and can't move or make a sound

Sensory Issues
  • Good Sensory Day: Everything is just kind of there? I acknowledge and move on.
  • Okay Sensory Day: Some things are distracting, but I can do this!
  • Bad Sensory day: Ah, okay, so, most everything sound and light is gonna make today difficult. I can't exactly focus on anything, great!

Adam tends to dedicate the three days before a big exam to studying.

He sits himself at a table in the back of his favorite cafe on campus, where no one ventures because of how cramped it is, and makes himself at home. The sloped roof, wooden beams, and aged hardwood floors remind him of his tiny room back at St. Agnes.

Today, the smell of dust is enough to conjure up a memory from last summer; when Ronan helped him pack away his belongings the night before he left for college. He quickly pushes the memory away before it can take root.

Like usual, his classmates only join him for day one of what they call the Parrish Regiment, while his roommate stays through day two to keep Adam company. The third day, however, is when Adam is left to study on his own.

He becomes restless from studying for hours upon hours with little time in between to use the bathroom, eat, and sleep. But the more time he spends here, the higher the chances are that he’ll pass his exams and head into his winter break stress free. Just a handful of days until he gets to see–

His cellphone vibrates on the table, a picture of Ronan holding up his middle finger popping up on the screen. He answers and tries to sound as if he weren’t just thinking about the other boy. Apparently, that’s not hard to do when you’re exhausted and running on four hours of sleep.

“Lynch. I’m studying,” Adam croaks, while rubbing at his eyes. He’s read the same passage in his textbook four times.

“Adam!” It’s Opal’s high voice that greets him and Adam instantly feels warmth begin to flood his chest. All traces of exhaustion are momentarily forgotten.

“Opal,” he sighs fondly. There’s a sound of buttons being pressed, then comes Ronan’s voice:

“I thought the brat should know something other than ‘Kerah’ and elementary level Latin. How’s the studying going?”

Just like Ronan to change the subject so Adam wouldn’t comment on him taking the time to teach Opal his name. The attempt doesn’t stop the burning behind his eyes or the lump forming in his throat, though.

“I miss you,” Adam whispers.

“Adam. You know I miss you, too,” Ronan doesn’t hesitate with his response. “Finish studying, so you can ace your tests, hop in your shitmobile, and get your ass back here. Your break starts next week, right?”

“Mm,” Adam bobs his head a little, a smile tugging at his lips.

“Hey, keep studying. I’ll stay on the line and keep you company, so you don’t cry like a fucking wuss. Deal?”

“Deal,” Adam laughs.

And Ronan does keep him company. He puts himself on speaker while he goes about the rest of his evening, so that he’s not making too much noise in Adam’s ear. There’s the sound of Opal’s hooves on hardwood floor, a screen door opening and closing, pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen. At one point, Ronan begins to sing something Adam’s only ever heard him hum before and he thinks of Cabeswater, of peaceful summer nights spent in the Barns with Ronan’s hand in his.

“Thank you,” Adam says so quietly, he’s sure his boyfriend won’t hear it. But he does.


VLD Season 2 in a Nutshell
  • Haggar: My lord, you're killing the druids with this overtime.
  • Zarkon: Well, maybe I wouldn't have to if you'd just do your jobs right and make Shiro give me my lion back!
  • Haggar: Sir, we can DRAIN Voltron's LIFE FORCE. You don't need the lion.
  • Zarkon: Now look what you've done, I'm resorting to punching my own soldiers into walls because you're all so useless.
  • Haggar: My lord, Commander Thace is a spy! Are...are you even listening?!
  • Zarkon: I can't hear you over the sound of me calling the Black Lion!
  • Haggar: You literally broke up ten thousand years ago, move on already.
ESC SF1 songs if given Friends episode-style titles
  • (These are very much tongue-in-cheek, so please don't be offended! I like a fair few of these songs, but said something sarcastic about them anyhow.)
  • Albania: The one where they almost don't ruin a song in a revamp. Almost.
  • Armenia: The one where a Caucasian sensation goes East Asian.
  • Australia: The one with the awkward guests who sent a kid making puppy dog eyes in case you wanted to banish them.
  • Azerbaijan: The one where they finally send something edgy.
  • Belgium: The one with a school-aged student and a song that's too cool for school.
  • Cyprus: The one where they think the massive force that stops you from flying free and that can even kill you in space is a perfect metaphor for love.
  • Finland: The one where they associate bittersweet memories of love to the wretched cawing of nature's least musical bird.
  • Georgia: The one that sees Russia and Ukraine politicising the contest and thinks "three can play at that game."
  • Greece: The one with lyrics written in 3 minutes on the back of a Weetabix packet.
  • Iceland: The one whose deep lyrics will be drowned out by puns about rocks and scissors.
  • Latvia: The one where the early-90s rave never went out of fashion.
  • Moldova: The one where they make the most of being a meme.
  • Montenegro: The one with the most double entendres since Scooch's UK entry.
  • Poland: The one written with a kid's rhyming dictionary.
  • Portugal: The one that I can't ironise because it's so timeless and moving that it brings tears to my eyes.
  • Slovenia: The one that sounds like what beige looks like.
  • Sweden: The one that sounds like a sex addict's anthem and looks like an advert for men's businesswear.
  • And the 3 Big 6 voting in this semi:
  • Italy: The one with the most philosophical lyrics which will, nonetheless, be interpreted as a novelty song.
  • Spain: The one that not even Spain wanted to subject Europe to.
  • UK: The one that brings fast and effective relief for insomnia.
  • Ufotable: *puts sounds of church bells in the background of Sorey and Mikleo's reunion, adds a hug with a Disney-style spin, makes them armatize first-thing and go explore ruins together after so many years apart*
  • Me: So blessed. So moved. So grateful. Can't believe this is my life. Never gonna take it for granted.
miscellaneous horror starter mega-post
  • "What the hell was that noise?"
  • "No, don't come any closer!"
  • "Do NOT turn around. It's behind you."
  • "I thought you were dead."
  • "Why is it so dark here?"
  • "You're going to be my first victim."
  • "Did you just see that?"
  • "Who the hell are you? Stay away!"
  • "Is this your blood?"
  • "Leave this place."
  • "What the hell happened here?"
  • "No, you can't go in there."
  • "Shhhh... don't make a sound."
  • "I swear I saw that move!"
  • "That's just a mask... right?"
  • "Are we gonna die tonight?"
  • "You can scream all you want but they won't hear you."
  • "This wire can cut through meat and bone easily."
  • "Please, please turn the lights on."
  • "Are you sure this is safe?"
  • "Trust me, I've done this ritual before."
  • "There's so much blood... where did it come from?"
  • "Hey, this isn't funny."
  • "Even if you struggle, you won't be able to escape."
  • My muse is a ghost haunting yours
  • Your muse is a ghost haunting mine
  • My muse is an exorcist and yours is possessed
  • Your muse is an exorcist and mine is possessed
  • Our muses are in a zombie apocalypse
  • Our muses are discussing doing a "killer clown" prank
  • My muse buys a haunted videogame cartridge
  • Your muse buys a haunted videogame cartridge
  • Our muses perform an ouija ritual
  • Our muses attempt to summon Bloody Mary
  • Our muses come across the kuchisake-onna
  • My muse is a murderer and yours is their victim
  • Your muse is a murderer and mine is their victim
  • My muse is a kidnapper and yours is their victim
  • Your muse is a kidnapper and mine is their victim
  • My muse is stalking yours
  • Your muse is stalking mine
  • Our muses move into a house that is haunted
  • My muse is a vampire
  • Your muse is a vampire
  • Our muses witness the appearance of a ghost
  • Our muses are exploring an abandoned building
  • Your muse stabs mine
  • My muse stabs yours
  • Your muse jumps out and scares mine
  • My muse jumps out and scares yours
  • My muse screams and yours overhears
  • Your muse screams and mine overhears
  • My muse tries to strangle yours
  • Your muse tries to strangle mine
  • My muse bites yours
  • Your muse bites mine
  • My muse tells yours there's something in the room
  • Your muse tells mine there's something in the room
  • My muse breaks into your muse's home
  • Your muse breaks into my muse's home
  • My muse attacks yours while they're sleeping
  • Your muse attacks mine while they're sleeping
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>what Sherlock says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what he really means:</b> hmmm irene adler, dominatrix, has something to do with sex which i'm uncomfy af but ok. can manage. whoops maybe not. boobies. oh and smart af. can't read her. wtf! john is making a move. nopity nope. only notice me intelligent lady. detective what now? pozisyunofdcar! she's good. erm, american? ah, yes! measurements! wait, stabby. what's she stab me with? ugh got whipped. got whipped good. and she solved the case too? sleepy time. oh no wait my phone. weird af sound. jawn curious. hudders curious. me curious. erm christmas. mantelpiece. y u dead? im sad but too smart to admit im sad. bashed face but her. sad sad sad. not in the mood to eat. write sad music but heck im not sad okay. jawn rode a black car with a stranger. must follow bcoz lols. oops she's rly alive. y am i happy? and angry? confused af. imma throw dis american down the window because grrrr... jawn likes to talk about feelings. meh. happy new year bcoz y not. erm months experiment to find code. perfume in the air leading to bedroom. oooh sleepy time on my bed. haha gotcha with the fake phone. or not. lols i like you but im too cool for that. imma impress you with my fast thinking skills. tired af might reboot for a while. done. coventry woot! dnt know that? imma tell u coz im smart. y u looking at me like that? oooh closer. i'll take ur pulse just in casr idk. oops gotta dash sry. waaaah plane with dead? u here? wtf! u played me wth! moriarty's not ur type, y u lyin?!? i took your pulse -- ah yeaaaah! i took ur pulse and u like me and aha! punny passcode. im flattered but no. actually, yes coz imma fly miles to save you, and i'll hack them with my sword but i don't like you that much, just a bit, okay? i'll give you a special nickname too coz ur not important to me, just a tiny bit k? the woman? yas. don't like u at all but hey fam, get out of my head k coz i keep thinking about you at random occasions like wth? i'll pretend i don't reply but even if i change my phone, i'll still keep your text alert because lols. btw, thanks for the bday greet. u know where to find me so see ya soon.<p/></p><p/></p>
Safe Haven sentence starters
  • "I don't know what we're heading towards, but I know my heart is all yours."
  • "All my friends tell me I'd be better off on my own, and sometimes I believe 'em."
  • "I can never leave him."
  • "Mixed signals, they're killing me."
  • "You knock and I let you in."
  • "Loving you is my greatest sin."
  • "I see it in your eyes, you wanna run."
  • "I don't know why I love you."
  • "I don't know why I stay."
  • "I don't know if its worth the pain."
  • "Even when you slam the door and drive away, I still set the table for two."
  • "Babe, you know I'm waiting on you."
  • "I believe you every time."
  • "I've never known anybody like you."
  • "I've never dreamed of nobody like you."
  • "I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime, and I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine."
  • "I'm in a field of dandelions, wishing on every one that you'll be mine."
  • "I see forever in your eyes."
  • "I feel okay when I see you smile."
  • "I think that you are the one for me."
  • "It gets so hard to breathe when you're looking at me."
  • "I've never felt so alive and free."
  • "When you're looking at me, I've never felt so happy."
  • "I feel bad inside knowing this is all built on lies."
  • "I feel like an awful person."
  • "We're forcing love that don't exist."
  • "This is so unrighteous."
  • "This is so not like us."
  • "Love at first sight that was gone at the end of night."
  • "We both know that this is going to end."
  • "No chance we're going to make it."
  • "Can we fake it?"
  • "Even though I know you're not the one, this has really been a lot of fun."
  • "I don't really like you, but I still choose to stay."
  • "You still play the part so well."
  • "You're really cute, I must admit."
  • "I need something deeper than this."
  • "I wanna know when I'm looking at you that you don't only see the things you want to."
  • "I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, and if you don't like that, get lost."
  • "I don't want it if it's fake, I don't want it if it's just for show."
  • "I just want it if it's real."
  • "This superficial love thing got me going crazy."
  • "Baby if you want me, then you better need me."
  • "I'm so done not being your number one."
  • "If you wanna keep me, then you better treat me like a damn princess, make that an empress."
  • "Fun at first, I won't deny, but I want more than just what meets the eye."
  • "I want authentic, not just for fun."
  • "If this love is plastic, it'll break on us."
  • "I can feel you on my lips all the time."
  • "I just wanna feel you in my heart and on my mind."
  • "This ain't right."
  • "I feel broken, shattered, and blue, and it's all because of you."
  • "If this is love, why does it break me down?"
  • "It's been a long time since I felt the way that I do now."
  • "I need you, but I don't know how."
  • "It's been a while since I smiled and I meant it from my heart."
  • "The idea of leaving this behind, it tears me apart."
  • "Kiss me now and remind me why I ever wanted to make you mine."
  • "If this is love, why do you break me down?"
  • "You're the other half of my broken heart."
  • "There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home."
  • "My only friend was the man in the moon, and even sometimes he would go away, too."
  • "He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for awhile."
  • "I promise that you'll never be lonely."
  • "Lost boys like me are free."
  • "I realized I finally had a family."
  • "You are my perfect story book."
  • "You are now my home sweet home."
  • "Tonight hope fills our lungs and I can see it in everyone."
  • "The songs use to make us sad, tonight they don't sound so bad."
  • "It feels so good to be young."
  • "I think I'll stay awhile."
  • "I am obsessed with being a mess."
  • "I am in love with being young."
  • "I don't know what the future holds."
  • "I can't believe its been all these years."
  • "My friends tell me I should've moved on a long long time ago, but what do they know?"
  • "I don't mean to be selfish, but my heart breaks every time that I see you smile 'cause I know that it's not me
  • Who brings it out of you anymore."
  • "You found somebody new, you put me in the past."
  • "I don't know if our memories will last."
  • "If by chance it doesn't work out with her, you'll always have a chance with me."
  • "I wonder what happens when you hear our song, do you brush it away or do you sing along?"
  • "Do you talk about the future the way we did?"
  • "You'll always have a chance with me in my world."
  • "Is it so wrong of me to hope she breaks your heart?"
  • "Is it so wrong of me to pray she tears you apart?"
  • "I know in the darkest part of you, you pray and hope and wish for it, too."
  • "You don't mean to be selfish, but your heart breaks every time that you see me smile 'cause you know its not you who brings it out of me anymore."
  • "So casually you walked into my universe."
  • "Hey, you got some pretty brown eyes."
  • "I couldn't help but smile and I think that's the moment it all happened."
  • "Love turned into games, and games turned into heartbreak, and heartbreak turned into war."
  • "Darling, all is fair in love and war."
  • "You meant the world to me."
  • "I'll be your fighter if you say so."
  • "I don't get why we're meant to fall in love, then say goodbye."
  • "Gave you all my heart and all my precious time."
  • "I can picture you in your blue jeans, looking right at me with that gorgeous smile."
  • "I couldn't see the lies and the things that you would hide."
  • "You love so mercilessly."
  • "Here's to everything we ever were."
  • "I got the greatest weapon of all - a broken heart."
  • "Let me hold you for the day and let you know that its okay, give you all the love and peace that you usually send my way."
  • "When its dark for you, don't know what to do, just know you're my light."
  • "When the world is caving, baby you're my safe haven."
  • "On my darkest day I know you'll be my shine."
  • "You're my safe haven."
  • "Love at first sight, it exists."
  • "I've had my heart broken so many times before."
  • "I'll call you in the morning if I see you in my dreams tonight."
  • "I don't even know your name."
  • "I vowed not to let anyone enter my heart."
  • "I know love at first sight can't exist."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension and you can tell me all the things you didn't mention."
  • "Maybe we'll meet in a different dimension."
  • "I saw you in my dreams."
  • "I guess that I was scared of what I was before us."
  • "Guess you were my only blemish."
  • "For the first time I don't mind that you found somebody else."
  • "For the first time I'm totally fine being by myself."
  • "I was my best when I was with you."
  • "Would you believe me if I told you that I'm over it?"

Daddy’s Girl {Eisuke Smut}

whew, here we come with another Eisuke smut (: i CANNOT tell you how much porn i had to watch in order to get in the mood for this

request by: @yukiiakii (aka my giveaway winner)

  1. Contains: daddy fetish, spanking, bondage, dirty talk. SOOO, good luck.
  2. i haven’t written much smut, so here’s a lil treat i guess?

Closing the door behind you softly, your eyes are castes downwards. You fidget with the hem of your skirt, shifting from side to side in nervousness. A tapping of Eisuke’s foot made time flow slower, making you more aware of your surroundings, when a sudden bang of Eisuke’s hand slammed near your ear, making your whole body rile up with fear.

“….Do you know what you did?” A husky whisper softly heated up your ear, his breath tickling your ear and your body. Silently, you nod. An annoyed click of the tongue from Eisuke made the sweat dripping down your back suddenly quicken.

“We ought to punish you..” He walked away, his heels clicking to the furnished carpet.

“P-Punished?” A whisper had escaped your lips, making your voice crack as your head whipped up to gain confirmation from Eisuke, or to see if he was playing a game.

“Oh, yes. Punished.” He smiled, a chilling grin. You tried to back away, but your whole body was halted by the door.

“Trying to run away? You definitely need a proper spanking.” Eisuke reached into his sleeve to pull out a frilly whip that was aching to ravish its tails on someone’s skin.

“Come here.” He beckoned, sitting down on a chair and patting his leg.

“E-Eisuke, I-”

“I said come here.” His voice was much more harsher as he whipped his leg with the toy, making you flinch more. Nodding, you slowly walked to him, swaying side to side as you tried to regain your balance. You sat on his lap when he suddenly pulled you by your hair.

“Aaah-” Your scream of pain was cut short by his fingers entering your mouth, massaging every crevice of your body and making your body tingle in response. As his finger left your mouth, a single trail of spit follow from his hand.

“I never said sit on my lap,” he sexily whispered as he nipped your neck, “bend over on my lap, like a good girl.” You tried to resist, but another yank to the hair made you accept to his terms. You stood from his lap, and started to bend over, your stomach laid flat on his thighs, and your head rested on the end of the chair. Your hand accidentally slipped near his zipper which made him chuckle as he pulled down your skirt.

“What a feisty girl you are.” He pinned your hands behind your back, making you wriggle in the uncomfortable position. At this point, the only thing revealed was your panties.

“E-Eisuke, I don’t think I c-”

“Silence!” A strip of pain rippled through the back that made its way to the tip of your tongue.

“Mmph!” Sudden flash of moans escaped your lips as he kept on spanking you with the toy you were so afraid of a minute ago.

“What a dirty girl you are. One second you’re so resistant, now you’re all over me. But, your punishment isn’t over.” Your face was stained with red from the blush and embarrassment you felt from getting a spanking like a child. Eisuke let go of your hands and pushed you off his legs, making you lay on the floor completely taken over by pleasure.

“Hmm..” He grinned as he squatted down and rubbed his fingers through the seam of your panties.

“Aa- Eisuke! You can’t!” You tried to stop his hand, but the more you resisted, the more furious he would rub.

“Aa..Aah..E-Eisuke..” You felt your body slowly give out to the pain and pleasure you were feeling.

Suddenly, Eisuke hoisted you up near the vast window with the view of the city. Your legs were spread apart, laying on his shoulders as he squat down. You anticipated his tongue to slowly lick you, but all you felt was his breath tickling your most desired part.

“Eisuke..Please don’t tease me.”

“Call me daddy.” He grinned, moving closer to breathe his hot air on your clit making you squirm.

“I-I can't…” You turned your head away as you hid your face with the curtains.

“You can’t?” His voice sounded more sinister as he started to slowly outline the inner shape of your thighs, making waves of pleasure shock through you. You wriggled in his grasp, inhaling any air in hopes of seeing through the pleasure. Then, a warm wet substance started to run up and down your thigh.

“Aaah~!” Caught off guard you stared down at your thighs to reveal Eisuke teasing you with his tongue, going in circles around your leg.


“I said, call me daddy.” His movements got lighter, tickling you and making your eyes roll to the back of your head.

“D-D..” Your whimper barely qualified as words as Eisuke raised up to his feet, your legs still spread open around his waist.

“I can’t hear you..”


“Daddy what?” His teasing continued farther as he slowly pulled down the last of your panties.

“Daddy..Please..Go inside of me…” You covered your face in sheer embarrassment and looked away when you suddenly felt the buttons of your blouse pop open and a warm hand fondle them. But before your mind could process, another hard rod has stuck inside your womb, making your head dizzy with confusion and pleasure.

“E-Eisuke! That was t-too sudden!” Words could barely roll of your tongue from the waves of pleasure shocking through you. Nibbling your ear, Eisuke slowly rubbed in and outside of you. As he started to thrust more harshly, he turned you around. Your breast leaned against the glass pane and your feet had touched the ground. Everyone could see you, anyone could look at you.

“H-Hey! Now everyone can s-”

“Complaining all the time.” He shut you up with his succulent lips plunging in and out with the rhythm of his thrusts. More embarrassed by the thought of being watched your body tenses up that sighed a chuckle from Eisuke.

“Heh. You tensed up down here. I guess you like being watched? Naughty girl.” He roughly spanked you, making your back contort in sheer shock and pain.

“A-Aah..” You felt your knees start to weaken when Eisuke finally said,

“Make sure not to disobey daddy again.”

very very quick & unbeta’d fic for the mavinseg event happening at @mavinsegtrash! day 1 is fahc au, so here’s some of that:

Meg goes into the warehouse alone.

It had been an argument, because a lot of things between the four of them devolve into arguments sooner or later, but Michael had been outvoted. There was no way to throw a block of C4 undetected, and no way to guarantee that everyone inside would die no matter how determined Michael was to keep them all outside.

“Then I’ll go with you,” Michael had said, frustrated.

It had been Gavin that stepped in that time. “I’ll be on the roof,” he’d replied. “She doesn’t need you bumbling about inside, come on.”

Michael huffed, but he knew when to call a loss a loss, and Meg had pecked him on the cheek as consolation.

So that leaves Meg, now, in a neat pencil skirt and a shirt that shows off her cleavage, entering the building alone. Her glasses are on, hair up in a neat bun. She’s holding a briefcase. She knows how to play any part she wants, and today it’s the secretary they need, not the assassin.

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anonymous asked:

Does being interested in a guy up until the point he reciprocates your feelings and makes a move sound like a common lesbian experience? Because I know for a fact I like girls, I just can't figure out whether I actually like boys, because I can daydream about being with a guy, but then when presented with the opportunity to actually go on a date with one, I panic and flee from the opportunity. But I don't know if that's because I'm gay or because I'm almost 20 and haven't ever dated anyone

im a lesbian and i’ve definitely experienced this before

anonymous asked:

It makes me feel kind of sad that I can't get VIP tickets when everyone seems to be aiming for them. I know that this sounds ungrateful because you can't go at all but can I get some Great Auntie Zayan reassurance telling me that it's okay not to get VIP?

listen, it is okay not to get vip. bc they will be there!!! moving!! in front of your eyes!! on stage !!!!! and you’ll have fun!! you’ll be breathing the same oxygen as them thus cutting off dan’s oxygen supply (kidding don’t do that that’s r00d)
don’t worry, love! not getting vip is alright! just getting to go is a privilege. you can feel the atmosphere in that place and have fun with them! it’s still gonna be a bloody amazing experience

anonymous asked:

I was wondering what you thought about the fanon that Yuuri has a soft or pudgy belly during the competitive season. It sounds dangerous for him to skate at the highest level of competitive skating without a very strong core to stay straight in the air & to successfully execute moves like cantilevers, layback Ina Bauers, etc. So when I see this in fic, though I realize ppl want to make him "relatable", I get kicked out of the story. He works so hard to be strong, why can't we celebrate that?

It’s less that you can’t do those moves with a soft or pudgy belly, and more that you absolutely WANT to stay at a very consistent weight while skating. 

Allowing your weight to fluctuate can wreak havoc on your skating. It throws off your balance in jumps, and often for example, when a skater goes through puberty, they have to almost relearn the most difficult jumps because the differences in their body force them to.  

That being said, for many skaters a leaner build really is beneficial for them. 

Yuuri is extremely lean. We see his shirt off, we see this clearly. He’s extremely muscular, but he’s got a small waist and is slender everywhere else too. (Fun fact: Yuzu//ru Hanyu’s waist is 26 inches. Sayo mentioned that Yuuri is a combination of ‘a bunch of Japanese skaters’, and tbh I think they might have based his figure more on Yu//zuru than any other skater. They’re very close to the same height, very small waisted, and Hiramatsu talks about long slender arms and elegant hands for Yuuri, which is certainly something I notice when I see Yuzu//ru. Lol it’s actually interesting to me to look at Yuuri and wonder what was inspired by who! Sayo told me that she saw a lot of Sa//toko Miyahara in Yuuri, for example, when I talked to her at Afest and she’s mentioned Daisuke and many people have posted about the similarities with Machida. I know I posted about a couple similarities with Mao too.) 

Even when Yuuri gains weight in the off-season, I can guarantee that he’s not going to allow himself to gain more than about 3kg (prob less tbh), and since he’s so slender, yeah that absolutely would be visible on his belly and be enough for Victor to poke and squeeze. He definitely gained more than he would normally when we see him in the first episode, but we know he’s been binge eating because of depression there.   

So no that fanon doesn’t really make any sense to me. Yuuri is plenty relatable without doing that??? 

Allurance Week Day 4 ~ Ball/Dance

The sound of the musicians warming up echoed down the corridors of the Castle, reaching the Paladin quarters and making Lance fuss with the collar of his new, dress uniform.

“Geez, stop messing with it,” Pidge groused behind him. “If you pull it out of shape it’ll look even worse.” She moved around in front of him and checked the buttons on the jacket. “Why are you so nervous, anyway?”

“Just what I was about to ask,” Hunk put in from where he sat on the bed. “This is hardly our first formal event as Paladins.” He stood up and approached his friends. “Although it is the first one with Allura doing double-duty as Princess and Paladin.”

“Not to mention the first one since Lance actually confessed his luuuuuuuurve,” Pidge mocked, dodging the blow Lance aimed at her head. Hunk bent his head to keep his grin more or less hidden.

“Let’s not tonight, children,” he scolded, stepping in between them. Then, just to ensure a level playing field, he said “I thought you’d be more excited about seeing Keith tonight than needling Lance, Pidge.” and watching the flush rise on her face.

And that rather effectively ended the conversation.


The training deck had been converted into a ballroom for the occasion, but even the immensity of that room was crowded with people. Aliens of all types and every imaginable language variant created some amazing people-watching opportunities, but Lance was more interested in watching on particular alien.

Allura was dressed in a gown that accented her figure without being too obviously clingy. The design almost mimicked the Paladin armor; white and pink predominated but two panels in black framed her waist. And pinned at her left breast was an insignia designating her as the Blue Paladin. They all wore one of those in a color that corresponded to their Lion, but only Lance’s and Allura’s differed from the colors of their clothes.

“You seem contemplative this evening, Red Paladin.”

Lance turned away from staring at the swirl of colors on the dance floor and looked up into Kolivan’s impassive face. It had taken a tremendous amount of talking to convince the Galran that the Blade of Marmora needed to attend this event, mainly because Kolivan wasn’t quite sure what ‘dancing’ was. Keith had been inclined to laugh at his commander, at least until Coran mentioned that he wasn’t exactly a champion in the art either.

“I guess I am, a little,” he finally replied. He forcibly stopped himself from adjusting his uniform’s collar. “I normally love music and dancing, but this sort of formal setting is not really my scene.”

Kolivan nodded sagely. “I imagine your desire to dance with the Princess, combined with not knowing how to ask her, doesn’t help.”

Lance rolled his eyes. “Why is everybody so focused on my relationship – or lack thereof – with Allura today? I’ve already gotten an earful from Hunk and Pidge, and now you?” He shook his head, chuckling softly. “Besides, I thought you might be a bit more concerned about Keith’s social awkwardness,” he concluded, cocking his head to the dance floor where Keith and Pidge were doing their best to follow the line of the dance and failing miserably.

Something resembling a smile crossed Kolivan’s face. “Keith is his own person in every way, and more than capable of dealing with his own mistakes. You looked more in need of a distraction.” The Galra looked back toward the crowded dance floor. “Plus this whole situation isn’t really my 'scene’, as you said. The Galra culture isn’t exactly inclined toward celebrations.”

“Pity,” Lance commented with a grin. “It’s never too late to learn, though. So get out there, get a drink, get something to eat, and talk to someone besides your fellow Blades!”

“I will if you take your own advice,” the Galra announced before disappearing into the crowd.

Lance hung his head and laughed, acknowledging that his advice to Kolivan had been a bit hypocritical. For pity’s sake, even Hunk was out on the dance floor, doing his best to teach Shay a few moves. Keith and Pidge had more or less given up and were just standing together, faces red with a combination of mortification and laughter. He glanced around until he found Shiro, talking quietly with Matt. By the flush on both sets of cheeks he thought it wouldn’t be much longer before they figured out their feelings and and joined in.

“It’s going well, don’t you think?

He just managed to not jump at the surprise of Allura’s voice behind him. “Mm,” he replied, noncommittal. He also didn’t turn around, not really wanting to meet her eyes. “I suppose everyone is enjoying themselves.”

“These kinds of occasions are just as important as any diplomatic conference,” Allura commented, moving to stand beside Lance and landing squarely in his peripheral vision. “My father always said that sharing simple pleasures helped strengthen bonds, forging an even better alliance.” She sighed then, and seemed to sway with the music, eyes drifting closed. Lance watched as one corner of her mouth quirked up as she moved, then her eyes opened and she looked directly into his. “Dance with me, Lance.”

“Uh. . .”

She moved into his space and slid a hand down his arm, taking his hand. “Dance with me, Lance,” she commanded in a whisper.


Hours later they were in the Blue Lion’s hanger, moving to a tune that only the two of them could hear, content to be, at least for a time, oblivious to all other concerns. And if they held each other just a little tighter, or pressed their bodies just a little closer, that was nobody’s concern but theirs.

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I've been growing more and more distant from my friends. I feel like a part of it is that they insist on trying to save a community that, frankly, doesn't want to be saved, even after their attempts were squashed. I can't even bring up the motivation to RP with them despite my characters having loose ends to solve; I can't even be like the creators who decide they took their series as far as they could, and only do a few more chapters to wrap it all up. I also feel left out of conversations.

It sounds like you’re losing interest in a thing that they’re still interested in, and that’s… fine? Just move on to something you DO enjoy.

If the only thing you can have conversations with them about is that ONE shared interest you used to have, then maybe it’s time to go out and meet new people.

Make an effort to talk about non-fandom stuff if the relationship itself really matters to you. But otherwise maybe they were just great conversation partners on this one topic, and that’s okay too? I’ve had friendships like that that just seemed to fizzle after our shared interest diminished, but then had others that continued to survive on just asking how each other’s day went.

People come and go and I don’t think that’s terrible.

You sound like you feel obligated to keep liking this thing. But participating in a fandom or community isn’t an obligation. Quit when you want. Enjoy it as actively or as passively as you want. Let your friends enjoy it more than you. 

I’m getting hung up on this idea of “saving a community” like that’s an actual thing someone can do. I’m not sure if you mean a specific personal group or a community like a fandom, but if it’s the latter, then it’s really time to take a break from it. Fandom’s not a cult. Enjoy it on your own terms. Don’t let others dictate how you participate, and don’t dictate how others participate. “Saving” in that context reminds me of a lot of folks I’ve encountered that want to control how things are done and how it’s enjoyed. Like. Don’t. 

But if it was the first thing, then I totally get it. I’ve been there with a dwindling RP group before. I bailed once it became more of a stressor for me than it was enjoyable. And as much as I miss when it was good, I felt happier spending my time on new things than trying to force the old thing to still be fun.    

You can either all try to find something new together that you can get excited about again, or… I’d just meet new people that have interests that motivate me. You don’t have to disown your old friends if you’re still on good terms. Just find more.

I pursue what gets me excited, and I have always, ALWAYS found kind, interesting people to meet when I do. 

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Hello! I recently have been trying really hard with different programs and work books to work on some of my target languages and I... finally figured out why I don't seem to do well with self teaching. I just... don't talk. I'm looking at these flash cards and memorizing and reading and hearing it and can identify, but I can't actually speak anything. My pronunciation is a mess and I just feel... lost. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi! It’s good that you have figured out what your problem is, it’s the first step to solving it. Here are my suggestions:

  • Learn the pronunciation rules of your target language and practice the sounds you’re not comfortable with
  • Pay attention to how native speakers move their mouth when pronouncing words and imitate them
  • When you learn a new word, make sure you know how it’s pronounced
  • Learn vocabulary for things that are relevant to you and that you are most likely to talk about with people
  • Record yourself speaking your target language, then listen to the recording and compare it to a recording of a native speaker
  • Practice speaking by having imaginary conversations with yourself - or talk to your family members, friends, flatmates, pets…
  • Practice speaking with native speakers (and ask them to correct you if you mispronounce something, if you want)
  • Listen to your target language a lot, it will not only improve your listening skills but your pronunciation as well
  • Remember that making mistakes is okay, forgetting words or not coming up with anything to say is okay, mispronouncing things is okay, having an accent is okay - what matters the most is that you are trying and you can make yourself understood

I hope this helps, good luck!

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is it adhd when you know someone said something but you 'cant access' what they said, or when you read information you can't access the previous to make sense of it or proceed to the next stage of a task, or you cant access what you literally just thgouht of and your heads already thinking of other things? you have to check the same thing 7 times rapidly ebcause each time you move to the next stage of action you cant locate the information you just had?

This sounds like problems with working memory, which is a common issue with ADHD.


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I just got the cutest idea ahhh SnB Sin, Mystras, Ja'far, and Sharrkan with their fem!crush/S/O, a former slave, at her very first festival, indulging her every whim because she looks so darn happy they can't bring themselves to tell her no? Food and dancing and games and dancing and flower crowns and dancing! ❤️

It really does sound cute! Hope you enjoy!


  • Will make sure she has the time of her life, and will literally let himself be dragged everywhere because her cuteness is too supreme and he doesn’t want to see that smile fade.
  • Is surprised when he sees she can eat a lot, but figures out is’t because she must have been used to eating poorly as a slave (he kinda understands that).
  • Isn’t afraid of dancing with her. Maybe a bit hesitant to move wildly, but some kind of dance a bit smoother (or simply watching her dance) he wouldn’t refuse.
  • Will get her everything she wants in games, even if the game is made specially made so clients can’t have any prizes; he will totally bribe the managers.
  • Let’s his crush put as many flower crowns as she wants on his head, and even lets her braid his hair a little, because her little fingers look so cute managing his long locks.
  • Over anything, he won’t let that smile fade at all, because he feels she deserves some happiness. He swears that the parties in his future country will also be made in a similar fashion so she can remember the joy of attendin her first festival.


  • Cute ball of happiness. If his crush is happy, he is happy. Is she smiles, he smiles even wider,
  • Will try so hard to confess to her during the whole festivity, but the loud music and her dragging him everywhere (not that he is complaining) aren’t making this an easy task.
  • Won’t dance because his legs feel like jelly. But will have to sit down if he sees his s/o dance. Even if she dances horribly, he will think it’s the most beautiful thing ever.
  • Most of the festivals back in Sasan are religious processions that never seemed too interesting to Mystras, so this is pretty new and exciting to him too.
  • The flowers crowns she makes for him will be forever saved in his room, he cherishes them as  if they were gold and jewels. 
  • Buys necklaces for his s/o in return for the flower crowns and loves that she asks him to put them on her. Her back looks so smooth, no, don’t look Mystras…


  • Asks her to be careful. He doesn’t really want a happy moment like this to end in a tragedy somehow. He overthinks things way too much, and needs his crush’s tender smile and hand dragging him around to make his doubts banish.
  • Won’t dance, he doesn’t dance, he isn’t going to dance, definitely, he says while being pulled onto the dace floor by his crush.
  • Buys her as much food as she wants, and pretty much anything she likes. He will definitely steal it if he doesn’t have money, and no one will know because the company has a reputation.
  • Is a bit hesitant about flower crowns, but does put them on (or lets her put them on his hair) because he doesn’t want her to pout, she looks so pure.
  • Gets angry at the managers of games when they lowly make fun of his crush for failing in the game. Her hand on his own to calm him down also makes his hear flutter and melt.
  • Will admit by the end of the night that he had a good time, with a small smile. Also will say, but not so clearly, that he really liked her smile, perhaps blushing a bit.


  • Probably his first festival too. Back in Heliohapt, he wasn’t allowed to attend festivals, so he will feel as excited as his crush, and even nervous.
  • Loves seeing his crush smile, so he will happily follow her everywhere she requests. His hand twitches a bit because he wants to hold hers so badly; if she does, though, his heart will miss a beat.
  • Cannot raise his voice to ask for some food, since he is so timid, so his crush will have to ask. Unless she is shy as well, then he will stutter out his request to the manager and still can look like a hero for her.
  • Doesn’t dare to go dancing with her, but is afraid that he will upset her if he refuses. He goes with her very hesitantly, and the only thing that kinda comforts him is the warmth of her hands into his own.
  • Blushes so deep when she shows him the flower crown she did for him in this little stall. He kinda is ashamed of his because it doesn’t look as good, but her smile tells her otherwise, and it relieves him to no end.
  • Takes some flowers from a nearby field while his crush is with the others and later tries to give them to her without tripping over his own words.

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I hate when people say they don't like lapis's design cause she's supposed to be a terraformer-saying like "she can't be a terraformer cause she's skinny ://" it bugs me cause im skinny as hell and have dealt with the short end of the stick for a long time-teasing, comments, "eat more" etc but it makes it sound like skinny people (like me) can't be strong or do jobs that involve muscle power when most of us are plenty capable, and it's upsetting cause I've heard that my whole life as an insult

Lapis job is probably to drain water away and create canyons so the gems can make kindergartens there.

So her “terraformance” is more like taking/moving away water…

Tho, yeah you got a point, skinny people can have strength too! and tbh ton of the builders near my home (they are making a new building) are p skinny, like idk i always though it was kind of a stereotype? maybe is bc here ton of the people who work on that are skinny or even short.

I mean, theres more than one thing to do when terraforming/building junk, as I know!