and get the picture

so-i-grudgingly-joined-this-site  asked:

How do you get such up-close pictures of Prompto? Every time I try to take pictures of him, he walks farther away or turns around

Haha I know what you mean! Prompto NEVER STAYS STILL. Which is why when you’re taking pics you gotta be quick. You gotta be PROMPT like PROMPTO ;)

Here’s what you do: You corner him until he gives you that stank face he always does, then take your camera out, zoom in on those God blessed freckle sprinkled cheeks of his and


Snap a photo of him a billion times cause he’s gonna move any second and VOILA! You should have a half decent photo of the sunchild! ^-^

03.11.17 WHEEIN memo (x)

And…. I’m still here^^

I heard its been 8000 days since I was born…

In years it feels like a long time but counting by days makes it seem not long ago

You get me?

Thank you for remembering!

Oh, and this picture isn’t now, so no asking if I’m drunk memoing again…

Do you wanna have a drink with me???


this is a good interview in general but my favorite thing about it is that they go out of their way to not mention that the adventure zone is a d&d podcast 

serosaki  asked:

Sorry, I meant copying in terms of drawing. Like, i try to copy a certain picture from another artist, to practice until i get better.

I would avoid copying pictures, but if you what to figure out your own style, maybe use the style of an artist you like and mimic it, but still make your own work, eventually you’ll develop your own style 

Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)

As people want to know more about the Child AU:

The four Ninja -as kids- meet through school and ever since became good friends. They hang around each others houses a lot, until one day they get the whole idea of being Ninja. Since they are kids, their good deeds are in helping other kids and ‘fight against bad adults’. That can be because they litter all their trash everywhere, or treat (their) kids and animals bad, being get the picture, right?!

They may even get involved in a bigger case, like a museum theft..let’s see.

What else to know? Their HQ is a tree-house, their Ninja-clothes are basically those from season one, just with some cardboard pieces as ‘armor’. Nya and Lloyd also join the fun later on.

But really..if you are interested, be free to ask any question you want to.

so there you go @clumsinessinperson @addy-elric @ninjago-nya13 and everyone else who wanted to know. =3

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

one of my favorite things about listening to Hamilton is the transition between Dear Theodosia and Non-Stop because since I haven’t seen it my vision of the staging is Burr and Hamilton carefully cradling their babies and then just tossing them in the air with “AF-ter the war”

dozing off.