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Jaylos Week - High School Musical AU

He had never been chased before and, if he had to be honest, Carlos was actually liking it.

Mal thought he was stupid and continuously reminded him that Pretty Boy (which she always meant as an insult, but Carlos never denied how true it was) saw him as a conquest. Carlos was a shiny toy that was new enough to still hold value in his eyes. And yeah, that might be true (it probably was), but why did that mean he couldn’t enjoy it while it lasts?

Soon enough, Jay would find someone else to chase. Carlos hadn’t been around long enough to genuinely know Jay, but he knew the stereotype. A flirty teenage boy, hopping from fling to fling, and never staying around. Whether or not Carlos said yes and gave into being the flavor of the week, Jay would give up eventually when Carlos was old news.

Carlos knew that, he headed Mal’s warnings and made sure to not get his hopes up. He would take the special attention and over the top flirting and run with it. No one had ever adored him like that before, desired him, and it made Carlos giddy and confident and light-headed.

It didn’t hurt either that Jay looked like something from a romance novel. Dark skin and darker hair, less of a voice and more of a purr when he spoke, muscles that made Carlos stare whenever they were exposed (which was most of the time with all the sleeveless shirts Jay owned. It seemed everyone liked Jay’s muscles and he was certainly a people pleaser).

Unfortunately, Jay’s muscles were covered on the field, but Carlos wouldn’t have been able to see them from his distance anyway, so he stopped pouting. Mal stood next to him, entirely uninterested in the game, chatting idly with Evie, whose attention was evenly split between the game and her friend.

He was still deciding how he felt about Evie. The princess was stunning and lively, enticing even. Especially to Mal. Carlos couldn’t think of another person who got the same look from Mal as the look she gave Evie. If Evie made Mal happy (who knew that was even possible?), she was okay to Carlos. In fact, any other case, Evie would have been perfect.

She was Jay’s best friend and one of the only people in Auradon immune to his charm – a trait she was very proud of. That’s why she started hanging around him and Mal, she would follow Jay over to them.

And there was nothing wrong with being Jay’s friend; in fact, that made Carlos like her more. The issue was that he didn’t know if Evie liked him. She was always giving him strange looks, particularly when Jay was around. It was like the princess was studying him, evaluating Carlos, judging him.

If Mal was interested in someone, Carlos would probably do the same thing for her. He would observe, consider and decide on anyone who wanted to date her. It was part of being a friend.

But Jay didn’t want to date him. Jay didn’t want to date anyone. Did Evie give that same thoughtful look to everyone Jay flirted with? She would have to get tired and confused since Jay moved so quickly and what would be the point? Did it have to do with him being Mal’s friend, was Evie trying to decide how to get on his good side (and, by extension, Mal’s?) or was she trying to replace him?

Carlos startled out of his musings by a shout from the crowd in front of him. They were hollering at a person barreling through, gesturing and looking around wildly.

“What on Earth is he doing?” Evie murmured and she was hardly heard over the noise.

The announcer’s voice boomed across the field. “One of the players, number 8, Jay, has left the tourney field and is climbing into the bleachers on the south side. There are less than five minutes in the game, what is he trying?

Sure enough, when the distraction in front of them got close, closer, right in front of them, Carlos could see a handsome face beneath the helmet.

“Jay!” Evie hissed. “What’s going on?”

But he ignored her. “Carlos,” he was breathless and sweating after nearly a whole game of tourney, a wild look in his eyes that was a combination of scary and sexy, “I am not leaving this spot until you let me take you to dinner.”



Is-is he really talking to another student right now? Jay, get on the field!

Evie pushed Jay softly. “Get back on the field, you’re going to cost the school the game!”

Jay shot her a fleeting look, smirk in place. “Not if I make it back on time.” He turned back to Carlos. “I’m not leaving until you say yes.” He raised his voice over the roar of the crowd, everyone shouting and begging for one of the star players to return.

“I-I-, bu-but, you have to-to…” Nothing was making sense.

“I’m not hearing a yes.”

“Jay, this is the semi-finals,” Evie nearly screamed. “You can’t blow this!”

“Just say yes.”

Evie leaned past Mal, who looked utterly bewildered (but much more interested in the game) and grabbed Carlos, panic in her eyes. “The school will freak if we lose. Just tell him yes!”

The coach is trying for a time out, but there are no breaks except for emergencies in the final quarter. Just a bit more than three minutes left and Jay is still off the field!

“One dinner. That’s it. If you say no to me after that, I’ll be done. Just one dinner, Carlos.”

“Carlos! Jay!”

“Yes, fine, yes! Just get back on the field, go!”

Under the helmet, Carlos caught a wide grin and excited eyes. Jay turned away and ran back down the bleachers (Carlos would forever be grateful that Evie insisted they sit closer to field, toward the bottom, instead of being isolated at the very top like Mal tried for).

Three minutes left and Jay has finally returned to the field. I’m sure he will be in huge trouble with his team, but for now, he is running toward the goal, receiving a pass from Prince Ben-.”

Carlos refused to turn even though he could feel both girls staring at him. He ignored people in the rows in front of them, glancing behind to stare and murmur at him.

“What the hell was that about?” It was the first time Mal had spoken about an event in the game and her voice had Carlos jumping.

“I’m…not sure. Jay’s never done anything like that. Never.”

If he turned to look at them (which he was still refusing to do), Evie would be giving him one of those intense, thoughtful looks. Carlos still didn’t know what they meant and he was more confused than ever.

He had been trying so hard to keep in mind that this thing with Jay was nothing special – at least not to Jay. He had resisted every picnic proposition, movie invitation and even one-on-one study sessions.

And now he was going to dinner with the guy who made a spectacle in front of the whole school just to get his attention.

What the hell has he gotten himself into?

He dared a glance at the girls. Mal was snarling at the people staring at them while Evie just watched him. Was she smiling? Evie had never been mean or even cold to him, but she had never smiled at Carlos either.

She raised a finger to her lips and tilted her head. “You must certainly be something special, Carlos.”

“Jay has good tastes.”

He ignored both girls’ compliments and stared into the field, not focused on the game one bit.

With less than a minute left, the Auradon Knights have won the semi-finals! Let’s hear it for our boys!


Carlos sat up against his bed in his pajama’s with his laptop on his lap and Dude lying against him, resting his head on Carlos’s knee, while he was working a few of his non-school-related projects before bed. Jay was in the bathroom brushing his teeth, they had already said goodnight to Mal and Evie to avoid them from being late for curfew.

Jay spit out the remaining toothpaste and rinsed when there was a knock at the door. “I got it.” Jay said as Carlos began to rise to open the door. Carlos sat back down. “It’s probably the girls, maybe they forgot something.” Jay reached to the door knob and turned it to open, “Look who finally learned how to-”

It wasn’t Mal or Evie, but three adults. “Good evening.” Said one of the two men, he looked like a man with a mission, not a good one.

“Who is it?” Carlos said standing up and coming up from behind Jay to look around his shoulder.

“Some teachers.”

“We’re from the disciplinary committee, may we come in?” said the one woman, she, like the last man also looked very official and not at all pleased. She pushed the door open a little and let herself in, along with the other two men.

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Jaylos Tutoring AU (Descendants Fic)

Part 1:

So I already wrote part 2 AND posted it like a month ago, but I accidentally deleted it earlier today :( So I’m here trying to re-write it!

This is the (rewritten) second chapter of my Tutor!AU Jaylos fic. Carlos is assigned to help Jay in science, but Jay is more interested in his cute tutor than he is in learning anything.

Carlos is a nerd. He hasn’t so much resigned himself to that fact as he has completely embraced it. He likes his text books and homework problems that make him scratch his head. He can recite the periodic table, he can build nearly anything and he’s on a first name basis with every librarian in the city.

But being a nerd also means looking like a nerd and, that part, Carlos doesn’t embrace. He’s awkward and twitchy and scrawny. He’s always messing up his hair subconsciously and he slouches. That’s not to say Carlos has low self-esteem - his mind will always be more valuable than his body - but he is aware of how he looks.

So what is the problem with this stupid jock?!

When Carlos had been asked (well, told, really, by Professor Yen Sid) to tutor Jay, he had been ecstatic! The idea of helping and motivating someone to love science as much as he did was so exciting! The hope that Carlos could inspire another student had him dizzy and rushing to the library to meet Jay as soon as classes ended.

It turned out, Jay was not nearly as enthusiastic as Carlos had been to study. He was much more interested in, well, Carlos himself. Which was odd. Carlos had a handful of friends, but he wasn’t popular. People didn’t just take an interest in him randomly.

Nonetheless, Jay is standing outside the library doors, test in his hand and arrogant smirk on his face. His eyes narrow when he spots Carlos and the mini genius feels like a mouse about to walk into a cat’s lair.

He straightens his shoulders and looks Jay in the eyes as bravely as he can. The entirety of their period together would be focused on Jay’s most recent Biology II test, assuming he can keep Jay centered on the work, rather than continuously running his fingers down Carlos’ spine like he did last time.

“Now, I know,” Jay starts before Carlos can even open his mouth, “that this isn’t what you wanted, but this is the best grade I’ve ever gotten in that class.” He pushes a small stack of papers into Carlos’ hands. Jay’s breath is warm in a way that gives Carlos goosebumps and sweet and fresh, like peppermint. Looking down, there’s a plastic wrapper at their feet. Carlos scoffs and ignores the test in his hands in favor of looking between Jay and the wrapper he had dropped to the ground.

“Seriously?” Jay groans and Carlos just quips an eyebrow at him. “You’re so demanding,” he grumbles as he picks up his wrapper and tosses it in the nearest trash bin.

“Thank you!” Carlos chirps and smiles before focusing on the test in his hands. There’s so much red ink, way more than Carlos would be comfortable with if this were his own test, but it’s much less than the rest of Jay’s work. At the top is his circled, final grade. It’s not an ‘F’, like before, or even a ‘D’, no it’s a-.

“I thought a ‘C’ was appropriate for the hottest tutor I know,” Jay winks at him and Carlos can’t help his small smile, though he fights it.

C minus, really.”


“You didn’t get a C. You got a C minus.”

Jay rolls his eyes. “So what? It’s all the sa-.”

“It’s not ‘all the same,” Carlos insists. “A C is is from 73 to 76%. A C- is from 70 to 72%,” he explains in one calm breath. The grading scale is familiar and friendly, easing Carlos’ nerves from simply being around Jay, who is staying at him in disbelief. “I require at least a B.”

“For ‘bossy’?”

“Maybe I’ll up it to an A…” Carlos puts his finger to his lips thoughtfully.

Jay pouts - for how obnoxious he is, he really can be quite cute - and Carlos takes pity on him. “Fine, I’ll leave it at a B. But this,” he holds up Jay’s test, “isn’t a B.” He hands the test back to Jay.

“What the hell am I suppose to do with this then?”

“I dunno. Put it on your fridge?”

Truly, Carlos is proud of Jay. Very proud. He may be an obnoxious, overly-sexualized jock, but Jay is in an obnoxious, overly-sexualized jock that has grown on him. Clearly, he was paying attention to Carlos (and not just his blush) during their lessons. Carlos may be the tutor, but it was Jay who took the test and improved so drastically.

But Jay just groans, so Carlos pushes past him. “C’mon. Let’s get to studying,” Carlos moves toward the doors of the library, but Jay grabs his arm and blocks his path. His pout is gone, replaced with the same smirk as before, like a cat about to pounce

“But maybe I need some sort of incentive, Mr. De Vil,” Jay purrs and steps closer to his tutor. “A reason to try harder? Can’t you show me how good it’s gonna be when I get that grade.”

Carlos feels that terrible blush at his cheeks, spreading to his ears. Why must Jay do this to him!? His words are stuck in his throat and his mouth is so dry.

When he had made that deal with Jay two weeks ago, Carlos hadn’t thought much of it. He was flattered at the straightforward flirting, but he had made his offer in the hopes of just getting Jay to shut up and focus. Then Jay had come back two days later, reminding Carlos of their deal and whispering scandalous things into his ear and touching his shoulders.

The deal doesn’t frighten Carlos as much as the expectation to be good at it. He’s not entirely inexperienced, he’s just…really inexperience. Being a nerd and looking like a nerd meant his social skills were below average and his chances for romantic endeavors of any kind were limited. So limited, in fact, that Carlos has had fewer make out sessions than he has Bs on tests.

The trade was himself, but what if he wasn’t good enough? He can’t give Jay some crazy, unforgettable experience. Hell, they never even specified what he was suppose to do when Jay brought his grade up.

But Jay is looking at him as if Carlos is some sort of appetizing dessert, special and mouth-watering and desirable and Carlos has never considered himself to be any of those things. Jay is still holding his arm, watching his face, leaning closer and closer until Carlos’ neck hurts from the strain of maintaining eye contact with someone taller than him.

He doesn’t progress further though. Jay, close in a way he’s never been, doesn’t lean down or press himself to Carlos. What little space is left between them isn’t decreasing. Jay has stopped, allowing Carlos to make the next move.

“What do you say, teach?” The purr in his voice and the mint on his breath make has Carlos’ blush spreading to his ears. He bites his lip and stays quiet, swallowing heavily. “Carlos? Are you okay, man?” Jay leans back, putting more distance between them. “Is something wrong?”

Other than the fact that this tutoring gig is nothing like he thought it would be and he can’t stop blushing and he’s so damn nervous about this whole thing and Jay smells so nice and his face is so red, then nothing, nothing is wrong.

The jock makes his head dizzy in an unfamiliar way, something that’s, daresay, pleasurable. That feeling and the pride for Jay’s improvement and the sweet concern that is in his voice has Carlos’ blush traveling down his neck.

What he does next is illogical, despite all the reasons feeling so right. Carlos closes his eyes and tilts up on his toes, presses his lips to Jay’s cheek for a moment and lowers himself all in one swift breath. He’ll kick himself later on, but for right now, Carlos enjoys the look of surprise it earns him. Jay’s mouth hangs slightly open and his eyes are wide; a pink tint rises to his cheeks. Is that what Carlos has looked like during every single study session they’ve had together? There’s no way he’s as cute as Jay is right now, but Carlos can finally understand the appeal to making someone blush.

Jay’s hand reaches up to where Carlos’ lips were just against his cheek. The two stare at each other for one long silence before Carlos finds his voice once more.

“Goodbye. And, uh, good job on your test.” With that, Carlos spins on his heel and rushes out of the building.

For the most part, this is much different than my original version, but I remembered a lot of details, so the small stuff is all the same. I can’t believe I accidentally deleted the original second chapter of this :(

I still like how it came out and I hope you did too! Leave me a message if you enjoyed this and reblog my work if you feel so inclined. Thanks! - Lou

Performer Pt 2//A Jay Imagine

Anon said:  I was wondering if you could do one with jay from descendants where he’s talking to Carlos about his crush on the reader and they over hear and confront him

I’m gonna write this as a part two to Performer, I hope that’s chill


Part One

Jay had found himself unable to think about anything except for you. Every time he saw you walking through the halls, he was reminded of how well you could dance. Every time he heard you talk in a class, he was reminded of how well you could sing. 

One day, Jay was particularly out of it, day dreaming about the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming. 

“Dude!” Carlos said, snapping his fingers in front of his friend’s face. 

“Sorry, what?”

“I’ve been asking you the same question for five minutes, but you’re a million miles away!”


Carlos sighed. “Man, you have got to do something about this stupid crush! I’m sick of you drifting off in the middle of your sentences and I’m tired of having to try and grab your attention all the time.”

Jay turned red. “I guess there’s no point in denying it, is there?”

Carlos shook his head. “Nope.”

The son of Jafar let his head drop. “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. She’s everywhere. I have a bunch of classes with her. Every time I see her, I can’t think straight.”

Carlos snorted. “You’ve got it bad man.” His eyes widened. “Oh, no. Whatever you do, don’t turn around.”

Jay froze. “Why?”

“Just don’t do it.”

“unless you give me a good reason, I’m gonna do it.” He twisted in his chair and was greeted by a pair of (E/C) eyes. You had been sitting right behind them and had heard every word. 

His eyes widened. “How much of that did you hear?” he asked.

You smirked. “Most of it. You guys aren’t exactly the best at whispering, ya feel?”

Jay turned red and Carlos grinned. “I’m gonna go…” 

He left and you got up and sat down across from Jay. 

“So you like me,” you said.

“um, yeah. Ever since your show a couple weeks ago.”



The two of you sat in an awkward silence for a moment. You waited to see if he would ask you out. When it became clear that he wouldn’t, you decided to do it yourself.

“Do you wanna go out sometime?” you asked. 

A huge smile split his face. “That would be awesome.”

The Hold Out

Requested: Hello :3 Jay and Mal’s egos get the best of them, and they end up in a fistfight, much to Evie and Carlos’ distress

A/N: Sorry if this is a bit OOC, I tried my best, but I couldn’t really figure out how to write this any other way. Also, sorry for the wait, I’ve been having a bit of a writer’s block. Without further ado, here you go!

“Obviously I can run faster, Mal. I’m the best Tourney player in Auradon.” Jay snaps, his temper getting the best of him.

“So what,” Mal snarks back. “You can play fetch with sticks and balls? What an achievement!”

“You know what, I’m tired of you berating us all the time, who put you in charge–”

“My mother, the evilest villain of them all–”

Yeah, well we aren’t on the Isle anymore, maybe it’s time for someone else to be the leader.”

Mal and Jay are standing close together, angrily staring daggers at each other, neither backing down. Mal jerks forward to try and scare the boy. He takes a step back and puts up his fists and Mal quickly mirrors his stance.

“You wanna hit me?” Mal raises her eyebrows at Jay, a taunting smirk on her face. “Hit me.”

So Jay does. 

He moves his fist towards Mal, throwing all his wait into the punch. Mal ducks swiftly, jabbing Jay in the stomach as she does. He groans, coughing and taking several steps back to regain his composure. Mal raises her hand in his direction, as if to say, that’s what you get.

The gesture enrages Jay and he rushes forward, making the same movement again, only this time when Mal ducks, he grabs her wrist and twists it behind her back, forcing her against a nearby wall.

Mal struggles, cursing under her breath.

“Had enough?” Jay says smugly just as the door to the dorm opens.

Evie and Carlos walk in, laughing, but stop immediately when they see what their two respective partners are up to.

“Guys, what are you–”

“Not even close!” Mal snarls, pushing Jay off her and landing a punch straight to his face.

Jay spits blood and uses one hand to wipe at the gash on his bottom lip, keeping the other one up in a defensive position. Mal glares at him as he abruptly swings towards her, his fist connecting with Mal’s nose with an audible crunch.

Evie and Carlos gasp and quickly throw themselves between the brawling two. Carlos holds Jay back, placing a hand on his chest and another on his face, brushing his fingers over the boy’s busted lip. Evie tilts Mal’s head back and inspects her gushing nose. Mal glares at Jay over Evie’s shoulder and he glowers back at her. When Evie notices this, she grabs Mal’s chin and pulls the girl’s face to her’s sharply, so they’re eye to eye.

“Hey, none of that.” Evie snaps, swiping at the blood pouring out of her lover’s nose. “What were you two even thinking?”

“Jay was testing me–” Mal tries to argue.

Carlos drops his hands from his boyfriend’s face, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms.

“Of course it was you, you big idiot.” Carlos grumbles. “You always gotta piss somebody off.”

Jay gapes at Carlos, offended.

“No, don’t give me that,” Carlos wags a finger at Jay. “You’re always doing this, and look where it gets you, fighting with your best friend.”

Jay scoffs at Carlos, looking away from the other boy.

“I just don’t get why Mal gets to be in charge of this whole mission.” Jay mutters angrily.

“So I don’t do stupid stuff like activating security alarms.” Mal remarks snidely to him.

Evie shoves Mal lightly, and Mal shrugs, plugging her nose and tilting her head back to try and stop the bleeding.

“It’s true.” Mal grumbles, wiping a drop of blood off her upper lip.

“I don’t care if it’s true or not, you’re as much to blame as he is.” Evie reprimands her.

What? He threw the first punch!” Mal defends herself.

“Yeah, and who antagonized him?” Evie raises an eyebrow at her girlfriend, resting her hands on her hips.

“Well, me, but–” Mal tries to recover.

“Yeah, you. You’re both in the wrong here.” Evie says.

Carlos nods his agreement and places a hand on Evie’s shoulder, moving his head in the direction of the door. Evie and Carlos both make their way towards it, without a word.

“Hey, wait, where are you two going?” Mal pipes up.

“We’re giving you two a time out.” Carlos says.

“A time out?” Jay snorts.

“Yes, Jay, a time out.” Carlos glares at him, showing how serious he is.

“We won’t be back until you two have made up.” Evie says. “And we’ll be locking you two in here until then.”

Mal and Jay jump up from their previous sitting positions as the door closes and locks with a ‘click’.

“You can’t do that!” Jay says, banging on the locked door.

“We can, and we will.” Carlos says smugly from the other side of the door.

“This isn’t fair, we’re never going to make up!” Mal shouts at the door, crossing her arms.

“Yeah!” Jay agrees, side-eyeing Mal.

“That’s okay, we can both be quite patient.” Evie says.

“Right, we can wait however long it takes.” Carlos says.

“Baby, come on, you know you can’t go a day without all of this,” Jay says cockily, motioning to his body even though the other boy can’t see him.

“I mean, I did go a whole lot of years without it until this one, so I think I’ll be alright.” Carlos says.

Evie hears Mal laugh at Jay and grins slyly.

“I wouldn’t laugh so hard at that, M.” Evie remarks. “I’m perfectly happy with our new detachable shower head for as long as this takes.”

The grin on Mal’s face is dropped quickly and she smacks into the door, placing her hands on it.

“No, Eves, baby, babe, sweetheart, no!” Mal grovels.

Evie smiles at this and Carlos has to hold in a laugh.

“Jay, Jay, we’re good right, buddy?” Mal elbows the boy in the side.

Jay nods his head frantically, grabbing Mal into a hug.

“Yep, we’re super, Mal.” Jay says loudly, cupping his hand over his mouth to amplify the sound. “All good in the hood over here! We’re hugging it out, now!”

Evie snorts and Carlos rolls his eyes.

“Dorks.” Evie grins, unlocking the door and letting them out.

OTP Challenge - Jay & Carlos

Needs help opening their Popsicle? - Carlos because his fingers can’t grip the stupid slippery plastic and he just ends up frustrated. Jay smirks and uses scissors to open it for him.

Talks to questionable strangers? Jay. Carlos doesn’t understand it but Jay will flirt with anything and anyone that can be slightly responsive to him. (Sometimes Carlos gets pouty and Jay has to pull him close by the hand and kiss his forehead to make him feel better)

Snorts when they laugh? - Jay does whenever he’s laughing really hard. Carlos teased him once about it but Jay got so upset that he wouldn’t laugh around Carlos for a week.

Most likely to snicker and say ‘if you know what I mean’? - Jay 110% that little piece of shit. And it always makes Carlos red. (And Jay laughs hard enough at how cute Carlos is that he snorts. That makes Carlos feel better.)

Buys useless fandom merchandise? - Carlos the little cinnamon roll. He unashamedly buys countless techie gear. He has six versions of the same laptop because each of them came with a different all new feature based on their color.

Owns a piggy bank? -Carlos has a little piggy bank that is about the size of his palm and is painted white with black ears and a black nose. He likes to keep the notes Jay gives him in class in it.

Asks to pet a strangers dog? -Carlos every. Freaking. Time. Jay hates it but couldn’t dare deny his boyfriend something that makes him so happy.

Sharpens candy canes to a deadly point? -Jay likes to chase Carlos with it once he’s done because Carlos squeals and shrieks and giggles yelling things like “Jay you dork stop it!” or “You are such a loser!” or Jay’s favorite “I swear to god I will find a way to withhold sex from you if you touch me with that god forsaken thing.” (He knows Carlos will fail every time he tries to withhold sex. So needy.)

Gives sticky kisses after eating s'mores? -Carlos does it and never realizes it. He always has marshmallow goop stuck in white puffs on his lips and chocolate smeared around his mouth and cheeks but Jay doesn’t bother to tell him to stop. He just adds in a little bit of licking to clean him up.

Buys an action figure with their face on it? -Neither. But Carlos buys the one of Jay and gives it to Jay because he’s a little mush and does anything to please Jay.

Buys Valentine candy for them self? -Carlos buys himself a bag of everything on the store shelf that contains chocolate because he seriously has a problem and needs help.

Suggests to play hide-and-seek? -Carlos and even though Jay hates it he can never say no to his little baby. So he just hides somewhere obvious and congratulates Carlos on how good he is at this game to see Carlos blush and giggle.

Dresses up for Halloween? -Carlos gets overly excited and plans their costumes five years in advance with Evie. (This year they’re gonna be dalmations, and next year they’re gonna go as their parents. Halloween is a time to be scary!)

Babysits so they have an excuse to watch cartoons? -Carlos all the time. He will babysit anyone’s children or pet just so he can watch the cartoons without Jay teasing him. (Although Jay secretly loves watching cartoons with Carlos. He just won’t admit it.)

Sings random snatches of songs that are loosely connected to the conversation? -Carlos but Jay always joins in almost immediately and they end up dancing an entire musical number.

Let’s a dog lick them for long periods of time? - Carlos because Dude is warm and it tickles and it causes him to giggle when he licks all over his cheeks and forehead.

Wears nothing but underwear around the house for a day? -Jay and Carlos gets so flustered and can’t form sentences properly and eventually just leaves to go see Evie because he cannot do his Weird Science homework with Jay in his VERY TIGHT red boxers with the gold band around the top.

This one isn’t as good as my Chad and Ben one I’m sorry 😩 Send me more OTPs though! I really enjoy them


“Fortunately, as Dana discovered, cell phone batteries last forever there, and there’s pretty good wifi, despite there being just vast amounts of sand and…apparently, a mountain.” -Cecil

I’m still convinced Carlos sends Cecil his scientific discoveries in the desert while he’s gone~

Carlos throws the door open to their apartment so hard that the door bounces against the wall and the doorknob leaves a scuff mark.

‘Carlos, what in the–’

‘What the hell Cecil?’ Carlos’ eyes are ablaze, and Cecil is momentarily taken aback. Carlos points an accusatory finger at Cecil. ‘What the hell is this?’ Cecil opens his mouth to speak, but Carlos cuts him off. ‘You think I’m okay with hearing about this from fucking Old Woman Josie? You think that’s okay? What the fuck?’ Carlos looks quite demented, spitting out curse words with such venom that Cecil flinches. With a sudden rage Carlos starts shouting with vigor and passion in Spanish. He tears off his lab coat and storms over to where Cecil is lying on the couch, his leg propped up on a cushion, wrapped in a plaster cast.

‘Carlos, my love, please–’

Cecil is cut off again by another torrent of furious foreign words and angry gestures that become increasingly gentler as the scientist’s hands near the cast. Finally Carlos is simply muttering under his breath, checking over Cecil’s multiple wounds. His left pant-leg is rolled up to make way for the cast. There are several bandages on his arms, and there is one thick gauze bandage taped to the side of Cecil’s neck, close to his artery.

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