and carlos' finger

OTP Challenge - Jay & Carlos

Needs help opening their Popsicle? - Carlos because his fingers can’t grip the stupid slippery plastic and he just ends up frustrated. Jay smirks and uses scissors to open it for him.

Talks to questionable strangers? Jay. Carlos doesn’t understand it but Jay will flirt with anything and anyone that can be slightly responsive to him. (Sometimes Carlos gets pouty and Jay has to pull him close by the hand and kiss his forehead to make him feel better)

Snorts when they laugh? - Jay does whenever he’s laughing really hard. Carlos teased him once about it but Jay got so upset that he wouldn’t laugh around Carlos for a week.

Most likely to snicker and say ‘if you know what I mean’? - Jay 110% that little piece of shit. And it always makes Carlos red. (And Jay laughs hard enough at how cute Carlos is that he snorts. That makes Carlos feel better.)

Buys useless fandom merchandise? - Carlos the little cinnamon roll. He unashamedly buys countless techie gear. He has six versions of the same laptop because each of them came with a different all new feature based on their color.

Owns a piggy bank? -Carlos has a little piggy bank that is about the size of his palm and is painted white with black ears and a black nose. He likes to keep the notes Jay gives him in class in it.

Asks to pet a strangers dog? -Carlos every. Freaking. Time. Jay hates it but couldn’t dare deny his boyfriend something that makes him so happy.

Sharpens candy canes to a deadly point? -Jay likes to chase Carlos with it once he’s done because Carlos squeals and shrieks and giggles yelling things like “Jay you dork stop it!” or “You are such a loser!” or Jay’s favorite “I swear to god I will find a way to withhold sex from you if you touch me with that god forsaken thing.” (He knows Carlos will fail every time he tries to withhold sex. So needy.)

Gives sticky kisses after eating s'mores? -Carlos does it and never realizes it. He always has marshmallow goop stuck in white puffs on his lips and chocolate smeared around his mouth and cheeks but Jay doesn’t bother to tell him to stop. He just adds in a little bit of licking to clean him up.

Buys an action figure with their face on it? -Neither. But Carlos buys the one of Jay and gives it to Jay because he’s a little mush and does anything to please Jay.

Buys Valentine candy for them self? -Carlos buys himself a bag of everything on the store shelf that contains chocolate because he seriously has a problem and needs help.

Suggests to play hide-and-seek? -Carlos and even though Jay hates it he can never say no to his little baby. So he just hides somewhere obvious and congratulates Carlos on how good he is at this game to see Carlos blush and giggle.

Dresses up for Halloween? -Carlos gets overly excited and plans their costumes five years in advance with Evie. (This year they’re gonna be dalmations, and next year they’re gonna go as their parents. Halloween is a time to be scary!)

Babysits so they have an excuse to watch cartoons? -Carlos all the time. He will babysit anyone’s children or pet just so he can watch the cartoons without Jay teasing him. (Although Jay secretly loves watching cartoons with Carlos. He just won’t admit it.)

Sings random snatches of songs that are loosely connected to the conversation? -Carlos but Jay always joins in almost immediately and they end up dancing an entire musical number.

Let’s a dog lick them for long periods of time? - Carlos because Dude is warm and it tickles and it causes him to giggle when he licks all over his cheeks and forehead.

Wears nothing but underwear around the house for a day? -Jay and Carlos gets so flustered and can’t form sentences properly and eventually just leaves to go see Evie because he cannot do his Weird Science homework with Jay in his VERY TIGHT red boxers with the gold band around the top.

This one isn’t as good as my Chad and Ben one I’m sorry 😩 Send me more OTPs though! I really enjoy them

Performer Pt 2//A Jay Imagine

Anon said:  I was wondering if you could do one with jay from descendants where he’s talking to Carlos about his crush on the reader and they over hear and confront him

I’m gonna write this as a part two to Performer, I hope that’s chill


Part One

Jay had found himself unable to think about anything except for you. Every time he saw you walking through the halls, he was reminded of how well you could dance. Every time he heard you talk in a class, he was reminded of how well you could sing. 

One day, Jay was particularly out of it, day dreaming about the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming. 

“Dude!” Carlos said, snapping his fingers in front of his friend’s face. 

“Sorry, what?”

“I’ve been asking you the same question for five minutes, but you’re a million miles away!”


Carlos sighed. “Man, you have got to do something about this stupid crush! I’m sick of you drifting off in the middle of your sentences and I’m tired of having to try and grab your attention all the time.”

Jay turned red. “I guess there’s no point in denying it, is there?”

Carlos shook his head. “Nope.”

The son of Jafar let his head drop. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. She’s everywhere. I have a bunch of classes with her. Every time I see her, I can’t think straight.”

Carlos snorted. “You’ve got it bad man.” His eyes widened. “Oh, no. Whatever you do, don’t turn around.”

Jay froze. “Why?”

“Just don’t do it.”

“unless you give me a good reason, I’m gonna do it.” He twisted in his chair and was greeted by a pair of (E/C) eyes. You had been sitting right behind them and had heard every word. 

His eyes widened. “How much of that did you hear?” he asked.

You smirked. “Most of it. You guys aren’t exactly the best at whispering, ya feel?”

Jay turned red and Carlos grinned. “I’m gonna go…” 

He left and you got up and sat down across from Jay. 

“So you like me,” you said.

“um, yeah. Ever since your show a couple weeks ago.”



The two of you sat in an awkward silence for a moment. You waited to see if he would ask you out. When it became clear that he wouldn’t, you decided to do it yourself.

“Do you wanna go out sometime?” you asked. 

A huge smile split his face. “That would be awesome.”