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I finally finished that Captive Prince WIP I’ve had knocking around for ages. The wait for the third book is killing me! I guess this is technically my first picture of 2016, although I spent the majority of yesterday working on it. Painting like this takes an absolute age, but I’m glad I persevered. There are bits I’m really pleased with and other bits I could have probably done better, but if I fiddle with it any more I’ll go mad.

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What's your fave expression to draw? C: also what's your fave character to draw?

I LOVE expressions so that’s a hard question. Tbh I think my favorite expression to draw is either horrified or surprised. The hardest ones are anger for me…. I really gotta work on anger….. Character…. I’m not sure. If you mean from my comics Imma say Jamie from “Here it Comes” or Laila from “Satan and Me.” If you mean fanart wise, probably Iwaizumi from Haikyuu or Germany from Hetalia

fave character aesthetic » laurent | captive prince series

Laurent wasn’t loved. Laurent wasn’t liked. Even among his own men, who would follow him off a cliff, there was the unequivocal consensus that Laurent was, as Orlant had once described him, a cast iron bitch, that it was a very bad idea to get on his bad side, and that as for his good side, he didn’t have one.

for @thefaultinourponds because she’s not in love with him yet and that just can’t be???

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name: Screeny! :D

nicknames: Screeny, Scerd, Nerd, Nerdo, Nerdo the Sock Ripper, Kultaseni, Nerdo the friendo

zodiac sign: Libra

height: 5’ 5”

orientation: Androsexual

nationality: American

fave fruit: Banana

fave season: Autumn because I’m a Fall baby and it’s nice weather!

fave book: Misery by Stephen King or Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

fave flower: Roses or sunflowers

fave scent: I like berries and like masculine smells? Like a small mist of cologne that is barely noticeable

fave color: Black

fave animals: Cats

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? Tie between tea and hot cocoa, fuck coffee

average sleep hours: Depends, recently it’s like 4-10 hours

cat or dog person? C a t s.

fave fictional character: My favorites always change but right now? Probably the Host from Markiplier’s egos

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: Okay so it’s a dream that may come true when I move, but getting to go to PAX east and meet Mark and Crank and all the other nerds because I love those precious dork.

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What's your fave 5H interview ever? Mine is the Power 106 they did recently, I love seeing them relaxed like that <3

I really liked that one too. My fave is the one when Lauren made the “your mom” comment 😂

- C

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Tbh my favourite thing is just transgirl tsukki with loooong hair. Like, everything about her is absolutely the same only she grows her hair like down to her waist. Everyone would play with it. everyone would also be hecka supportive and akiteru would buy her soo many skirts and yamaguchi would get so excited when he sees her all dressed up lookin cute and Kuroo and Bokuto would like learn everything about makeup so they could make her cute as possible. Just. Transgirl tsukki. - little anon

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