and calls my comments nasty

  1. shouldbeheigher said: I think timecanary ship at this point is disgusting and dead, I hope Sara kills or at least beat Rip heavilly


Okay let me just… 

since you saw a post that was clearly about a ship that you didn’t support and decided to leave your nasty comments anyway, let me leave my nasty comments on your so called opinion,

Who do you ship Sara with? Someone who doesn’t have more than three episodes of storyline development before their relationship is cast aside like yet another failed CW storyline? Sara/Nyssa Sara/Leonard Sara/Oliver could have had so much potential BUT the writers never gave a flying fck about what happened with SARA, and just moved the other characters forwards to suit their own benefit. She was completely tossed aside with Oliver, used as some sort of weird emotional prop with Leonard, and Sara/Nyssa did not get half of the explanation that it deserved. 

This ship is the ONE thing that the CW writers have been doing right when it comes to writing ships. Their relationship has been building up for two whole seasons, so quietly in the background that even I didn’t notice it right away – not until 1/16 when I realized just how much rip has cared about Sara, this WHOLE time. 

There is a chance that the guy who killed Sara wasn’t even rip, but it’s Eobard with his face (he can be in two places at once, remember?) and that Rip is still just Phil hanging out with the squabbling malcolm and damien… however even if that theory is not true, Rip’s memories were clearly tampered with. The real Rip would never do that his team and if you really believe that he needs to die or get beaten up for what he did then you sir/ma’am are a grade a imbecile. 

Granted I don’t agree with how little they explained what has actually happened to Rip so maybe you just aren’t too bright and didn’t pick up on the fact it wasn’t really him but like…. it could have obviously been inferred. JESUS H.