and can i be obnoxious for a second and point out her red scarf again


Inspired by Niall’s Paper Houses lyrics.

“In this house of broken hearts

We make our love out of stacks of cards

And, yes, we tried, to hold on tight

‘Cause we knew our love was hard to find.”


“Smells amazing.” Harry hummed, wrapping his arms around you from behind as you cooked.

You smiled, turning your head to the side to look at him, “Yeah?”

He only nodded, dipping his head to steal a loving peck from your lips. “I’m sure it tastes as good.”

“Lovey today, aren’t we?” You giggled, turning off the cook before turning yourself in Harry’s grasp to wrap your arms around his torso and bring your body closer to his.

“Is it a crime to love on my girlfriend of years?” He smirked, tilting his head to the side.

“I don’t know, is it?” You smiled, your fingers going to play with his hairline on the back of his neck.

Harry chuckled, “No, it’s not. Now feed me before I start whining because I’m as hungry as a 3 am baby.”

“Always one to use creative expressions.”


“Remember when Harry almost cried because he didn’t know what to wear to his and Y/N’s first date?” Anne giggled, looking at Gemma.

You laughed, looking at your boyfriend whose face was flushed red, rolling his eyes as he cut his omelette. He pushed his sunglasses that were perked on the top of his head before looking at his mum and sister, “I was 15!”

“You took her to the movies?” Gemma asked before looking at you.

“We saw 17 Again, remember?” You looked at Harry who smiled back at you and nodded.

“You kept going on and on about how fit Zac Efron was, how can I forget?” He rolled his eyes jokingly, throwing his arm around your shoulder as you, Harry, Anne and Gemma sat in outside in a cozy cafe, having breakfast.

“My Troy Bolton feels were still all over the place, excuse you, Styles.”

“We watched High School Musical in our first movie marathon together as a couple. Like 6 months into the relationship.” Harry said, looking at you with a smile.

“Remember Harry’s X Factor audition? Y/N was crying during the whole thing.” Gemma teased you, nudging your foot with hers.

“It was the first time for us to say our I love you’s.” Harry said, looking at his sister and mother.

“I said it first.” You said smugly before taking a sip of your coffee.

“No, I did.”

“Hey!” You gasped, looking at him, “I did!”

“I remember it was Y/N who actually did because you,” Anne pointed at Harry, “Kept fussing about how you wanted to be the one who said it first then you kept on grinning and going on about how beautiful Y/N is,”

“I love you, Harry. So beautiful.” Gemma mimicked Harry’s teenage voice in an obnoxious manner which had Harry releasing a “Hey!” at his sister who only giggled.


Harry’s slumped posture caught your eyes as he entered the bedroom, his gaze set on his feet as he opened the wardrobe to take out a fresh pair of boxers to sleep in.

“Do you want to talk about it?” And as if he wasn’t aware of your presence, Harry flinched in surprise as he looked at you.

He took a breath before shaking his head, “No. I don’t.”


You looked at the calendar which hung on your kitchen wall, a red circle around Sunday which also had a “Movie night!” written underneath it.

Your attention was diverted to the microwave which alerted you that your popcorn was ready.

You walked to the living room with the cheese popcorn bowl in your hands, eyes set on Harry who sat under a blanket with his eyes glued to his mobile. “Did you choose the movie?”

“No, you do it.” He smiled politely. A smile he offered to those he wasn’t close to — to strangers.

You nodded, handing him the bowl before kneeling down and taking out Crazy, Stupid, Love. You showed the DVD to Harry who smiled and nodded, agreeing on the choice. After inserting the CD in, you approached Harry, sitting beside him with your knees up close to your upper body.

You gulped at the lack of touch, eyes set on the telly but your mind on everything that has been missing. An hour into the movie and by the second popcorn packet, Harry had rested his head on your shoulder, arm wrapping around your waist.

He closed his eyes as a way to silence his inner conflict and a way of assurance that maybe, it was still there.


“Hi! This is Y/N and you’ve reached my voice mail. Leave a message and I’ll try to get back at you as soon as I can. Have a good day, bye!”

“Hey, Y/N, uh,” Harry traced figures on the wooden table, holding his mobile close to his cheek. “I think you’re at a meeting right now,” He said before his eyebrows furrowed, “Or are you with Christine?” He asked himself before looking at the calendar beside him, “Oh, you’re at your dentist. Uh, just called to tell you I got called for a 3 days meeting in LA to discuss a few things for the tour and press. I would’ve said goodbye properly and waited for you but I just got the email and Mitch is on his way to pick me up. Sorry about that. Uh…yeah. Bye.”


“Hey,” You said through the mobile, leaning on your best friend’s balcony fence as you escaped the chattering and soft music noise that was inside.

“Hey.” Harry replied, his voice carrying warmth and reluctance.

“Just wanted to you know, uh,” You stuttered, looking up at the sky as if it would hand you a script of what you should say. “Just wanted to check up on you, see how you’re doing.”

There was a pause before Harry replied. “I’m well. Are you? Well, I mean. Are you well?”

“Yeah,” You released an airy low chuckle, aware of the tears pooling in your eyes. “I’m well, Harry.”

You heard him sigh, “Good to hear.”

“When are you coming tomorrow?” You asked him, wiping your tears with your sleeve before feeling a hand on your shoulder which made you look and notice that it was your best friend, supporting a sympathetic smile.

“Around noon. I have a ride a home so I’ll just see you there, yeah?”

“Yeah, okay.” You replied. “I gotta go.”

“Yeah. Yeah, no problem.”

“Bye, Harry.”


You hung up and sniffled, clutching your mobile as you looked out at the view before you. “We lost it.” You said, nodding for confirmation. “We lost the love we had.”


The sound of keys shackling had you turning your head before you stood up and crossed your arms across your chest in a defensive manner, feeling a tad small. Next, you heard the footsteps that you had grown to recognize then the sound of a suitcase getting rolled.

Harry closed the door and took off his scarf and boots, rubbing his hands together as he walked inside. He had missed you. He had missed everything that once were and perhaps the hug he engulfed you in was an attempt to retrieve the spark and an attempt to apologize.

But he felt it, too. Your hug wasn’t only one of greeting, it was also an apology. It was an “I miss you” and “I’ll miss you”.

“You well?” He asked, pulling back to cup your face in his hands, frowning when he saw your tearful eyes.

“I’m well, are you well?” You replied back, placing your hands on his and clinging onto them tightly.

“Yeah,” He nodded before pecking your forehead. “I’m well.”

You looked up at him before feeling yourself begin to sob, “I tried. I really tried, Harry.”

Harry gulped before hushing you soothingly and bringing you close in a tight hug. “I know, I know, love. We both did. We both tried so hard but it got out of our hands.”

“Harry,” You hiccuped, pulling away, only to see Harry’s own tearful eyes and red nose. “You are my first love and I’m so sorry, so sorry, that this doesn’t have a happy ending.”

He shook his head, a forceful smile on his face, “You are my first love, too and I will never love any woman as much as I loved you. You being happy and comfortable is a happy ending, Y/N. I want you to live and I can’t bear living knowing that I’m holding you back.”

“Good luck, yeah? With your life and yourself. I can’t promise to be the perfect friend but I promise to always be there whenever you need a shoulder.” You sniffled, wiping his tears.

“I know you will.”




The Stardust Crusaders crew as women, just as promised. I really love redrawing characters as women, especially if the show is mostly men. I used to do it in order to draw women at all, and to see if I can draw them and still have them look like the original character. Since I haven’t been in the fandom for long I have no set headcanons for anyone’s sexuality or gender (I just go ‘ok cool’ at anything I see), but I figured I could draw them cis-swapped/gender-swapped this once. More rambles about it under the cut to not clutter anyone’s dash:

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superman (dumb fucking magnets)

It’s been months since I’ve written for these two shit heads I love so much, and this happened.  It’s my entry back into actually writing.  Hope you semi-enjoy it. :)

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“What’s eatin’ you, huh?”

Ian looks up from staring into his glass of water to acknowledge a concerned Fiona.  There’s four pills lined up behind the glass.  He told himself maybe if he obscured them, they would somehow seem like less of a hassle, but the water only magnifies them, makes them bigger than life. He’s not surprised Fiona wears a worried crease between her brows.  He was sitting at the kitchen table when she left for the supermarket an hour ago, looking at the same glass of water, the same pills – the same illness.  He still can’t take them, even after crying himself to. He blinks, his eyes red-rimmed and spent.

He clears his throat. “I broke up with Mickey earlier today,” he finally responds.

“What?” she answers shocked. “You didn’t tell me that.”

“That’s cuz I was too busy letting him get shot at.  Letting him get away.”

Fiona lowers herself slowly into the chair across from Ian, runs her hands through her wavy hair. “Jesus, are you ok?  What happened?”

“I happened,” Ian responds as he stares back down into his glass.  “And what is okay for me anymore?  I decided I don’t wanna take the meds.  I can’t Fi.  And because I can’t take the meds I told myself I can’t be with Mickey.”  He pushes the glass of water to the side, exposing the pills.  They’re small and unassuming again.  “But when I went upstairs to my empty bed, I realized what I did.  I told myself that maybe I could take them, work on making things right.”

“Taking your meds is the right thing Ian,” Fiona responds wearing her guardian hat, “but if you take them, take them for you.”

Ian looks up slowly until his eyes are level with his sister’s.  He wants to laugh in her face.  Just a few days ago, her words made him seem like he had to, and not for himself but for their own peace of mind.  His irises seem to shatter as a sadness breaks the glimmer in his gaze. “Thing is, I still don’t want to,” he says coolly, “so I’m thinking maybe I made the right choice after all.”

Fiona looks away, focuses her eyes on something other than her brother.  For such a tall kid, he seems wilted and small.  “Maybe,” she says lowly as she stands, “but I wonder how long you two will actually be able to stay away from each other.”  She looks back at Ian and offers him a small smile before quietly unpacking the groceries from their bags.

Ian remains at the kitchen table and moves his glass of water back in front of the pills.  He still doesn’t take them.  

He thinks of Mickey lying somewhere in the street, broken-hearted and cold.  

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