and cake

Tea Time in Wonderland

Somebody told me that the cloud beyond seems a rabbit, a white rabbit. And it’s pretty crazy because i notice that for the first time even if i draw it. It’s awesome how the brain work for you more than you think. Another person notice that my Madhatter version seems Bill Murray, and suddenly i imagine how awesome should be Murray playing this character. :D


Fast miles and headstands.
Accidentally left Chris stood in the cold thank to an hour long meeting that lasted two hours, so I went for a mile on my own, quite pleased with that effort, it was either two miles slow or a mile sprint. The mile was closer to dinner 🐷
I HAVE FINALLY MANAGED TO DO A HEADSTAND. Yes it’s against the wall, yes I used it to support myself to begin with, but once I’m up, I can work on my balance, then slowly move away from the wall. I’m literally going arse over tit in class so I figure I’ll practise it at home for a few weeks then wow Liz when I do it in class. I’m chuffed with that.
26th April 2017