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heedless;  showing a reckless lack of care or attention

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So, you know I'm rather new to the fandom, and this will be my first comeback, and I want to do anything I can to help make this comeback a success for our boys. Can you tell me what I can do? like I dont know if I will be able to buy the album, but what other things can I do and where? Thanks~

Sure thing! I’ll give you some basics of what a typical comeback is like for fans! I hope this info is helpful for all BABYz and thanks to the awesome BABYz who provided tutorials for all of these methods!

Social Media

The easiest method is to just promote BAP as much as possible for every comeback. Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, introducing BAP to other K-Pop fans as well as people who are not into K-pop is seriously so helpful. The more we talk about BAP, the more exposure they’ll get, which will lead to more fans and more opportunities for BAP in the future! 

I cannot stress this enough when I say that when discussing BAP on social media PLEASE keep your posts and comments positive. Talk about how great the songs are, how perfect the MV is, write about OT6′s flawless singing and dancing, etc; however, DON’T make negative posts criticizing BAP/BABYz/other fandoms because it really reflects back on BAP. DON’T start rumors or spread them, DON’T post or repost negative comments/posts from others, and DON’T write negative comments directly to BAP on sns. Also, even though we all can agree TS sucks, it’s clear that they go out of their way to avoid any concerns from BABYz. Even though it’s frustrating, before you send them emails, call their offices, or threaten to fly to Korea and punch every employee at TS in the face, PLEASE think of what your words/actions will do to BAP. We don’t know what truly goes on with BAP and TS, so it’s best to remain positive and focuse on promoting the boys and patiently waiting for news from TS and then we can punch everyone if they fuck up as usual :D

Physical Albums

Even though you’re still unsure about buying a physical copy of the album, if you do end up deciding it’s best to buy from stores whose sales count towards charts, such as Gaon and Hanteo. Preordering is also really important for sales within the first week, so here are a few verified stores for each chart in addition to TS Ent.’s official store:

Hanteo: KPopTown, KpopMart, YesAsia (there is a global site and US site, this is the global site link)

Gaon: Melon, MNet


Searching for BAP online will actually help them gain exposure and hype about their comeback. Simply go on the Naver website or app, type in “BAP ROSE”, click on and share articles on your social media, clear your history, and repeat! 

There are also search attacks that we do, in which there are scheduled times for BABYz to search about BAP on Naver in order to get them trending. If you check BAPdomination on Twitter, they post the schedules and search words for each day.


Voting will help BAP win on music programs, as well as for appearances on various variety shows (which will increase their exposure and popularity). The Vote4BAP Twitter provides info for where streaming/voting can be done.

You can vote for BAP on Show Champion, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, and MNet Countdown using the tutorials provided by BABYz.


Streaming allows for digital sales, which count for roughly 50% of votes on music shows. In order to stream, you need to purchase passes on sites like Genie or Melon. 


Melon streaming can seem intimidating, but there are literally soooo many wonderful BABYz who are always offering to help set up an account, or even stream for you (a lot of BABYz actually advertise this kind of help on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram so make sure to stay on your social media grind during comebacks!). In order to stream on Melon, you need to create and account and either use your PC or dowload the mobile app. There’s a document that BABYz made that explains the whole process along with an FAQ if you have any trouble.

TS YouTube Channel

You can also stream the official MV on TS Ent.’s YouTube channel (it’s best to watch the MVs on TS’s channel even though 1theK also posts the MV and has more subscribers [which means more exposure] but really focus on TS’s channel first and foremost. Stream in 720p or above, like/comment/share the MV on all social medias, watch the full MV without pausing AND at a volume above 50%. Also DON’T click replay or refresh the page; instead, play the video incognito or clear your history. You can also create a playlist of just the MV so that it continuously loops.


Streaming can also be done on Tudou to help BAP win on THE SHOW. Open this link in incognito mode and click the orange button beside the ROSE MV. You don’t have to watch the whole MV ~ there are two lines when the video loads: orange and gray. Let the gray line load fully after you press play and that counts as a stream. Make sure you don’t mute the video while it’s playing, otherwise it doesn’t count. As always, delete your history/cookies and try from all devices and computers.

Naver TV Cast

Finally, streaming can be done on Naver TV cast, but the options listed above tend to be the most used by fans (especially Tudou - BAP tend to win a lot on THE SHOW since it’s a system solely based on the input of fans’ streaming, but it has been known to be messy sometimes when counting votes so NEVER STOP STREAMING lol).

Fancafe/Daum tutorial

itsBAP actually has a tutorial to make an account to join BAP’s official fanclub, in case anyone was interested in this option as well!

Of course, there are so many ways to support BAP in their comebacks, but above all just being a loyal BABY is the best support you can give! Let’s all work together to make this comeback a success and make 2017 BAP’s year! Fighting! ♡


But more specifically….Ho ho ho! It`s your Secret Santa-chan here~! Merry Christmas dearest @lia-snow!! This is for the Secret Santa event of @kairei-chan~

Just wanna thank you for your epic contributions to the Servamp fandom with your amazing tear-jerking and fluffy comics and your beautiful artworks as well!! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!

To tell you the truth, I was kinda nervous when you ended up my recipient because you’ve got so much skill and I don’t know how I can make a present that’s good enough for you! But then again it’s Christmas and I so wanna do my best for this as well because you’re so awesome! XD soooo… Tada! LawLicht for the win~! I hope you like it! And may you have a happy holiday and a prosperous new year!

PS. I just read your new LawLicht comic and omg… My heart!! That was amazingly painful in a pleasurable way! (<— I’m bad with using words??? Ahahaha)

PSS. Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!!!! (Again) <3 *showers you with more Lichtans*

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Hi! You're amazing and love your blog! The hc with MC without memories was so good! I was wondering if you could do one of MC being a fitness trainer. She's fit but the RFA doesn't notice right away since she wears those sweater dresses. Pls~ Thanks!


disclaimer: i usually like writing gender neutral MC but im gnna do female MC for this~~


  • so MC and Yoosung are chillin at his place, watching some movies and bein real cute n stuff
  • “Hey, Yoosung, it’s kind of warm in here. im gonna go turn the AC up”
  • “Okay! I’ll miss youuuuuu”
  • she gets up and walks down the hall to where the thermostat is, and then calls to Yoosung from the hallway
  • “Umm… i think your AC is broken”
  • “what?!”
  • “yea… there arent any numbers being displayed here or anything”
  • dammit, not again
  • Yoosung calls for someone to come repair it but no one is available until the next day
  • and as the hours pass by Yoosungs place gets more hot and stuffy..
  • and poor MC wore her favorite cable knit sweater today
  • “Hey…Yoosung, im gonna go change”
  • MC actually just takes the sweater off, thank god she wore a sports bra today
  • she ties her long brown hair into a tight pony tail
  • as soon as MC comes back into the room, Yoosung literally stands on the couch in shock
  • “MC! What the heck?!”
  • “Yoosung, is something wrong?”
  • “why didn’t you tell me you’re like…..super buff?!”
  • MC actually cracks up
  • like doubled over in laughter
  • Yoosung steps down from the couch and stomps his foot on the ground
  • “I’m serious! you’re look better shirtless than me! this is embarrassing…”
  • MC’s still laughing
  • “Oh? you think i look good shirtless, do you?”
  • Yoosung didn’t even realized what he had said before, he kind of just blurted it out
  • his whole face turns bright red
  • “If you want, I can be your personal trainer. then you can see my shirtless more often, and i won’t even charge”
  • Yoosungs whole everything turns bright red
  • “I…um….okay…”
  • “Yoosung, i’m just messing with you. you’re really just too innocent”
  • he laughs nervously and rubs the back of his neck
  • he can’t believe that his first girlfriend ever is actually the hottest human being on the planet
  • and he doesnt shut up about it for the rest of the day
  • MC catches him staring at her abs like 20 times a minute
  • “I’m sorry! i just…can’t believe how lucky I am”


  • he invites MC to work out with him one day
  • “I need my princess for motivation”
  • little does Zen know
  • his princess can lift
  • they meet up at the gym and she’s already there, stretching
  • “Mind if i join you, cutie?”
  • “hey, Zen! i was actually about to finish up my stretches”
  • “haha, i usually forget to do my stretches. i know it’s not the best habit, but i like to get straight to the workout”
  • Zen’s really tryna show off right now
  • “Zen, that’s an extremely unhealthy practice. neglecting to stretch before a workout increases the risk of injury, and stretching can actually help maximize the benefits of your work out”
  • ……
  • Zen tilts his head at her sudden lecture
  • “How do you…know all that?”
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, Zen”
  • “What?! why didn’t you tell me??”
  • “it never came up”
  • Zen’s always had this desire to be the stronger person between him and MC, he always wanted to be able to protect her
  • but now she basically just told him that she doesnt need protecting..that she’s just as strong as Zen
  • and he’s like super turned on
  • “when we’re done here…think you can show me that personal trainer body?”
  • “Only if you do some extra sets today, Zenny”
  • ok, MC is super hot and motivating him to work out even harder?!
  • the literal perfect woman
  • Zen actually has to stop himself from drooling
  • he just cant wait for this workout to be over


  • Jaehee is moving!!
  • she calls the RFA to help her moving boxes and such
  • Jaehee tries to lift up a particularly heavy box
  • but she can’t so she calls for Zen to come take it inside
  • “no worries, i got it, Jaehee!”
  • MC swoops in and grabs the box no problem
  • “MC? are you sure it’s okay? we can just wait for Zen-”
  • “Jaehee, please. i’m not even breaking a sweat here”
  • at this point, Jaehee gets kind of blushy
  • “MC, how can you lift that so easily?”
  • “i was a personal trainer, Jaehee! you’re not the only career woman around here”
  • Jaehee blush pt. 2
  • Jaehee’s actually too shy to admit this, but she finds that super admirable
  • she loves the idea of a girl being a fitness trainer
  • especially MC
  • and all day Jaehee kind of pretends that she cant lift up boxes
  • as an excuse to have MC come grab the box from her again, assuring Jaehee that it’s no trouble at all
  • Jaehee actually cant get enough of it, but goes a little overboard
  • “Jaehee this box is barley 10 pounds. are you sure you arent just abusing my strength?”
  • “MC, i would never! im offended that you think i’d do such a thing”
  • MC laughs
  • Jaehee blush pt. 3


  • MC decides to go for a jog one morning
  • on the jog she receives a text from Jumin
  • “Will you join me for breakfast at the penthouse this morning? I miss you”
  • she blushes reading the message
  • her route goes by Jumins neighborhood, so she just decides to stop by on her jog
  • she didn’t want to eat breakfast in her sports bra and leggings combo, but thought Jumin probably had something for her to change into, anyway
  • MC jogs up to the penthouse and rings the doorbell
  • usually one of Jumins house keepers answers the door, but today Jumin wanted to greet her personally
  • “Good morni-”
  • Jumin’s greeting comes to a halt when he sees MC standing in the doorway breathing heavily, body glistening with sweat
  • “Good morning, sweetie. i was on a jog and decided to drop by. sorry if i’m a little gross”
  • Jumin is shook
  • “I didn’t never….um.. you..jog?”
  • MC has never seen Jumin trip over his words like this before it’s kind of super cute
  • “I jog quite often, actually. I used to be a personal trainer, yknow”
  • Jumin actually just stares at her
  • she’s like a work of art
  • “soooo…can i come in?”
  • “oh, yes. of course. please come in”
  • his voice cracks 
  • MC feels kind of guilty for surprising him
  • “im sorry for coming over like this, i guess i should hav-”
  • “no. please dont apologize. you look absolutely perfect”
  • MC’s cheeks heat up
  • “well…i should at least change for breakfast”
  • “I’m sorry, but i’d like to request that you stay in these clothes. please? I…like you like this.”
  • “Oh, okay!”
  • MC giggles a little, causing Jumin’s heart to get super soft and melty
  • i’ll have to invite her over for breakfast more often


  • Seven, you idiot
  • MC was watching a movie with Seven at his place when
  • he fell asleep
  • “Geez…he’s the one who wanted to watch Jurassic Park 3, anyway…”
  • why did MC even agree to that
  • the 3rd Jurassic Park is like the worst one
  • “Seven, wake up you dork”
  • no response
  • “Seeevveeeennn?”
  • damn….he’s a heavy sleeper
  • MC doesn’t want Seven to have to sleep on the couch all night
  • fortunately, Seven is actually pretty light so MC decides to carry him to his room, setting him down gently in bed
  • she’s too tired to drive home that night, so MC just decides to crash on the couch
  • the next morning, MC is woken up by the sound of a frantic Seven yelling
  • “what the heck? when did i get in here?”
  • oh good, he’s awake
  • MC hears footsteps as Seven approaches the room she’s laying in
  • “MC?! why are you on my couch”
  • “good morning to you too, sleeping beauty…”
  • “I though I would be the one to wake up on the couch, not you! you should have been the one sleeping in the bed! how did i end up there?!”
  • “I tried to wake you up after i had to sit through Jurassic Park 3 all by myself, but you were fast asleep. i just carried you to bed”
  • “You…carried me?
  • MC nods, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes
  • “No offense but…how?
  • “I used to be a personal trainer, you dork. i can lift a lanky boy”
  • Seven ignores her attempted insult and lays down on top of her, his back against her body
  • “Can you do it again?”
  • MC struggles under his weight, having woken up literally a minute ago
  • “MC! I require you to carry my to the kitchen!”
  • “No!”
  • Seven flips around, face to face with MC now
  • “Pleeeeaaasseeeeee?”
  • “Shouldn’t you be the one carrying me around?”
  • “But you’re so strong!”
  • MC rolls her eyes, but admits Seven’s act is pretty cute
  • “Let me help you lose some weight, then we’ll talk about me carrying you again. it wasnt exactly a walk in the park, yknow.”
  • “anything to be able to return to your arms!!”
  • MC giggles, and wishes she could wake up like this every morning
  • little did she know, Seven was thinking the same thing


as always thanks for reading and my ask box is open to requests

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Hello! For the past few weeks, I've decided to study Japanese but I'm getting nowhere. So, could you recommend some resources for me? Thanks, it'll be a lot of help!

Hmmmm well there’s loooots of sources. I learned it formally in school, which is the best way to learn anything hahaha! But it’s even better to immerse yourself. By that I mean, for example, just going to Japan and learning the language through consistent exposure. This works the best, but if you don’t have access to it, obviously you will have to try something else. 

I have a lot of books on Japanese, and I teach myself these days. The best thing you can do is memorize kanji. Most kanji have multiple pronunciations and meanings, so it’s a lot of work. But if you can read kanji well, you will be able to understand Japanese decently. 

I have this app that I’m in love with; it’s called imiwa?. IT’S THE BEST! I have an iphone, so I don’t know if you can get it on other devices. I use it for everything! I have lots of vocab lists, and it has a good amount of example sentences. And lots of kanji.

Try to get imiwa?, it has basically everything you need on it!

Here are some books that I recommend:


  • Japanese English Visual Bilingual Dictionary- I love this book. If you are a visual learner, this is very useful. It’s jam-packed with basically every single noun you can possibly think of! You write down every vocab word on a single page and memorize them. Then move on to the next page. It’s important to take it slow and really memorize them, including the kanji.
  • Essential Kanji- This book has 2000 kanji, and they are in order based on the best way to learn them. Kids in Japan practice kanji all the time, and there are specific kanji they learn in each grade. If you are starting out completely fresh, and you know no Japanese whatsoever, you start out like the 5 year olds in Japan haha! Just write out one kanji per day repeatedly until you can remember it and write it down perfectly. Recite its meanings and pronunciations while writing the kanji. This associates the word with the character.
  • Kanji Learner’s Dictionary- You can also pick up this bad boy, which has a lot more in it. It has a lot jammed into every page, and it’s one of those books that’s almost intimidating, because it’s so thick and the pages are so thin. My Japanese teacher loves this one, so I purchased a copy. And of course I love it :)
  • Japanese- English Dictionary- This is my favorite dictionary ever. I used it soooo much in school just so I would have an excuse to flip through it. I made list after list, just to write down the words <3 So many fond memories… This is essential to learn Japanese. If you want a smaller one that can fit in a bag better (and weigh less) there’s this one here!

Here are some grammar books I like:

  • Japanese Grammar- It’s a little book, and easy to understand. I love it!
  • All About Particles- If you want to learn Japanese, you need to know about particles. Very important. This book is recommended by lots of people :)

Ok, then there’s these, which are more fun:

And this is the actual textbook series I used in school. I liked it a lot:

  • Beginning Japanese- Lots of info in it, and good for self study too, if you’re serious enough.

There are a lot more, of course, and if anyone wants to recommend more, that would be great! :) 

Then there’s computer courses you can take to learn. Rosetta Stone is good for learning to speak basic Japanese. A good place to start. There are soooo many references you can use. What I’m doing these days is just translating a sentence in Japanese to English everyday, as well as learning one kanji. 

Getting books in Japanese is good for finding sentences to translate. I have several. Novels are better than manga, since in most manga, the speaking style is very stylish and hip, as I’ll call it. Also hard to find a full sentence in one speech bubble. Go for novels instead. 

Basically, you need to just memorize like one kanji and vocab word per day. The source doesn’t matter, you just need to find vocab and memorize! Write the words down over and over again, and you will learn some Japanese!

This was long, but hoped it helped a bit! 


Ugh, you can’t just bet me or challenge me to things like this because then I spend all day trying to prove that I can do it. And damn it, I did.

Well, sort of. It’s a single line of dialogue – a single word, really – but you never specified how many times I could use that one line of dialogue. Soooo…

E/R, modern AU, established relationship. Please see tags for warnings.


Grantaire’s voice was breathy and full of laughter, and his fingers clawed in vain against the sheets as he tried to control his heaving stomach, flinching away from where Enjolras was running his fingers lightly up and down his ribs. Though there was a hint of hysteria in the single word, there was enough of the joking tone Enjolras was so used to for him to know that word wasn’t meant in earnest.

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OUAT 6x10... a little more serious thoughts & review:

Soooo… here we go :)

- Evil Queen about Forest Hobo at his grave… well… she was taking words out of my mouth with this one. “Loosing RH was the best thing that ever happend to us”. Preach to the choir sister! And can I hear an AMEN?
- Emma to Regina - “Don’t let her get to You”… Awwwww… worried puppy :)
- Emma attacking the Queen & worried about hurting Regina? Yummmm…
- Emma leaving Regina behind and worried about Regina hurting herself? Hello??? Check please!!!
- The whole scene in the diner after Emma was send to “whatever the heck”…. Worried & pissed Regina is my fav combo :)
- Charming pissing on Hook… :) yep… who is a good papa? whooooo’s a goood papa, huh? :D
- Regina as a voice of reason in the middle of Hooks & Charming pissing match :D
- Queen and appletini :P
- Queen & Regina & wish… :) Regina FTW!

btw. in this moment I really need to point out that it was Regina’s plan to get to Emma? No Hook, no Charming, not enyone else just her.

Simply “send me to the same place where Emma Swan is” :)

- “Not-so-evil” Regina in “whatever the heck” land… awww…. she was soooo cute :)
- RUN DWARF! RUN!!! :)
- Snow & Charming monument… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
- “Seriously?” —- now is my new fav word :P
- Brainwashed Emma…. singing/humming in the woods… my gosh THAT was funny :)
- “WHE SHARE CUSTODY OF A SON”…. Reginas face was priceless!
- Did Snow & Charming use teleportation device to get ther so fast?
- The Mad Rumple was a simple delight! :)
- Proud moms looking at Henry… :)
- “Sorry I’m late.”
- Uncharmings kidnapped and Emma surrender the kingdom to Regina…. and we’ve got another “SERIOUSLY?” :D
- The whole conversation in EQ castle was priceless… :D
- Heart crushing extravaganza :) Finally! After all those years: Regina “2” & Charmings “-2” :) That was funny.
- “I know You Emma”
- “Oh, come on Miss Swan!”
- Regina surrender to Henry. Awwwwwww…. that was sweet!
- Emma to Regina: “That was… very dark!” :P
- “Let’s go stop the real Evil Queen!”
- “Singins princess Emma isnt; my favourite model.” :) :) :)
- “I didn’t sing” :) :) :)
- Hand-holding :)
- Emma not leaving Regina alone :)

I think it was the one of the greatest SQ episodes since the 2nd curse (and Regina giving Emma & Henry their happy ending)
I’m not even worried about return of Forest Hobo , cause…. magic always comes with the price… so this time RH is going to be for Regina.
And I’m okay with that :) :) :)
Fuck this constipated asshole :P

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