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Empty Home (Youngjae)

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Type: Angst

Request: Can you do a scenario with B.A.P’s Youngjae when he thinks you’re cheating on him because your ex keeps texting you so he thinks something is going on between the two of you. Can it have a lot of angst? Thank you😬

“Just tell me why the hell he’s texting you?” Youngjae growls “I don’t know” you told him for the seventh time now. “Every time you say that I know you’re talking shit” he spoke as you rolled your eyes. “I asked you a simple question. Why can’t you give me a real answer?” he almost yells “I gave you a real answer asshole” you shout at him. “It’s not my fault you’re an untrusting dick head” you yell at him. “Yeah? I can’t trust a fucking slut” he yells back as he took a deep breath and the two of you glared at each other.

“You told me that you would never be that guy” you told him as you grab your bag “yeah you told me you deleted your exes numbers as well. Looks like we’re both liars. What you keep them just in case someone dumps you? You need someone to crawl to?” he told as you clenched your jaw. “I’m done with your shit Youngjae. You’re a idiot no matter how it plays out” you said heading to the door and slipped your shoes on. “All your shit. Get it out of my apartment. I’m done” you told him as he went wide eyed. “What?” he said you ripped the chain from your neck and threw it at him, your first year together he bought you an expensive neckalce and had yojr name carved into it and everything. “I’m not fighting for a relationship with a guy who can’t trust me enough to know I wouldn’t cheat on him” you finish slamming the door shut.


You came home hours later seeing that the apartment was locked and the lights were off. You unlocked the door and the hardest thing you had to deal with happened. The amount of things that Youngjae kept here made a difference. His jackets weren’t on your rack. The shoe shelves were nearly empty. Pictures were off the wall of the two of you and were shattered in the trash. Your hand went over your mouth as you walked down the hall more seeing all the little things he left in the hall were gone. It was just so empty.

Opening the door to your bedroom you saw the closet was wide and his clothing were ripped from the hangers and they were everywhere, he didn’t bother cleaning them up. The bed no longer had the bear he gave you for last your, the one that played his voice when you missed him enough to squeeze its paw. Your couple shirt was laying on your bed as a way to mock almost.

The bathroom was no better. He took his products shampoos and even his tooth brush. He didn’t seem to miss a thing. You stripped yourself down and climbed into the shower. Turning on the water you let it hit your face as you back in the cold wall and you fell to the floor. You sobbed into your knees. You spent 4 years with him and he didn’t go after you, didn’t trust you, and didn’t leave much of a trace of himself in your home. It felt like you actually wasted four whole years of your life with someone who never loved you.


Once you were done you stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel wrapping it around you before heading to the mirror to see how puffy your face had gotten. You looked at yourself closely before you noticed the ‘I love you baby’ on the glass in his handwriting. He liked to leave messages on the mirror for you so when you took a steamy shower you could see them. You let out a shaky breath before your hand hit the mirror and you feverishly wiped it from it. You let out a scream as you slacked the mirror ‘he was mocking you so much’ you told yourself as you saw how bad you looked and sighed deeply.


‘Youngjae announces his break up with girlfriend of 4 years’ ‘BAP’s Youngjae says bye bye to girlfriend after 4 years’ many articles and comments were attacking you now as his fans told you that you were never right for him and they thought he was only with you to make you feel better. Others said you were too ugly for him anyways, most of them were calling you names and very little cared about you in the end. You questioned what you should do with yourself now. You were hated and scared of what judgment would come once you stepped out of your apartment. But you couldn’t hide forever. Youngjae had to become your past and you had to be yourself alone again. 'You didn’t need him’ you promised knowing it was a lie but you had to tell yourself something. You needed to move forwards.


Youngjae laid on his bed in the dorm after not having the energy to move for days if felt as he played with the necklace he gave you. He felt so stupid for not trusting you, he was jealous and called you thing he didn’t mean. His eyes welled up as he opened the necklace up and looked at the picture of the two to you on your first date all those years ago. The little 'I’ll love you forever’ he had done meant so much more to him now as he closed it and clutched it close as he rolled into his side and let out a silent sob into his pillow.

He had so much planned for your 5 year that was only months away. He had the perfect ring picked, the perfect place, and the words he was going to say already done. But he no longer had a use for any of them now. He was alone and he didn’t know if he was going to be okay. He wasn’t used to being single anymore. He never wanted to be single again. He let out as much as he could onto his pillow as he let himself drift off into a almost dreamless sleep.


So first of all, I feel really lucky to have such great models such as Meryl and Charlie and a lot of Olympic skaters who are from the Detroit area and train here. They represent Michigan so well and I think its so cool that we shop and go to the same restaurants lol. Somerset mall is right down the street from me and that is the main mall I shop at so it was so cool that she did an appearance there.

When I walked in and found the Intermix store, there was only one other person there talking to Meryl, I’m pretty sure it was one of her parent’s friends who went to Sway. I was pretty surprised at the turnout, but I think it was probably hard for people to get there in the middle of the day on a weekday and it was also starting to get really crummy on the roads. But, I’m glad that we had a more intimate setting to see Meryl. When the lady left, I got a picture with Meryl and told her I saw her at Sway and that it was awesome. Sorry I didn’t ask if she would do it again, I got really nervous! She didn’t remember me from Sway but that’s ok haha.

There was some more people that came so I went inside the store to shop around. Everything is so expensive haha, I felt bad I couldn’t buy anything to support the charity! Anyway, after looking around, I went back outside the store and took some pictures for two girls and then Meryl and us all had a really nice chat, just talking like normal people. I can’t emphasize enough how sweet and normal Meryl is, like Maks says there is no celebrity in her. She is also honestly the most beautiful person ever! I realized that I will never even get to be half as amazing and gorgeous as she is haha. Every person she greeted with a ‘hi I’m Meryl’ and hugged them and asked their name and how are you and everything. At the end she would say thanks so much for coming. She was so kind and made everyone feel special.

During our chat, Meryl talked about how she enjoyed DWTS so much more than she expected to and how it was such a quick turnaround from the Olympics. The other girls asked how she liked last season and that they really liked Alfonso. Meryl agreed and talked about the tour and that she thought he was the emcee and its really cool for him to get to do that. I’m sure she’s heard all about it from Val lol. But then we just talked about how we really like Brio and P.F. Changs haha since they were in the mall. We also talked about college food and that it is really bad, Meryl said she never lived in a dorm at U of M so she didn’t have to suffer through the dorm food.

At the end of our lovely chat I had Meryl sign a pic of her and Charlie and two pics of MnM. One was a pic that Maks had signed at Westland Mall and the other one was the pic from week 2 where Maks is holding Meryl and resting his head on hers looking so enamored with her. I told her I met Maks in the summer and she read that he wrote 'save a dance for me’ and Meryl said in a cute voice 'Oh Maks’ lol. She also commented on the other picture of them saying 'I love this picture.’

After, I went back inside since there were others waiting. A lot of people said they knew Meryl from her parent’s business and someone even said they thought she was married to Charlie, sigh, lol. I couldn’t really hear what other people were talking about because I didn’t want to be awkward just standing there kind of obsessing and listening to all of there conversations since I already got to talk with her. Unfortunately none of my friends could come with me so I was all alone, but oh well haha. I wish one of you tumblr gals or people from the board could’ve been there because I think you guys would be better at talking with Meryl than I. I am kind of awkward and am not very good at talking so sorry! :( After the people left, Meryl went in the store to shop and I said goodbye to her and went home. I tried to stick around as long as I could, but I had to get home and get ready for an event at school.

So after the event, I tweeted Meryl and she replied so sweetly. Yes that was my tweet signed Emily lol, don’t mind my dumb twitter name, I didn’t want it to be a personal one. It was also so cool that one of the girls who was in our chat with Meryl was in her instagram pic! She is a lucky girl! Btw Meryl only had on her usual middle finger ring, her usual neckalce, and the evil eye bracelet. Oh and Toast in Birmingham is so good lol! Anyway, getting to see Meryl again was amazing! Such a beautiful person inside and out! I hope you all get the chance to meet her one day! 

Emily, thank you so much for sharing. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m glad you got to meet and talk to her. You did great.

Also, you can clearly see the red string in the picture.