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      oh, we can talk about my family. i am an unplanned only child. my mom is a sexologist, my dad is a psychologist. they never loved me. they were only concerned about one another and their sex life. i come from a shit town called mjøndalen, and fled as soon as i was fifteen. fled to madrid. i talk to them once a month. they are happy without me. i am happy without them. i don’t have siblings. i already told you that, so…your turn.


nobody said it was easy

no one ever said it would be this hard

oh take me back to the start


DARK MATTER | 1.12 | Three, Four & Five

I already have a student.


“Because of the gunshot that went through the left hemisphere of my brain I was totally paralyzed on my right side, and it basically impacted my ability to see clearly, read, write, walk and talk. It went to the language center of my brain. So I rolled over on my back and began to push myself with my left leg that still worked, still functioned, and the nearest exit just happened to be that second floor window.

So on my back, basically crawling or pushing myself with my left leg, weaving my way between strewn about tables, chairs and other dead bodies basically. And it took me - from the time that I was shot to the point that I actually got to the window - was a three hour period. So I just sat there for a second, resting, regaining my strength, and eventually I was able to fill up enough strength to push myself, my back, up against the wall there, and flip over. The window had already been broken out so I remember sweeping away excess pieces of jagged glass and hearing this voice shouting at me from across the parking lot, and it was actually one of those SWAT-team members, yelling at me to stay there and that they were coming to get me. - Patrick Ireland 


The road you’re heading down is going to change you. There’s no coming back from it.

                                                              I know.

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So we don't believe in 80% of printed interviews but suddenly we believe in Harry saying he Is not bisexual? I personally think and Im almost sure he Is bisexual at least like he has shown interest in both sexes we can't deny that because it's truth.

This is my new favourite gif and I’m going to use whenever possible. Thanks again to the best gif maker in all of the land @vocabularryonthemind​ 

Anyway, hold your horses there, chief. I’ve got to prepare myself mentally for this ask.

By your maths there are 20% of printed articles out there that we are to believe, so why can’t this one be one of them? It didn’t come from hooves of Dan Wootton, so I’m already willing to at least consider the idea that it could be an actual quote. It was in GQ magazine, which probably falls into the 20% of publications that aren’t completely fabricating their stories. But WHO. KNOWS. Not me. And certainly not you from the sounds of things since your argument is built on a foundation of sand. You can’t just tell me something is the truth if the only evidence you have is that you think it is. 

The only evidence I’ve found to support your statement that Harry is “at least bisexual” is this:

But I’m pretty sure that’s more to do with his Mario Kart tactics. Sometimes he’s in the front, but if Louis gets tired he pushes him from behind. 

“We can’t deny that [Harry is attracted to both men and women] because it’s truth.”

This is seriously the most hypocritical ask I’ve ever gotten purely based on everything in your message. So we can’t take a quote from GQ magazine seriously but because you are all knowing and say that Harry is bisexual it is “truth”. I can’t even justify spending any more time answering this. Your definition of truth is as wrong as Danielle Campbell’s shoes. So I have nothing else to say to you. 

Woo! That alcohol I definitely drank when I read this ask is hitting so I’m going to sashay away honey. 


One year with Killian Jones;
        ⤷ 100 | 366


“Cas, please try to calm down. Maybe it was a trick of the light. Her eyes looked fine to me,” you murmured in his ear as you dragged him away, the scared little girl hiding behind her mom as you trudged back to the rental car. 

He was still tense and brooding, however, and his eyes narrowed when he turned back around to flash the girl one final frown. Her mom shielded her from view when she saw what was happening and gave Cas a glare that had even you ducking for cover. 

You tried to diffuse the situation by sending a friendly and awkward wave their way, practically shoving Cas into the front seat before getting behind the wheel yourself. 

“Jesus, Cas. Seriously. She’s just a young girl,” you hissed, starting up the engine. 

“Just because she’s 11 years old doesn’t mean that she isn’t performing blood sacrifices with witches,” he said firmly, turning to look at you with nothing but determination. “Dean gave me very sound advice once: Kids do drugs, too, Y/N.” 

“She’s not doing drugs, either! Stop listening to Dean, oh my god.” 

You could already tell it was going to be one of those days.