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Revelations in Dream-Time

Aka the obligatory Impossible Planet/Satan Pit “first time” fic; was originally supposed to be PWP and has now evolved into an 8k word thing (Smut-free version here!). Full of angst, introspection, dreams/nightmares, emotional hurt/comfort, bed-sharing, weird literary and religious themes, and a healthy amount of fairly explicit smut. Definitely nsfw.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent gif. There be smut in these parts. 


The cabin is small, but not as horrible as Rose feared. Four metal walls, a tiny water closet, and a single bunk let her know that this is a room typically reserved for one. But at least it’s clean. It’s private. And most importantly, it’s safe. Then again, it’s entirely possible that a year (two years, three?) of ending up in prison cells, damp caves, muddy pits, and pre-plumbing Europe has distorted her perspective on this sort of thing just a bit, so.

“Well,” the Doctor sniffs, nose in the air and hands in his pockets as his gaze wanders about the place, “It’s actually not bad, considering.”

“Considering?” Rose asks, even though she knows the answer.

“You know,” the Doctor replies. Traveling feet stop their journey around the room, a preview of words to come. “That we’re stuck,” he finishes.

Rose tilts her head, arches an eyebrow at him. “You trying to convince me, or yourself?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I think we’ll find a way out,” Rose says, shrugging. “We always do.”

The Doctor’s responding smile is a pale imitation of its usual self. One hand leaves the safety of his pocket to push down on the bunk mattress, fingers pressing into foam long enough to leave a warped starfish impression behind.

“Care to make a little wager on that?” the Doctor asks, looking at his handprint instead of her.

“I do,” Rose replies without hesitation. She watches as the mattress rises again in agonizing slow-motion, like it’s loathe to let the shape of his hand go. Rose does not think about how that’s an apt metaphor for everything that’s happened since they came here, absolutely does not wonder if the rest of their lives will be stuck in molasses and preserved in amber.

“Well,” the Doctor chuckles under his breath. “I should warn you, I plan to collect. And I’m afraid the odds are unfairly stacked in my favor.”

Shaking her head, Rose laughs. “Nah. You and me, we’re always a safe bet.”

The Doctor’s grin grows genuine, then, the edges softened by fondness. “Quite right, too,” he says.

He doesn’t say anything after that. Rose wonders if she’s ever seen him so quiet, before.

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anonymous asked:

GOM + kagami maybe also hanamiya? reacting to their s/o getting into a fight with someone else over them? Much appreciated. ^.^

Waaah, this got out of hand! Sorry if it wasn’t quite what you had in mind! I did have fun writing it though. :3

Just as a heads up, there’s mention of bullying.

– Lena

Kuroko: “Did I hear that right?”

Several people raised their heads from their books with interest, and had you had the presence of mind and will to deal with that, you would have told them to mind their own business. Why was it that suddenly everybody had something to look at whenever you raised your voice even a little bit?

Right now, though, that was not very high on your priorities list.

Your targets, a boy and a girl proclaimed to be the unofficial best students in the class, were just looking at you as if they weren’t quite sure it was them you were addressing.

“I asked, did I hear that right?” you repeated, sharper this time.

Somewhere in the background, you could see Kuroko palming his face. What kind of reaction was that? This was all for him, damn it.

“I am not sure what you’re talking about,” the boy finally said, a little uncertainly.

“First of all, I don’t like people talking behind my or anybody else’s back. Second, group projects suck, we all agree on that. But there is never an extra person, whether you like it or not, so deal with it. And third, good grades don’t automatically equal success and average ones don’t necessarily scream laziness.”

“Kagami,” somebody said under their breath and several people giggled.

“Kuroko too,” a girl added, bringing forth even more giggles. It was well known in class that the pair of basketball players got along poorly with the first class dream team. And the two sides were now forced to work together. And in that whole wild story full of pitfalls and high mountain climbing, you were a wildcard that neither of the sides knew how to deal with.

The girl, who was generally nice but also a perfectionist of the kind most people couldn’t take seriously, looked almost offended that you’d imply that she’s a judgemental idiot.

“I assure you, _____-san, we never once—”

“I heard it clearly,” you interrupted. “If you’re going to complain, complain after we mess up the whole thing. Not before we even started.”

She looked like she had more to say, but you didn’t let her, turning sharply and walking out of the classroom with your head held high. Kuroko caught up with you somewhere near the staircase and you acknowledged his presence with a nod.

“I appreciate the sentiment,” he said, “but please don’t do it again. You could get in trouble.”

“Sorry. I just… can’t stand people like that.”

“Neither can I. But I prefer proving people they’re wrong, instead of merely arguing.”

You grinned. “I could use a bit of that level-headedness. If I hear that one more time, I might actually throw chalk at their heads.”

“Please don’t do that, or you will get in trouble.”

You chuckled. “I’ll try not to get caught.”

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I think what he's trying to say it's thar equality shouldn't be a matter of political agenda, but a fundamental right that we should expect rather than fight for it Of course in the world we live it's not that way...

literally i know exactly what he is trying to say and i appreciate the sentiment behind it but the fact is civil rights, equality…. that is a HUGE part of politics and has been for a very long time and it’s a bit ignorant and privileged to act like people don’t have to fight politically for their rights every single day. yes i agree with him in the fact that it can go back to people’s fundamental beliefs and fundamentally as a society we should all ~get along~ but that’s not the case and this shit his heavily politicized and it’s just a lil annoying that he says this to me


Just let me know if your arm gets tired. I don’t mind carrying it.”

Morgana had opted to stay at the cafe today, luckily. It makes Akira wonder if somehow the cat knew the weather would turn out this way – or maybe he was just hoping to smooth-talk his way into a can of tuna from Sojiro while Akira was at school. Either way, it gave Akira’s back a well-deserved break from lugging him around everywhere.

Plus, it gave him the chance to talk to Yusuke. It was almost nice without the usual crowds of people.

“Do you want to get something to eat? We could stop by the diner on our way to the station and just catch a later train.”

Yusuke appreciated the sentiment, but being the taller of the two he imagined the umbrella would be hard for Akira to hold up without poking him in the eye.

“It’s more than okay. I’ll continue to carry it.” He reassured the other with a soft smile. It was so rarely just the two of them; Morgana was usually Akira’s bag mate after all. But he seemed to have taken the day off, perhaps due to the weather.

“Oh. That would be nice.” Yusuke perked up at the suggestion. “I’m in no rush to get back today after all~”

Imagine Chanyeol quieting down these past few days. He’s tried his best to keep the smile on his face even though it gets harder with each angry comment. During interviews and performances, he quickly puts on an easy-going grin and playful personality; the second it’s over, his face changes, the smile slowly slipping off his lips. He makes sure not to let his happy exterior drop too quickly or else it would be too noticeable. And he doesn’t want to make the atmosphere uncomfortable. His members notice his change in personality, but they’re all a little afraid of bringing it up.

When Chanyeol chooses practicing guitar alone over playing video games with the others, the members decide to do something about it. Jongin’s the first one to reach out to Chanyeol, giving him a pack of ferret stickers he bought online and squeezing him into a hug. Kyungsoo goes next, wrapping his arms around Chanyeol and whispering that it will all be okay. Once Yixing rushes forward towards them, the rest of the members follow and pile onto a huge Chanyeol-hug.

“We are one, EXO saranghaja!” Junmyeon’s voice cries out, muffled in Jongdae’s shoulder. He is answered with loud sighs, nudging, and groans about how he’s being too cheesy, but Chanyeol appreciates the sentiment. His chest swells with something like love and thankfulness for his members and hopes he can transmit his gratitude to all of them without a word. Perhaps it will all be okay.

High School Reunion AU. wordcount: 3500~
Former Nerd!Dean, Artist!Castiel, confessions


Dean stares up at the bare brick facade of the building in front of him. After walking away from this place over 15 years ago, he never thought he’d come back. Of course, that’s what most people tell themselves about their high schools.

It seems smaller now than it did when he was 17, but Dean assumes that’s just his perspective. Music and voices pulse from inside and Dean can feel the strange looks he’s getting from the other former students as they pass him on their way in.

“Here goes nothing,” he mutters to himself as he heads for the door. The first thing that hits him is the smell of the place, all at once overwhelmingly familiar and cloying: old wood, floor polish, the metal of the lockers, and the lingering odor of sweat from the student bodies normally lining the halls. Dean hates it but can’t help himself from taking another deep breath, the scent and memories washing over him as he does. He passes by the glass trophy case at

the entrance, glancing over the tarnished statues and plaques inside. None of them his, of course. Dean wasn’t on the football team or basketball team. The only time he’d spent at their school’s sports field was waiting for Sammy as he finished up soccer practice. Dean felt more at home tucked away in the metal shop or the tech room, tinkering on some project or playing Magic the Gathering with Harry and Ed.

As a bespectacled, awkward, and somewhat pudgy teenager, Dean had been the farthest thing from a jock anyone could imagine. He catches sight of his reflection in the glass of the case; can’t say that anymore, he supposes. The glasses are gone, thanks to Lasik surgery a few years back. The baby fat has long melted away, leaving only high cut cheekbones and physique his personal trainer could be proud of.

The only physical feature remaining of his adolescence is perhaps his stupidly bowed legs.

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Pukey Nico and Will taking care of him

Nico wasn’t even fully aware that he was vomiting.

He was asleep when he had started coughing. Had he belched? He couldn’t remember, but then suddenly there was something warm and wet beside him. He was vaguely aware of a full feeling in his stomach.

A hiccup and another belch, and then there’s a sick splattering sound as the goop beside him grows and drips onto the floor. The bed shifts and his stomach flips nauseatingly.

He’s waking up now, his brain trying to fully understand what’s happening. He becomes aware of everything all at once—the vomit on his pillow, the painful churning in his gut, the flushed feeling on the back of his neck and face.

He shuts his eyes as nausea grips him, threatening to turn his stomach inside out. He coughs and heaves, only aware of the trash can under his chin when the vomit makes a hollow thud at the bottom. He nearly jumps out of his skin at the sudden hand on his back.

“Oh, Nico…” It’s Will. He makes soft cooing noises, rubbing Nico at the base of his neck. “Just get it out, okay?”

Nico doesn’t need the encouragement. He’s terribly queasy and barely manages a strangled sob, before he’s retching up more of his insides. It isn’t much, but he sucks in a shuddering breath.

“I’m sorry,” he gasps while he has the chance.

“Shh, hush, don’t be sorry. Here, hold this for a sec,” Will hands him the trash can and pulls a hair tie off his wrist and uses it to pull back Nico’s hair. “There. Feeling better?”

Nico shakes his head. He burps again. Will makes a sympathetic noise and uses his thumbs to wipe the wetness from Nico’s eyes. Nico revels in the soft touch, but he squirms uncomfortably. He doesn’t feel well.

He manages a strangled whimper, before doubling over, stomach lurching. He can feel Will again against the back of his neck and he wonders vaguely if he has a fever, for Will’s fingers are like ice on his skin.

He belches once more, bringing up a final trickle of watery vomit. He’s shaking from exhaustion, his head throbbing. Everything seems to be moving in slow motion.

Will takes the trash can from him, setting it on the floor. He runs the back of his hand along the side of Nico’s face.

“Think you’re finished?” he asks.

Nico swallows. His throat is an uncomfortable combination of sticky and dry. “For now,” he bemoans.

Will smiles finally. “You poor thing. Nothing like waking up to your boyfriend barfing all over the bed.”

“Oh,” Nico says. He looks down at his pillow, a soggy brown mess that makes his stomach turn. He swallows back a gag. “I guess we should clean that up.”

He makes to stand only to discover that he’s awfully lightheaded. He feels Will catch him by the shoulders as he sways on his feet.

“Easy, champ.” Will guides him slowly to the floor, within arm’s reach of the trash can, just in case. “Just sit here. Gather your bearings and let me take care of everything else, okay?”

Nico nods. He watches Will dispose of the soiled sheets and thanks him for the glass of water. The drink goes untouched, but Nico appreciates the sentiment anyway. He’s not sure how long he sits there waiting, his eyes growing heavy despite his overall ill feeling, but he becomes vaguely aware of Will prodding him gently with a peck on the cheek, rousing Nico just enough for him to clamber back into a blissfully clean bed.

Unfortunately, the peace is short-lived, as only a few hours later, Nico is once again dragged into consciousness by another round of vomiting. It’s a long night for both of them.

Playback’s Such a Waste 
Chris/Darren, Rated PG

Because Chris posted this.

If Darren closes his eyes, he can almost imagine that he’s gone back in time. He can imagine that he’s younger, newer, less experienced and less jaded, sitting on this same couch for the very first time and listening to this deceptively sweet voice sing, shout, laugh, and argue the hours away.

But there’s really no going back, not for any of them, and when he opens his eyes it’s to a face more matured and a smile more knowing. It’s still Chris, still a man who after years seems as much a stranger to Darren some moments as his best friend. It’s still the person who knows him best and knows how to break him most effectively. It’s his co-star and his competitor, his partner and the half of him he’s not quite sure how he’s supposed to just walk away from now.

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Something Missing

No more villains

He could not remember the deck of the Jolly being home to such a happy display of merriment, but today had been just about perfect in every way. The children were busy running, playing and trying to watch the fish off the bow of the ship. Henry was having a hell of a time keeping track of them all, but he did it without complaint. He enjoyed spending time with the littles.

With a smile on his face, Killian turned away from the helm and leaned against the stern of the ship, staring out across the water. It had been a perfect day, their ceremony had gone off without a hitch. He was now a married man, something he had truly never believed would happen. It had taken almost 5 years, between curses, villains, time traveling, portal jumping, memory loss, more curses, sadistic Gods, and even death; he would not trade a moment of it, because it had brought him here. It took a while, but he had found his family, his home. And he could not be happier.

Still, he could not fight the feeling in the back of his mind that something was missing.

Or someone.

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mylunarsolstice  asked:

It was a gumball ring. It was less then 25 cents, but it was priceless to Oliver. It was a ring that reminder Oliver of the first time that both he and Felicity hung out as friends. They had gone to a new diner in town and they had one of those gumball ring machines there. Felicity put her money and turned it because she wanted to see what she would get. When a ring came out with a fake jewel the same green that Oliver wears, she gave it to him. He's saved it so that one day he can make it real

And somehow he’d lost it.  After carrying it around with him for the last week, he’d gone into his pocket earlier in the day just to make sure it was still there, safely tucked inside the plastic bubble it had come in, and he came up empty.  He’d spent the last few hours searching high and low- his car, the office, the lair- but to no avail.  The ring was gone.


It was stupid, and childish, he knew, to be frustrated at losing something with such little value.  But to him it meant everything.  To him, it signified their friendship, the fact that they’d weathered so much and still stuck by each other’s sides no matter what.  It reminded him that even when he had nothing else in the world, he’d never lost her.


And now it was gone.


The first thing she’d ever really given him.


And so it was after a cryptic text to his sister that Thea sauntered into Verdant with three rolls of quarters and a smug but curious glint in her eye.


“Having a Quarters tournament for all the college kids?” she asked, dropping the quarters onto the counter and leaning against it.


“Oh, this isn’t for the bar,” Oliver said.  “I actually need a favor.”


Thea quirked a brow, folding her arms over her chest.  “What kind of favor?”


Oliver cleared his throat, shifting uncomfortably.  He felt stupid for even asking.  “You know the diner on Madison?” Thea nodded.  “I need you to empty the machines– you know the ones with the little prizes?”


“Uh huh….” Thea said slowly, not sure where he was going.


“I need you to find me a ring.  A green one.”


“A green gumball-machine ring?”


Oliver nodded.


“What, so you can propose to Felicity?”


Oliver didn’t answer.


“God Ollie! I was kidding!”  Thea shook her head wildly.  “No, nope.  Absolutely not.”


“It’s important.”


Thea grabbed her purse and spun on her heel.


“Thea!” Oliver called, jogging to meet her at the door, stop her from leaving.  “Please.  When Felicity and I first started hanging out… we went to the diner on Madison and she gave me this ring.  I’ve always planned on using it… you know… but I’ve been carrying it around for a week and somehow I lost it.”  Oliver sighed, defeated.  “I just want it to be perfect.”


“So why don’t you just have one made?  A REAL one…. that looks like it.”


“Because it’s Felicity, Speedy…” he sighed.  "You know she doesn’t care about money.  It’s more sentiment with her.  And this was going to be my perfect reminder to her of just how much I can appreciate that.“


Two hours later, Thea returned to Verdant with a smile on her face and a stuffed bag in tow.  She plopped it down on the counter, causing several plastic containers to spill out, rolling and dancing all over the floor.


“You found it?” Oliver asked, hopeful.


Thea held up a clear container with a blue lid, emerald green glinting from the inside.  The door swung open and Felicity’s head poked in, spotting the siblings with a smile.


“Go get her, Ollie,” Thea said, handing over the ring and taking a seat on a barstool to watch the scene.

Oliver nodded, walking with more confidence than he felt, with a plastic bubble-gum machine ring burning a hole in his pocket.

Everyone Loves Captain Hook, a CS, extended Charming Family One Shot

Rating: Teen for mild language

Pairing: Emma/Killian (Hook), Charming, Mary-Margaret, Henry, Regina, Robin

Description: Set after the Underworld, Hook discovers how much the others value him. Fluffy, one shot.

3008 total words. .

Everyone Loves Captain Hook

Since their return from the Underworld, Emma was extra attentive. The moment Killian entered a room, she’d grab hold.  During meals, she would hold his hand or hang on his shoulder. At night, he’d feel her tuck the blanket under his chin, her fingers lingering on his cheek.

He clung to her just as much. Neither one wanted to be separated from the other, not even for a few moments.  

After a while they forced themselves back to normal life.  Emma went to work, Killian spent time at the docks.  There were longer hand holds and lingering looks.  They both sighed and watched the other leave.

He overlooked if she was a little overprotective of him.  He died after all.  Yes, from Emma a little hovering was to be expected.

One evening, after dinner, Emma was on the phone with her Mom, so Killian took this time to be alone with his thoughts.  “I think I’ll go for a bit of a wander, Love.”

She looked at him, panic in her eyes.  Then she took a deep breath and nodded.

He smiled and kissed her head.  “I won’t be gone long.  I promise.”

“OK.  I’ll hold off looking for you.”

He laughed and headed to the door.

“You’ve got twenty minutes, Pirate, then I start the search,” she said with a grin.

He laughed.  “Twenty?  You’re improving, Swan.”

“And it’s taking all of my will power.”

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