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can we get another part of bad boyfriend!grayson ???

Check out all the other parts here :)

Grayson finally gave up on trying to win you over. He couldn’t keep begging you when you clearly weren’t giving in to him anymore.

But as the days went by, you started to miss the good times. The mornings you spent dancing in the kitchen. The shared showers. The late night conversations. Looking back, the relationship wasn’t all that bad.

You tried your hardest to stay strong, but before you could process what you were doing, the phone was ringing in your ear.

“Hello? Y/N?” Grayson picked up, both confused and relieved. Maybe he knew you’d come crawling back all along.

“Hey,” you didn’t exactly have a plan of action.

“Hey,” you both fell silent.

“I think I may have left my Uh….my pen….at your place,” you mentally face palmed. Your pen? As if you didn’t have hundreds of pens?

“Oh…well, what does it look like?”

“Um, it’s just a black pen…it has like a gel grip,” you made it up.

“I don’t see it, but you can….you can come over and look…if you want,” Grayson knew exactly what he was doing.

So there you were, back in Grayson’s house, pretending to look for your pen.

“I guess it’s not here,” you bit your lip and looked at him, your eyes trailing down to the way his black shirt stretched over his chest and his biceps.

“I guess not,” Grayson smirked when he noticed the way you stared at him. He stepped closer. “I’ll, uh, let you know if I find it, though.”

“Thanks,” you looked around the house. “Where’s Ethan?”



“How…have you been?” Grayson stepped even closer.

“Good…you?” You watched him, eyeing him carefully.

“Good,” he nodded slowly, and you both stood in silence. “Why are you really here, Y/N? Don’t tell me…you miss me?” His eyes twinkled.

“No,” you scoffed. “I told you…I lost my pen. It has a really nice grip.”


“Fuck off.”

“I miss you, too, you know,” Grayson reached up to stroke your cheek but you quickly turned your face away. “Come on, just….let me show you I can be better.”

You looked at him and crossed your arms over your chest.

“This is the last chance,” you finally said, and Grayson gave you a big smile. “But you fuck up one more time, and it’s over. I’m done.”

“I won’t,” he slowly pulled you in for a hug, and you just couldn’t resist. You wrapped your arms around him and buried your face into his chest.

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How would illumi and leorio react to their s/o liking rougher sex?


- Illumi never acts surprised by anything so you could spill your whole life story and he’d just nod like he was some wise old sage and this isn’t much different.

- He can do rough, illumi can pull hair and pound into you if thats what you really want but you must remember to remind him that he can’t use every ounce of strength he has.

- All in all rough illumi is good, eye contact is still a little weird though, 8/10.


- Leorio is a little upset that his normal sexiness wasn’t doing it for you but hes never one to give up or let this slow his progress so hes instantly as rough as you like it.

- I feel like he could be rough physically but hes not good at being degrading, he feels too bad so the physical roughness is all your going to get.

- He finds that he loves smacking your ass and being as rough as he can because it allows him to get his frustration out in a good way and a way that helps you cum.

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Tsukasa giving the kiss to Daiki, 21?

21 is a kiss on the hand and this one is also getting to skip the queue because I cannot stop thinking about it right now. This is set pre-Decade.

Daiki’s a bit too dizzy from being dragged to stand up straight right now, but his ears are still working well enough that he’s a little worried when the kaijin who’s holding onto his left arm, says, “We caught him in the storage room, Great Leader.”

Oh, good. When they said they were taking him to the boss, they meant they were taking him to the actual boss. He can generally charm or confuse the average Dai Shocker commander long enough to get away, but whatever ancient goblin they’ve got running the joint might be a little trickier, or at least less susceptible to fluttering eyelashes.

A bored voice a few yards in front of him says, “You’re bothering me because you found a rat in the grain? Really?”

“Not that storage room, Great Leader,” says the kaijin holding his right arm. “The, uh, the armory.” A long pause. “The locked room.”

Oh. Now that’s interesting. Show him to me.

Something’s bothering Daiki about that voice, and he can’t quite figure out what it is until the third kaijin, the one who spent the entire march here stepping on his heels, grabs his hair and pulls his head up. Then he blinks and stares. Most of the human Dai Shocker commanders are old and hideous. He’d expected, reasonably he thought, that their boss would be even older and more hideous, not some curly-headed brat prince wearing eyeliner and head-to-toe vinyl. He actually laughs, and then, because his sense of self-preservation only deserts him at the absolute worst times, says, “Shit, I was expecting someone way uglier.”

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Okay but for real whats up with Jons accent in the HHSD trailer. What is that--British? German? Southern? Some horrifying concoction of all three, or just a bad take they decided not to redo?? (Also can we talk about the similarities to the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Halloween special. Jon's costume looks exactly like Jack's (just a different palette), and they both have giant sentient pumpkin monsters as their villains. I'm half expecting Grim to show up swinging his scythe.)

I didn’t really get a good listen to his voice, but I did like what I heard. I’m also not good at identifying accents, so I couldn’t really give you an answer.

Also, I’m pretty sure this is done by one of the guys who created Billy and Mandy! So that might be why you’re seeing similarities. It would be cool if Grim made a cameo though, or even Billy and Mandy!

Sneak Peek of Chapter Seven of “Bad Moon Rising”

(Chapter snippet)

“If it hurts too much, we can try again tomorrow.” 

Dracula’s words seemed distant to Agatha as she bit down on her lower lip, her injured hand grasping the wooden stake. Three weeks had passed since the incident and it had been the vampire’s suggestion that she work on regaining the strength she once possessed. He’d even gone so far as to give her a stake–a humorous take at inspiration, to squeeze in order to test her muscles. It hurt. Like Hell. Every fiber from the tips of her fingers to her palm burning. But she kept on despite this. Van Helsings weren’t weak and she sure wasn’t going to be the first one. 

“Good,” Dracula coached. “You’re getting stronger.” His lips curved into a smile as she met his gaze, her forehead speckled with droplets of sweat. “Perhaps I should start becoming a little nervous again.”

“Your sarcasm needs as much work as my hand.” She snorted, rolling her eyes as she loosened her hold. “I like to visualize thrusting this through your chest.” 

“Whatever motivates you, Agatha,” the vampire smirked. “I would expect nothing less.”

She huffed softly, the pale purple of her dress complimenting her fair complexion. It was surprisingly comfortable and not overly elegant–something she had expected when it came to the Count and his taste for the finer things in life. And of the few he had given to her, this one was her favorite. Though, she did her best not to overly flatter him. He was still the enemy. The target. And she kept that in mind. Even if the thought did occasionally slip the forefront  of her mind.

To be continued…

Zuko + The GAang Friendship Headcanons


  • Aang and Zuko have lots of inside jokes about their trip to the Sun Warriors ruins that no one ever gets, and whenever someone asks for them to explain they exchange a panicky look because they know they told the Chief they would keep it all a secret.
  • As much as the inside jokes, Aang also uses the reference of “this is the golden egg all over again” whenever Zuko doesn’t listens to him.
  • Aang definitely makes hella lots of jokes about being Zuko’s great-grandfather, doting like a toddler every once in a while.
  • At the same time, he teases Zuko about getting old as they both grow up.
  • Aang’s favorite color is yellow, and Zuko’s not very good at birthday gifts, so whenever Aang’s birthday comes around he just gives him something yellow no matter what it is.
  • Long into their friendship, Zuko told Aang about his fever and the dream he had of him turning into Aang, and that he thought it meant they weren’t very different, not even back then. Aang was touched by this.
  • Aang is actually a very touchy-feely kind of friend, and it’s always hugging Zuko, much to the latter’s embarrassment.


  • Out of all the group, Katara’s the one that calls Zuko “her best friend” the most.
  • She’s also the one that looks after him the most, forcing him to get a rest whenever he becomes too stressed with his political duties and using some “tough love” whenever he needs it.
  • Zuko can get into some fights with his friends from time to time, but not with Katara. She’s the one that’s always on his side, even if it is only to tell him he’s the one that’s being a jerk.
  • Just like with Sokka, Katara just loves taking Zuko out of his comfort zone.
  • It’s no secret that Katara’s also a touchy-feely friend, having her close is what causes Zuko to slowly get used to hugs and physical contact.
  • Katara takes notice of Zuko’s mood changes very easily and whenever they come she serves as a mediator between him and the outside world.
  • They have lots of silent conversations. Sometimes they don’t even need to look at each other for having them. Sometimes, whenever Zuko’s feeling down, Katara will just remain by his side in silence until he feels better.
  • Once, Zuko suffered an attempt against his life and had to be rushed to the infirmary. The guards told the GAang that they couldn’t get in while he was treated. Katara had some words. Ever since then, the guards let her in to wherever the Fire Lord goes.


  • Sokka makes sure his point is driven home when he’s talking with the Fire Nation politicians about how lucky they are to have Zuko as their Fire Lord.
  • The two of them begin most of their conversations with a “As your best friend…” “Katara’s my best friend.”As your best friend…” exchange.
  • Sokka often asks Zuko his opinion on what weapon makes him look the most badass, the spear or the club? (The boomerang is just implicit.)
  • Zuko finds himself dragged into Sokka’s shop-therapies quite often.
  • There’s some bad blood between Sokka and the royal painters because he says they never capture Zuko’s essence in their portraits and always uses his own art as the example they should follow.
  • Just like whenever someone insults the Moon Spirit, Sokka just goes off like a gun whenever someone insults the Fire Lord. “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Fire Lord Zuko is a brave warrior and an honorable man who rules the Fire Nation with just and kind… uh… fireiness!
  • Sokka often makes up words just to describe how awesome Zuko is (and how awesome Sokka is by extension for being his best friend.) Zuko only tells him those are not words.
  • Sokka sometimes wishes he was Zuko’s bodyguard so he could protect him to the fullest.


  • When Zuko got a bruise on his arm for how much affection Toph was showing him, she simply changed to show her affection on his other arm.
  • Toph once felt bad after Sokka told her the books at the palace’s library were really good, so Zuko read them to her since she couldn’t read them herself.
  • Everybody knows Toph is surprisingly good at consoling people and she gives great advices. To the ones Zuko sometimes responds with “You’re way too young to be so insightful.”
  • Zuko usually wonders if he can make Toph’s new nickname for him, Sparky Lord, a legal political title because she refuses to call him anything other than that.
  • Toph always has fun whisper-telling Zuko what politicians have the hots for him during the meetings. (They are a few.)
  • Toph’s feet are delicate instruments, she knows she has to rest them from time to time, and when those times come, she tells Zuko to give her a piggy-ride.
  • Is thanks to Toph that Zuko further overcame the trauma of his scar. It took her quite a while to find out Zuko had the whole left side of his face burned, but when she found out, she wanted to “see” it for herself, and the only way for this was touching it. Zuko at first reeled back but then acceded. Ever since, Toph touches Zuko’s scar when she wants to “see” him face to face, and thanks to that Zuko has gotten increasingly at ease with the contact.


  • The two of them exchange a lot of fed up looks when the rest of the GAang falls into anarchy.
  • The practice hand-to-hand combat together quite often as Zuko’s the only one from the rest of the group who can match Suki.
  • Suki maintains a refreshing share of professionalism when they are in front of other functionaries and while the rest of the team is way too casual.
  • Suki keeps herself more alert than usual when she’s functioning as Zuko’s bodyguard.
  • Zuko gives THE BEST reviews about the Kyoshi Warriors to the leaders of the other nations.
  • Whenever he needs to talk about work-related stuff to get a fresh perspective, Suki’s the first one he calls.
  • After they helped Appa get back to Aaang, Suki usually says protecting the Fire Lord has been the Kyoshi Warriors’ most important mission.

And because I love this concept:

Ty Lee

  • Ty Lee is also a hugger and she always greets Zuko with a hug even she’s in Kyoshi Warrior duty.
  • Ty Lee surprisingly is one of the people Zuko feels the most comfortable with for they have known each other for quite some time.
  • She’s always asking about Zuko’s love life and giving (uncalled) advices about what girls like in boys.
  • Ty Lee worries a lot about Zuko, especially when he’s visiting Azula at the mental institution, so she sometimes go with him despite her still being scared of Azula.
  • Ty Lee was over-the-moon when Zuko changed his hairstyle to the one of the comics.
  • She once admitted she actually had always preferred Zuko slightly over Azula, even when they were kids, for Zuko had always been kinder to everyone.
  • She never doubts in expressing how glad she is that she and Zuko are now real friends.

Many beginner’s guides to running Dungeons & Dragons will suggest that sometimes you should call for perception checks (or ask players what their passive perception scores are, in those editions where that’s a thing) even if there’s nothing amiss, just to keep them on their toes.

To my mind, that’s some of the worst advice you can possibly give. Yes, watching your players squirm can be fun, but ultimately what you’re doing is teaching your players to distrust the game mechanics, which is poison for a rules-heavy game like Dungeons & Dragons.

As a GM, you’re pulling double duty as a narrator and referee. While the benefits and drawbacks of doing the unreliable narrator thing as a GM can be debated, being an unreliable referee is only good for encouraging your players to engage with the mechanics as little as possible – and if discouraging mechanical engagement is, in fact, your goal, why on Earth are you playing something as rules-heavy as D&D in the first place? Putting a bunch of shiny rules toys in front of your players, then swatting them with a newspaper for trying to play with them… well, that’s just bad form!

Now, I know what you might be thinking: if I only call for perception checks when something nasty is about, won’t that give the game away? Aren’t the rules leaking information the player characters shouldn’t possess? There are a couple of ways you can think about that:

1. There are tabletop RPGs that try to present a realistic simulation of something, but D&D is not one of those games. Most of its rules are modelling the genre tropes of the game’s source material, not simulating anything in particular – and how often, in the game’s source material, are the protagonists genuinely 100% unaware that they’re walking into a bad situation? When you call for perception checks and everybody blows it, that’s the music turning sinister even though nothing is obviously wrong. That’s Han Solo getting a bad feeling about this. But here’s the trick: it only works if your players can trust that the roll was meaningful, even if they didn’t get anything out of it.

2. Whether it succeeds or fails, a perception check is going to bring whatever the group was doing grinding to a halt while they react to the perceived threat. Ultimately, what’s more fun for you as a GM? Watching your group take a bunch of time-consuming precautions against a nonexistent threat, or watching them take the wrong precautions because they know there’s a threat, but don’t know what it is?

(All that said, you may be running the sort of game where the party being at risk of walking blind into an ambush is occasionally appropriate; if that’s the case, write down everybody’s passive perception scores on a sticky note, and keep it close at hand so you can consult it without giving any obvious indication that you’re doing so. The party can’t derive inappropriate information from a check they don’t know is being made!)


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖

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I'm obsessed with Zuko having quality bonding time with the Gaang at his families Ember Island beach house in the days leading up to Sozins comet. I mean, they went to the theater, they had beach parties. The Boi is experiencing funtimes with real friends! I just wish Iroh could've been there....

Headcanons for stuff the gaang did at ember island: 

  • After the stuff that happened in the Southern Raiders, Katara wasn’t really in a place where she wanted to be around everyone else, so Zuko decided that since it was on their way back and they were planning on changing locations anyway, the Ember Island house would be a good place for her to chill out for a bit. 
  • It was there that she asked him why exactly he betrayed them in Ba Sing Se and they actually talked about Zuko’s decision. I think Zuko helping her find her mother’s killer showed her that he was actively trying to make amends, but they needed to have the conversation about why he did all the things he did in order for her to forgive him. 
  • When the rest of the gaang got to ember island, the first thing Zuko decided to do was burn all his family’s stuff that he didn’t the last time he was at the island. This time, however, they had a really nice bonfire and Zuko didn’t feel uncomfortable or sad in his family’s house for the first time in a long time. 
  • The house has many rooms and for the first night, they all split up to sleep in separate beds but found they were much more comfortable sleeping in the same room. Their solution was to take all the pillows, mattresses, and blankets, compile them in one room, and make the largest pillow fort ever.
  • Suki taught Sokka and Zuko how to catch crabs. Sokka got pinched many, many times in the process. 
  • Katara and Aang scheduled time to practice waterbending, but it mostly turned into them surfing using ice blocks and competing to see who could surf on the biggest wave (using bending to make the waves bigger). 
  • Toph enjoys Zuko’s company a whole lot and Zuko would do anything she wants because she can always pull the ‘hey remember when you burned my feet’ card, so they spend a lot of time bonding. 
  • There are a couple of Ursa’s old play scrolls in the house that Sokka finds and, being the cultured boy he is, gets super into them, much to Zuko’s delight. Sokka convinces Suki to join them in reading them aloud (”because that’s how you’re supposed to experience plays, you can’t just read them from the scroll”). She agrees but only on the condition that she gets to play the cool villain character and Zuko and Sokka have to play the lovers. 
  • Zuko found out that Aang had been frozen in the iceberg for 100 years and was not, in fact, in hiding like the Fire Nation had assumed for a literal century when he asked why the play was called “Boy in the Iceberg” in the first place 
  • After finding that out, Zuko just walked into the ocean and stood there for a couple hours 
  • Toph woke Zuko up in the middle of the night after they saw the play and decided to put his Blue Spirit skills to use. They vandalized the posters for the play all over town. 
  • Sokka found random bottles in a cabinet and decided that fuck it, if the world was going to end, he was going to get drunk at least once in his life. Zuko decided to not tell him that whatever was in that bottle was in no way alcoholic and just decided to see how Sokka would act ‘drunk’. 
  • This allows Toph to bury Zuko with sand whenever she sees fit
  • Zuko and Toph wouldn’t say it, but they really aren’t into Katara’s cooking. Toph may be a bad bitch but she appreciates high society cuisine. Zuko needs at least five spices for whatever he’s eating to taste good. They steal buy a ton of local spices to give some kick to their next few meals. Zuko is happy with it but Toph immediately regrets it (not that she’d admit that she can’t handle spicy food). 
  • Zuko helps Toph learn her way around the wooden house once he picked up on the fact that she couldn’t sense her way around. 
  • Ember Island has a tattoo parlor and Sokka was planning on getting one of the moon (the only thing that stopped him was Zuko convincing him that it would get infected). 
  • Likewise, Toph was very close to getting her ears pierced just because it was something her parents didn’t want her to do (she didn’t give a shit about jewelry but if someone thought she couldn’t handle the pain of getting her ears pierced, she was 100% going to do it no matter what). Likewise, Katara talked her out of it with the argument that with the amount of dirt Toph is constantly covered in, there was no way it wasn’t going to get infected. 
  • Suki was put in charge of cooking one night. It posed a bigger fire hazard than any bender that lived there. She is no longer allowed in a kitchen ever again. 

“catra’s redemption is bad because she needed adora”

you need other people in order to be a better person.

the reason why this is often misunderstood is because, at some level, we all believe you should do good things for the sake of being a good person. this simple definition is flawed, not everyone does good just for the sake of it but it doesn’t make them bad people. if we applied this definition to the show then the only good people would arguably be adora and bow which we know is not true. for example, scorpia’s motives for doing good is rooted in her love for her friends, she joins the rebellion not because it was the morally right thing to do but to save entrapta.

another reason it is misunderstood is because of the constant comparisons to zuko. a redemption arc often falls on a spectrum of dependency-independency and since zuko’s redemption largely relied on introspection it has created this misconception that you can simply reflect on your actions and change for the better. redemption is a lot more complex than that and often requires a combination of third party intervention and personal reflection. the level of intervention and introspection needed has to be contextualised to fit a character (that’s why zuko and catra’s arcs are so different). but even zuko needed someone (iroh) in order to help him be a better person. and if you’re going to compare arcs, catra’s redemption is way more similar to someone like eleanor shellstrop’s from the good place. eleanor is a deeply selfish person who was traumatised from childhood neglect and this manifested into destructive behaviours, an unwillingness to be vulnerable and an inclination to push away anyone who tried to get close to her. eleanor becomes a good person with the intervention of chidi, an ethics professor who literally teaches her how to be a good person. eleanor is able to unlearn years of selfish behaviour but she needed her love for chidi in order to do that. the good place explicitly frames this as good, in fact, the running theme of the show is that you become a better person through your connections with other people.

now yes, this does sound like “catra needed adora to fix her” or that she was codependent but you can need people in a way that is still healthy. adora sticks by catra through her bad decisions. but she doesn’t fix her. she simply helps catra be better, sounds similar but there’s a big difference. this is an example of interdependence rather than codependece. if adora “fixed” catra it implies that catra has no autonomy in her redemption which isn’t true. when catra refuses to face the people she hurt, adora gives her an out. adora doesn’t force catra to stay, she doesn’t fix her. catra realises she’s in the wrong and of her own accord and desire to stay by adora, she makes up for it and meets adora halfway.

so yes, catra needed adora for her redemption. it’s okay to be a good person even if your motives are rooted in your connections to other people, not everyone does good for the sake of it.

why fanfiction/fanart/fanwork is allowed to suck ass

so, yesterday (or this morning for some of y’all), i just posted something of a diss towards dc canon because they deserve it. 

now, in the responses to my post, someone said that our fanfiction isn’t that good, and that we’re not much better than canon 

to which i say: ok? and? 

i was really wondering if it was worth responding to, but, honestly, i appreciate fanfiction, fanwork and fanart too much not to defend them when i see fit. 

because you see the difference between writers on ao3 and writers on dc is one simple thing: one of them is paid for it and the other isn’t. 

i’ll give you a clue: the one writing 50k+ words, updating weekly, doing research, finding betas, looking for canon-support, spending hours perfecting anatomy, hair, eyes, looking at proportions, looking at poses while ALSO juggling a full-time/part-time job/school isn’t the former.

so, yes, are our fanfictions better than canon? some, yes. some, no. does it matter? no. because another difference is that i can opt in and out of fanwork. i don’t like the tags? sure, i’ll leave. unto the next self-serving AU that i love and enjoy. that’s not how it happens in canon. in canon, what you do to our heroes and our characters will stay with fans and their story forever. 

my issue with current dc canon isn’t oh no :( bruce not spending time his kids :( 

it’s my childhood hero - the one i spent all night watching with my dad, the one i watched growing up as a kid, the one i loved and admired, the one hero that was human and had no abilities outside of his brains and brawn - is fucking beating his kids. 

how the fuck do you think that’s gonna affect readers? supporters? fans who were victims of child abuse? how do you think victims of child abuse are going to feel looking at bruce wayne hit jason so hard he broke through metal, and drag his bleeding body? 

and that’s going to affect the character for years, potentially decades to come in ways even the most popular of fanfiction won’t. 

so, yes, i’m allowed to hate on dc and, at the same time, indulge myself with shitty and terrible fanwork if i fucking want to. i would much rather read a plotless fanfic that’s, i don’t know, the batboys making bruce wayne a fucking cake while ruining the whole kitchen than having to look at what dc has done to my favorite characters. 

to the people who think their work is bad: it’s okay. you’re contributing to this fandom and to the fans. you’ll get better. you’ll be able to do what your favorite artist can, you’ll be able to form sentences as beautiful as the ones in your fave fics. but don’t stop contributing to this fandom and to any fandom. there will be someone who needed to see your work now and there will be someone who will be happier for it. 

i have a small following on this blog, and i generally reblog fandom posts on my personal blog to keep this one clean and organized, but i’m thinking of spending a day or two just reblogging work from other creators to show how much i appreciate them. will you guys be okay with that? or maybe i can make a masterlist of blogs to follow! what do you guys think?

p.s. if you’re a content creator, i am REQUIRING you to reply and say that you are. i don’t care if you don’t think you’re good enough. you deserve love, validation and recognition all the same

to op who commented: sorry, but i couldn’t just sit quiet. i suppose this isn’t even a rant at you - i probably even went off topic there - but i get so riled up when ppl diss on fanart/fanwork/fanfiction ??? lmao

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Heyy! Can I have a scenario where Bakugou is in a bad mood one day, and his s/o then takes it personally when he snaps a bit harsher than usual when she asks him a question? Fluff attempt at him apologizing maybe? 🥺 Thank youu

hello!! ugh soft Bakugou will foreverrrr have my heart <3


Your boyfriend is an angry person. He yells out profanities all the time, he gives away death glares—he even threatens to kill your classmates on a daily basis.

Despite Bakugou’s infamous foul attitude, you take pride in knowing that he’s never outright mean to you. Sure he calls you harsh nicknames and scowls at you 99% of the time, but you know he just doesn’t know how to express his love to you properly. He makes up for being mean by showing you his softer side that no one else gets to see, and for you, that’s more than enough.

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Allow Me~

Bokuto, Kuroo, Tendou with a s/o who has never received an orgasm from another person before.

Bokuto Koutarou x Reader

Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader

Tendou Satori x Reader

Ugh Anon, this is so bad… I’m sorry babe,,,, TT There are probably so many typos and things that don’t make sense… bear with me,,,,, I’ve been off my ass lately, does that even make sense?  I hope the smut at least gets across ┐( -“-)┌


WC- 1,388


Bokuto Koutarou 

  • Honestly, it would break his precious heart that you were treated so poorly
  • Bokuto would apologize that you had to deal with that :-((( I feel like he would try to make up for it,,,,,
  • He would straight up be like ‘let ME give you an orgasm’ and you’re like…..
  • “Right now?’ And Bokuto is like ‘RIGHT NOW’
  • Sweet thing would be soooo soft with you the first time and drag everything out just so you get the entire experience,,, he’d let you get consumed by the pleasure
  • This…. Is not going to be a one time thing,,,, he is going to make you cum over and over again
  • I don’t know why….. just seems like something he would do
  • So, the next time you orgasm….. bruh…… 
  • He’d make you cum in like less than a minute,,,,,, I feel like that is a point he wants to make……
  • Something tells me Bokuto would become very affectionate with you,,,, it has to do with his Virgo tendencies like this man does everything for you solely out of the love he has for you~~

“K-Kou!” You yelp as Bokuto begins to eat you out, the way he drags his tongue through your folds and slurps up any of your essence that spilled past your lips is so messy. Earlier, Bokuto had promised you an orgasm and he said he would give it to you within minutes. You were a little skeptical. Now, not so much. The feeling of his warm tongue inside of you is enough for you to cry out and become a soaking mess. 

You couldn’t imagine that he could make you feel any better until you felt him trail up to your clit. His lips press a soft kiss against the sensitive bundle of nerves before flicking it with his tongue, he moves the muscle so fast that you feel all the air inside of your lungs disappear. 

“Koutarou,” You can’t hold in your moans, you’ve never felt this amount of pleasure before. You’ve never felt this way with anyone else.

Bokuto stops moving his tongue to take your clit into his mouth, he sucks so hard that it makes you jut your hips into his face. He continues to hold your thighs apart while he takes the nub between his teeth, gently pulling on it to mix the pleasure with pain. As he continues to suckle on your clit, he thrusts one finger up into you. He curls the digit right against the spongey patch along your walls and you grab onto his hair with a silent scream. Bokuto glances up at you innocently, his filthy tongue comes out to lick his bottom lip.

“I’m not done with you yet.“

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Kuroo would probably stare at you like ‘deadass?’ , I feel like he would get really pissed off
  • You’d have to hold him back from beating the shit out of anyone who used you for their own pleasure
  • Like how dare they not treat you like the princess you are?
  • Then he’d feel really bad that you were treated that way and he’d gently pull you into a hug
  • But then it dawns on him like wait, I can be a solution!
  • Kuroo would pull through with a ‘oh shit, allow me’ and would just go ham on you… With your consent of course
  • He would probably act so cocky and tell you how he is going to make you feel so good,,,, make you scream,,, and it’s to the point where you actually roll your eyes at him
  • But then Kuroo actually gets to work and it’s like damn,,,,,, he did not lie
  • As much as I want to say he would be all soft and everything,,,, I don’t think he would be
  • Personally, I think he would be a teasing ass with his words. He wouldn’t deny you orgasms, that is for sure, but he would talk so arrogantly…. It kinda makes the whole experience hotter,,,

Kuroo has been working you nonstop, he has already made you cum twice without even using his fingers. He wants to do everything he can with you, you’re not sure you are going to survive the night. Kuroo is on a mission to make you cum so many times that your legs go numb and you have to beg him to stop.

“Such a shame,” Kuroo tuts lowly while dragging his index finger along your slit. “you’ve never been treated properly.” He sighs sadly and smoothy thrusts one finger into you, he glances up at you when he hears the loud moan ripped from your lips. “Nobody has given this beautiful little pussy the treatment it deserves.” Kuroo continues to sigh dramatically as he thrusts his finger into you like it is nothing, you’re so focused on how skillful his one finger is that you don’t even notice when he thrusts another one in right beside it. “Well not until today, of course.”

Kuroo stares up at you from where he rests between your legs with a shit eating grin, he looks so confident in all of his movements and from the way you are reacting, he has every right to be.

“I’m going to make you feel so good baby, you’ll be satisfied.” The way he is speaking is like a promise, all he is going to do is give you pleasure. “Let me do for you what others could not.” 

And then, he wraps his lips around your clit.

Tendou Satori

  • To someone like Tendou, who lives and breathes for you, he would be confused
  • Like how could someone not care about your pleasure? How could they just use you like that?
  • I feel like he would get really upset and would want to make sure you’re okay, he would keep checking on you just to make sure everything is fine
  • And once you tell him, for the fifteenth time, that you are fine then…. The fun begins
  • Tendou’s inner flirt comes out because now,,,, he wants to give you what you deserve
  • This mf would sooo be the type who cums only after you have cum </3333 , you cannot convince me otherwise
  • There is rarely a time Tendou will cum before you,,,, when he is like super beyond horny and cums too early HAHAH
  • Tendou makes sure to do everything he knows you like,,,, tell me this mf wouldn’t research things that he can do to pleasure you to the fullest
  • He is very attentive…… I really like that about Tendou,,, he is just so aware when it comes to his angel
  • Yeah I really like a bitch named Tendou Satori

Your boyfriend lays beside you, he has one of his long legs hooked over your own so that he can spread you open. Tendou kisses along your neck as he thrusts three fingers into you, he nearly swoons at the way you are wiggle your hips for him.

“Patients, baby, let me prep you.” He coos and moves his lips to kiss your jaw, he sucks your ear lobe into his mouth and gently runs his tongue along it. “My sweet angel, I’m going to ruin you.” Tendou curls his lanky fingers and mentally notes how he can barley move inside of you, how your walls are fitting him so snug. He can’t wait to get his dick into you. “What if I,” He pauses and taps his thumb against your clit. “did this?”

Tendou begins rubbing your clit with the pad of his thumb, he takes pride in the way your head lulls against his shoulder as he continues to toy with the swollen button.

“I promise you, baby, you’ll cum every night.” Tendou begins and his words make your breath hitch. “As long as you allow it.” He adds cheekily and bathes in the way you moan into his ear every time he curls his fingers. “You will always cum before I do, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” 

You can barely focus on his words and Tendou clicks his tongue before slamming the heel of his palm against your clit. 

“I asked you a question, angel.”

The motion makes your eyes roll to the back of your head and you nod, your eyes flutter shut in blissful pleasure.

“Ah look at you, such a mess and I’ve barely even done anything. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”



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A quick guide on coming to terms with making a mistake and learning from it, by someone who has been walking this road for a long time:

Alright, you did something wrong and someone called you out. That doesn’t feel great. Right now, you’re feeling shame and anger, especially if it’s public. Now your mistake is out there for the world to judge, which is traumatizing at worst and scary at best, especially with rampant cancel culture. I get it. However, there’s something you can do to make the situation easier on yourself.

1. Be responsive, not reactive.

Reactive - speaking first and thinking later. It’s the need to be cold and cutting to turn the situation away from you as quickly as possible. Sometimes it looks like a good response but after some reflection, it’s not.

Responsive - thinking first and speaking later. Process what’s happened. Research. Get all your bad feelings out privately and come back to the situation with logic instead of emotion.

You do not need to address the criticism right away. I hate when I see posts like “wow they took two days to respond they must not care at all” and that’s just not it chief. This is not a life or death situation, it just feels like one because our anxious brains can’t tell the difference.

You have time. Use it. Log off social media if you have to. Take time to process how you feel and then come back. Which brings me to my second point.

2. Do not vent about how the mistake makes you feel publically.

So many times I see people venting online about how they feel about being called out. Your feelings are valid, yes, but they are not an excuse to behave the way you are. Valid just means you’re allowed to feel that way. Feel it, embrace it, but don’t do so out in the open. That’s painting a target on your back for this situation to get worse. Find a friend you can vent to. Not someone who is going to side with you, just someone to vent to. Get all those nasty feelings out on the table. Feel listened to, not coddled.

The other problem with speaking online is: strangers who stan you are going to take your side and enable your bad behavior. I’ve had this personally happen to me. They come with feelings instead of logic, not liking that you’re being “attacked” for doing something wrong and turning their aggression toward those who called you out for the mistake. This helps nobody, least of all you. And at the end of the day, it makes people afraid to speak up when they see something wrong in fear of getting backlash, which is not great either.

3. Accept you did something wrong, and that’s okay.

You never stop learning. There is no degree for graduating from the University of Unproblematic Behavior because it doesn’t exist. Even when you are in your 70s, rules are going to be changing, just like terminology. Something that was progressive in the 2020s isn’t going to look progressive in the 2030s. 

Despite what people think, no one has their life together in their 20s. Or their 30s. Or their 40s. There is no “and they lived happily ever after” because your story doesn’t end when you learn one lesson like in the fairytales. So, you’re going to keep making mistakes. What’s more important is you learn from them just like in the stories and keep going.

4. Accept that people are going to hate you for making a mistake.

This does not mean it’s right for someone to harass another person for making a mistake, but moral superiority never governs wisely. You cannot change how others respond to you. You can only control how you respond to them. Delete any ask you get shaming you for making a mistake, especially if it’s anonymous. If you have to, turn off anonymous messages. That only gives shamers more power.

[And real quick, I’d like to tell you the difference between a shamer and a teacher because sometimes people don’t know the difference.

Shamer - someone who just yells “you’re trash; everyone look I found trash” and that’s it. No reference on how to improve. No other helpful advice. Just a judgment of character and nothing more. I’ve seen shamers use the excuse “it’s not my job to educate people” and they’re half right. I know what it’s like to correct different people over and over and over again. I’m a preschool teacher. However, if I sit a kid in the corner and don’t explain why they’re there and how to fix it, the behavior is going to keep repeating 99% of the time. Shaming fixes nothing; it just feels like you’re doing something.

Teacher - someone who tells you you’re wrong, then gives you the right answer. This person says “you messed up, and here’s why.” It doesn’t always coddle your feelings, but it will always have a few words to guide you in the right direction. People who are teaching intend for you to get better. They care about you and your existence in this world, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Teaching doesn’t always fix the problem, as you can speak a lesson at someone and have them dismiss everything anyway, but it’s at least trying to help.]

5. Don’t say “sorry” and call that an apology.

A “sorry” and nothing more is a bandaid on a splinter at best and duct tape on a crack in a dam at worst. I’ve been around enough people who think “sorry” is the solution to fixing a problem, and it’s not. It’s really not. In fact, I’ve grown to hate the word. It feels dismissive and “I just want the problem to go away and for you to shut up.”

In fact, there are other ways you can apologize besides saying sorry that are actually helpful:

  • Reblogging your bad take with a reply acknowledging you did wrong
  • Linking to a post that helps those you’ve hurt
  • Promoting the idea that you’re willing to do better
  • Donating to a charity organization that helps those you’ve hurt

6. Don’t expect brownie points for owning up to your mistake.

This one’s the hardest pill for some people to swallow. You can do everything in your power to fix your mistake, but that doesn’t automatically make you free of it or better than it. Remember, apologizing is acknowledging you’re willing to do better, not that it never happened. 

Remember the phrase “Yes, I did this, but I’m working on being better.”

That phrase is one of the best ones you can use in your defense. It’s not dismissing it happened and erasing history. It’s pointing to the history and saying “Yeah, I did that, and I’m growing because I realized it was wrong.” Calling out your own bad behavior encourages others to look at you with a more sympathetic lens.

7. Keep learning. Keep making mistakes.

It’s so easy to pull back from everything after you’ve made a mistake and not want to try anymore. Like I said, it can be traumatizing, but I implore you to do everything in your power to not pull back completely once stuff hits the fan.

When I was called out publically, I overcompensated and went the complete other direction, brushing my hands completely of what I was called out on. That’s not great either. I made a mistake when I made a mistake; it’s that easy. 

Realize that even though you’re fixing this mistake, you’re going to make more. That’s okay. Keep learning, keep problem-solving, keep listening. It’s so hard to do at the start, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier.


I don’t know if this guide is actually going to help anyone, but it’s been spinning a lot in my brain since last month, and I know if I keep seeing it on my blog, I’m going to keep remembering it. Just know this is not a one-size-fits-all solution either, but as I said, a guide on how I do it. 

Thank you all for reading this far.

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A Friend In Need.


desc. You, Makki, and Mattsun have always been besties, sharing everything from pencils to whatever stupid sexcapade they end up finding themselves in. One night, after prying details on your heavily guarded sexual past, they learn you’ve never came before. Now, your best friends can’t leave just leave you in need, right?

wc. 4.4k

warnings. nsfw!!

kinks: praise (so, so much insecurity easing omfg), corruption, way too much overstimulation than humanly possible, cumplay, oral, creampies, consent (??) there’s a lot of “does this feel good? Are you comfortable?” etc.


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awitchbravestheverge  asked:

Ok so I have to ask, because I've come across both the modern version of the trolly problem(and the original version where the single person is a child/loved one) in psychology classes and philosophy groups, but no one has ever really successfully explained it to me. What *is* the point of the trolly problem? Like what does a person's answer actually say about them?

Okay so keep in mind this is literally just my ‘baby’s first attempt at understanding philosophy’ reading of it, but–

The original trolley problem (presented as “there are five people tied to a track and about to be hit. You have a lever in front of you and you can divert the trolley that is coming toward them to another track, where it will hit one person”) is just an examination of two different types of philosophical thought: deontology and utilitarianism. 

Basically, Deontology is a theory that labels “actions” as good or bad, NOT their outcomes. It’s I think associated with Kant, who basically said everyone has a duty to treat everyone else with dignity. So like…if you went and robbed someone, that action would be immoral because it would be treating the person as a means to an end (a way to get the things/money they had) instead of a fully dignified human being. 

So according to Deontology, the action of pulling the lever would be immoral because it would be ignoring the humanity of the person the trolley is now going to kill. The fact that NOT pulling the lever would mean five people are going to get killed is…kind of irrelevant since none of YOUR actions put them there, I think? 

On the other hand you have Utilitarianism, which is basically a form of consequential philosophy that seeks to put as much good into the world as possible by maximizing good results and minimizing pain. It looks at the results of your action or inaction, something Deontology basically doesn’t give a shit about, and says that’s how you judge what the right thing to do is. 

So under the utilitarianism theory you’re basically saying “hey by pulling the lever the consequences are less suffering, so that’s the better choice.” 

Adding extra elements like knowing the people involved, etc., I couldn’t really tell you much about, and as for what it says about you…well, nothing, really? It’s not supposed to be like…a personal test of moral strength or anything, it’s just an illustration of the different schools of thought, and how they come to totally different conclusions because they look at different things. One looks at actions, the other at consequences. So I guess what it says about you is which school of thought you prefer? 

That said, the little tiny bit of information I’ve been given (I reached out to and bugged some philosophy folks lol, bless them for their patience and kindness) is that both schools of thought alone are pretty dated, and there are far more nuanced and complex views to be examined these days, but understanding the older schools of thought is still good because it gives you a good foundational jumping off point for learning newer ones. 

not a dream

Recently I’ve been thinking about how a misdiagnosis can destroy your whole life.

When I was little, I had some serious breathing problems and was put on corticosteroids, which I remained on for around 13 years. With time, I had to take bigger and bigger doses of the therapy, as it took more to get me to breathe relatively normally.

My doctor, clearly being the amazing doctor that they were, instead of thinking that something was wrong there, put me on even more corticosteroids, because that is such an appropriate solution.

I had to have 2 invasive surgeries, one of which was extremely expensive, which my family had to pay for as it wasn’t covered by insurance (to this day I have to live with the fact that my grandma sacrificed her savings for new teeth that she still needs and never got, to help me), yet my breathing problems did not stop.

I developed the so-called steroid “moon face”, which I was extremely insecure about (and it took me around 8 years for it to not be as prominent as before, that’s how permanent that is), I ate like a little mouse but kept gaining weight and couldn’t lose it no matter what I did, I became a mouth breather which had horrible consequences on my jaw and chin (who’s gonna pay for my reconstructive surgery? also not covered by insurance, which is…amazing), I had undiagnosed dermatitis on my face and scalp (which only got diagnosed correctly recently, and up to that point doctors said I simply had bad skin and that it couldn’t be helped) which is unfortunately still incurable in my case and causes me day-to-day issues and pain, and so on.

I could go on and on about the consequences of using steroids to treat something I didn’t have for such a long time. Some of them are serious medical issues that I don’t like thinking nor talking about, and yes, I didn’t have the thing my doctor thought I had.

Do you know what I did have? Allergies. I was allergic to dust. That was the cause of my breathing problems. It wasn’t even a serious allergy, I’ve been off meds for that for around 7 years now and I’m breathing just fine.

I’ve had allergies all this time. I could’ve just been given Allegra and be done with it. Surgeries didn’t help me. Steroids only made me dependent on them and destroyed my health furthermore. And for what?

Coming off steroids was the worst two months of my life. Immediately afterwards, though, my breathing problems stopped for good. I still get an occasional clogged nose once in a blue moon, but that’s it.

All this, because my doctor took the easy way out, prescribed me the wrong thing, even when I was reacting badly did not reconsider giving me that and checking further, kept me on the medication until I was an adult and now I’ve been permanently damaged.



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Spencer x Fem!Reader

A/N: I really made a whole ass fic from one moment in my dream AGAIN. I wanted to try a diff type of fic format for y’all so if this is bad, I’m sorry. If you read this, I hope you enjoy & pls slide me some feedback <3

“Hey Pretty Boy, do you think you can ask your girl to hook me up with some stronger pain killers? My leg has been killing me since that last door I kicked from the San Fran case.”

“Maybe you should stop kicking down doors,” Emily joked as she patted Morgan’s shoulder before sitting at her desk.

“Oooo wait do you think she could get me some too? Will really hurt his knee chasing after Henry in the backyard the other day and refuses to go to the doctors to get it checked out,” JJ chimed in.

“You all do know that Y/n is a pharmacist, not a drug dealer, right?” Spencer responded with an eye roll.

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