and can we take a moment to appreciate his hair

okay I know that no one else really cares but I’m genuinely upset about Ichiya and him disappearing from everyone’s life because I’ll be damned if that man deserved to. He’s such an awesome dude despite his uh… quirks and omg can we just take a moment to appreciate him and mourn cause I’m so distraught like there’s tears everywhere. 

look at this man. He’s the epitome of perfection with his snaz snaz hair and constant sparkles. AND DO YOU SEE HIS LIL BOW TIE!!! HE’S ROCKING THAT LIL BOW TIE!! LOOK HOW FANCY HE IS! SO HANDSOME







Can we just take a moment to appreciate how GOOD Yongguk looks this comeback. I mean just knowing he’s back makes me happy, but I love how amazingly he’s been styled I mean

Look at this perfection

Look at him

That curly hair, that outfit, his facial expression. His beauty is honestly out of this world, I just die.

Isn’t he just the most beautiful person on this earth? 

Bonus: his handsome most gorgeous and precious selfie with his beautiful curly hair and beautiful face

In conclusion: please love and support precious leader Bang Yongguk and support B.A.P’s Rose comeback. Thank you 💝🌹

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I know that David Bowie in 1975/1976 was really unhealthy in his diet and lifestyle, but he really suited the orange and blonde hair. He also looked very handsome and he was a complete music god. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that he was an adorable human with an amazing singing voice that is underrated. Why do I spend most of my life daydreaming about David Bowie? I don't know, but I enjoy it. Also, the "Ashes to Ashes" music video is an iconic masterpiece.

years down the line, when they’ve both been forcibly dragged into adulthood, and the rush of “i love you i want you i want to stare into your eyes forever” calms down a bit, maintaining the romance gets harder. in many ways, their relationship is better now than it’s ever been - now that isak is more aware of even’s boundaries, now that even has more of a grasp on isak’s relationship with his parents and the internalized homophobia he dealt with for years. they’ve fallen into a routine, and it’s not bad exactly, but a part of even misses when it would take him a few minutes in the morning to remember that’s isak lying next to him, when he’d still get butterflies in his stomach every time isak let himself fully look at him.

still, he’s surprised on their anniversary when isak throws down his fancy napkin at this fancy restaurant and asks, “do you remember our first kiss? fuck it, do you think it’d be less awkward a second time?” his eyes are shining. “let’s recreate it?”

and, well, isak’s not the spontaneous one in their relationship. even’s the one who fell in love with epic dramas at nine and made that his life calling. but after all these years, there are still layers of isak left for him to uncover.

“uh…we may be pushing our luck with breaking and entering a second time,” even says, and since when has even been the responsible one? it’s not a good look on him, but he’d already been chewed out by his assistant for blaming too many of his antics on artistic license. sooner or later, someone would call him out on his bullshit. 

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can we just take a moment to imagine morning with the Nordics

norway and finland being scary as shit before their morning coffee

sweden stumbling around looking even scarier than he usually is because he has to squint until he gets his glasses

denmark and his bed head and flipping out trying to get to the shower first so he can tidy up

and then ice is just being a little shit in the corner smiling at all the chaos because he’s actually a morning person

Can we just all take a moment and appreciate pledis for putting Mingyu and Wonwoo on the SAME BED!!!!

Tuesday Nights

Requested by @teenwxlfies

AN:// Thanks for the request! I hope this fulfils your desires. I am taking requests if anyone wants to slip one into my ask box. Feedback is always appreciated :)

Pairing: Cody Christian x reader

Word Count: 887

Warnings: Major fluff. Enjoy 

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Tuesday nights are my favorite. Eating popcorn and being surrounded by blankets and pillows while wearing nothing but my underwear is the best. Wait- scratch that. All this plus being snuggled up against my man is the best. I hummed softly as Cody shifted, wrapping his arms around me and moving my hair so we can properly spoon without him getting strands of hair in his mouth. Nothing can beat this moment.

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OMG Can we take a moment and appreciate the piece of art named CHOI YOUNGJAE?!?! IM more that sh00k my dear baby boy be slaying my swagger *cries in japanese* - Dandelonie Anon

oh my gosh i know 🙈🙈🙈 i made gifs of it and i was like he is really… so handsome tksdfkmcsdj the pink shirt is so so so cute and it goes so nicely with his hair 😢😢😢😢

he sounds so good in the song too his vocals just keep getting better 😢😢😢 he is just so skdmckdjfcsd

States and Provinces

Request: You come home late from dance practice to an adorably tired puppy wang. (more detailed request - but don’t want to give everything away here ^.^)

Member: Jackson x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I checked the time on my phone again as I heaved my bag up the stairs to my apartment. Jackson’s face came shining up from my lock screen and I sighed. I felt terrible, I had come home from dance practice late almost every night this week. More times than not he would already be asleep, and it hurt my heart to see him curled on the couch. 

“Babe,” I cooed as I stuck my keys into the lock and swung open the door. “I’m home!” 

“Jagi,” his gravelly voice, near sleep, replied from somewhere in the living room. 

I pulled off my shoes and dropped my bags, nearly running to him. 

“I’m sorry I’m late again,” I whispered, kneeling on the ground beside the couch. He was laying against the cushions, his eyes only barely open. I ran a hand through his disheveled hair. 

“Don’t be sorry,” he said quietly, shaking his head a bit. “I understand.”

“You always do,” I nodded, kissing him lightly on the cheek. He stretched out his arms and pulled me into them, wrapping me up in his embrace. 

“Can we cuddle?” he whispered into my stomach. I chuckled, and winced as his contact made my shirt stick to the sweat on my skin. 

“Jackson, I need a shower,” I sighed, unwinding myself from his arms. He put up a slight fight and finally groaned in defeat, letting his grip loosen. 

I walked quickly down the hallway and into the bathroom. I already knew that he would be asleep by the time I returned, but if I tried to hustle, I may be able to catch him before he completely knocked out. 

I cranked the shower to a barely tolerable heat and began to undress. I stepped in, shivering beneath the hot water drops. I closed my eyes and let the water fall over my tense muscles and I couldn’t help but moan. Sometimes a steaming shower was the only thing to make my aching body feel better. 

I felt Jackson’s hands appear on my hips and I shivered again. 

“Aish, jagi,” he grumbled, nearly half asleep. “You think you have the water hot enough?” 

I was surprised by his sudden choice to appear in the shower with me. I spun in his arms and looked into his lidded eyes. “Jacks,” I cooed. “What are you doing baby? You’re half asleep.” 

“If I help you get clean,” he said quietly. “You’ll get into bed more quickly.”

“But you can be sleeping in the mean time,” I sighed, leaning back and grabbing my wash cloth. I poured shower gel on it and Jackson ripped it from my fingers. 

“If there was a little more washing, and a little less arguing, you would be done already,” Jackson croaked. He spun me around by hips and pulled the cloth against my skin. He had the perfect amount of pressure on my tense back. The smell of my shower gel filled the small area we were in and suds flooded down my back and over my shoulders. 

“Did you have practice today?” I sighed, trying to loosen my stance. 

“Hm?” Jackson hummed, his rotations becoming slower and more gentle.

“Practice,” I repeated, spinning around. 

His eyes were nearly closed as he continued his scrubbing on my skin. 

“Yeah, yeah, we practiced,” he nodded. “I had to do some filming before and after.”

“Oh,” I squeaked. I watched Jackson’s tired frame lean against the tile behind him and a sad grin crossed his face. I took the wash cloth from his hand and pushed his arm down to his side. I poured more shower gel on it and began to rub circles onto his bare chest. His eyes widened for a moment, surprised by my action. 

“Why?” he said weakly. 

“You have just as long days as I do and you always try to take care of me,” I smiled. “Just let me wash you and we can go to sleep.”

Jackson nodded groggily and put his full weight onto the wall behind him. At this point I could fully appreciate his body. His tanned skin radiated in the shower steam, his muscles poking through his flesh. I appreciated every small hair trailing down from his belly button to his member. And that in and of itself was something to bite my lip about. I had to remind myself how tired my boyfriend was as I scrubbed along his body, making sure to get every inch. 

Eventually I couldn’t stop myself as I leaned forward, placing a few careful kisses along his jaw line. He hummed in response, barely opening his eyes at the sensation of my lips nibbling at his skin. After a few minutes, I pulled him forward, submerging him in the shower and letting the soap run off of his skin. I turned the shower handle and the water abruptly stopped, causing Jackson to wake for a moment. 

“Done already?” he croaked. He stepped out from behind the curtain and I heard him stumble on the tile. I grabbed a towel, quickly drying off and looking to him. He leaned against the sink, dozing again. 

“Jackson,” I chuckled, picking up a clean towel and wiping against his skin. 

“Hm?” he hummed. He attempted to help, but his hands only got in the way. 

“You’re hopeless,” i laughed, spinning him to cover his body in the towel. I gave him a gentle push in the shoulder, instructing him to begin to walk to the bedroom. 

“Am not,” he grumbled as he stumbled along. 

“You’re in no state to argue with me,” I sighed, following him. I hope he didn’t fall, I didn’t know if I was strong enough to pick him up off of the floor and figured this would be an embarrassing situation to call one of the Got7 boys into. 

“We don’t have states jagi, we’re in Korea,” he whispered sleepily. 

“I didn’t mean-” I began. 

“They are provinces here,” he argued, sleep still drowning his reason. 

“Okay Jackson,” I sighed, shaking my head. 

He nodded, a grin spreading on his face. I pulled my towel from my own body and began to move toward my dresser drawers when I felt him grab hold on my wrist and give a sharp tug. I fell onto the bed with a thud and he collapsed on top of me, his own towel dropped to the floor. 

“Jackson,” I hissed. I tried to push him from me, but he wouldn’t budge. He wrapped his arms around my waist once again and pulled me to his chest, taking a deep breath in. 

“Just cuddle with me,” he whined. His wet hair dripped on my forehead and I grumbled. 

“I’m cold,” I muttered. 

He chuckled. “Then come closer to me. 

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OOC. can we take a moment to appreciate how soft Caspian is? and no I don’t mean like his personality, i mean his phsyciallity. His soft and feminine features. His hands are impeccably soft 11/10 would recommend hand holding and letting him caress you because mmmmmhmmmmmmmmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmmnmmmmm boi. also any skin that doesn’t have a scar is so precious and soft and taken care of. his hair is like the best?? it can be coarse at times but because he uses good conditioner it’s like a warm blanket 95% of the time. even his facial hair is soft. also his clothes. usually they’re older and have been worn a lot (esp his casual clothes) and so they’re just so smooth and soft and excellent –– good for stealing. 

About Sam Winchester's fashion choices + hair

I know there’s so much stuff going on rn but can we pls just take a moment to appreciate how much Sam has upped his fashion game this s12?? (His! New! Jacket! Gotdamm!!) And his hair??? I’ve always thought that season 1 Sam Hair has been the best (I still do tbh bc that’s just my type haha) but now it’s just?? Wow??? Amazing??

can I pls touch it