and calling people babe

Kiss me in public. Put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. Call me babe in front of our waiter. Pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. Make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. Kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. Show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.

Baking with Tom (and not the illegal kind)

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So here’s one of the many Headcanons I’m writing because who doesn’t love headcanons? Anyways inspired by the fact that all I really want is to bake with Tom (not the illegal kind). So yeah hope you enjoy!

Warnings: FLUFF, sexual suggestiveness (a little bit), possibly swearing (literally sometimes I can’t tell when I swear because it’s my normal vocabulary at this point)

Word Count: 654

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  • 85% of the time Tom is on some sort of crazy Marvel diet and it drives him crazy.
  • He’s relieved when he’s done filming so he can finally eat what he wants.
  • He enlists the help of his beautiful girlfriend to make all his favorite treats.
  • Instead of just making them for him, you decide to teach him the proper way.
  • Besides you missed whenever he was home and you were cooking he’d come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, swaying slightly.
  • Boy was that a mistake
  • The first problem was that Tom found it extremely funny to throw flour at you whenever you looked down at the recipe.
    • “And you wonder why people call you spider-boy.”
    • “That was LOW babe”
  • His next mess up would be accidentally getting the eggshells into the brownie batter.
    • “Thomas!”
    • “It’s fine baby, I’ll get them out”
  • Then he proceeds to break it into even tinier pieces.
  • Now was time for batch #2
  • This time you decided he could just stir for you, because how hard could stirring be right? RIGHT?
  • Welp, apparently it was too hard for the love of your life because after you stepped out of the room you returned to find the new bowl of batter splattered across the white walls of your kitchen.
    • “How?”
    • “I don’t know what you’re referring to…”
    • “The walls Thomas?”
    • “This is called decoration sweetheart, have you never heard of it?”
  • The two of you spend the next hour scrubbing the walls before it’s stained beyond belief.
    • “We needed new walls anyway.”
  • Batch #3, Tom’s new job was measuring because you could always double check him before you put it into the actual batter.
  • This went well for the most part, but when it came time to add the cocoa powder Tom didn’t realize that dumping over the canister would create a chocolate cloud poof covering the both of you
    • “You know what…we’ll try again tomorrow.”
    • “Aw my little chocolate kiss.”
  • Ok, so maybe brownies were too advanced. You decided to start fresh the next day. Time for plan B, which would be chocolate chip cookies.
    • “Ooh does that mean I can eat the cookie dough.”
    • “Tommy, cookie dough isn’t good for you it has raw eggs.”
    • “You know what else will be ra-”
    • “THOMAS!”
  • You measured all of the ingredients but did allow Tom to decide how much and what type of chocolate he wanted.
    • “Okay, we have milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi-sweet, and bittersweet. Now I sugges-”
    • Before you can finish he just dumps all the bags into the bowl.
    • “Or we can do that too, that works.”
  • The cookies were actually turning out better than expected, surprising you.
  • “Tom you should be my helper more often. We could start a Youtube channel of us baking.”
  • “I’d have to talk to my agent and get payment worked out-babe I’m kidding. kidding.”
  • “You can calm it down Hollywood.”
  • “Ugh, not you too!”
  • The two of you would have sticky hands from rolling the cookies into balls of chocolate filled dough. 
  • He’d mischievously take his hands and run them through your hair.
    • “I just got my hair done.”
    • “Ugh fine, I’ll pay for you to get it done again.”
  • “Babeeeee, how much longer until it’s done?”
  • “It just went in the oven.”
  • The impatient little bean would be laying on the counter dramatically while watching the oven.
  • Finally, the timer went off and you took your masterpiece out of the oven.
    • “Thomas, let them cool down. I don’t need you burning yourself.”
  • A little heavy on the chocolate, but whatever made him happy.
  • You’d both sit on the counter feeding each other cookies.
    • “I love you cupcake.”
    • “Love you too babe.”
    • “Nooo, give me a nickname.”
    • “Love you too…pumpkin pie?”
    • “I’ll take it.”

Boyfriend Jaebum

A/n: alright now the other half of jj project. I’m super excited for this one because JB is such a boyfriend oh my godddd

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• oh my god THIS BOY

• you guys met at JYPE as well but you’re an intern

• you were on a coffee run for your boss and it took a little longer than expected

• you were rushing through the halls, clearly not looking where you were going when you literally ran into a wall

• well this wall wasn’t actually a wall, more like JB, the chic and sexy leader of Got7

• you apologized profusely and he just kinda stared at you

• in his head he’s thinking “damn this girl just spilled coffee all over me and yet I still find her attractive”

• you try and use the napkins given to you at the coffee shop to dry his shirt but that’s not working at all

• “I’m so sorry jaebum oppa” you apologize again and this time when you look at him he’s smiling at you

did she just call me oppa? Well shit

• when he finally speaks he says, “well I’m pretty sure this shirt is ruined” with like a kinda awk laugh at the end

• “c-can I do anything to repay you?”

• “no no, don’t worry about it. are you new here?”

• you blush and nod, quite obviously embarrassed with the current situation

• “ah well, it’s fine. I’ll see you around?”

• you nodded again and kept your gaze down which he thought was cute as he walked off

• but you did see him again, this time it was that Friday

• you were on time for once and he wasn’t

• this time he was the one rushing and not looking

• he ran into you and knocked both of you over on to the floor

• “aish- we’ve gotta stop meeting like this” JB says sheepishly getting up and offering you a hand

• you took it ofc and wow does this boy have soft hands

• you blush at the skinship and he notices and smirks smug mother f-er

• “so as much as if love to stay here and talk I’m late” obviously “do you maybe wanna get lunch later?”

hell yeah you think “yeah sure”

• the rest is history

• y'all have been together for a hot ass minute, 2 ½ years to be exact

• he will never stop calling you babe

• people think that’s your name now

• “I don’t even remember her name anymore” Jackson would joke to Jinyoung and they’d laugh

• this boy right here gets pretty dang jealous not gonna lie

• like…god forbid one of the boys gets a lil too close to you

• like one day you and bambam were playing a video game and JB literally picked you up off the couch and carried you to his room

• “babe wtf you doin???”

• “I didn’t like how he was flirting with you”

• “we were talking about overwatch???”

• “I thought I told you never to talk back to daddy?”

• aaaaaaand here it goes


• if you ever wanna be a dom, good luck

• that would take SO MUCH CONVINCING

• and even then if you ever got him to do it he would still have a lot of control

• now this boy is a real tease tho, like get ready for hands on your thighs, knee, waist literally wherever that makes you squirm

• however, he can be a romantic lover too

• like in the end he just wants his baby girl to be happy

• so he will definitely be one of the ones to buy out restaurants

• he’s a pretty private guy as we know so privacy is a major key to him

• going public would be a big no no

• he’d literally wait until you guys were engaged to announce it

• even if there were rumors about you guys being together

• only the boys, a few JYPE members, and yalls moms and dads would know

• he doesn’t want to risk anything bad happening Bc he’s an idol but he knows y'all gotta get married sometime and he don’t wanna have to take the ring off

• when y'all are public tho, he’s super proud to be your fiancé/husband

• and like he will happily talk about the wedding in interviews

• his eyes literally light up whenever talking about you

• when people ask how you guys met, you two always laugh at the coffee situation

• like everyone is expecting some really cute romantic stuff but

• it’s literally all bc you were running late and ruined his fav shirt which you later got a new one for him as a present

I requested MC with selective mutism a while back but just for vanderwood and saeran, could I get that same prompt with the whole RFA + V? - Kas

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Here’s the original!


  • He doesn’t care. Like he just - doesn’t care. Like he’s been forming these complex, indepth relationships on LOLOL and yeah, sometimes he voicechats, but half the people don’t so he’s completely comfortable with navigating a conversation where he speaks and the replies are all in text. It makes for some hilarious logs later, and sometimes you go back and laugh about them.
  • He gets you into LOLOL, and it’s freeing to be in this entirely text-based world where you don’t have to speak. It doesn’t matter. For once? Everyone is on your level!
  • When you join in on raids and people voice-chat to communicate, it’s easy enough to accommodate you and your particular needs. If you don’t have the time to type something you need to say, you macro it! Yoosung shows you how. It’s easy!
  • What a world of wish-fulfillment, far from the noisy and chaotic one where everyone just wants to hear your voice.
  • Your text communication with him is very nuanced. Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a meme is worth a thousand more, and when he asks you what for dinner and all you send is shrug.jpg?
  • Well, he snorts and has his answer.
  • On the voice-chatting program, you become the “guild robot” who occasionally pipes up using text-to-speech. You often use the artificial voice to stay things that are absurd yet hilarious. There’s an entire five minute bit where you all die laughing over how it pronounces kumquat.
  • (Every time you think of it, you snicker.)


  • With Zen, it’s a lot of tugging on his jacket sleeve and pointing.
  • He’s shockingly good at silent communication; is it his skills as an actor? He’s used to projecting so many emotions that he’s amazing at interpreting them in others. To him - your face is an open book, and gosh, does that make things easier.
  • When you’re overwhelmed, he’ll take you on a motorcycle ride. He’ll order for you at the counter so as to not make a big deal of things, and he’s fine with the silence and with texting you under the table. It gives him a chance to look at your face, anyway, to star at you lovingly and watch you squirm as he calls you his cute babe♥.
  • It kinda… freaks everyone out, honestly? People ask him if he’s a mindreader, because half the time, you don’t even need to tell him what you’re thinking. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need gestures, he just looks at you and knows.
  • He says it’s because he knows you well; they say it’s some kind of advanced telepathy device.
  • it’s not ‘they’ it’s seven it’s seven who’s saying all this
  • Zen likes it when you rely on him, and he’s wholly and entirely supportive as you go to therapy and as you slowly, carefully start to come out of your shell.
  • He’ll be there, he says. You’re my precious angel; how could I do anything else?


  • Briefly, Jaehee is disappointed, and admittedly a little perplexed. You don’t talk? she thinks, her fantasies of sitting beside you in front of Zen’s musicals and singing along crushed with a single sentence. She tries not to be sad. She tries to understand. But -
  • She can’t help it. It’s there, it’s unavoidable, but she doesn’t blame you, and she reorganizes her fantasies and moves on.
  • Instead, it becomes the buzz of her phone when she’s stuck late at the office, a message from you or, perhaps, a picture. It becomes your smile on a moonlight night, or the way you giggle at one of Zen’s hammy lines. the milky white fuzz of a whipped-cream mustache on your upper lip and how she wants to reach out a thumb to wipe it awa- 
  • (Jaehee pauses then, adjusts her collar, and gets back to work.)
  • It doesn’t occur to her to ask why; she figures if you want her to know, she’ll know in time, and if you don’t - well. That’s alright too. Your history is your own to share as you please, and she certainly knows how painful it is to let others know about what’s happened to you. 
  • She becomes used to finding notes from you. Good luck, Jaehee! slipped into the tax forums. Today’s going to be great! lying on top of the coffee beans, and You look pretty today! taped on the mixer she uses to make her cakes. She smiles, and makes you a latte with a heart formed from the cream.
  • Jaehee learns the sound of your footsteps, the particular way your shirt rustles when you walk by her. Jaehee learns the difference between a sniff of amusement and a sniff of disapproval, and when it’s an alright time to hold your hand.
  • After what feels like no time at all, she’s forgotten even the possibility of her old wishes, like they’d become so unimportant she’d forgotten they’d ever existed in the first place. What remains isn’t silence - it’s filled with a million small things she might not have noticed otherwise.
  • Jaehee’s entire life has been about rushing and doing things as fast as possible, and now that she has a chance to slow down and listen…
  • It feels good.


  • When he says that he wants to hear your voice, your heart shatters because you know you can’t speak, even for him. But when he says that just hearing you breathe is enough - just knowing you’re alive, knowing you’re listening - it’s put back together again, and you have to press your hand to your mouth to keep yourself from crying.
  • You’re an odd pair, the shiny, pristine businessman and his partner, the one that won’t talk. But you’re also a good pair, as what Jumin needs isn’t really validation… but to be understood. And you do. Sitting by his side, letting him pour out all of the feelings that no one else will listen to… you understand.
  • Exhausted, tired, worn down from trying to untangle the ugly knot that’s overcome his heart, Jumin feels a buzz in his hand, and he checks his phone to see a message from you.
  • ‘I love you.’
  • He smiles because he knows you do.
  • Jumin doesn’t need you to speak. He doesn’t have any ‘romantic aspirations’ of how one day you’ll feel comfortable enough to vocalize your thoughts for him, nor does he particularly mind the silence as you walk by his side. All he needs is to look you in the eyes - those eyes filled with such compassion - and he knows, in his heart, everything that you want to tell him.
  • To him, your ‘voice’ is the click-click of your phone’s keyboard. To him, your ‘voice’ is the way you’ll tug on his sleeve and smile, and the sound of his phone binging softly during a meeting with a message of encouragement and support.
  • Sometimes, he thinks of the mindless way his stepmothers used to prattle on, and he thinks of you, quiet and sincere and afraid to assert your own presence, and he smiles. To know what you’re thinking, he has to slow down and look for it, and he likes it, being the person who can always understand you in return.
  • Jumin doesn’t worry. He doesn’t fret. He doesn’t feel insecure, because sitting next to you, the both of you on the messenger and occasionally looking at each other and smiling…
  • That’s perfect for him.


  • It both takes him forever and no time at all to notice. Or, rather, perhaps a better way of putting it is this - he snoops into your personal information and finds it pretty easily, but doesn’t really understand the ramifications of it until much later in your relationship.
  • You’re energetic in the chat-room. You have time to moderate everything you say, and you don’t have to hear your voice when you’re typing. You joke and laugh and spam memes at each other. Seven feels like he’s walking on air.
  • And in phone conversations…? Honestly, he’s noisy enough for the both of you.
  • He knows - like, it’s clear he knows. It’s hard not to, when you don’t say anything in response to him. He jokes that he knows your true heart, and therefore you don’t have to say a word! Which in a way is… a nice thought?
  • In a way it’s not, because you know it’s not true. You’re filled in a world inundated with conversations and you acknowledge that, you’ve been dealing with it for so long, but some part of you appreciates Seven saying so.
  • It’s a bit shallow, but it’s fun, so you don’t complain.
  • It hits him one night at around three a.m., while he’s thinking about you because he’s so disgustingly in love but doesn’t know how to say it. It’s just this profound, shocking moment of revelation that you are not the way you are because of some quirk.
  • You are the way you are because the world has silenced you.
  • And it just - tears him apart inside.
  • He gets a lot more sensitive after that. He asks you… what it’s like. If you need anything. Are you okay? And you’re surprised, because you didn’t really figure him for the kind of person who took things so seriously, but he does because it’s you and he can’t help it. he asks if it hurts. He asks if there’s anything he can do.
  • When you’re hanging out… should he talk to you? Or type to you?
  • It’s weird, being asked your preferences so forthrightly, and not being made to conform to a world that wasn’t made to fit you. But Seven is so sincere about it all, and you don’t forget about that, even when he goes right back to laughing afterwards. 


  • Being a man who communicates in photographs, it’s only natural that he would accept someone who doesn’t want to communicate with the spoken word.
  • Honestly, he gets a little - mmmn. How to put it. Romantic about it? V has problems, and one of his problems is idealizing people’s suffering to make it “beautiful”. When you first get to know him, he is a little weird about this in regards to the “you not talking thing”.
  • Like - like you’re some kind of “silent princess” or whatever.
  • Which is a bit… alienating? And pedestal-y? And while it’s nice to not be made fun of or to be pressured into speaking (it’ll be good for you!) it’s also strange for him to weave this elaborate emotional tale about your suffering.
  • no dude.
  • you just don’t talk due to your wide assortment of crippling anxieties. don’t get weird about it!
  • You’re not beautiful because you suffer; you’re just a person trying to get through life while carrying your own blend of burdens. And he starts to realize that once his own burdens really start impeding his communication with you. 
  • V… can’t see very well. It makes logging into the chat-room hard, along with reading messages from you. You both struggle with this, because you like each other, but it seems like you keep not being able to match up with your own problems. 
  • He feels guilty. If he’d gotten the eye surgery earlier, maybe his vision wouldn’t be this far gone. You feel guilty, because - well, because of everything, because if you just “got better” faster this wouldn’t be a problem, and it’s Seven that suggests you both try to bridge the gap through technology.
  • You learn to write in braille. He starts getting the courage to navigate resources for those who have difficulty seeing, and your relationship becomes one of mutually acknowledging and finding a way around your troubles.
  • It’s oddly empowering, in a way, as you both figure out new strategies to reach out to each other. You get how the world doesn’t really feel made for you, you get the feeling of struggling, and by the end of it, V has stopped seeing you as this delicate ice princess and he, the worthless, sad man who’s ruined his life.
  • In the end, you’re just two people trying to make things work… and it does.
taako writing masterclass part 1

okay so a couple of peeps in discord ( @emi–rose, @maegnus, @epersonae) were lowkey askin/down for a “how to write taako guide” so i’m writing one and sticking this up here for archiving. 

this covers how to write in taako’s voice, verbal quirks/syntax/cadence. part 2 will be characterization.

here are my qualifications: i write too much taako and also listen to too much taz. 

also disclaimer: i’m just one guy and this is my interpretation of the character. this aint gospel.

______ CUT SHOULD BE HERE ______

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pls tell me more abt the actor au


  • so like ive mentioned before lance, allura and shiro mess up their lines ALOT - usually because they like to crack jokes and/or they can’t stop laughing
  • you know that one episode where the paladins make the laser sounds - that entire part was all improv (shiro’s especially) - “OH MY GOD DID WE GET THAT ON FILM, PLEASE TELL ME WE DID” - heaving Coran
  • Keith is a very shy bby, like rlly shy and a ball of fluff but he is very passionate in his acting - the one who rarely ever messes up. 
  • He only messes up whenever Lance makes a really bad joke during filming
    • so like one example was during the time they were shooting the first episode where Lance first finds the blue lion, Lance pulls this god awful joke
    • “Guys…you might not wanna look, it’s pretty inappropriate….cUS IM ABOUT TO GET IN THE PUSSY”
    • and everyone behind him just groans but then u just hear a faint laughing and it’s fucking keith in the corner laughing his lungs out
  • Hunk and Lance have a habit of calling each other “babe” on set and it makes people annoyed and cringe but Hunk and Lance could give less of a fuck
  • that scene where lance farts was real
  • every single voltron conspiracy is all pidge’s fault 
    • so like say they’re at a panel and they just showed the s2 trailer for voltron and they’re talking about the show and shit like
    • someone asks “will we ever see shiro’s backstory?”
    • pidge’s actor just whispers “if he lives long enough maybe”
    • and everyone is fucking crying and pidge is like “iM JOKING…or am i? ;)”
  • Allura is bae and the reason she messes up a lot is because the cast crew are dickwads and try to make her laugh everytime it’s her turn to film so say they’re filming some dramatic close up of her you just see “Okay Paladins time to fo–gOD DAMMIT HUNK STOP DOING THE MAMBO I CAN’T CONCENTRATE”
  • voltron is hunk and lance’s first major role in a show,  shiro, allura and coran have all been acting for years, and pidge was a child actor


BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.11

A/N: Helllooooo :) Ya girl has fully recovered from her food poisoning and whipped this up for you. Now, honestly it’s a bit shorter than the rest, but mainly because it’s a filler chapter. There’s A LOT of drama to come and those chapters will most definitely be longer, plus I wanted to get this out quick for making you all wait so long. So, you know 100 notes and feedback would be lovely. I hope yall love bugs enjoy💕

**WARNINGS**: None

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Calum!” You giggled loudly as Calum placed kisses all over your face, trying to fight him off the best you could.

You loved moments like these where Calum would be playful and loving instead of the asshole he had recently grown into. After you had left the hospital Calum had been by your side constantly. He hadn’t allowed you out of bed in the past few days and even followed you to the bathroom if you needed to pee or shower. You wouldn’t be out of his sight for anymore than a few minutes before he’d come and cuddle up beside you. He even cooked and cleaned around the house for you without being asked to, and you usually could never get him to do either one.



“Get off!”

“No, I like giving you kisses.”

“Do you?”


“Well, do you mind giving me kisses else where?” You’d smirk and Calum would pause at your words and would shiver as your hands trailed down his back.

“I uh…”

“Come on, babe, we haven’t done anything in a while. I need you.”

Calum didn’t know what to do. As you kissed his neck all he could think about what happened between him and Nia and how he had betrayed you. He didn’t want to have sex with you anymore. He didn’t want to touch you like that, especially not after he’d touched someone else like that. Not after he had been intimate with someone other than his girlfriend.

“I’m not really in the mood, Y/N.”

“Please, Cal. I haven’t had you since the promo tour. I’m horny.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Can I at least get some head if you’re not in the mood? I need at least that.”

“Y/N, I don’t think I want to…”

“What?!” You shouted with wide eyes.“You don’t want to eat me out?! That’s a first, oh my God!”

“Yeah.“He’d laugh nervously."Are you hungry? I can run and get McDonald’s.”

“I’m hungry for something other than food, but since I apparently can’t have that then I want nuggets.”

“I’m sorry, princess. I’ll make it up to you.” He lied before he bolted out of the room.

You sighed and stared up at the ceiling, rubbing your six month belly out of habit. Another failed attempt at getting sex or any other sexual favor from Calum. You knew something was definitely wrong. When did that boy ever turn down sex? His sex drive was higher than anyone you know.

“What the hell is up with you, Cal?” You left the question floating in the air and hoped that you’d soon find the answer.

“Cal, why are you being weird?” Ashton questioned and he knew something was up the minute Calum began to chew on his lip and deny his accusations.

“I’m not-”

“You are and Y/N told me to ask why. She specifically told me that you won’t have sex with her.” He laughed lightly.“ Now, what’s wrong?”


“Calum, you’re tearing up.” Ashton sighed as he noticed Calum’s eyes beginning to glaze over with tears. Whatever was going on with him had to be major.“Cal-”

“I cheated.” He blurted and Ashton’s mouth gaped open and closed multiple times as he tried to find the right words. “I fucking..I fucking cheated on her and I can’t touch her like that anymore. I already hate myself more than you can possibly imagine, so you don’t have to give me shit about it.”

“I…you…Calum what the fuck? Are you fucking serious?!”

“Nia took advantage of me!” Calum shouted as more tears poured down his cheeks.“I was drunk as hell, but I knew what what was going on! I kept trying to get her to stop but she started- I felt good and I gave in.” He hiccuped.“I regret it so much.”

“Why can’t you just stop doing stupid things for more than a few days? Why is it always something with you two?” Ashton spoke more to himself. “Y/N’s going to kill you.”

“Please don’t tell her.” Calum looked up from his hands.“Ashton, you can’t tell her!”

“Calum, this is something serious okay? She’s my friend, I can’t just not tell her!”

“I’ll tell her eventually,just don’t fucking tell her!” He cried. “I can’t lose her, especially not like this. She’ll hate me and I can’t handle that.”



The blonde boy could see that his younger friend was truly sorry for what he did. He could see that he had been beating himself up about it, which would explain his sulking around his apartment. The problem was, would you be able to see it?

“Can you not?” Felix would laugh as Connor squeezed his butt playfully.

“Your butt is so nice, babe. The gym really pays off.”

“Stop fondling me in this mall.” Felix chuckled as he pushed away Connor’s hand and pulled him into his side.

The two walked around the mall like that for a few hours, the only time they’d part being when they had to try something on. Connor had suggested stopping in the food court and Felix noticed that he kept eyeing a specific black haired girl sitting and chatting with a blonde.

“Why does she look so familiar?”

“I don’t know.” Felix shrugged as he paid for the Mandarin Express plates they had gotten. “Stop staring Connor.”

“I’m trying to figure out who she is.” Connor grabbed their drinks and continued to stare at the stranger.

“She’s probably nobody. Are we eating here or-”

“That’s that bitch Calum’s cheating on Y/N with!” He whisper shouted and slapped his boyfriends shoulder multiple times.“Y/N looks so much better.”

“Calum’s not cheating on her, and stop being so loud.”

“He is, neither of you want to believe it.”


“I’m going to talk to her.”

Felix’s eyes widened as his boyfriends pulled up the sleeves on his hoodie and made a beeline for Nia’s table. He couldn’t stop him due to the fact that he was holding their plates of food, so he followed closely behind trying to keep him from saying anything to her. To Felix’s dismay, Connor pulled out a chair and took a seat at their table, giving Nia the biggest fake smile he could muster up. Felix just knew that the lilac haired boy would cause trouble.

“Hello.” Connor greeted and the two girls gave him a weird look.

“Hi…Are you a fan?”

“Oh yeah, big fan.” He lied and held out his hand to shake hers, which she hesitantly shook.“I’m Connor, the best friend of Calum’s girlfriend.”

Felix almost laughed as he watched the girl’s face fall at his words.


“Yeah, oh is right. Now, why are you talking to him?”

“He’s my friend.”

“Oh, right. Your "friend”.“ He held up air quotations as he said ‘friend’."Lets cut the to chase. Are you fucking him?”

Nia laughed at this question and Connor had to remind himself that although he was gay, this was a girl and he was still a boy.“Why is this any of your business?”

"Look here, bitch.” Connor glared and Felix pinched the bridge of his nose. Why must he always be so hostile?“Y/N is my best friend. Due to her being my best friend, her business is my business. So, if you’re sleeping with her idiot of a boyfriend you need to let me know right now before I call people to beat your ass.”

“Please don’t call anyone, babe.” Felix sighed, knowing that he was serious. “Answer him, please.”

With a slight laugh Nia looked at her friend who only shook her head and continued to tap away at her phone, not wanting to be apart of it.


“If you must know, sweetie,” she smirked at him,“I fucked him a couple of nights ago.”

Felix’s eyes would widen in shock as Connor leaped across the table and yanked Nia by her hair, causing multiple people to look over.

“You think it’s funny?!”

“You’re fucking crazy!”

“Connor, let her go!”

With Felix grabbing at Connor he eventually let go and picked up his bags and stormed off towards the entrance of the mall. Felix looked at Nia with disgust and gathered the food before following behind his boyfriend. He met Connor in the car and didn’t know what to say as the boy bounced his leg at an alarming rate. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Felix decided to try and calm him down.


“I fucking told you he was cheating on her! I fucking told you!”

“I know, okay, just fuck. That wasn’t the right way to handle that!”

“Does it look like I care, Felix? I would’ve beat her ass if she wasn’t a girl!”

“I’m glad you didn’t, because I seriously don’t want to bail you out of jail.”

“We have to tell her.”

“No! Oh, God, no!”

Connor would look at Felix in shock as he shouted,“What the hell do you mean ‘no’? She’s our best friend!”

“Fuck, I know, but this will destroy her! She’s been to the hospital because of stress twice now and the doctor told her that a third time could possibly be a miscarriage! How would we even tell her that he’s cheating on her anyway?!”

“Felix, I can’t just pretend I don’t know that Calum’s cheating on her!” Connor would cry.“I’m going to feel shitty!”

“Babe,” Felix sighed out, understanding his point on the matter,“I just want her to be happy for once. Ever since Y/N got pregnant she’s been almost miserable and-”

“I know.” Connor would interrupt and run his fingers through his hair.“We’re officially shitty best friends and she’ll disown us.”

“No she won’t.”

“She won’t, but she’ll be really upset with us.”


“She’ll find out soon enough though, right? It not like it’ll be a long time before she knows..?”

The two boys stared at the car in front of them in deep thought, not having a clue on what to do in this situation. If they told you then there’s a risk you would lose the baby and wallow in your misery and hatred for Calum. If they didn’t you’d be happy and possibly eventually find out which would have the same effect from the first option. Either way you were fucked and they had no idea on how to fix you before you were broken.

JOHNNY; as your boyfriend

  • It was a normal day at your boring work in a business company
  • your colleagues asked you to go with them to a bar after the expedient since it was friday and that was a pretty hard week 
  • you notice Johnny at the moment you entered the bar… who in the hole world will not see a tall and handsome guy like he???
  • he was working at waiter that night and every one was asking him to attend them
  • he came to your table and wrote down your orders
  • a few minutes passed and you could not forget how handsome he is
  • when he return with the orders he handed you a small napkin with his phone number written on it

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PERSPECTIVE: People object to Clarks calling boys shoes “Leader” and girls shoes “Dolly Babe”. Aaaaaand over on the letters pages…..

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I literally DIED at that moment ajhflkashkdl the knowledge that Harry and ONLY Harry can call him babe or honey or any other pet name fuels me into the next century

the first time i read the gif quotes i was misreading bc i thought it was him saying that, but it was actually her, which is funny bc yeah louis does call everyone babe so he’s probably like o shit i’m not trying to hit on u, i just call people babe!!!!!!!! we all know that harry calls louis baby and sweetie and honey and kitten and louis loves it. he probably wouldn’t like if someone else called him that to his face (harry would also…..really dislike that), but he’s still my baby and i’m still gonna say it on the internet and they can’t do anything about it.

Jeff Atkins imagine for Iris

#57: “Is that my shirt?”

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You cheered as your boyfriend hits a home run. “Yes, go babe!” you call out and stand up and clap. People around you were cheering along and you couldn’t help the smile that formed on your face. He ran around the bases, and as he made it back to home he looked at you and smiled with a wink. You giggled, watching as he goes over to the boys and gets numerous high fives or bro hugs, they had just won the game, meaning they would be going to the finals. You sat down, smiling as the team goes to high five the other team. “That was amazing” Hannah said, sitting next to you. “I know, I’m so proud of him” you smile, looking at the boy as him and his teammates excitedly talk about the game. She chuckles a bit, looking at you. “You two are so in love, it’s adorable” she smiles. You blush and bite your lip. “Maybe a little” you giggle a bit as she nods. 

You looked out at your boyfriend, who had the biggest smile on his face, and couldn’t help but admire him a bit. He looked at you and ran over and wrapped his arms around you. “We did it! We won!” He said, picking you up and spinning you around. You giggled and hugged him. “I’m so proud of you babe” you say truthfully, “that was amazing” you smiled and kissed him gently. “We need to celebrate” you smile at him.

He sets you down and smiles. “I was thinking we could do an indoor date night to celebrate. No parties, just me and you.” He smiles. “We can build a little fort and we can watch movies all night and talk, maybe go get a milkshake at Rosie’s, but other than that just have a night in.” He smiles. You giggle a bit. “That doesn’t sound like celebrating but I definitely would love that.” You smile and peck his lips. He pecks yours back, holding your hand. “Oh trust me, it will feel like it. A night with my girl always makes me feel celebrated” he smiles. You roll your eyes playfully at his cheesy comment but smile. “Glad I can do that for you Atkins, see you in 45 minutes?” You ask, giving him time to get ready and do what he needs to. He nods and squeezes your hand. “See you in 45 minutes” he promises and kisses you once more before leaving.

You smile and leave as well, going home to get ready. You put on some shorts that were like sweats and one of Jeff’s baseball tee’s. It was a very comfortable outfit and you wore it a lot. His shirt still smelled like him and it was so baggy on you and you loved the soft material. It brought you comfort, you just really like his clothes.

You played on your phone for the next little bit, waiting for the text that says he is outside. When you get it, you say bye to who is home and you go meet him in the car. You kiss him as you get in. “Hi babe” you smile. “Hey princess” he says, looking at you. He looks at you a bit confused but a small smile is placed on his face. “Is that my shirt?” he asks, smiling a bit more as you blush. “Yeah it is, I like wearing it” you say. He smiles. “It looks amazing on you babe, a lot better than it did on me” he compliment as he drives. You roll your eyes, smiling at his compliment. “Nah, but thank you” you look at him. “I wonder what you would look like in one of my hoodies, like you look amazing in that, you would look amazing in a hoodie” he says, causing you to giggle. “Why thank you Atkins, I’m glad you approve of this. I’ll have to steal a hoodie when I go over today and we can test that out next” you smile. 

You two get to his house, and he comes and opens the door for you before taking your hand and you guys go inside. The living room was all set up, a little fort was made out of couch cushions, the TV was set to Netflix, there was pizza and all kinds of sweets in the fort. You smiled, looking at him. “This looks amazing, thank you for getting this together” you kiss him gently. “I wish I could take the credit but it was really my mom’s doing. I built the fort but” he starts and smiles. You giggle. “Remind me to thank her later when I see her” you say, knowing his parents were out now.

You two climb in the fort, getting cozy as you wrap the blankets around you two. You start off with a classic disney movie as you two begin to eat the food around you. You two sing the songs in the wrong key and quote the movie together and just enjoy each others company. You don’t pay as much attention to the second movie, too busy talking to each other and kissing here and there. All his kisses were soft and gentle, the kind that made you fall for him more. As you guys were about to pick the next movie he turns to you. “Let’s go get those milkshakes instead” he smiles. You smile and nod. “Yeah, let’s do it” you say and you two get up and make your way to Rosies.

You arrive and go order the usual milkshake to share and sit in a booth across from each other. He smiles. “What has been the best part of your day?” he asks as you guys wait for the milkshake. “Hm, probably watching you kill it in your game today. You were incredible” you smile, holding his hand from across the table. He smiles and blushes a bit. “Awe thank you” he says and kisses your hand gently. “What was the best part of your day?” You asked, expecting it to be about the game. He thinks for a bit. “Winning was definitely cool, but learning that you look adorable in my clothes was the best part.” He smiles, making you blush. You giggle a bit. “You are so cute” you say and rub gentle circles on his hand. “Nah that’s you” he says, making you smile.

The milkshake comes out and you guys end up spending most of the night talking there. It was one of the best nights of your lives, getting to know each other more and just being together was always a highlight, and tonight was definitely a night to remember with the soft spoken words and the endless laughter and the way you two just seemed to glow. It was perfect, and you almost wished the night would never end.

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Could you do a headcanon of what the dads would call the dadsona as like a cute nickname and such ? And then how they would react to someone else calling him ((the dadsona)) by their pet name ? (I'm fine if things suddenly turn NSFW :) )

(( This didn’t get NSFW lol sorry. Also I’m assuming the people that call dadsona petnames aren’t friends/family bc ur partner should never be upset when your friends use affectionate nicknames for you!! That’s silly ))

-Babe, baby, doll, kid, etc
-idk why I headcanon him calling MC “kid” affectionately but I DO every damn time
-if someone else were to call you doll
-he would wrap his arm TIGHT around your waist
-and fuckin say it back
-Bartender: What’ll it be, doll?
-Rob, sneering: Jack and Coke, DOLL.

-honeypot, sweetiepie, babycakes, etc
-when someone calls you one of these Joseph just kind of…stares at them
-he smiles real wide and just. Stares. Like a doll from hell
-the person usually gets it and backs off

-My love, my darling, dearest, lovely, the occasional “mon Cheri/e”, etc
-he. He hates it when people call you these
-even if it’s friends he doesn’t like it much bc these are pretty love-y nicknames and he uses them only for you (with the exception of a Lucien)
-he’ll openly frown when people use them around him
-and insist you stand a little closer, hold his arm a little tighter

-Dear, Mi amor, mi corazon, a handful of Spanish nicknames that idk bc I don’t speak Spanish
-uhhhhh nobody better me calling you this around Hugo
-he will OPENLY ask them not to refer to you that way
-and if anyone gets a little more possessive later on, it’s Hugo

-he calls you things like sweetiepop?? Really random combinations of words. Honeypie, sugarbear, honeybee, etc
-he doesn’t care if other people use these to refer to you, too
-except for Sweetiepop. That’s HIS thing
-and all he does is get the tiniest bit more affectionate lol

-he…calls you….bro….
-Craig doesn’t really use couple-y nicknames?? He might call you “babe” but that’s it
-when he hears other people use those terms to refer to you by he gets a little uppity
-probably starts calling you petnames more when you’re around them and kissing you a little more often

-keeps it classic. Baby, Sweetheart, etc
-when other people use those terms to refer to you he gets extra clingy
-emphasizes them when he says them
-his go-to is just to talk about all the cute shit you two do together so the other person fucks off

Woozi: Damn Paperboy

Anonymous asked: Hi There :) Can I Request A Scenario Where Lil Ol Jihoonie Gets Jealous? I Don’t Have anything Specific But~~ The Ending Should Be Rlly Fluffy!!! Thank You~~~

Summary: There is a (very handsome) paperboy who stops by your house every Sunday morning. Jihoon is not jealous. 

-Admin Syrup

Jihoon held the blinds open with two of his fingers and peered out the window through the small opening. “It’s that damn paperboy again,” he muttered under his breath, eyes trailing the unsuspecting paperboy in question, who was pedaling toward your house on his bike. Jihoon was very familiar with the boy, who was tall with dark, dark hair and dark, dark eyes and a jawline that could split Jihoon right in half. The only reason why he had become unpleasantly acquainted with the older—dare he say attractive—male was because the paperboy had made a point to show up in front of your house every Sunday morning with the newspaper. 

What’s so important about the damn news anyway?

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What nicknames do you think malvie & jaylos has for each other?



  • evie - holy……. holy shit. evie calls mal every name in the gd book. ‘babe,’ ‘baby,’ ‘honey,’ ‘sweetie,’ ‘love,’ ‘darling,’ ‘angel,’ ‘sugar,’ ‘doll.’ mal lowkey loves it!!!
  • mal - mal just calls evie ‘e’ and ‘babe.’ she’s not too into calling people nicknames but loves being called them that hypocrite.


  • jay - MY FIRM BELIEF is carlos = ‘babe’/’baby’ in jay’s book. that’s it. sometimes mal and evie will play a drinking game - how many times will jay call carlos babe/y in one hangout session? mal blacked out so she doesn’t know who won. nobody, she supposed, in the end bc she had to hold evie’s hair while she puked.
  • carlos - okay so on the one hand he would be so cute about it and definitely go by the nicknames in the book…. but on the other…. he has a dumb sense of humor and would def try to come up with the WEIRDEST nicknames possible. ‘sugar dumpling,’ ‘chicken pot pie,’ ‘angel dust’ (no one tell him that one’s a drug he’s naive), ‘red m&m’ (no one gets this one. not even jay. everyone just sits there like ???), ‘everything bagel,’ ‘cool side of the pillow.’ he thinks he’s funny at least.
Dating Bruce Wayne Would Include:

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Before his parents death (not dating yet) 

-Being great friends with Bruce

-Your parents know each other so they were basically the ones that introduced you and Bruce to each other

-The parents hoping you two end up together

“Hopefully if Y/N and Bruce end up together we’ll get ourselves some beautiful grandchildren.” Martha smiled.

“Only time will tell but I hope it happens.” Thomas said.

“He’s an intelligent and charismatic young man there’s no one more perfect for Y/N then Bruce.” Your mom stated.

“Well I don’t have any doubts these two kiddos will surely end up together.” Your father said. 

-Bruce and you always being together, you’re practically attached to the hip

-Going to the same school

-Causing mischief in the mansion sometimes 

After his parents death (helping him recover)

-Being his shoulder to cry on after what happens

-Stopping him from trying to hurt himself and from doing stupid things

-Turning into his best friend

-Helping him control his negative emotions

-Going on adventures with him around the city

-Hanging out with Selina and Ivy

-They (and Alfred) both think you and Bruce are cute together and practically ship you 

-Defending him in school from Tommy Elliott  

1 year after his parents death (finally dating)

-Bruce confesses his feelings for you in the cutest way possible

-He told Alfred that you would make an amazing wife and mother

-When Alfred tell you this you’re practically as red as a tomato just like Bruce

-Alfred ships you both even more now and says he can’t wait for the grandchildren 

-Being great friends with Selina 

-Which leads to you and Bruce blushing madly

-Bruce calling you or describing you to other people as, “Babe, baby, gorgeous, beautiful, hun, princess, darling, angel, queen of my heart, my other half, love of my life, etc…”

-You calling him or describing him to other people as, “Babe, baby, handsome, king of my heart, my other half, my prince, soldier, love of my life, Romeo, pretty boy, etc….

-Going to the meetings with him

-Going to events as well and helping him pick out a suit

-All eyes are on both of you when you dance together 

“They’re looking at you.”

“Oh believe me they’re all looking at you.” Bruce said.

-People calling you two the Prince and Princess of Gotham 

-When Jerome is revived Bruce protects you at all times because of what happened last time (Jerome planned on keeping you as his queen after killing Bruce who was only your best friend at that time but his plan didn’t succeed)

-Jerome takes you hostage in the circus along with Bruce

-You stop Bruce from killing Jerome because Bruce is not a killer 

-Jerome gets the living shit beat out of him for taking you hostage 

-You and Bruce reunite with a passionate kiss after escaping the funhouse mirrors 

-Forehead kisses

-Sweet and slow kisses

-Endless cuddling

-Watching movies together 

-Falling asleep in Bruce’s arms sometimes 

-The cute “I love you(s)”

-Bear hugs

-A lot of kissing and hugging 

-Becoming a target since you are Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend

-Bruce being overprotective asf but you don’t mind, you think it’s cute

-Small and simple dates but you love them

-Him treating you like a princess and always loving you 

-He’s the greatest guy you could ever ask for and you’re really lucky to have him, he feels the same about you

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Could you please give me explanation on how 아가야 is used in Korea? There were 2 times I noticed JM calling JK 아가야. (The very first time I heard the word 아가 was when I watched a Super Junior variety show where Kyuhyun's mom said "어 아가?" when she got a call from him. From the SJ video, I got the impression that 아가 is probably a veeery dear way of calling someone) After I heard JM said that, I was like oh god this is so sweet, JM must love JK so much to be calling him that and RIP replay button. (1)

But I kind of have a feeling that 아가 was not meant to be romantic(?). Does this word used by couples? Does it really that “sweet” to be called 아가야? I ship kook/min both platonically and romantically, so tbh its not really a problem to me if the word doesn’t mean anything romantic. I’m just so curious about how 아가야 is usually used in Korea. Thank you and sorry english isn’t my first language, I hope I didn’t confuse you. (2)          

Your English is fine^^ There are about 4 ways 아가/애기 is used in Korea:

  1. It’s literal form and meaning, i.e. babies.
  2. Traditionally, when a woman marries, her in-laws may call her this. It’s supposedly because she’s new and precious to the family like a baby.
  3. Couples also use it (like how people call each other babe or baby overseas). But in Korea it’s usually the older person in the relationship who calls the younger partner this. Usually
  4. Anything cute or young.

So, depending on the relationship and context, baby can be platonic or romantic!