and cakes get eaten

Killing stalking is tomorrow and don’t know what the hell is going to happen. Will Sangwoo let Bum die? Will Sangwoo save Bum? Will Seungbae get more clues to arrest Sangwoo? Will the cake be eaten??? WHO KNOWS!!!!

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Kitchen Witch Curses

- May your bacon always burn.

- Your frying pans will always be warped and lopsided.

- May your wooden spoons give you splinters.

- Your oven will never be the temperature it says it is.

- May your glassware always be scummy.

- Your pies will always come out too liquid-y and your crusts pasty and not flaky.

- Your mixing bowls will have secret holes in the bottom.

- May your whipping cream turn to butter

- Your butter will always be too hard.

- May your brown sugar dry out and be one solid mass.

- You will never have the right sized lid for your pots.

- Your fudge will always burn.

- May your Christmas baking get eaten beforehand.

- May your cakes always be uncooked in the center and your icing not quite right.

4.17 Yotsuba Tamaki

Source: Yotsuba Tamaki | Ordinary Days [rabbit chats]

before getting scouted, tamaki had never eaten cakes from restaurants or cafes, because according to him, “for the price of a cake or parfait you can eat a hamburger”.

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Sakura be like Bitches do not test me today or any other day but especially today

the wedding’s been postponed, like, four times already due to medical emergencies, diplomatic catastrophes, and threats to the world. they’ve dignitaries from 7 different nations attending. sakura had to survive dress shopping with her mother, ino, and sai. naruto cried when he caught them trying to elope.

sakura just wants to be married and on her honeymoon already, goddamnit.

the invasion is summarily dealt with, what few prisoners are alive to be taken are gagged at the back, and glares anyone who wants to argue about the propriety of her getting married in a bloodied wedding gown into submission. gai and naruto hold each other and sob at the vows.

they insist the cake gets eaten first thing at the reception to make sure it does get eaten before anything else happens.

they only find out that the very drunk kakashi and sakura up at the head table are clones when lee drags sakura out onto the dance floor and accidentally dispels her with an elbow to the face.

by then, sakura and kakashi are already halfway to tea. (hinata just wants them to have nice things, okay? she wasn’t going to tell on them.)

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“You know, love…” ���������� GOD, I heard him saying that.

i’m pretty sure kakashi using pet names is actually kinda OOC, but i don’t care, because i love it.

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inspiration: black forest cake and suspenders

Felicity walked into the room dancing, her hips shaking side to side in triumph as she crossed the bedroom, kicking her foot back to close the door as she went. Hair tied up in a lopsided bun on top of her head, a few strands fell free to brush her neck, encouraged by her dancing as she made her way to the bed. She waved a fork in one hand to the beat of a song only she could hear while the other held a small plate with a large slice of cake on it.

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BTS reaction: when you said that you don’t eat because you wanna be skinny

Jin: Say what?! YAH! Sweety, don’t make your man angry and eat this delicious ramen right now!

Suga: Oh my, women are so complicated creatures… I love the way you are and all that stuff, okay?

Rap Monster: Seriously? You have been starving for three days? Girl… Not bad

J-Hope: Aghhh! Not this again, love! You’re already the most beautiful girl I have ever met, why are you doing this to yourself? I love your curves! 

Jimin: Will you eat this beautiful peace of cake for aegyo? Mmm?^^

V: I don’t get it. You haven’t eaten for two days and still alive?

Jungkook: Ah? Honey, maybe you will at least eat this apple? Please?

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@Girls_Day_Minah: 나도 케익 먹었는데 ㅜㅜ 맛있게 먹지못했나바여 난 안찍혀썽… 아쉬운데로 케케 진짜 고마워요 오늘 노래 진짜 감동이다 힛

@Girls_Day_Minah: I ate cake too ㅜㅜ I must have not eaten well… I didn’t get a picture taken… Disappointed keke Thank you so much. Today’s song will be very touching hee

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You know what's funny?

If MOST of us where younger, we would have probably LOVED going to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Lemme just back up a bit here and me explain. Just imagine this little scenario:

Your about 6, 7, 9, maybe 10 years old. You get home from school and your parents have told you that for your birthday, your going to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza! So the next day,you get there with your friends, your greeted by the mascots with their smiles,you get the best pizza you’ve ever eaten, play some arcade games,get some cake with the with your family and friends singing happy birthday, then about a few hours later, your driving home (Hopefully) happy.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? Now, if you look back, the mascots (Hopefully) didn’t scare you, you where having a great time and you didn’t mind the mascots.

Now, fast forward 10 years, you walk past the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza where you had the best birthday of your life. The place has shut down(Because of all the shit that happened.) You peek through the window and see Freddy and the other two mascots. You get creeped out and you run for it.

So, I guess the point I’m trying to make is: when we get older, some things that we that used to cherish get scary. …or maybe this was just a poorly executed rant….