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Sneak peak at ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

Lucifer x Reader smut (preview is clean)

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“The little mouse emerges once the bird of prey has gone, only to find that serpent still beside her” the faceless voice said mockingly, leaning forward to the bars so you could see the silhouette of his face.

You eyed him, trying to make out any of his features, though little was discernible.

“If you knew I was here, why didn’t you tell Crowley?” you asked, taking a small step towards him as you glanced back at the door.

“Now, why would I want to do that?” he replied, infuriatingly answering your question with another question. Though you couldn’t see his face, you got the impression that he was mocking you as you could almost hear the grin in his words.

Feeling aggravated, your snark slipped into your words before you could reign it in, “Boy, you must have done something really bad to earn a personal cage in Hell.” You cocked your head, fixing him with a glare as you kept your distance, while still trying to make out his figure. Something shimmered and danced behind him, presumably a spell of some kind. This guy was clearly bad news but your feet still slipped closer toward him.

“Watch your tone” he bit back. Even behind bars the threat in his voice was heavy and the words shook you.

The air around him seemed cluttered, it wasn’t a spell or like anything you’d seen before, it was more like a translucent mass hung around him. Your brows furrowed as you got closer still, trying to squint your eyes and tilt your head, thinking maybe you would see what it was from a different angle. The chain around his neck jangled as he shifted and you froze in place. You were still at least ten feet from the cage, leery about getting any closer. You had no idea who or what you were dealing with, and you were no hunter. Typically you stuck to research while leaving the dirty work to the Winchesters.

“You mentioned Sam and Dean,” you recalled, having thought of the boys reminding you to his comment. The dim lighting was beginning to frustrate you as you paced back and forth like a caged tiger, growing desperate to figure out what was around him. Your curiosity had always been your weakness, which was perhaps how you ended up in Hell in the first place.

“What a flaw in design that you apes are such curious little things. Needing answers to questions that have no real relevance…” he trailed off, watching you as you studied him. There was a deep seeded anger buried in his voice and you couldn’t help but wonder who wronged him so severely to have caused it.

“Would you hurt me if I came closer?” you posed, stopping your pacing to turn and face him, noting that the space between had dwindled to less than 3 feet, though you didn’t recall consciously doing so.

“Would you trust my answer if I gave you one?” he replied, tilting his head like he spoke to a child, and though he was still seated, leaning towards the bars of his cage, you still felt small before him.

Rolling his question over in your mind, you felt yourself drawn to trust him, though you had no logical reason to. Regardless, you were skeptical, and trust was a foolish game to play.

“Not if you told me you wouldn't” you replied, almost embarrassed by your answer. The feeling in your gut compelled you to speak the truth, though your brain pleaded with you to not be so rash.

“If I were able, you would have been dead long before you even realized I was here” he said coolly, though you got the impression he was more trying to scare you than being truthful.

“But you’re not able” you reckoned, not so much as a question as a statement of fact, looking at him a little more closely and seeing just how bound he was in the tiny cage.

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anonymous asked:

I read your post about Lexa wanting Clarke to be the ambassador of the Skaikru, but why wouldn't she make her the leader of the Skaikru?

Anon is referring to THIS POST

Well, let me first start off with that Lexa can’t appoint another Clan’s leader. They each have their own cultures and ways of electing their leaders, I assume most are through some sort of spiritual reincarnation. I assume this because Lexa seemed very confused when the Sky People don’t have this ‘choosing method’. 

Clans vs Coalition: Heda vs. Commander

Lexa is the leader of the Coalition (Leader of the 12 Clans) as well as HER OWN CLAN. I will distinguish them in this post by saying HEDA= Trikru Clan Leader, COMMANDER = Coalition Leader. Lexa was chosen to be Heda by having the previous’s Heda’s spirit being ‘reincarnated’ into her. She became the Heda of the Trikru when she was 16. She was the Heda of the Trikru for a few years/months before Costia was taken by the Ice Nation and killed. After that Lexa decided, that all of this in-fighting was not helping their fight against Mount Weather and she decided to present the idea of uniting the 12 clans (much like the Ark did with all 12 stations! parallels yo!). Even though Lexa came up with the idea, does that mean that she is automatically the Commander of the Coalition? Most likely not. I can only think of two ways that the Commander of the Coalition is chosen 1) election 2) combat. 

Now, I could see all of the Clan leaders wanting to be the Commander of the Coalition so the election method would fall through pretty quickly. Now, with the preview from the trailer I think that it is more of the second option about how they choose who is the Commander. There are also two ways that I see this combat method happening 1) Clan leaders fight each other, 2) representatives from each Clan fight. Now, after seeing the trailer I believe that it is option 2 rather than 1, for both the initial choosing of the Commander AND for that Commander to stay in power. (Reminder, in this post I am using ‘Commander’ to only refer to the Commander of the Coalition NOT of their Clan). I think that Roan was the representative of the Ice Nation that is challenging Lexa’s position as the Commander of the Coalition. Nia isn’t fighting so it can’t be option 1. Now, I’m assuming that Lexa fights Roan because she is the most skilled fighter in Trikru. However, she might have to fight because she IS the Commander of the Coalition. This is where the ‘representative’ option 1 or option 2 theory gets a little fuzzy. For instance, if Lexa was a 45yr old woman still in Command of the Coalition and someone challenged her, could she have a representative fight for her? My guess is yes. Therefore, I’m sticking with my Lexa is the best fighter to represent Trikru staying in Command of the Coalition so that is why she fights. 

Clarke being the Ambassador

There are a few reasons why I believe Lexa wants Clarke to be the Ambassador or the Skaikru. One, she wants to add the Skaikru to the Coaltion and she believes that Clarke may be the only one to be able to convince her people to look past the betrayal. Having said that, I also think that Clarke is still the only Sky Person that Lexa trusts. Yes, she betrayed Clarke and will fear that Clarke will retaliate. However, Lexa believes in Clarke as a leader and will always do what’s best for her people above her own personal wants. This was one of the reasons why Clarke ended the kiss with Lexa – she needed to focus on rescuing her people before her own wants.

Additionally, The Skaikru DOESN’T have a traditional clan ‘hierarchical’ political system where there is only ONE clan leader, yes, there is a Chancellor but he/she is elected. Also, they don’t have supreme power over their people – they meet with a council and deliberate. The only time the Chancellor has sole power over decisions is when there is a tie OR they are in a crisis situation. The only reason why Abby or Kane had complete control was because they were in a crisis situation; there was no council so they were the sole voice. Otherwise, the council votes and that is how they make their decisions. I have a feeling after the ‘Pauna interruption’ and walking back to TonDC Lexa asked Clarke about how their leaders are chosen and Clarke told her about the council.

Therefore, Lexa needs to find a way to incorporate the Skaikru into the Coalition and deal with their ‘council system’. Lexa is used to the system of having one Clan leader that makes decisions for their people not a council. So, she needs one person to be the Ambassador for the Skaikru, her choice – Clarke. I should mention that other Clans have Ambassadors too that speak on their Clan’s behalf or are the ‘middleman’ when there Clan Leader is not in Polis or any type of meeting (like the one in TonDC in 2x12) <– this thing about Ambassadors is only my theory based on logical deductive reasoning. Clarke being the Ambassador would speak on their behalf of Skaikru’s wishes and relay information back and forth between the two. 

Now, after the 3 months I’m not sure if Kane or Abby is the Chancellor anymore, if I were to guess I think that Kane is the Chancellor. My guess is that Lexa may have invited Kane and Abby to Polis as well, recognizing them as the ‘appointed’ positions as Chancellor/Council in their Clan. I could see Abby and/or Kane going to Polis for Clarke’s ceremony being appointed the Skaikru Ambassador to the Coalition. That will be an interesting reunion!! I think that Kane might also be recognized by the Coaltion as the Skaikru Chancellor, but as I said before the Sky People have a council so Kane technically isn’t the supreme ruler of his Clan. idk if this makes sense. 

[Let me remind you that I am not a writer of this show so everything that I am about to write is what I have deduced from reading tweets, tumblr posts, etc. from the writers as well as watching the show. This is my opinions on the hierarchical system. Are they right? only time will tell.]