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Today was my last day at Target and for about a tenth of a second I was almost sad about it because I do genuinely like a lot of the people I work with, but then a grumpy old man yelled at me because his Chef Boyardee cans were 68 cents last time he was there and today they were 99 cents, and then I wasn’t sad about quitting anymore lmfao

Jack’s eyes snapped open. The sun was hitting him full in the face, and someone had kicked his side whilst they moved over him.

“Oi….watch where you’re stepping…” he pulled himself up, mind sputtering and drawing blanks.

“I was supposed to do something…..something important….what was it?” the bustle of the docks, and shouts in various languages did not help organize his brain.

A seagull landed next to him. “Do you know?” the bird squawked and flew at him, pecking his head and relieving itself on his shoulder. He grimaced and slapped it away.

“Just a bloody question mate, no need to get your tail feathers in a bunch.” he sauntered down the wooden walkway, stepping onto dry land.

The sensation of moving about on dirt never felt right to him. Hopefully whatever he needed to do, he could get done today. Where was he even? Oh yes….Spanish…..Spain. He was fetching someone. His thoughts faded away at the sight of a bakery. Whatever needed to be accomplished here, could wait until after breakfast.

Jack snatched up a distracted patron’s pastry and munched on it as he wandered the streets, admiring the architecture. No wonder Salazar had such a high opinion of the place. It was rather nice. Salazar! Yes! That’s why he was here! Something concerning that old Spanish bloodsucker. Just how many vampires where there in Spain?

The pirate’s headache did not improve upon hearing a church bell blaring out nearby. “Ugh….tone it down…..tone it down….” at last, it subsided. But then he heard something else. A rather panicked voice of a young man.

“Jack! Jack! It’s me!” 

Sparrow turned around several times, before spotting Henry waving from a window high up in the church.

“What is blazes are you doing up there??”

Henry was now waving both arms and jumping up and down. “I’m being-” he suddenly dropped out of sight, and there was a tremendous crash.

Jack winced and continued walking. “You’ll be fine lad, they can treat injuries there. You’ll be fine.” 

He didn’t want to to leave the boy, especially not after a fall like that, but he needed to finish the task he came here to finish. He could worry about the young Turner later.

Henry was on the floor, sprawled out after having the chair slid off the table it was on. Jumping had been a terrible idea…stacking furniture had been a terrible idea. He had fallen and broken a vase, and cut his hand. And his only hope for escape, had wandered off instead of helping him.

Someone kicked the door open. Henry froze when he saw it was Officer Moss. The vampire shielded his eyes against the light with a grimace. His eyes were gleaming yellow from irritation. 

“Keep it down, boy. The fun will begin soon. Or are you too excited and impatient to wait?” Moss’s eyes had darted to the wound on Henry’s hand.

The boy moved it out of view and stood up, keeping it behind him. Moss had little control even when sated, and as of right now, Salazar was making his crew hold off on feeding for several days. Fasting before the big night. Henry felt his nerves fray more and more with each passing moment. He was cornered like an alley cat.

Before his eyes could register the movement, Moss had pinned him against the wall, forcing his hand out. Henry’s strength was no match, and he shut his eyes tight, readying himself for teeth to rend his flesh.

“MOSS!” Barked a razor sharp voice from the doorway. The officer backed off, fidgeting and cowering.

“I’ll deal with you later….get out.” Moss fled the room, and Henry was now alone with Salazar.

The captain came, fussing over him. “Did he hurt you, mi amor?”

@piratesangel   (based on another discussion we had. That seagull was sent by Will, because he can’t currently punch Jack Sparrow himself)


PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN –> Fathers and Children

You knew my father. I knew him. Good man. Good pirate.


Disney has this new technology where they work with motion capture, body doubles, CGI, and practical effects to make ‘older’ actors appear in their youth. Previously there was Jeff Bridges on Tron: Legacy which was entirely CGI and looked cartoonish. RDJ’s in Captain America: Civil War was the best, looking seamlessly like a younger him. Carrie Fisher’s cameo in Rogue One was such a reveal it because while many should’ve seen it coming because it was visually her it blew us away. Johnny’s was easily the highlight of the film as it was a fuller scene and it’s importance was so enticing for its own story. Needless to say this tech is at the forefront of Hollywood legends’ appeal and I can’t wait to see who jumps in Disney’s time machine next.

so as of late ANIMANIACS just got confirmed for a cartoon reboot - these cartoons are really making their way to present day from our childhoods

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