and can give as good (or as bad) as they get

Excellent job Cheritz!

As you guys should know, I started another story’s V’s route again, but this time I decided to really pay close attention to the little details, for example, the fact that everytime you talk through a phonecall with Saeran, you can clearly hear how his voice most of the time sounds like a little child, a little child that’s happy, a little child that’s sad, a little child that’s scared, a little child that doesn’t get what’s good or bad for him and… It truly broke my heart alright…!?

Also while I was doing other routes all over again, those small details are EVERYWHERE! The voice actors did such a wonderful job!!?? Like???? I can’t describe how I’m feeling right now!!

  • You can hear how Jumin’s voice changes when he talks to you from when everything starts to when he falls for you.
  • Jaehee’s laughs and sighs of relief when she talks with you about the rough day and you give her the answer to make her happy.
  • Zen’s silly voice when he’s all lovey dovey with you.
  • Seven’s voice when he gets worried or he’s too stressed out.
  • Yoosung’s cheerful voice when talks about LOLOL because he really likes it and how it changes when he talks about school.
  • Vanderwood’s voice when he’s normal and when he starts getting mad at seven, also the fact that his voice is always nice and soft when he talks to you.
  • V’s calm voice when he’s explaining things and his desperation when he isn’t sure if you’re safe or not.

It’s just… Wonderful… Thank God I found Mystic Messenger and Cheritz



I’m having fun with all the spooks and I know a lot of people are too, but yes there are people who took it too far.

But, I don’t think Mark has noticed how bad it has gotten if he has noticed that anything has happened at all. Hell, I didn’t even know just how bad people were being until like 3 seconds ago when someone I follow reblogged something about it. 

He’s on the road and he’s busy. He can’t spend his every waking moment on tumblr, so unless one of his friends points it out to him, he has no way of knowing.

Also: I don’t think he would address it on Tumblr. I think he would either livestream or make a video about it, because that’s the sort of thing he’s done in the past when things need talking about. Which is good because text is very hard to get a tone for.

Give him time to get home. He didn’t do this on purpose, you guys know Mark. He’s a beacon of light and hope and he loves each and every one of us. Take a breath, stop being pissed at him for something he had no control over, and step away from the internet if need be.


Sure, they may have played horrible last season, but that was last season. This is this season. This season we have beaten some of the top teams in the league, currently hold the first wild card spot for the playoffs, and are 9th in the league as of right now. Just because they have a bad game, or a bad period does not mean they are turning into last year’s Stars. They have been giving their all these last few months and it has paid off. They have proved to us over and over that they can and will rise and come out on top. Even with losses, like tonight, they walked away with a point. Do not doubt the Dallas Stars when they are down a few, because when it gets dark, the Stars shine ever brighter.

tag yourself: greek gods

athena: unsatisfied with a 99 test grade, could probably commit the perfect murder, underestimated, likes french bakeries, early riser

poseidon: chill, likes beaches, doesn’t try in school but still does fine, filled notebooks, kinda a dick sometimes, sleeps a lot, environmentalist, collects seashells

aphrodite: really good looking and knows it, acts sweet but will legit kill you if you get on their bad side, perfect makeup, fancy starbucks drinks, intimidating

zeus: says they can burp the alphabet but just burps twenty six times, gives zero shits about others, an asshole, rapist, get off my blog if you’re a zeus

hestia: warm coffee shops, has a sweet smile, journals, kinda sad inside, a bit of a loner, messy hair, easily likeable but doesn’t know it

hades: listens to emo music, spends 96% of their time on tumblr, hopeless romantic, looks like they can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll, pretty stressed

( minor gods: )

it’s ok to not feel happy and positive all the time. we all have bad days. just remember it won’t be like this forever. it will get better i promise.

When I say, “My anxiety is acting up,” I’m really saying, “There’s no reason to be afraid. It’s just my disorder talking, and I can do something to calm down.” It’s positive.

When I say, “My depression is bad today,” I’m really saying, “I’m not worthless and I don’t deserve to die or give up. It’s just my disorder talking, and I should get up and look for what’s good about today.” It’s positive.

When I say, “My ADHD means my brain is wired differently,” I’m really saying, “I’m not a stupid piece of shit who will amount to nothing. It’s just that my brain needs help making certain connections and chemicals, and with certain processes, and there are lots of things I can try to work with it instead of against it.” It’s positive.

Talking about and accepting my disorders is the most radically positive thing I can do. It isn’t pessimism; it’s optimism. It isn’t defeatism; it’s hope. It’s direction, and action, and learning to regain control of my life.

So I don’t give a fuck if it annoys you or makes you uncomfortable. I don’t care if you think I need to think of myself as “more than my disorders”. Because I don’t think that having disorders makes me lesser. And I’m not going to silence myself because you disagree.

You’re fucking wrong, and I won’t let my own silence be the death of me.


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

anonymous asked:

I keep seeing posts from writers saying they don't like kudos and they only want comments. I thought kudos were a good thing?

Kudos are a good thing. 

I get excited by my AO3 “You’ve got kudos!” just like I do for comments, and I know other writers do too. I think the issue stems from a difference in perspective between writers and their audiences. 

Writers see giving kudos as meaning, “This fic meets my minimum requirements for liking a thing. It’s not great, but it’s not that bad. I can give it a thumbs up, sure. Why not?”

On the other hand, readers often mean, “This was great! I really liked it! Good job, Author! Thumbs up for you!”

Because authors know how important feedback is to us, we tend to write comments for the good stories and kudos for the “okay” ones. If we don’t like it at all, we pretend we never read it by doing neither. 

Unfortunately, we assume readers approach things the same way. That’s why we can sometimes be dismissive of kudos. We’re looking at it from our perspective rather than from the reader’s.

This is also why we get discouraged if we have 1000 hits and 20 kudos. To us, that means that 980 people didn’t feel like our story met the bare minimum requirement to be considered “okay.”

it takes two to make a thing go right (dogboy hybrid au) pt. 1

Rated: M

Warning: Dom themes, possessive behavior, knotting, excessive oral sex, rough sex. 

Summary: What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share. 

Note: jungkook is mean to taehyung in this cuz hes the dom alpha and taehyung tests his dominance too much =( but the smut is filthy and nasty lmfaoo. also i apologize in advance if the writing is a little weird and random in some spots. ive written on this story while being terribly exhausted, and then while being drunk, sad and mad. lol what im trying to say is i wrote parts of this story in numerous states of mind! oh and yes theres gonna be a second part to this so plz dont ask ill get it out asap. enjoy my loves!

Words: 8.4k

Since the dishes in the sink had gotten dangerously high from neglect, you thought you’d finally set up shop in the kitchen and try to tackle the giant mess. With your laptop sitting up on the bar in front of you playing Bob’s Burgers on Hulu and your big glass of lemonade set to the side, you were totally prepared to spend some time here at the sink.

The reason for there being so many dirty dishes was because living with two male hybrids was like living with two bottomless pits when it came to food. They ate so much, and did not understand the concept of reusing dishes under any circumstances. Every time they ate, it was a new dish being used, no matter how many times you tried to explain to them that their glasses could at least be used more than once.

They were utterly clueless.

Glancing over the top of your lap top into the living room, you saw Jungkook and Taehyung sitting on the edge of the couch, controllers clutched in their hands as they stared intently at the screen in front of them. You huffed a sigh of relief at them finally seeming to be content, returning your attention back to the task at hand.

The past couple of days they had been unbelievably clingy, begging for your attention constantly and not allowing you to get anything productive done at home. Finally after having enough of their constant pestering, you broke down this morning and went to the store to buy them a new videogame for the PS4.

And so far, that had done the trick at distracting them so you could get some work done, but you could only hope it would last.

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let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

omg those christmas aus - “i know we hate each other but it’s christmas eve and your flight was cancelled please come inside” or “drunken caroling” - or both?? for any set of characters you wish??

LATE LATE LATE snowed in christmas eve fic, idek what’s happening here but there are dogs!

It’s not that Stiles hates his neighbor. Sure, he’s a huge jerkface who wears leather jackets, douchy sunglasses and routinely tries to murder Stiles with his eyes. He calls Roscoe a hunk of garbage. He’s got a bombshell probably-girlfriend, Erica, who likes to snap her teeth at Stiles and call him Bambi. He once grabbed Stiles by the scruff of his neck and growled in his face about, uh, a missing newspaper or handprints on his Camaro or something—Stiles was definitely not too turned on to listen properly, and who drives a fucking Camaro in a place where it snows sixty percent of the year round?

But Stiles doesn’t hate him. He’s not sure he’s capable of hating someone that smoking hot. Not to mention the fact that he owns dogs. Plural.

Kira shrugs a little and says, “He’s nice to me.”

“Then why don’t you go ask him for a cup of milk,” Stiles says, staring morosely down at the empty jug.

“I’m not the one in desperate need of Lucky Charms. Also,” she swings her bag up onto her shoulder, “I’ve got a bus to catch.” Her grin is cheeky, but the way she trips over the rest of her luggage kind of ruins the effect.

Stiles sighs and says, “If you’d wait a couple days, I can just drive us both.” They’ve got three days until Christmas—plenty of time to drive the mere five hours back to Beacon Hills.

There’s a break in the mountain weather, though—wind chill holding steady at a balmy 21 degrees, the sun glare even making the snow melt into slick black ice for fun nighttime driving—and Kira’s not going to tempt fate.  Stiles wishes he could leave today too, if only to save him from having to ask Derek Fucking Hale for cereal milk. Unfortunately, he volunteered to take shifts right up until Christmas Eve, like an asshole. Ugh.

“The bus always smells like feet,” Stiles tries one last time.

Kira just cages his face in her hands and tugs him down for a forehead kiss.

Stiles slumps into her hold and says, “Tell Scott I love him.”

“Will do, peaches.” She bounces on the balls of her feet right out the front door, slips down the icy steps with a, “Crap, oops,”—Stiles holds his breath, arms out and legs locked, he wouldn’t get to her in time, anyway—and is caught by the strong, manly arms of Derek, who swoops in with nearly preternatural speed, Christ.

His dogs, Josh and Pongo, take advantage of the dropped leashes and wiggle their furry butts right up the front stoop to sniff at Stiles’s crotch and then make themselves at home on his sofa. They’re both doofy lab mixes that ruin Derek’s street cred by routinely eating paper towels and hacking them up on Stiles and Kira’s doorstep.

Derek says, “Are you okay?” with this deep eyebrow v of concern that makes Stiles want to puke.

He’s almost ninety percent sure Derek has an inappropriate crush on Kira, and that his probably-girlfriend approves.

The sad part is that Kira’s going to be moving home when her journalism internship at Hollow Moon Times is done with, but Stiles will still be stuck out in the boonies for the foreseeable future.

No matter what his dad says, he doesn’t see how being the under-sheriff of a sleepy little mountain town can give him real policing experience. While there’s a slim chance Moon’s Hollow is a hotbed of secret mayhem, Stiles was forced to arrest an overweight raccoon last month, and Tim Gareth seems to vandalize the Wolf’s Den pub’s singular bathroom regularly with forestry propaganda just so Kira can interview him.

Kira straightens up sprightly and says, “Oh, I’m fine! That was a total wipe out, thanks for catching me.” She pats Derek’s arm as he lets her go, his face completely flushed, either from the praise or the frigid wind. He’s probably thrilled to have his hands on Kira. Derek Hale has perfect complexion to go with his perfect lumberjack beard—the quality of it would be pretentious if they didn’t actually live on a mountain.

Stiles has basically been a wind-chapped tomato for the entire five months he’s been living here. He can’t grow even the tiniest bit of well-groomed scruff to save his life, so it’s either look like a patchy bum, wear a ski-mask, or hope that in five years he’ll have the weathered skin of an Alaskan bushman.

None of his options are appealing. He should adopt some Norwegian skincare regimens.

Derek glares over his shoulder at Stiles and whistles for Josh and Pongo, who ignore him in favor of licking the top of Stiles’s coffee table.

Stiles sighs and steps into his boots. He says, “Come on, assholes,” as he grabs his coat.

Pongo barks at him and then disappears into the kitchen.

Stiles jabs a finger at Josh, currently wriggling under Kira’s favorite afghan, and says, “You better not eat my TV remote again,” before pulling the door closed behind him.

Derek harrumphs. “What are you doing, Stiles?”

We are going to walk Kira down to the bus stop, and then you are going to give me a cup of milk, and we’ll call any damage your monsters do to my kitchen trashcan an even trade.”

Kira says, “I’m fine, though. But, uh,” she frowns down at her three bags, “some help would be great.”

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Kylo tortured Rey???

Why do haters still keep saying that he tortured Rey? I watched TFA more times than I can remember, and TLJ at least 3 times and I don’t recall him ever torturing Rey?

Unless they’re referring to the interrogation scene? Poe’s interrogation scene is supposed to demonstrate that that’s what Kylo Ren torturing someone would look like. Rey’s interrogation was the exact opposite.

Rey’s interrogation setting:

  • Visibly unharmed
  • Spacious chamber
  • Well lit
  • NO torture or interrogator droid in the room
  • Canon novelization - Kylo releases her restraints
  • Canon novelization - Kylo says he takes no pleasure in doing this but that he’ll be as gentle as possible in extracting the info from her mind (on the other hand, it seemed he took pleasure using the Force on Poe)
  • Says “you’re my guest” in response to “where am I?” I mean, not the right answer Kylo, but ok
  • A bit creepy but he was literally crouching on his haunches for who knows how long, just staring at her, waiting for her to wake up on her own. Or.. to make sure no one touches her?? Or idk, maybe he just doesn’t see much girls out of FO uniform.
  • Rey pushing her face forward with a defiant fuck-you expression like “bitch you thot”

Poe’s interrogation setting:

  • Visibly harmed with bruises and blood
  • He’s barely conscious after all the torture and beating he endured before Kylo Ren finally decided it was his turn to do him
  • Very small chamber
  • Dark and intimidating (were they saving electricity?)
  • There IS a torture droid beside Kylo Ren in the corner (hard to see because it’s dark)
  • Sarcastically asks, “Comfortable?” when Poe clearly is not and answers “Not really.” Oh, Kylo, you’re such a tease!
  • Goes out of his way to use the Force to also slam Poe’s head against the metal head rest. Even though this guy has already been through enough torture and is probably already deadass tired of resisting.
  • Then uses the Force to drag Poe’s face forward (even though Kylo just slammed him back 10 seconds ago)
  • Asks “Where is it?” He bragged to Rey about how he could take anything he wanted. Because he could use the Force (and he didn’t know Rey was a Force user yet). So he could have just ripped the info from Poe’s mind. Instead, he prolongs the torture because he wants Poe to give it to him instead of Kylo just taking it. And he knows Poe will resist and not give up. So he keeps asking Poe where the map is even though Kylo can use the Force to just quickly extract the info. He wants Poe to suffer though, as well as feel the defeat at having given in.
  • Poe screaming in agony and looking like he’s about to have an aneurysm before the scene abruptly cuts to Kylo Ren walking away successfully

The director had these two scenes set up to be parallels of each other. The purpose is to show how, when Kylo Ren wants to torture someone and inflict pain on them, here is what that would look like. Exhibit A: Poe. Next, here is a scene that shows Kylo Ren in the same setting but behaving completely different from the previous scenario. Exhibit B: Rey.

Finally, having your mind touched is not meant to be a nice feeling. Even if it is done by a Jedi. If you’re weak-willed, you wouldn’t even notice it unless the Force user wanted you to. Kylo Ren is a villain (also half of the protagonist, as Rian Johnson said). Kylo Ren is a villain who can use the Force. He is not going to be the kind of villain that bribes the protagonist with tea and biscuits to get him/her to spill the truth. He is not going to play good cop/bad cop either. What was he supposed to do with or without using the Force? Threaten to chop her buns off? Starve a girl who already knows starvation? Threaten her non-existent family (cries)? He’s a villain with Force powers. He is going to use the Force because this is Star Wars. And actively using the Force on someone’s mind is never a lovely feeling, be it by a Jedi, Sith, or whatever.

If he truly wanted to torture her, he would have let the torture droids do it first and then himself. Just like what happened with Poe. They did not design and model a torture droid to put it ONLY in Poe’s interrogation scene for no reason.

And also like, I’m sorry Kylo Ren was doing his job and being a villain??? Sorry he couldn’t be a nicer villain???

Hope You're Ready for a Revolution

If you…

  • Don’t force ships and headcanons on people and get upset when they don’t have the same ship or headcanon. It’s ok to have headcanons, but that’s all they are – opinions, not facts.
  • Don’t demonize good guys such as Jaune, Sun, Tai, Ozpin (even while he is morally grey), while glorifying and praising villains/antagonists like Cinder and Raven (yes, Raven is villainous, we can give you a list of reasons). In other words, you don’t treat heroes like villains and villains like heroes. (Jaune feeling trauma and PTSD is not manpain, Ozpin making mistakes does not make him evil, Tai making jokes does not make him a bad father, Sun interacting with Blake does not warrant hate, for example.)
  • Are not on the Jaune/Sun/Tai/Ozpin/any-other-commonly-hated-non-villain hate trains.
  • Don’t wish death upon the writers, even as a joke. That’s not cool. That’s never cool.
  • Don’t see a ship everywhere you look and also feeling your particular ship is being threatened just because the parties involved interact with other characters.
  • Don’t reduce characters to stereotypes or singular traits, i.e. Ilia is gay, Qrow is a drunk, Ruby is a ditz, Weiss is a snob.
  • Don’t refuse to accept that character development is a thing. Weiss is not the same person she was back in volume 1.
  • Treat the characters like people and let them have normal human emotions and reactions.
  • Understand that Adam killing Sienna was not an act of light-skin against dark-skin or man against woman. It was a faunus against faunus coup d'etat and nothing more.
  • Don’t oversexualize characters. Doesn’t matter if it’s Ruby or Kali. You don’t do it.
  • Don’t personally attack someone for their ship. If you say something against a ship, keep it on your own blog and do your best to keep it out of that ship’s tags.
  • Don’t have the “Tumblr mentality”, i.e. anti-white, anti-straight, anti-men. Just be accepting regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc.
  • Respect Rooster Teeth and the CRWBY for the story they’re giving us. You don’t harass or threaten them in any way.
  • Don’t constantly complain about the writing, pacing, animation, etc. while claiming it’s “critism”.
  • Don’t insist that theories that have been debunked or disproved, i.e. “Qrow is Ruby’s dad” are still true.
  • Don’t believe fanon over canon and can keep them separate.
  • Don’t claim you know what Monty wanted. Miles and Kerry were two of his closest friends that he worked closely with on RWBY. If anybody knows what Monty wanted, it’s those two.
  • Don’t expect or demand redemption for the villains. This isn’t My Little Pony.
  • Don’t see every interaction as romantic and forget that friendship is a thing.
  • Don’t have incestual or toxic ships (i.e. YangxRuby, BlakexAdam.)
  • Don’t insist that just because voice actors ship something, that makes it canon.
  • Understand that RWBY is the CRWBY’s and Rooster Teeth’s story and accept that they’re telling it the way they want to.

Then join our RWBYlution, a new RWBY fandom made up of the most accepting, open-minded, and respectful RWBY fans who just want to enjoy the show for what it is. If you meet the above criteria as a RWBY fan, make it easy for other fans like us to find you and your posts by tagging your RWBY posts with “rwbylution”, and be sure to follow this tag as well. Even add that you’re part of the RWBYlution or New RWBY Fandom in your description if you feel like it! And don’t forget to reblog THIS post so we can bring in even more people who are with us!

This isn’t a joke either. It’s time for fans like us to stand up and make ourselves known. Don’t let Tumblr control you. Join the New RWBY Fandom and leave the fndm in the dust!

Welcome to a world of new solutions.

Look, we have a symbol, yay…!

Penny has an announcement

“hello..this is penny”

“I am a cat as you can see, I am sure you’re aware 2018 has started rather nasty. From Logan Paul, rcdart..the president still in office, abusers attacking victims . I can assure you, no matter how bad it gets, I’m rooting for you dreamers and those in hard times!

"YOU CAN DO IT!! YOURE GOOD HUMAN!! YOU GOT THIS!! Don’t give up!! I, Penninevere believe you are stronger than your demons!! This year you will flourish!! HANG IN THERE!!! You have friends who adore and love you and I do too!!”


“thank you. ”

daisiesflower  asked:

Hey so I keep seeing a lot of people debating about reylo in the last Jedi and one thing antis always bring up is that the line “you are nothing. but not to me” is abusive and while I don’t necessarily disagree I wanted to know what someone who actually ships reylo thinks about the line cause I’m really genuinely curious about that cause I know the last Jedi was a reylo fanfic but that one line stood out to me and it’s hard to ask someone without them getting defensive

There are several interpretations out there as to what Kylo meant exactly by that line. I can see from a certain perspective that it sounds contriving, but that’s not the intent. Kylo’s just not very good at expressing himself.

Bottom line though, Kylo’s not being manipulative here. He’s not trying to degrade her into feeling so bad about herself that she’ll just give into him. Here’s some insightful interpretations about the line that DON’T sugarcoat what he’s saying (because let’s be real, Kylo did choose his words poorly and it’s good that he wasn’t rewarded with Rey’s acceptance there for that shitty “proposal” of his) :

“I might be alone in this interpretation, but imo Kylo’s “you come from nothing, you are nothing” was less him making this declaration about Rey and more him echoing what she thought about herself. The whole scene was focused on him pushing her to speak aloud the things she knew and thought and believed but she didn’t want to acknowledge- he’s taking the words out of her mouth and saying them for her. She’s previously established that she thinks of herself as nobody, as Rey from nowhere- hell it takes Luke about four tries to get her to admit that she’s anything other than an emissary from the Resistance. I hear Kylo saying “this is what you believe about yourself, but I don’t, I think you’re more than that.” - @thejgatsbykid​, (source)

“I get why it may seem as an attempt to manipulate her. Implying that someone is worthy because he means something to you seems terrible. Nevertheless, with my idea of Kylo’s mentality I don’t think that this was what he was going for. This is a guy who feels that he is nothing to those that should have loved him and his only worth comes from his bloodline. This is his main motivation, the reason that he wants to burn his past to the ground; to reestablish himself and find his own worth in the world. Rey on the other hand does not have these family ties. Her worth does not come from her family. I very much believe that he was trying to say that there is someone who cares about her and whom she belongs with. It DID come out in a twisted way and I would never expect Rey to fall over backwards after it, but this is the world that he has come to know and it’s very much part of the character’s tragedy and of the grey area he plays in” - @anidala-reylo, (source).

I think the point of that line was also to make a direct comparison to that scene with Rey and Luke in the Force tree:

So TL;DR—Kylo sounds like a total ass with that “You’re nothing, but not to me” line, but really he’s trying to reiterate to Rey (in a blunt and inarticulate way) that she means more to him than the “nobody from nowhere” label she constantly holds herself to.

EDIT: thank you @phytine for reminding me—Rian Johnson himself even stressed that Kylo wasn’t being manipulative in that scene:

“I think that Kylo feels that he’s telling the truth, and I feel that Rey believes him in that moment,” Johnson said, choosing his words carefully. “I don’t think that he’s playing chess there. I think that this is something that he genuinely saw, and genuinely believes that because of this connection [they share], basically. It’s less like, ‘I can use this on her.’ It’s more, ‘Oh my god, we have this in common, this is more of a kindred spirit that even she realizes.’” (Source)

Bucky-plums-barnes Masterlist!

I finally had the time to update my masterlist. It’s a long list, but I really hope you enjoy it. Come let me know your favourites!

*Find the other characters masterlist here

Sebmas - Christmas drabbles and edits

The Sweetest Thing - Drabble series with Baker!Bucky and reader

Every Rose has its Thorn - A Stucky x Reader series featuring Florist!Steve and Biker!Bucky

The Secret Life of Pets - A cute drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters with pets

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride.

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky.  (SMUT)

100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s 100th Birthday - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (SMUT)

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles

Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here

One shots:

Love at First Bite - You meet Baker! Bucky at your best friend’s wedding

Starved - Bucky going down on you (SMUT)

To Build a Home - Reader and Bucky are trying for a baby

4th of July - Bucky and reader watch some 4th of July fireworks

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When Derek returns to Beacon Hills seven years after he left it, it’s to find that not a lot has changed. The field on the western edge of town has been turned into houses and the shopping mall has had a sizeable extension, but the preserve is untouched, the loft is still there and even the high school is somehow still standing.

He moves into a two-bedroom house on the new housing estate, at the end of a sleepy road with a picturesque back porch and spacious backyard. If anyone asks, those are the reasons he’ll give for buying it, but really it’s just the furthest he can get from the neighbourhoods he used to know so well.

It begs the question why he even came back at all, if it was only to keep his distance. But amongst the scattered good and the abundant bad, Beacon Hills is still home, and though getting out was the best decision he’d ever made, it never stopped catching his eye in the rearview. After all this time, he wants to know if there might still be something here for him, however selfish the desire.

Despite the guise of why he chose he this house, he really does like the porch and backyard and spends most of his time there after his scant possessions are unboxed. He sits on the steps and enjoys the early spring air, resolving to buy a porch swing the next time he ventures into town.

A pair of bluebirds are building a nest in the small hollow of a sycamore tree in the far corner, flitting back and forth with twigs and pine needles, the brighter-feathered male guarding the female while she works.

He has his eyes shut, listening to the flutter of their wings, their quiet calls, when he hears it: the clunk and judder of a familiar, somehow-still-running vehicle.

It’s the moment he’s been waiting for, but his stomach still swoops like he’s missed a stair. He takes a deep breath through his mouth as the Jeep pulls up outside the house, the killed ignition making way for affronted huffing and the slam of the car door. Derek follows the approach of the visitor with his eyes still shut: the stomp of feet against the front path, the irate ringing of the bell, another disbelieving huff and then the cushioned pad of feet skirting the house on the grass.

He tries to conjure an image of the person he’s about to see, but it does nothing to prepare him for the sight of the boy — or man, now, he supposes — rounding the corner as he opens his eyes.

Stiles skids to a halt when he spots Derek on the porch steps, and a host of emotions cross his face that mirror a few of Derek’s own before he settles on indignant anger and pulls himself up to his full height.

He looks as fierce as Derek has always remembered him — from the back of the police cruiser, staring down Matt at the Sheriff’s station, when Jennifer took his father — and it’s so familiar that, aside from the deputy’s uniform and the combat boots a teenage Stiles would never have worn, he feels as if he’s never been away.

“So, you’re back?” Stiles asks, the bite in his eyes as sharp as the one in his voice.

“I’m back,” Derek confirms. He watches with a strange, homesick fondness as Stiles rolls his head on his shoulders like he’s asking a nonexistent companion if they’re hearing this.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say? It’s been seven years. What, were you just going to sit out here in your hermit cave and not even come say hello?” he asks, waving his hand around at the green grass and picket fence.

Derek raises an eyebrow, but Stiles’ disbelief doesn’t waver, upturned palm still waiting for an answer.

Derek can’t look at him any longer, words he might say weighted by the dull ache in his chest, so he turns away to watch the male bluebird’s head peering out of the tree hollow at the loud intruder in their space.

“I guessed you’d come see me,” he eventually says and from the corner of his eye, he can just make out the slow clench of Stiles’ fists at his sides, fire becoming ice.

“Alright. Fine. You know what?” He turns on his heel and storms back the way he came.

Derek doesn’t say anything as he watches him go, as he rounds the corner of the house and out of sight. If there’s one thing about Stiles he’d bet money on not having changed, it’s that he can still never keep himself away.

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"The other part of the picture is that, once a group has “we try to hurt our enemies’ feelings” as a norm, it will attract people who want to do that, whether they share the groups’ values or not." wait please explain why "if you want to hurt someone for shits and giggles it should be an mra nazi" is bad. go on, explain why you'd prefer that to "if you want to hurt someone for shits and giggles it should be a gay man." for a bonus, explain this to the survivors of the Pulse massacre, idiot.

Your movement is less strategically capable. Sometimes the best tactic to achieve a goal isn’t ‘hurt someone for shits and giggles’. I would go so far as to say this is usually not a good tactic, and is often an actively terrible one. I want to achieve things. Therefore, I’m not going to work with communities full of people who just want to hurt people for shits and giggles, because they’re useless as allies whenever that doesn’t happen to be the best way to accomplish things and they won’t shut up and get out of the way when other tactics are needed. if they never cared about our cause except as an excuse to hurt people, they’ll keep hurting people for kicks no matter how badly it harms our cause.

If you have created your community in a way where it is now full of people who are there to hurt people for shits and giggles, and are only hurting neo-Nazis instead of gay people because it’s more convenient, then your community is incredibly unstable - it’s full of people who want to harm anyone they can get away with harming! I can’t put my safety and wellbeing in the hands of people who will hurt whoever they can get away with, even if right now they can’t get away with hurting me. I don’t want to have to make sure they can never get away with hurting me; I want to build communities out of people who don’t want to hurt me.

So communities can either have people who are looking for the most convenient excuse to hurt someone they can find, or they can have people who want allies who care about them and care about not hurting them. I think the second kind of people are more worth having than the first, and so I think it’s a mistake when a community chooses to attract the first and abandon the second. 

And it gets worse, because I think once you’ve attracted the people who want to hurt people, they’ll do that even if there aren’t any neo-Nazis around. You’ve built this coalition of people who just want to harm others and don’t care who, and you don’t have acceptable targets for them, so then what? I think the definition of acceptable targets expands, so instead of just hurting neo-Nazis they start hurting anyone who disagrees with them about being nasty to neo-Nazis, and they start hurting anyone who disagrees with them about that…leftist communities are often absolutely vicious to one another and to their own members, and I think it’s because if you attract lots of petty sadists then you can’t actually keep them all trained on the enemy. 

I also don’t think there are a fixed number of people who just want to hurt others, such that we have to choose between ‘point them at whoever society says they should hate’ and ‘point them at neo-Nazis’. I think that it is actually possible to make there be way, way fewer people like this, by treating that behavior as bad behavior and correcting it instead of rewarding it and encouraging it as long as the targets are good. People can learn and grow. We can enforce norms that help them do that, or we can enforce norms that reward cruelty and indifference about who is the targets of that cruelty, as long as we’re personally benefitting from it. 

I think the right choice is to expect better of people. If someone just wants to hurt people and doesn’t care if it’s gays or neoNazis, my answer to them is “well, I’m not going to compromise my goals and the safety of my people to give you cover to hurt people, and I expect you to learn and do better”. If your answer is “as long as you hurt the Nazis you’re welcome”, well, okay, but you’ve chosen to protect and encourage and welcome that person at the expense of everyone who doesn’t want to interact with that person. Do you see why that’s a substantial cost and harm, even if you disagree with me that it’s substantial enough that we should never make that compromise?

Feedback on Our video Script needed: 8 Effective Ways to Strengthen Parent-Teen Relationships

We’re working on a script for a very important Youtube video coming up and wondering if you guys could provide feedback on this. Anything you could suggest improving would be great!

There’s no such thing as a perfect family. Parents may often think they’re doing what’s “best for their child” because they love them, but those actions may not always necessarily be healthy. As children grow up and reach their teenage years, this is usually when things take a turn for the worst. Arguments may be frequent, misunderstandings increase, and parents will begin to wonder what happened to the sweet child they used to play with. This is a concern commonly experienced and we want to help be apart of the solution. Here’s 8 effective ways that can strengthen parent-teen relationships:

1. Hug each other on a daily basis.

Psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser states, “The older you are, the more fragile you are physically, so contact becomes increasingly important for good health.” When you enter your teenage years, you may be reluctant to hug your parents because it’s no longer considered to be “cool.” As you learn to be more independent, you may keep physical affection to a minimum. However, hugging is good for your health and acts as a natural stress reliever. Approaching adulthood can be scary and challenging. When you hug your parents on a daily basis, it can act as a physical reminder that you’re not alone. Physical and emotional support are equally important when you work on fortifying relationships in general.

2. Turn off technology devices during interactions.

It can be hard to walk away from technology when we are constantly connected by it. You don’t have to live in a cave to save your relationship with your parents, but it doesn’t hurt to put your phone on silent so you don’t feel obligated to respond to every email or text message when you’re interacting with your parents. When you’re in the car with your family, it’s also good practice to turn off the music so it gives you an opportunity to talk. Although music can be a great way to bond by singing your favorite songs together, on bad days, when communication is vital, it’s good to stray from using technology as a means of escaping from one another.

3. Connect before transitions or large decision-making.

Making transitions can be challenging, especially in your teenage years. This is the time when your child begins to figure out who they are and the kind of life they want to live. A lot of decision-making takes place. There are going to be many days when they are uncertain about which direction to take. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let your child know you are there for them. Give them advice and any insights you think will be helpful to them, but don’t tell them directly what to do. Have them figure out what they want to do, but be supportive and understanding.

4. Make time to spend quality one-on-one time with each other.

As you get older, more responsibilities tend to stack up on your plate. You start working more to build the skills you want for your desired career path and your friends move away to chase their own dreams. You’re no longer in close proximity with them, so you have to schedule compatible times to see each other. This makes it incredibly easy to put your family on the backburner when you’re already juggling work with your social life. But, don’t forget to set aside time to spend quality one-on-one time with your parents.
It can be extremely tempting to postpone plans when you may just want to be alone to unwind for a while or go out and engage with new faces in your networking circle, but this is how parent-teen relationships weaken. Distance is created, and putting in effort becomes minimal to none. Sustaining a strong relationship with your parents can be difficult with increasing age, but ghosting on them easily destroys it. It doesn’t have to be a lot. You can spend 15 minutes each day to have meaningful conversations or set aside an hour during the weekend and make dinner together.

5. Encourage emotions instead of shutting them out.

Emotions are messy, but it’s important to be mindful towards each other’s feelings. Don’t be quick to dismiss them, especially during arguments. Regulating your emotions can be difficult when you are strongly affected by a situation, but keep in mind that a strong relationship is built upon the ways in which we communicate our emotions. If your child is hurting, don’t be neglectful towards them. Even if the both of you have a hard time talking about the source of pain, emotions can only be put off for so long until they explode.

6. Listen to understand, not with the intent to react.

When you’re mad or disappointed in your child, it’s easy to listen to them just to confirm your angry emotions. Instead of being quick to react, take the time to listen and understand where your child is coming from. Even if you wholeheartedly disagree with their actions or opinions, if you choose to yell at them, this may cause even more resentment between the both of you. As a result, communication may suffer because your child may retreat and refuse to speak to you. Learn to work out your differences by broadening your perspective and finding a solution together where the both of you can benefit from.

7. Respect boundaries.

Toxic behavior derives from getting rid of boundaries. If you want to have a good relationship with your child, manifest healthy behavior by respecting their boundaries. This can be challenging on your end as your child begins wanting more privacy and freedom, but good parenting involves providing opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t rob your child of that growth. Instead, create a safe space where failure is normalized. Part of loving and caring for someone means letting go when it’s necessary. This is how trust is built.

8. Catch your child in the act of doing something right.

Teenagers often struggle with their self-confidence. It’s important to recognize that peer pressure can ruin your child’s self-esteem because popular beliefs aren’t always the healthiest or most nurturing. Don’t add fuel to the hell they’re still trying to walk through. In other words, refrain from expressing harsh criticism and negativity. Instead, focus on the deeds your child is doing right and praise them for those actions. Not only will it show that you have been paying attention to them, but this will also help boost their self-esteem.

Is your relationship with your parents disintegrating? What do you wish to see differently? But more importantly, what do you want to do about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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