and calling people babe

Kiss me in public. Put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. Call me babe in front of our waiter. Pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. Make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. Kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. Show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.

For people getting all pissy because hazel called Phil babe, in Ireland it’s a common nickname to call someone it platonically. It actually means ‘young one’ and can be used in a casual way.

It irritates me so much when people freak out because a youtuber which isn’t Dan 'touched phil’ or 'was too friendly with Phil’

Fucking chill guys the boys are allowed to have friends


chu learns how to gif: bo/tamsin in 3x12

this is not meant to be a hateful post but it does make me really sad when people put on like. some green lipstick and dye their hair a neon color or whatever and then they are like “im an alien babe” like it makes me really sad when people call themselves an “alien babe” . not that i would dislike someone for living their life that way or anything, it just fills me with an indescribable melancholy every time

Hip Hop Unit in Bed

this was requested by an anon and i’m making it into a series now nicee

BTS / Performance Unit (minus Chan) / Hip Hop Unit / all


  • he has a daddy kink we know this
  • BIG on power play like he loves being called daddy and calling people babe/baby
  • like babe in the streets baby in the sheets u kno?
  • despite being a lil rough he’s very very considerate like
  • always has a safe word even if ur just sucking him off lmao
  • super into pulling your hair like if you’re sucking him off or if he has you on all fours he’ll pull your hair 
  • likes teasing you in public so when you get home you’re ready 2 go 
  • he’ll be like rubbing u through ur clothes under the table at the restaurant laughing at u choking on ur food n shit like he’s such a cocky bastard 
  • he doesn’t often take you in the disabled toilet but if he’s really desperate he will 
  • his moans are low grunts and huffs of breath that fan out across ur skin
  • all of his actions are so like firm and directed but at the same time so so soft and gentle and caring


  • is a known switch but leans towards dom
  • always tells you how good you are or how tight or w/e like he loves praising you
  • it’s hard to get him to shut the fuck up lol he’s very very verbal
  • isn’t massive on foreplay like he doesn’t beat around the bush but he makes sure he doesn’t only last like 30 seconds lol
  • in public he’s very like proper like he isn’t about that pda life
  • but as soon as you’re alone he can’t keep his hands off you not even in a sexual way like he just always has to be touching you
  • sexual touching however is a big thing like he’s eating you out or w/e and his hands are everywhere on your body just roaming around almost like tracing the shape of your body u kno?
  • when he subs though he’s crap at it because all he wants to do is touch you
  • like he BEGS to be allowed to touch you and he gets so worked up if he can’t
  • you’re blowing him and he has his hands tied up and he’s begging and whimpering and almost sounds like he’s crying bc all he wants to do is get his fingers tangled in your hair 


  • super into being degraded like loves it when u call him a slut
  • when he subs he talks back at you bc he loves to rile you up and get you to punish him
  • LOVES to be punished like way too much lol
  • likes to be teased and made to wait so he’s a shaking whimpering mess and over sensitive to the slightest touch
  • likes you see you choke on his dick as well like he face fucks you
  • it’s kinda gross bc ur like drooling n shit but he loves that
  • the dirtier the better in his opinion
  • LOVES to be restricted like tied up and shit 
  • any chance he has to be a brat he takes just so that he gets spanked or teased even more
  • he lives for punishment i know i said this but it’s v important that people Know This
  • flips flops between threats and promises when he’s trying to convince you to touch him


  • has sex like he’s worried his parents r gonna walk in
  • hurried and clumsy and frantic like he’s desperate 
  • the clumsiness is super cute btw and makes u end up in some pretty interesting positions after he falls off the bed for the tenth time lol
  • he also thinks about memes during sex and will just blurt them out like he’s always cracking jokes
  • bc he’s still kinda nervous about it bless him so he feels like he has to break the tension even though there ?? isn’t any 
  • he’s highkey down to try anything but tries to be chill about it even though he gets SO excited
  • will never offer up anything new to try but is so eager when you suggest things
  • like falls off the bed in excitement jdfhgs
  • gets super sleepy and clingy after he cums
  • morning sex isn’t a thing bc he will fall tf back asleep lmao but he always gotta cuddle afterwards
Call-out post. (watch out for these people)

So, I came into 2016 think it was absolute shit. Garbage. I kept getting thrown to the ground and kicked while I was down. I was at my rope’s end, I was about ready to give up. I’d had enough of it. The only thing I thought I had going for me was having my cat, Niko. Nothing was exciting, I couldn’t really write or draw since I didn’t have the inspiration for it anymore. I really thought that it was the end of the line for me, I was in too deep of a hole and couldn’t get out. Waking up was a chore in itself. To top it off, my living situation took a turn for the worst, I was going to get evicted, debt was piling up, my family cat that I’ve had since I was little recently passed away. 2016 was nothing less than a raging dumpster fire.

And then, I’m not exaggerating, I revived my Tumblr and joined the Undertale fandom halfway through the year and it literally made my entire year worth it and more.

Now, I’m not one for sappy posts or writings. Anyone that knows me will confirm this. I usually consider it a complete waste of time. But I feel like it’s necessary, given the holiday and the wave of feelings I woke up to in the morning.

I joined the Undertale fandom shortly after I revived my Tumblr. Yeah sure, everyone praises Undertale. I was extremely skeptical of the fandom, always given the impression that it was toxic and downright ‘cancerous,’ if I recall the term used to me when it was described.

And then I was sucked in.

I couldn’t keep away. I wasn’t just some hopeless Sans fan. I fell in love with the game, the message, the powerful feelings that drove me to find every last little tidbit, speak to every character, finish the post-game content, keep on my pacifist path instead of getting bored and continue like a typical RPG to attack everything and anything because, well, I could. And it was hard as hell, believe me. I can’t even begin to describe the wonders that the game did for me.

But the fandom.

@fly-sky-high-09 encouraged me to make a Discord so we could roleplay. She taught me about servers and everything to do with it. That was the sole catalyst here.

I gathered the courage to talk to @echoflowertea (I guess she blocked me so idk if she’ll ever see this I guess) for her shirt she was giving away, and it immediately gained a spot as my favorite shirt. It was comfortable, it glowed in the dark, and you couldn’t pay me enough to take it off. You still can’t. I could sell all my possessions and be left with a cardboard box and my cat, and the one thing I would refuse to let go of would be that shirt. If you tried to take it from me, you’d have a bad time. (heh.) I got involved with writing fanfictions for Undertale, since it inspired me to write again and I wasn’t going to pass that opportunity up.

I browsed for Undertale fanart and learned about the many AU’s. I approached @its-captain-senpai and we started talking and talking and she was so funny and interesting I couldn’t keep away and always looked forward to hearing from her.

Through Captain Senpai, I found the game she was doing art for, Underfell. I met @underfellfangame and Mania was nothing short of welcoming. I got thrown into the Discord server, and what a ride it’s been. I still regret being so shady there, but I don’t have too much time nowadays. I plan on making a comeback with memes and weird drabbles, someday. But the game…I just played the game demo (which I am still too grateful for, Mania) and it’s absolutely wonderful. It blew me away. It has so much potential, the voice acting’s spot on, the battle system looks promising even in its early stages, and the spriting. Oh, dear god, the spriting. That’s where Damenshi comes in.

I met @ilexdamenshi and we became fast friends. I think I initially gushed about his spriting job and we took the chatting to Discord, and honestly he’s one of my closer friends I’ve ever met. He’s understanding, kind, caring, and anytime I’m less than peachy, he’s been there for me and nothing less than supportive. (Plus he always puts up with me when I’m being a sad whiny git, so kudos to you for sticking with me through that).

Through the Underfell server, I also met @edissero. We dork about puns and I’m always game for that. (We should definitely talk more, you’re an absolute gem to watch on stream and youtube. And your art, don’t even get me started. I could praise you for days.)

And I met @imsearchingforwords. She’s been nothing but kind to me, we’ve had a bit of a roller coaster relationship but we’ve had each other’s backs. (Lord Derpsmore seems to like hearing from you, too.) She awoke my love for Swapfell Papyrus (damn you for making me indulge myself!!!) and roleplaying once again. I can’t thank you enough for being there to bug me day in and day out. You never let me feel like I was alone, that’s for sure.

[Linking to NSFW blogs, those uncomfortable with NSFW or mentions of fontcest in the titles can skip to the end of the break. I know this is a SFW blog but they’re my friends so I feel like a proper shout-out in a sappy post is necessary. Apologies in advance.]

Then I got thrown into @undertailsoulsex‘s little Discord family server by @mercy-run. I met @allthesans, @nsfwsinningsans, @accidentalfeelfest, @agraulisvanillae, @purrfecktlysinful, @inayuri, @nearlydeadzed, @pancakehaven, @docanjing, @yaoiaddictionstar and so many other people. You’re all my family and I love you so, so much. Thank you for keeping me going. (If I forgot to tag anyone, kick me and I’ll add them. ;3; )

Let’s not forget @nsfwsinningsans. She’s my babe, my sweetheart, my dearest soulkeeper. I started off watching from afar, and then I snuck all up in your streams with terrible puns. And then stuff just started happening and we’re dating and I just, I feel like the luckiest girl I could ever be. You make me so happy and I can only dream of making you as happy as you make me. I wake up every day with a smile on my face. (Thanks @evilbeetle for awakening my gay potential uwu You and @eli-sin-g are too cute for words.) I hope you want to be stuck with me for a long time, because I promise you, you can’t get rid of me that easily OwO <3

I started stalking @buttercupsticksntricks ‘s streams and I’m such a big fan. Her style is adorable and I never get bored watching her draw. She’s actually one of the only reasons I even bothered drawing Undertale fanart to begin with. (She’s also the first Undertale artist I ever followed.) And let’s not forget @pyramidheaddezby and all the puns they’ve had to put up with from me. (I’m not sorry.) And I followed @muskka and their art style…wow. I adore it so much. And the smols, I melt every time. @v0idless and @mnstrcndy are especially in my top list of Undertale artists, because there are absolutely no words to describe how beautiful your art is, really. V0id, that Echo animation? MC, your Outerfell painting? Absolutely gorgeous. There is nothing you’ve made that I don’t like and you have my undying support until I’m dust on the earth.

When my financial troubles came to a peak, I received so much support. So much more than I ever dreamed I’d get. Whether it was words or donations, it all meant so very much for me and I don’t think I could ever repay any of you in this lifetime for how deep my gratitude runs for you.

I’m moving now, I’m on medication for my depression and anxiety…and life couldn’t honestly get better for me. (Well, if I got a million bucks it could, but I’m thinking realistically here. Wait…if I visited Ganz, or moved close by to harass her on the daily, then I think my life would just be the best it could be.)

So…yeah, watch out for these people. They are infinitely wonderful, inspirational, a joy to be around, and I’m absolutely proud to call them my family and friends. I love you guys, from the bottom of my soul.

okay but where is my fic where keith spends months thinking lance and hunk are dating bcs they keep calling each other cute pet names and he angsts in the background bcs he has a big fat crush on lance and he doesn’t wanna be a fucking home wrecker damnit and pidge has to take him aside and explain the idea of loving platonic nicknames to him 

Dating Stiles Stilinski would involve

- Him rambling a lot because he’s nervous to be around you because you’re so beautiful

- You having to kiss him to shut him up

- Him calling you by nicknames like “Princess” and “Small fry”

- Him constantly teasing you because of how short you are compared to him

- “I’m sorry but it’s just so cute because you look so tiny and adorable”

- “If you say something like that again you won’t be having sex for a month”

- “Wow babe, don’t do anything rash here”

- Stealing his flannels all the time

- Being best friends with Scott

- Also being friends with Liam much to his dismay

- “Why are you friends the little runt?!”

- “Us short people have to stick together babe”

- Calling him nicknames like “Hun” and “Babe”

- Always being sarcastic with each other

- The pack always telling you two to shut up whenever you get into your sarcastic arguments

- Sex…lots and lots of sex

- Sex in the shower

- Sex in his jeep

- Almost always getting caught whenever you two do it in his jeep

- Cuddling!

- Him getting you a matching baseball bat

- Him being protective over you

Scott Being Cute
  • Scott: Babe!!!!!!
  • Y/N: Scott stop calling me that, people are going to think we are dating.
  • Scott: Oh, I know. Cuddle with me.
  • Y/N: Scott, no.
  • Scott: Please, cuddle your little puppy.
  • Y/N: Ugh, fine but for only 20 minutes we have to study for that biology test.
  • Scott: Yay! Your the best best friend.
  • Y/N: Whatever you little poodle.

1.) Lindsey Buckingham is married and has kids with woman who is NOT Stevie Nicks.

2.) The McVie’s are no longer married but are incredibly cute, thus lots of feels.

3.) Lindsey was not on the Tango in the Night or the Behind the Mask tours, which means no Buckingham Nicks feelsy videos/pictures for two whole tours.

4.) I am poor and cannot afford meet and greets with my favs.

5.) The majority of my generation has no idea who my favs are, therefore no fellow fangirls that don’t live hundreds of miles away.

6.) I have no record shops that are in my general vicinity.

7.) All of my friends think I’m weird that I call people old enough to be my grandparents “babes” or “my babies”.

8.) Band merchandise is too expensive.

Give it to daddy Derek hale imagine

You were on your lunch break and you’ve decided to FaceTime your two adorable little people you called Cora and Derek “ so babe how’s everything ” you can hear your little one squealing in the background “ she wants to talk to you ” as Derek hands over the phone to her “ say hi to mommy Cora ” she decided to bite the phone “ Cora give daddy his phone ” still sucking on the phone “ okay…” you paused “ I’ll talk to you later ”

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so it’s Bokuto’s birthday today and I thought I’d share some BokuOi headcanons!: (thanks to @noehebi for being my bokuoi buddy)

  • cuddliest couple™ ever- Bokuto gives the best hugs and that is how Oikawa loves to wake up; wrapped in Bokuto’s arms and nuzzling against his chest. Oikawa never gets over how cute Bokuto is when he sleeps and may or may not have a lot of photos of Bokuto sleeping. The cuddling never really stops, everywhere they go they like to have an arm around each other or hold hands, just as long as they are touching.
  • as soon as they meet and learn each other’s first names, they go straight to first name basis. Oikawa loves calling Bokuto either ‘Bo’ or ‘Kou’, and Bokuto very much loves calling Oikawa pet names like “babe”.
  • despite seeming like very social people, they much prefer to keep their dates and dating life in general to themselves. Whilst they occasionally will go on a double date, they’d prefer more intimate dates where it just the two of them. They love going on outings to places like the zoo and maybe small cafes, but things like getting into pajamas, eating a lot of food and maybe watching a movie is definitely more their kinda style. Or going and playing volleyball together.
  • they both have their cute obsessions, Bokuto is fascinated by owls and Oikawa is fascinated by aliens and space. For the first time, both of them can freely talk about their interests without being shut down, and Oikawa loves to see how excited Bokuto gets when he talks about owls. Bokuto’s eyes light up at how Oikawa describes his interests, and even takes him stargazing, but struggles to sit still after a while so they just start talking together under the stars. Oikawa buys Bokuto an owl onesie and Bokuto almost wrestles Oikawa to the floor in a hug.
  • Oikawa handles Bokuto’s emo modes extremely well. He showers Bokuto in compliments (he does this all the time anyway), and reminds Bokuto how loved he is, and really helps him to overcome a lot of things. Oikawa still has days where everything with Ushijima and Kageyama really affects him, and also days where his knee flares up, and Bokuto is always there to comfort him. Just imagine Bokuto giving loads of smooches okay including on his knee (I’m not crying you’re crying).
  • the first time Bokuto meets Oikawa’s’s family, he turns up on their doorstep with his hair slicked back (Oikawa dies) and a bunch of flowers for Oikawa’s mother. All of Oikawa’s family are smitten with Bokuto, and insist that he stays over, and Bokuto gets a little emotional, his family at home don’t cherish him as much as Oikawa’s family do. Bokuto always gets cards on his birthday and other holidays from Oikawa’s family. Oikawa’s lil nephew Takeru thinks Bokuto is cooler than Oikawa and loves to tell Bokuto this in front of Oikawa and watch Oikawa squawk and try and tell Takeru why he is the cooler uncle. 
  • just consider late at night, Bokuto and Oikawa just laying in bed, limbs all tangled together whilst Bokuto slowly strokes Oikawa’s back, and Oikawa just mumbles “this feels like home”, and Bokuto responding with “I love you”.