and can we have flashbacks of them in high school

Alright, new theory (or headcanon/AU). I’ve been reading lots of theories so here’s my contribution to this madness.

I’ve been thinking about how Deok Sun sometimes looks flustered when Jung Hwan does those THINGS THAT MAKE US SWOON, and about how there’s never any follow up. They always skip to the next day and Deok Sun just rolls her eyes at Jung Hwan and brushes it off. 

Except for the day after their alley scene, we’ve never seen Deok Sun feel awkward or reflect on Jung Hwan’s gestures. She just brushes it off. It got me thinking. I read a post about how falling for Jung Hwan in her mind would equal ‘losing to him’. They’re constantly bickering and his opinion is often the only one she dreads. When she wanted to do the dance, she asked for them to shut him up. Whenever there’s a group conversation, she always reacts to him the most by being aggressive and always disagreeing with him. I find it interesting because it means there’s something there. How did they get here? What makes Deok Sun so sensitive and annoyed by everything Jung Hwan does? We know he can be very mean to her but was there something else? Some people are suggesting that he might have been her first love instead of Sunwoo. A flashback to their junior high school years would literally kill me. Imagine Deok Sun crushing on Jung Hwan only to overhear him talking with the boys about how she’s ugly or something, or how she’s not even a girl in his eyes. What if she heard the boys that night when Dong Ryong suggested that she got pretty only for Jung Hwan to feel almost repulsed by that idea (hahaha poor guy, look at you now)? This is maybe just me speculating. But I feel like we’re not getting the full picture concerning DeokSun/JungHwan. All their scenes are from Jung Hwan’s perspective. We never get to see what she thinks later. I don’t think she’s that oblivious. I feel like she’s protecting herself by not jumping into conclusions and not only because of the whole Sun Woo thing, but because it’s Jung Hwan, mean cold Jung Hwan who would never in a million years fall for her, right? (PLS HELP) FLASHBACKS PLEASEEEEEEEEE. (I refuse to believe that she’s just clueless and is capable of ignoring all of that). 

Game Over, Marlene

So there is probably going to be a lot of cursing in this post, and I don’t really care but I’m going to warn you. 

Let me start by saying I applaud you, Marlene. You just wasted five years of millions of loyal viewers lives with the worst Pll finale ever. You call that answers? First of all, CeCe basically said she became A because she was bored. So we’re going to say that she built a doll house to trap and torture four- no five girls in because she was BORED. And then lets not forget the explanation for that night. Everything was an accident. Everything that happened was an accident. Lets just let that sink in. An entire series of a tv show is based off of an accident. CeCe hit Alison? Oops, thought you were Bethany. Mona hit Bethany? my bad, you look just like Ali from behind B. Let me leave you lying here. So then if it was an accident, then I kind of have to ask this: why would Mrs D try and frame Spencer for it? If it was an accident, a true accident, the only thing they would do is send CeCe back to Radley. Which happened anyway. And oh, how tf did Bethany know to put on the same exact outfit as Alison? Since CeCe was going to college, she had multiple outfits. Of all the ones she had, Bethany chose that one? And what about the fact that it was confirmed that CeCe was dressed in Ali’s clothes, talking to (I believe it was Melissa but I could be wrong). So now she literally just sits there and says “I don’t know man. Wasn’t me.” 

Oh and uh, please someone tell me how we were supposed to know everything in this episode, if we don’t know who killed Mrs. D? She says she found her dead and I guess buried her. But who killed her? And This episode opens up another can of worms: what is the Sara Harvey connection? How did the two meet? Why would Sara ever help CeCe? Did CeCe kidnap Sara or was that just all a lie? Did they have some sort of pre-existing relationship? Did Sara just runaway and happen to meet up with CeCe? But when, because according to CeCe she was taken back to Radley after the incident with Ali. That means that for two years Sara was where? Why didn’t she go home? Oh, and again WHY WOULD SHE HELP CECE???

Why would CeCe drug Jason? He wanted to meet with her, or at least he wanted to meet with Charles and talk to his brother. And why in the black devil hell would she date him? That’s just damn nasty. She is cruel and twisted and what tf kind of mother is Mrs. D to let that shit fly? And who paid for her sexual reassignment surgery? It’s not cheep. There is no way Mrs. D dropped that kind of cash without her hubby finding out. And what about that whole CeCe hating Ali for getting her kicked out of Upenn. Was that all a lie? Did that ever even happen or are we just going to gloss over all the things that don’t fit with the bs story they want to shove down our throats? Because the way CeCe tells it, she stopped going to Upenn so she could pretend to be in high school. Which makes even less sense! I need a timeline! Jason dated CeCe the summer Ali went missing. I’m guessing they met at the end of the school year because they were doing school pictures, except that Jason was not in high school when Ali went missing. And there’s no way her picture would have ended up in the yearbook if she wasn’t a student and I know this because I was in yearbook in high school. We double check everything. Everyone is assigned a set of pages and then the editors and then the teacher in charge check the yearbook over before it gets submitted. Oh, and she never does give a straight answer as to whether or not she slept with Jason. And when it comes to these girls and the guys they date, I really wish they wouldn’t have them date guys they have no business dating for legal reasons, and then when they realize it try and smooth it over with “but they never had sex.” 

And how can she possibly say that all she wanted was her family back? She had them back! All she had to do was keep her relationship with Jason strictly friendly and she would have been golden. And here’s something that I really have to address. If CeCe used to be Charles, meaning she had a gender reassignment surgery when she was 14/15/16, she wouldn’t then go on to identify herself as and let herself be called Charles. For a person who goes through that journey, it’s a mental as well as physical change. They would never want or allow themselves to be called the name they left behind. She however introduces herself as Charles. Goes by Charles lets everyone think she is a man, which would be the ultimate mind fuck to someone who has struggled with their gender identity all their life and doesn’t care. But none of this is an explanation as to why the dollhouse ever happened. She doesn’t hate the liars or Alison, so why tf would you torment them like you did? That was pure revenge, pure hatred. They did so much to try and make us sympathize with CeCe that I almost threw up at the bull shit. And did you catch how she implied that she was never big A? That she never really stole the game from Mona the way Mona says? She’s basically says that she only really got involved with A stuff to draw Alison out of hiding, but she was kind of taking orders from Mona. So then is Mona big A or….? I feel like she was saying she was taking her cues from Mona, while Mona thought she was taking her cues from Red Coat or Big A, but Big A kind of was her but also was kind of a figment of Mona’s imagination. It doesn’t make any sense does it?

And what was with that room that looked like a scene out of some syfy film? I’ve never seen anything so out of place in all my life, including CeCe as Charles. I was just waiting for Scotty to beam me up. The only good thing to come out of that room was finding out how CeCe got all her money (which doesn’t explain how she hired x amount of migrant workers to build an underground dollhouse and no one notice or say a word. I guess she used the same company Batman used to build his Bat Cave.) and Mona revealing the knife hidden in her heels. Other than that, it was a high tech room with low resolution cameras.

Emily punched Sara in the face, which is the best scene in the entire show. 

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But then there was a freaking bomb so nevermind. I mean that was what Sara had right? That was what she rigged? A bomb? So CeCe’s plan was to tell her story and then kill herself and all her living family? Oh yeah and WHY TF IS SARA HELPING CECE?? I’m guessing they’re never going to explain that. Oh and uh, CeCe was in Radley when Mona checked in right? So when did she get out? Who let her out? It wasn’t her mother that’s damn sure. And now you have to explain Wren’s connection to all of this, because he issued a visitor’s pass to CeCe. But she wouldn’t need one, because she was still a patient. But if she was released, even if he gave her one, they would never let her in Radley to visit Mona because she use to be a patient, and not just like a couple of years ago… a couple of days ago. Oh and Mona says that Leslie never met Charles because even though she was in Radley before Mona, Charles escaped with Bethany that night and presumably didn’t return, and so she never got the chance. But the way CeCe tells it that couldn’t be more untrue. CeCe says she returned to Radley that very next day and remained there for an undetermined amount of time, but one can assume that it was at least until Mona was released because like she said she would go and talk to Mona everyday dressed in her red house coat and listen to her stories. And since Mona and Leslie met and became friends in Radley, and if Leslie heard the story of Charles’ escape then she had to know not only who Charles was but that he was no longer Charles but was Charlotte or whatever name she went by at the time. Which also calls into question the very statement because Charles was no more when the escape happened; at that time Charles was CeCe! So there was no way Leslie heard that Charles and Bethany escaped. What she had to hear was that Charlotte and Bethany escaped that night, and that Charlotte returned but Bethany never did. And there’s no way she wouldn’t have known that Charlotte used to be Charles because Radley is not that big and gossip travels fast. And with the freedom of motion granted to CeCe/Charlotte/Charles/Red robe, Leslie also had to meet her at some point. Which also means Wren would have had to have interacted with CeCe as Charlotte, the patient. And I doubt that he never mentioned that to Hanna or Spencer or Melissa, that “there is a girl who talks to Mona all the time. She’s a patient, and word around the pill station is she used to be a boy but her mother paid for her surgery and now she goes by Charlotte. She used to hang out with this girl named Bethany, but then Bethany went missing when they both broke out…isn’t that the same night Alison went missing?” 

And the thing about out patient treatment, which is what CeCe was doing when she was allowed to go to Upenn, although Ivy League colleges don’t take people from Crazy houses that haven’t even been released as students, is that it is supervised. So no, she would’t have been able to sneak all the way to Rosewood and then back to Upenn for them to pick her up. She wouldn’t have been able to blow off her classes day after day without anyone knowing. The second she missed a class, they would have called Radley, and there goes her out patient treatment. But again, the real issue with that is timing. How long was CeCe actually in Radley for? How much older is she than Jason? Are they maybe a year a part? How old was she when Ali was buried? How long did she and Jason date? Initially, we were told that they met her at Cape Cod, but now clearly she went down there with them. If Jason and Melissa are the same age, meaning Spencer’s father had project twins, then how can he have been in high school in that flashback taking yearbook pictures when he and CeCe met, if a year later Melissa was in grad school? Did he meet CeCe before he graduated high school or after he was done with college? How long was CeCe at Upenn? Who killed Alison’s mom? Why? Why do any of them feel a shred of sympathy for CeCe? Why would Marlene ever think this was an acceptable finale?