and call him watson

Okay but highlights of the episode to get us out of this pit of despair:

- Sherlock’s adorable happiness at the beginning.
- Sherlock throwing a piece of biscuit into his mouth and missing quite tragically.
- Both Brother’s answering to “Mr. Holmes” at the same time.
- Lestrade getting super happy when Sherlock finally called him Greg.
- Sherlock! Working! On! Remembering! Gregs! Name!
- John helping!!!
- Balloon Watson.
- Papa Sherlock with lil baba Rosie.
- Honestly John’s hair? I’m??
- John with a flower behind his ear.
- Sherlock literally ripping into Maggie Thatcher, what a man.
- “What are you Wikipedia?” “Yes”
- So. Much. Water.
- More twirly!lock
- Sherrinford (?? Maybe) chasing PIRATE SHERLOCK in said adorable dream!
- Mrs. Hudson in general, she’s always a delight.
- Sherlock desperately wanting to make himself a better person for John.
- Mycroft and Lestrade in the same room, if only for a second.
- Sleek references to TPLOSH.
- The new skull!! It’s literally lit!!!
- Also so many Elephants!! Bless Arwel!

(Feel free to add more)

This Secret I Keep// Sherlock Holmes

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Me? Fifth most popular Tumblr for Sherlock imagines? Seriously? I really never did expect that to happen, let alone have nearly 700 followers. You guys keep it up, by my birthday I’ll be at 1K. Unbelievable. 

Here’s Sherlock oneshot 1 out of 3 for the night!

Requested by Anon: There aren’t many people that Sherlock Holmes finds himself extremely protective of, let alone drawn to. When you leave 221B for a date, he can’t help himself to plant a bug on you. We all know that never goes well. 

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“Oh well this episode will be shitty anyway-“

[Sherlock]: “Your life is not your own. Keep your hands off it.”

[Mrs Hudson - aside from being a badass]: “He needs you”

[John fucking Watson]: “No, he needs someone else”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: “Why don’t you call Mycroft or Molly”

[Number one johnlocker on board]: “They don’t matter. You do”

[Mr. High as a kite]: Freaking drank from a vase

[The only one stays dead in the show]: “Yes, he is a monster. But he’s OUR monster”

[Molly ‘I slapped you once don’t think I won’t do that again’ Hooper]: “I’m stressed. You’re dying”

[Mary deserved better]: “The game is on. Do you still miss me?”

[John ‘I don’t know what to feel about him’ Watson]: beat Sherlock into a bloody pulp

[Sherlock]: “He’s entitled. I killed his wife”

[My dear poor tortured boy]: “I’m scared of dying”

[Sherlock ‘taking “I’m ready to die for him” to a whole new level’ Holmes]: “I don’t want to die”

[I forgive him I FREAKING FORGIVE EVERYTHING]: “No. I’m not okay. I’ll never be okay. I just accepted it”

[The true founder of adlock fandom]: “The posh boy loves the dominatrix. Ohh he doesn’t know how terribly cliche that is”

[Shipping adlock since day one]: “Text her. Just text her. That chance will be gone before you know it”

[I forgive him I FORGIVE HIM MY POOR SMOL BOY I’M SORRY]: broke down crying

[True love, and no, I did not just mean it as only romantic love]: took John in his arms the awkwardly tucked him in his chest. “It’s okay”

[Bus lady aka Eurus aka THE FUCKING MISTERY BROTHER]: “Don’t you think Mycroft’s secret brother might just be his secret sister?”

Me: Call the ambulance, alert the authority, I’m having cardiac arresttttttttt

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Um okay FIRST OF ALL that is the weirdest fucking headline for a baby announcement ever? Like everyone knew Mary was expecting? Also Mary is not in the headline? Also Sherlock is in the picture staring at the “baby” like wtf? THE BABY IS NOT HIS SECRET?





gwendomouse  asked:

In TFP, Mycroft calls John 'Doctor Watson'. But on other occasions he calls him John, for example in the scene in TRF where he 'confesses' to him about giving Moriarty information on Sherlock. I'd like to think that in that scene, he uses John's first name because he's pleading, or pretending to. (There must have been some genuine guilt on his part about introducing Moriarty to Eurus). But because he's quite formal, he tends to use last names & titles,, incl. Lady S's. What do you think?

(I know there are other instances he calls him John but I’m just gonna write about the TRF scene because I’m forever fascinated by it) 

I wrote about that scene in TRF a while back, it’s possibly one of my favourite Mycroft scenes because so much is going on under the surface. Now of course there’s even more going on because we know that Jim had already met Eurus before TRF. So you can add in a whole other level of agony for Mycroft during that scene.

The three layers of Mycroft Sadness in that scene are:

  1. He’s apologising to John for the fact that he “sold Sherlock out” – even though he didn’t do exactly what John is accusing him of, he has to keep up the pretence
  2. He’s sad because he knows the emotional upheaval John and everyone else is about to go through due to Sherlock’s “death”
  3. He’s more than likely consumed by guilt because he’s worrying what Jim will do next and if/how Eurus fits into it – and he only has himself to blame for those two meeting

Prior to learning what we did in TFP, the TRF scene was more clear cut – Mycroft didn’t sell Sherlock out so therefore his actual sadness and resignation were more than likely down to option 2. 

But now in a way, John accusing him of selling Sherlock out is true. Even though Mycroft didn’t do exactly what John is accusing him of, he essentially did it by proxy (no matter how well meaning his intentions) by introducing Jim to Eurus.

So if you add in that level of internal agony to the mix you’re left not only with Mycroft feeling guilty about knowing that Sherlock is about to “die” and upset John – but he’s also consumed by guilt, shame and uncertainty over the Eurus & Jim situation.

Bringing this round to your original point…

I truly believe Mycroft’s formality is another one of his defences to protect himself from the outside world. By addressing people formally he’s putting a line down, a professional distance between him and the person. Mycroft switching to using John in this specific scene tells me there’s an attempt there to connect with him on a more personal level – he’s trying in some way to convey how shitty he feels about the whole situation without having to expose himself completely.


Bondlock Time!!!!

00Q / Johnlock: Meeting Parents!!!!

First Part:

Quentin Holmes , aka Q , the quartermaster of MI6 and boyfriend of the agent 007, James Bond, receives a call from his parents, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, to ask him that he take his partner for a weekend with the family. 

Quentin accepts and gives the news to James during a mission. James tells him that he knows Sherlock , and he worked with him on a mission many years ago and they were not on good terms, but agrees to go with him to tells Sherlock that he loves his son. 

However, Sherlock is not happy with the relationship that his son has with the agent, he is willing to use all his have to force him to leave alone Quentin. John, his husband, tries to reason with him, but Sherlock is a genius, and he is very foolish at such times.

Finally, Quentin and James arrive at 221B Baker Street to visit Quentin’s parents, but when they meet, the contempt between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond returns.”

to be continued…


Being John Watson (pt. 2)

Colleague, friend, date, (confirmed) bachelor, boyfriend, husband

Oh my dear crimson-winter & elessar-undomiel; I can do much worse. Victorian!Johnlock coming right up:

  • They walk arm in arm whenever they can because it is the only touch that is allowed in the light of day. John always angles his hand in such a way that the outside world can’t see how he is gripping and stroking Sherlock’s arm with his thumb though.
  • When they’re in the safety of the flat, the sun has set and Mrs Hudson has retired for the night, John closes their door and they settle on the sofa together, breathing each other in, clinging to each other. 
  • They fall into bed together but they know that John must leave for his own room before the sun comes up and Sherlock hates it, he hates that he cannot love the man like he wants to. 
  • They have to hide their moans and kisses and touches. They have to hide the love in their voices when they call out to each other. 
  • And John hates it. He hates how Sherlock calls him ‘Watson’ because he misses the way Sherlock’s says his christian name when they’re alone and hidden. 
  • One night is gets too much. Oscar Wilde is on trial and even though Sherlock will never say it, John can see that he is terrified. He is scared to death that they will be caught. That someone will see. So they flee the city they both love so much and they cling to each other, whispering ‘I love you’ over and over again. 
  • And with on a trembling exhale, Sherlock breaths out the words against John’s neck; ‘if only we had lived in another time, my dear John… I could have loved you like you deserve.’

We wonder a lot about what Sherlock actually says in the stag night portion of his best man speech, but what about the Bloody Guardsman part? Does Sherlock tell an entire room full of people that 

  • John’s cousin hates Mary and that’s why she’s sitting by the bathrooms? 
  • he made a list of all the rest of the people there who hate her? 
  • John was so desperate to get away from the wedding planning that he begged Sherlock to take him out on a case? 
  • (he knows that was all Mary’s ploy in the first place?) 
  • he asked John about James? 
  • he ran away when John mentioned Mary? 
  • he checked out a room full of soldiers playing ping pong?
  • he was creeping around the bathrooms?
  • he got all excited when John turned in to Captain Watson?
  • John called him “nurse”?

The more I watch this episode the more baffling the entire concept of this speech is. What the hell does he actually say to them? The world needs to know.

my name is william sherlock enoby dark'ness dementia raven way scott holmes (wseddrwsh for short, pronounced “goth gay”) and i haff deep black, ebony hair and eyes that are as icy as hell frozen over. my boifrend is john watson but i call him vampire. he is a goth like me!! NOT!!! A PREP!!!!! vampire is bisexual BUT STILL A GOTH!!!!! NOT A FUCKEN PREP!!!!!


Bringing this back for reasons. ;-)

Dr. Watson. Who he never called Watson in real life. He has called him John. Of course. They lived together. 



John Watson

I know he’s far from perfect, but if I read again another post about John Watson that calls him selfish and callous, homophobic and cruel, stupid straight man, etc… I’M GOING TO LOSE MY MARBLES.
Yes, he has issues. Yes, he’s traumatized and emotionally constipated. Yes, he’s made lots of mistakes. But ffs don’t tell me he didn’t try. Don’t tell me he doesn’t try. He made the first move. He tried. He killed a man for Sherlock the next day after they met. He went on trying. He stopped dating after ASiB. His whole world revolved around Sherlock. In Hounds, he was more than ready. (The choice of the romantic inn was totally deliberate.) In TRF he’s Sherlock’s other half. And then shit happened. And after mourning and thinking he was moving on, even more shit happened - including his “lovely” wife. And nobody ever tells him the truth, do they?
So please stop talking shit about that loyal, brave, smart doctor. Please. @sherlobsessed @themadness221b @thingssherlockshouldwear @yorkiepug @johnlockfulfillment @beejohnlocked