroline was going to attend this trip with her. Not if she attended but when.  

“All I have are brothers, Caroline. All they seem to have are sons. Not a single niece from the entire lot of them,” Rebekah continued with another sigh.

“Doesn’t that mean you’ve got sister-in-laws to hang out with?” Because Caroline had a feeling that babies ‘out of wedlock’ was a big old no in the Mikaelson family from everything she knew about them.

“None that I can tolerate for any period of time.”

Most likely that was mutual. Rebekah could be a hard person to deal with most days. “I don’t have to pretend to be dating you or anything, right?” Caroline wanted to be sure on all of the facts for this trip.

“I don’t plan on giving father a heart attack this time so no. Just my friend which should be doable enough. Mother and father already know you anyway. And I’ve told my siblings plenty about you.” Rebekah continued and Caroline wondered exactly what her friend had told her siblings. Considering the stories she’d heard about Rebekah’s brothers Caroline wasn’t all that sure she’d be portrayed in a positive light. Her family wasn’t even though Rebekah obviously loved them. And Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson were an…interesting couple.

“All expenses paid, Caroline.” Which really should have been a selling point because there wasn’t really any other way she’d be able to visit St. Martin on her budget but it made her a bit uneasy.

They might have been tossed in together as roommates their freshman year, despising one another at first before a beautiful friendship blossomed and continued over the next three years, but Caroline had learned a great deal about Rebekah and she knew her friend wasn’t even thinking about the cost of things. Was she really going to look a gift horse in the mouth and miss out on a free summer vacation? It was about time that her passport finally got some use out of it.

“Alright, I’ll come.” Otherwise Caroline knew she’d regret it for years to come.

Of course you’ll come.” Rebekah rolled her eyes. As if that was ever in question for her. “Now let’s go through your wardrobe and see what’s suitable.”

Caroline crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. “My clothes are perfectly fine, Rebekah.”

“For a small town beauty queen maybe but not for a Mikaelson gathering.” Rebekah was already heading off to her room and Caroline groaned, dropping down onto their living room couch.

What the hell had she gotten herself into?


Rebekah was going to pay. Somehow, some way, Caroline would make sure of it.

The small family vacation–that’s what her friend had called it–had turned into a full blown family reunion. It was going to be awkward enough being around a bunch of people she only knew really from stories and the occasional meetings with one or two of them (mainly Rebekah’s parents and her younger brother Henrik) but being around a whole bunch of people that she had never heard of let alone looked at her bewildered when they realized she wasn’t a Mikaelson was a level of awkward that Caroline had never experienced before.

And she had been in some sticky positions before. 

This topped the damn cake though.

Not to mention her supposed best friend had left her to the wolves and was off with some cousins or something somewhere in the entirely too swanky rental property–who the hell owned a vacation home that slept over thirty people?!

Caroline should have stayed cooped up in their room. Except this was St. Martin and she refused to keep herself locked up when there was a whole island to explore. Or even just the beach right outside of the bedroom door. Plus she could practically hear her grandmother in her head reminding her about manners and a million other little pieces of etiquette that staying away would destroy.

Staying inside would be preferable to Mikael leering at her whenever she passed by and Kol’s constant need to try a million different pick up lines on her is getting on her last nerve.

She needs a billion drinks to get through this but also wants to keep her wits about her. Especially around him.

Klaus Mikaelson. Or Nik, as Rebekah calls him. It’s the Niklaus that his parents use that causes her to try and not snicker at his obvious distaste for the name.

If wasn’t such an ass he’d be hot.

Well he’s still hot but god he’s such an ass.

“It’s a rather nice ass though, isn’t it?” Tatia murmurs to her and oh god did she actually say that out loud?

Drinking seriously needs to stop happening. Now.

And wait, shouldn’t Tatia be looking at her husband’s ass? You know, Klaus’ brother, Elijah? This family is entirely too weird. Caroline will happily take her Uncle Joe’s weird taxidermy collection over this lot any day.

It’d be easy enough to ignore Klaus with his yummy accent and even yummier looking lips if he wasn’t always there. Caroline’s certain that the guy is stalking her. Whenever she manages to find a space to occupy amongst the huge clan of Mikaelsons somehow he pops up next to her. Ready to talk to her, to use lines on her that really aren’t that much better than his other brother’s, and she desperately wants to escape his damn presence.

It really doesn’t help that her only saving grace in this place comes in the form of thirteen year old Henrik and he has a healthy dose of hero worship for Klaus. So even getting away to hang with him results in talk about Klaus or Klaus popping up.

At least he’s not as much off an ass when he’s around his youngest brother.

He’s almost kind of sweet. If wolves in sheeps’ clothing could actually be sweet because she’s pretty sure that’s what he is. And apparently he thinks she’s the sheep he’s waiting for a chance to devour.

She really hopes she didn’t say that out loud.

It’s the next night when she’s made sure not to drink anything because there will be no accidental slips of the tongue again. Klaus finds her sitting out on the beach and enjoying the bonfire that someone built that it all comes crashing down.

“Oh come on love, I dare you.”

Caroline Forbes has never backed down on a dare in her life. And how is she supposed to say no to that and those damn dimples anyway?

Rebekah stumbles into their room at some late hour of the morning, letting out a shriek when she finds a naked Klaus snuggled up to naked Caroline in the other bed. “Damn it, Nik. She was mine first!”

One year later and the two siblings are still in argument about who Caroline belongs to out of the two of them. Even the beautiful ring Klaus put on Caroline’s finger doesn’t quite stifle the argument. At least the next family reunion people won’t look at her funny because she’s actually a Mikaelson now.

Whether or not that’s a good thing still remains to be seen.